Top 10 Best Automatic Wet Cat Food Feeder

We all have to go out to earn our living or go out of our homes sometimes for a day or two for some important work. As a pet owner, this situation is very confusing as you cannot take your cat with you at work daily and you cannot leave tons of food in the reach of your cat. This is when the automatic wet cat food feeder comes into the picture.

Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

You cannot leave your cat to eat too much as it can lead to health-related issues and only leaving dry food will make the stomach of the cat upset. The best automatic wet cat food feeder efficiently solves this problem.

Investing in a good automatic wet cat food feeder will give you control over when and how much your cat is eating.

We have also gathered a list of the top 10 best automatic cat food feeders as well. If you don’t have an idea what to look for in an automatic feeder then at the end of this article we have also mentioned a quick buying guide to give you a clear picture that will help you to buy the best automatic wet cat food feeder according to your requirements.

List of top 10 best automatic wet cat food feeder

1.   Casfuy 5-meals Automatic Cat Feeder

The first one on our list is the Casfuy automatic cat feeder. It works for both dry and wet food. You can schedule the meal timings and portions on this one. The 5 meal feeder allows you to control the timing with the help of a built-in timer.

You can also control the portion size and create a routine feeding schedule even when you are busy at your job.

Casfuy automatic cat feeder is made from BPA-free ABS materials with good material and build quality keeping your pet’s health in mind.

Each compartment can hold 240 ml of wet or dry food.

You can also record personalized messages for your furry friend that starts playing when they start eating.

The automatic cat feeder runs on a 24-hour schedule and for doing setting you must unlock the appliance then set it according to your requirements.

It runs on both a power adapter and batteries so even if the power goes out it runs perfectly fine on 4 C-size batteries.


  • The feeder is dishwasher safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Multiple compartments for a whole day feeding schedule.
  • User-friendly LCD panel.
  • Dual power mode(battery + electricity).


  • No Ice pack is included.
  • Backup power batteries not included with the packaging.
  • You can only schedule 4 meals as the fifth container is always open.

2.   Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs White

The next one on our list is the Cat mate C500 automatic pet feeder. It is available in two designs- one with a 3 meal option and the other is a 5 meal option.

It is made up of plastic and can serve up to 5 meals depending upon the model. The build quality is good so that your pet cannot tamper with the food.

The feeder can be used for both wet or dry food and each container holds a good 330 g meal.

It runs on 3 aa batteries. It also comes with 2 cooling ice packs and one close-fitting cover to keep the feed fresh.

The whole feeder can be dismantled into smaller pieces so that it can be cleaned easily.


  • Two cooling ice packs provided along with the packaging.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Adjustable Timer and digital display.
  • The batteries give almost a year of power to the feeder.


  • One meal is always open for feeding. You can only schedule the remaining ones.
  • Batteries not included with the packaging.
  • No electric operation, run only on batteries.

3.   ORSDA Pet Auto Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs

ORSDA pet auto feeder comes with 5 compartments that can be used for both dry or wet food. Each compartment holds 1.6 lbs of dry food or 2 lbs of wet food.

You can also record your message for your pet which plays automatically when the feeding time starts.

The sealed tray design ensures that you don’t need to worry about the short circuit which can be caused by water droplets inside.

The material used and built quality is also very good.

It uses both batteries (3 D batteries) for backup and a power adapter so you don’t have to worry about a power outage.


  • Adjustable timer and digital display.
  • Easy to dismantle and clean, also dishwasher safe.
  • Sealed tray design to avoid short circuit.
  • Voice recording.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • No inbuilt ice pack or cooler.

Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

4.   FFPOPU Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food, Microchip Automatic Pet Feeder for Small Dogs

The FFPOPU automatic wet and dry cat food feeder comes with 6 compartments. You can use each compartment for dry, wet, snacks, treats, and medicines.

The automatic feeder also has a voice prompt to notify your cat when the meal is ready.

Build and materials used for this product are also of good quality. It is made from BPA-free plastic which is environmentally friendly.

Each part can be dismantled and cleaned easily in a dishwasher also.

It runs on batteries.


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • 6 compartments which are enough if you are going away for a weekend as well.
  • Digital display panel.
  • Bottom nonslip pad.
  • Power reminder setup.
  • Voice prompt (music).
  • Available in 2 colors.


