10 Aquarium Glass Cleaners and Algae Scrapers

To assist you discover the perfect algae scraper, we Always put in the effort to upgrade and expand our listing of algae scrapers. Our staff gathers, edits and publishes fresh info, so as to introduce it to you in a precise, meaningful and neatly organized way.

There are two kinds of algae scrapers made For the saltwater aquarium: hand-held and magnetic.

I am just planning to recommend four Inside This equipment manual, because That they are the only ones I have used and enjoy.

I highly recommend having one magnetic cleaner along with one handheld cleaner. The magnetic cleanser is going to be the power of your own algae scratching routine. You may use it regularly and it also makes it so that you do not need to place your hands in the tank.

The hand-held scraper is there for difficult to reach places, Borders, sandbed lineup, and back filtration chambers.

Most movie algae simply desires the felt aspect of this scraper. But likely once weekly or so, you’ll find some tricky algae which wants somewhat more power. That’s if you employ the stainless steel or tough acrylic side to scratch.

If your tank is glass then stainless steel is Ideal for you. But in Case You Have an acrylic tank, then do not utilize the stainless steel scraper because it will scratch the vinyl sheeting. You’ll need to use an oil scraper.

Among the incontrovertible joys of being a bass is unquestionably the joys of maintaining a aquarium — of having the ability to check through the glass and revel in the sight of the fish, decorations and plants living together .

But however clean you keep your tank however healthy you maintain your fish, there is 1 thing going to always be standing on your way: algae.

Best Aquarium Glass Cleaner and Algae Scraper

  • FL!PPER Flipper 2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner Scrubber Scraper
  • Pet Magasin Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner
  • Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner
  • Koller Products TOM Aquarium Algae Scraper Multi-Tool
  • Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II
  • API Algae Scrappers and Pads
  • Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

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Greatest Aquarium Magnetic Cleaners

Flipper Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

This Flipper product unites both bark and scraper so is the very best of both worlds in regards to eliminating algae! In addition, it is appropriate for both the glass and acrylic tanks.


Entire cleaning electricity thanks to Having the Ability to flip between the scrubber and scraper sides of this bark
It comprises two blades — just one plastic and one alloy — for both glass and acrylic tanks ensuring no scratching
The cleaner sticks and orients itself so it’s easy to recover if the magnet comes apart
It’s a low profile design so that can permeate nooks and crannies easily, and is not too large that it will frighten your bass
Tough on eliminating algae and may wash in 1 swipe
It covers a Whole Lot of place quickly
Powerful magnetic electricity


You Need to be careful not to Enable the scraper to cut the silicone corners of this container
The blades utilize relatively fast and will require replacing often

Pet Magasin Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

This is an simple to use bark cleaner that is particularly effective in small to moderate sized tanks. It is acceptable for glass tanks just.


The interior cleaning magnet stinks so is easy to recover if it comes out
Pet Magasin really are a well-respected firm; the Item Has a 2-year guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee
It’s powerful magnetic touch therefore is easy to control in the exterior
It eliminates most algae readily and efficiently
It is really Simple to Use


It is not quite as powerful on coralline and will require several passes to eliminate entirely
The magnetic touch Isn’t as powerful at the corners of this tank as everywhere

Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner

Mag-Float are among those best-known producers of bark cleansers and this is among the hottest and easily purchased cleaning tools available on the industry. Appropriate for glass tanks just.


The cleanup magnet stinks so is easy to recover if it pulls Aside from the inner magnet

Its buoyancy implies that it is easier than ever to browse round the tankon corners

It is really demanding on algae, Due to its tough scrubbing coating, and eliminates it fast and efficiently

Covers a Whole Lot of ground fast

Though you need to be cautious, especially in the Event That You have a good substrate, the cleaner does not often pickup any sand or dirt in the bottom of the tank, therefore it should not scrape your glass


Its mild gray color means that it does not mix that well in many aquariums
The magnetic touch is incredibly powerful so Be Sure You get the Ideal size to the tank, otherwise you can find the diameter difficult to slip round.

Best Algae Scrapers To Get Glass Aquariums

KollerCraft TOM Algae Scraper Multi-Tool

This KollerCraft merchandise is a legitimate multi-tasker using three distinct attachments assisting you to fully clean your own volcano of algae.


It boasts 3 interchangeable attachments: a stainless steel scraper, vinyl scrubber for polishing, and a scoop to flip over algae-covered strand
The deal is 22-inches lengthy, rust resistant and made from fiberglass — it is hardy and super long!
The grip also comes with an ergonomic grip for comfortable cleanup
The attachments are easily interchangeable
The plastic scrubber includes a rotating head attachment so you can wash in hard-to-reach places
The steel scraper is not overly sharp therefore will not scratch the tank, however it is still very effective on coralline algae


The fiberglass handle is more adaptable to the point where it can be Hard to put a Great Deal of strain on the cleanup attachment
The plastic scrubber has a round head therefore it can be Hard to clean corners and also some other tight spots

Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II

This scraper collection is super powerful on algae as well as stubborn coralline, outfitted with a pair of distinct blades so that you may select which works best for the tank requirements.