  • No batteries included.
  • No power adapter option available.
  • No manual voice recording feature.
  • You can only set a timer for a particular hour difference, like every 4 or 5 hours. You cannot set the actual feeding time.
  • No icepack or cooler

5.   thanksky Automatic Dog Feeder Cat Food Dispenser, Dry or Wet Pet Feeder Automatic

The Thanksky automatic wet food dispenser comes with 6 compartments where each compartment can hold up to 128 ml of dry or wet food.

The best part about this product is the adjustable timer and LCD panel which comes with a lid on the top.

It can be used for both wet and dry food.

The food bowls are made out of ABS plastic which is safe for pets’ health.

Each part can be removed for easy cleaning and dishwasher safe as well.

The automatic wet cat feeder runs on 3 AA batteries.


  • 6 compartments of 128 ml capacity each and can hold a total of 768 ml in total are ideal for a weekend getaway.
  • Friendly after-sales service.
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Adjustable timer which can be set from 1 minute to 24 hours as per your convenience.
  • LCD display panel.


  • No electrical operation as it runs on batteries only.
  • Batteries are not included.

6.   Sure Petcare -SureFlap – SureFeed

The Sure Feed from sure flap is an advanced version of automatic cat and small dog feeders. It works for both wet and dry food items.

The distinctive feature of this automatic feeder is that it only opens up for a particular pet by getting frequency from the microchip on the tag on your pet’s collar. This feature is beneficial if you have multiple pets at your home and you want to stop food stealing.

It has a neoprene lip that closes and retains the moisture to keep the food fresh for longer periods.

The product also comes with a 3-year warranty and it is also recommended by veterinarians as well.

It has a single container that can hold up to 13.5 fl. oz wet or dry pet food. The build quality is also good and sturdy.

The automatic cat feeder runs on 4 C batteries.


  • The automatic pet feeder opens up when a pet with a particular microchip comes near it and closes automatically when your pet goes away.
  • Avoid food stealing.
  • The unit stores 32 ids’.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Veterinarians recommended.


  • Only 1 container.
  • Additional collar tags need to be purchased separately.
  • Not suitable for a longer period (such as a weekend) unattended feeding.
  • Costly
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Not suitable if you only have 1 pet.
  • No timer.

Automatic Cat Food Feeder

7.   AIPET Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats, Dry and Wet Food Dispenser

The AIPET automatic pet feeder contains 6 compartments for 6 different meals.

The feeder is made out of BPA-free plastic and ABS food trays.

It can be dismantled completely for easy cleaning and it is also dishwasher safe.

This automatic food dispenser runs on USB powered cable and batteries for backup.


  • 6 compartments for a perfect weekend getaway.
  • Only 3 button operation to set all functions.
  • Donut design.
  • Anti-slip bottom.
  • Space for an ice pack.
  • Adjustable timer.
  • Dual power supply.


  • Tray compartments aren’t labeled to where you can see once the lid is on.
  • Batteries are not provided along with the packaging.

8.   Faroro Automatic Cat Feeder Dry Wet Food Dispenser with Programmable Timer

The Faroro Automatic cat feeder has 5 compartments out of which one is for instant feed and the other 4 can be scheduled. Each compartment can hold up to 8oz of food and can be used for both wet and dry food.

It runs on both DC powered adapter and backup batteries. The automatic feeder also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The feeder comes with a built-in voice recorder for a 10-second message which is played automatically 3 times during the feeding times.

Each part can be easily dismantled for easy cleanup.


  • Dual power mode.
  • Voice recording.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Good after-sales support.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Adjustable timer


  • Batteries are not provided along with the packaging.

9.   iPettie Donuts 6-Meal Automatic Wet and Dry Food Pet Feeder with Programmable Timer

With iPettie Donut automatic pet feeder you can now set up to 6 meals a day or 2 meals a day for 3 days, or 1 meal a day for up to 6 days. Each compartment can hold up to 6 ounces of food and it can be used for both wet and dry food automatic feeder.

The product is made from BPA-free ABS food trays and all parts are easily removable for better cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe.

Runs on both a power adapter and batteries as a backup.


  • Space for an ice pack.
  • Dual powered.
  • 6 meals which are enough for a weekend.
  • It has a smart digital touch panel with a memory function to remember your personalized settings.
  • Anti-skid mat.
  • Adjustable timer.


  • A bit hard to open.
  • Batteries are not provided along with the packaging.
  • Doesn’t come with an adapter, just a USB cable.
  • No voice recording.

10.  PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder – Cat and Dog Feeder – Schedule 5 Meals with Digital Timer – 5 Cup Capacity

Last but not least on our list is the PetSafe 5 meal pet feeder. You can schedule up to 5 meals out of which one is ready and for 4 you can set the timer as per your need.

Each compartment holds up to 1 cup of dry or semi-moist pet food.

The product is made from BPA-free good quality plastic and can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher also.

The feeder runs on 4 D batteries.


  • There is a “feed now” button and a suspend next meal option without losing the schedule.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Good customer care as the brand is nearly 30 years old.
  • Colored tray for ready to eat and scheduled later compartments.


  • No electrical power adapter.
  • No voice recording.

Final Thoughts:

We cannot say that a particular feeder is the best one but if still, we have to choose one then we will choose Casufy 5 meal automatic feeder as the best automatic wet cat feeder based on the features which we have mentioned in our buying guide.

It has a dual power option and comes with a 5 meal option. The build quality is also sturdy.

Things you need to consider before buying the best automatic wet cat food feeder

Not every automatic cat feeder is the same and each manufacturer and owner has their own requirements. But there are some points which you should keep in mind before buying a good automatic wet cat feeder.


The build quality of an automatic cat feeder should be good and should be able to handle basic wear and tear without any issue. If your cat is a notorious one then your furry friend might even try to play with it. Ultimately they will be able to break the feeder if the quality is not good enough.

That is why the feeder should have a good build quality so that your cat is not able to break and steal the food.

Feeders which contain wet food should have a tight locking mechanism so that liquid does not seep out of them.

If the automatic wet feeder is made out of plastic, make sure the plastic is BPA-free and made from food-grade plastic.

The material and quality play a major role in making it pet-proof.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity you require depends upon the size of your cat. Most cat feeders are designed for a bowl size suitable for small to medium cats and dogs.

The average feeder has a bowl capacity of 1 cup per meal.

If the size of your cat is large and you are looking for a bigger bowl size then there are feeders available in the market which have a bowl size of 1.5 cups.

You can also regulate the weight and health of your cat by choosing a smaller bowl size.

Number of meals per day

Different feeders have different capacities and bowl sizes. Just like that, they have a different number of compartments in which food can be stored and served to your pet.

The number of compartments decides the number of meals your pet can have in a day.

You have control over scheduling when each compartment will open up with the help of a timer.

Some feeders come with only one or 2 compartments while others come with 5 or 6. Choosing the number of compartments depends on how much time you are going away from your home or how many times you want your cat to be fed in a day.

You can also use these compartments for storing different food items which may be wet or dry so that your cat can get full nutrition.

You can also hide treats and medicines in those compartments with other food items so that your furry friend can have it when the time is right.

Feeding Timer

The feeding compartment should open according to the timer set by the owner.

You should have full control over the timer as you know your cat’s routine better than any machine. There are automatic feeders available in the market which comes with predetermined timing.

You know the best when your cat needs to be fed. For eg you can set the breakfast time for 7 am in the morning then between 12 am to 1 pm is the best time for lunch and again at 4 pm, you should be able to set the timer for snacks, and later in the night for dinner, the timer needs to be set again for 8 pm.

The bottom line is you should have the functionality to set the timer according to your convenience.


Always make sure that the brand you are using for feeding is a good and renowned one and a good brand will always give you some warranty as well.

At the end of the day, it is just an appliance and if you are going to invest in it then it should have a customer care number where you can call and replace the product if found faulty in any way.


Cats can get scared easily. In an automatic wet cat food feeder, make sure it does not have a constant ticking time for the timer. Moreover when the compartments move along when the timer is reached the noise should be minimal.

In some automatic cat feeders, there is a feature where you can record your voice to call your pet when the food is ready and that noise is synchronized with the timer. We are not considering that as noise.


Some modern automatic cat feeders come with wifi connectivity and an HD camera so that you can keep an eye on your pet when you are in the office.

The feeders that come with a camera are generally higher in price.

Ice-pack or cooler

Ice packs or coolers help to keep the wet food fresh for long hours. If you are gone for the whole day and return at night, then this is a feature that you should look for in your automatic cat feeder.

Power Type

Some automatic cat feeders run on batteries while others run on electricity.

It is better to have both capabilities in the feeder as you never know when your cat gets notorious and take the electric cable out or electricity goes away. In these cases, you should have a backup otherwise your cat will starve.

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