Comes with three Distinct blades — vinyl stainless steel and cloth — that can be replaceable and interchangeable
The deal is Made from corrosion-resistant fiberglass and can be detachable well for simplicity of usage
It is really hard on cuts and algae through coralline readily
The blade is not so sharp It Will scrape the tank
The deal comes in six Distinct lengths, All which are easy to fix with a simple spin


The scrapers are not that large so don’t pay as much ground as fast as some of the additional goods
The blades Are Extremely flexible and a few users have commented They Can be Difficult to extract when it comes to replacing them

Best Algae Scraper For Acrylic Aquariums (Which Function On Glass Too! ) )

API Algae Scraper Extra Long

Promising to not scratch your cherished oil volcano, this scraper readily puts paid to all of those pesky algae, also in the tightest of corners.


The 18-inch manage is long and strong, allowing you to navigate your own aquarium with yet much strain you want
It eliminates all Kinds of algae quickly and readily
The deal is tilted in Order to Permit You to easily delve into nooks and crannies
It is Very Simple to clean and wash off under running water


Some consumers have complained that the scrubber head will Eliminate a couple of fibers since it functions round the container, which wind up adhering to the walls
The scraper itself manages to keep a Good Deal of water, so you could Find a bit wet when eliminating it in your tank

Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

This is just another bark cleaner which works on oil in addition to glass, giving a simple clean using a very low prospect of scratching.


The cleanup jar is bottom-weighted, which means it sinks into the bottom of the tank to break over the gravel when it breaks off in the outer jar. It’s simple to recover (recall to tie a string to it) And will not pick any substrate up to scrape the container walls
The magnetic touch is quite powerful so that the magnets split away infrequently, which makes for a fast clean
It eliminates algae readily out of both acrylic and glass surfaces (includes two distinct pads for the various surface types)
The replacement cleaning pads are a breeze to set up
The bark is shameful therefore mixes readily with many aquarium layouts


The magnetic touch is so powerful It Can sometimes make noises about the glass which frighten the fish (especially on thinner partitions )
It is not as hard on coralline

Different Kinds of Glass Cleaner and Algae Removers Available

Glass cleaners may typically be split into two distinct classes: the magnetic kind, and also the scraper (or knife ) type.

Which kind you want is finally down to your preference and you might discover that one kind best matches your tank particular wants and shape across the other.
Magnetic Sort

Magnetic cleaners would be the cool tool of this minute and their technology is advancing all of the time.

The cleaner includes 2 different magnetic components, among which includes a tough scrubbing facet, and another has a sleek sideeffect. The scrubbing jar is put against the bark glass inside the tank whereas the bark is set on the exterior.

Since the magnets are drawn to one another, you can wash out the interior of the volcano walls by simply transferring the external magnet, which then moves the interior magnet, then scrubbing off the algae as it moves.


You do not have to put your hands and arms in the container, creating a mess and getting moist
They could cover a Good Deal of space fast, depending upon their dimensions
Great magnet cleaners can allow the inner magnet to float, and when and if the magnets pull away, It’ll Be easily retrievable in the Surface of the tank
You can enter hard-to-reach spots readily by controlling it in the external
They are not very invasive therefore should not frighten your fish


Ordinarily, they are not as capable of removing algae out of corners because the magnetic touch stinks at those areas
When the bark is too powerful, it can be Difficult to maneuver around, however If It’s too weak (especially in the Event That You have really thick glass), It Is Going to prevent breaking away and can Have a long time to Wash
In case the internal magnet has too near the substrate in the bottom of the tank, then it might pick up debris that will go to scrape the tank if you don’t eliminate it promptly

Scrapers and Blades

Scrapers and blades will be the more conventional tools used to eliminate algae from the tank, also demand one manually slipping the scraper down and up the interior glass and putting sufficient pressure on the blade instrument to scratch the algae off.

These instruments are frequently more labor-intensive compared to their counterparts — and also you will likely get a small moist using them but you will normally have complete control on exactly what and how much algae you are in a position to eliminate.


You have control on and what you wash, and in what strength
Scrapers typically demanding on algae
You are not at the mercy of magnet power
Scrapers will not hurt the silicone corners of your tank


When the scraper handle is not lengthy enough, cleaning may get moist and splashy
Based in their maneuverability, then it may Be Hard to wash around decorations and tight stains
The shape and magnitude of a scraper may frighten your fish

Glass and Acrylic Aquariums Want Different Gear

Acrylic aquariums are easier to scrape than steel aquariums along with the conventional glass scrapers can damage your tank at no time whatsoever if you set them to operate in an acrylic version.

Therefore, it is important to acquire a tool that’s especially designed for all those kind of tank you’ve got, especially acrylics.

Happily, acrylic tanks are so mainstream nowadays that there is lots of resources available on the marketplace to present your algae a fantastic seeing-to without scratching your aquarium. Some tools are sophisticated enough to operate on both the acrylic and glass aquariums.

Last Ideas

Hopefully you are now armed with sufficient wisdom and recommendations to readily eliminate all the pesky algae out of your tank, and are going to have the ability to check in your job with pride from today on.