10 Best Bird Cages for Cockatiels in 2021 – Cockatiel Bird Cage Reviews

Birds have become more and more popular among pet owners. In 2017, a survey of national pet owners recorded the number of birds kept as pets in the United States, which was 20.6 million at the time and has only continued to increase. Among these beloved birds is the cockatiel. Let us find out best bird cages for cockatiels in this review.

The cockatiel is often kept as a house pet in families that may have allergies to furry friends.

They have the disposition of a dog: loving, playful, and unique. Their fun appearance, paired with their loyal nature, makes them even more popular.

Any pet deserves a quality place to call home. It is essential to find the best, most comfortable, and safest cage to supply such a home for your cockatiel.

To facilitate finding the right pen, we have compiled a list of reviews of our top ten favorite bird cages, particularly for a cockatiel.


A Quick Glance at our Favorites:

Best Overall

MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage
  • Easy for on-the-go situations
  • Includes food cups and perches
  • Comes in two different colors
Best Value

Second place
Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage
  • Innovative design for convenience
  • Detachable base for cleaning
  • Multi-grip perches for circulation
Premium Choice

Third place
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage
  • Durable wrought-iron build
  • Spacious interior
  • Easy to move on rollers
Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Canary Cage Mcage Wrought Iron Flight Canary Cage
  • Large interior
  • Wrought-iron frame for durability
  • Large front door for safety
Topeakmart Bird Cage Topeakmart Bird Cage
  • Beautiful construction
  • Spacious interior
  • Built with removable cleaning tray

The 10 Best Bird Cages for Cockatiels:

1.  MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage — Best Overall

Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage on Wheels for Budgies Finches Canaries Lovebirds

The MidWest Avian Hotel Bird Cage is not just a quality cage, but it is also explicitly meant for traveling with your bird. It is lightweight but sturdy, built with all the usual comforts of a regular cage, with greater ease manufactured into the design.

There is a slide-out tray that comes out from the bottom of the cage that can be used for an easy clean or to provide an out-of-cage play space for your bird. It comes in two different colors, ruby and platinum, because MidWest believes that a cage doesn’t need to stick out but can be another facet to the overall color scheme.

The bird home also comes with two stainless-steel food cups attached to the side, a cotton rope perch, and another wood plat perch higher up, to allow your bonny bird to move about in the enclosure. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Easy for on-the-go situations
  • Includes two food cups and perches
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Slide-out tray
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Smaller than some fixed cages

2.  Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage — Best Value

Vision II Model M02

The Vision II is a spacious birdcage, made to be double-height to suit the typical activities of birds like budgies, lovebirds, and cockatiels.

It has an innovative design that eradicates many of the problems that bird owners typically associate with bird homes.

These changes are meant to make the cage safer for the bird and more convenient for you. On top of all of this, it is the best bird cage for cockatiels for the money.

The innovations in this birdcage start with the multi-grip perches that should help encourage circulation and prevent foot problems common in caged birds.

Typical bird cages are equipped with pull-out waste trays at the bottom, which becomes an issue for thorough cleanings. This cage avoids this problem by not including the waste tray but making the base entirely detachable.

It is also furnished with debris guards to keep the food and waste inside. Feeding can quickly be done through additional drop-down panels. The cage comes equipped with two seed and water cups, two waste shields, and four green multi-grip perches.

  • Innovative design for convenience
  • Detachable base for cleaning
  • Comes with two cups, two waste shields, and four perches
  • Multi-grip perches for circulation
  • Double-height
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Inexpensive for the size
  • Harder to assemble
  • Food dishes at the bottom

3.  Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage — Premium Choice

Prevue Pet Products Wrought

This is a sturdy cage to last you for years to come. Prevue has made their best bird cage for small and medium-sized birds out of wrought iron, which creates a beautiful and spacious area for multiple little birds or one or two medium-sized birds to fly around and be at home.

The cage comes with four plastic cups, two on either side, and three perches made from wood to be placed in a variety of ways around the cage. It has two large, front-access doors and six small nest doors along the sides.

These access doors are not fixed in any way, and for larger and more intelligent birds, they may need to be set by the owner with materials not included with the build.

The cage also comes equipped with a pull-out grille and a debris tray that makes it easy to clean. The whole wrought-iron home has rolling casters. It is quite expensive, but sometimes, high quality outweighs a more substantial expenditure.

  • Durable wrought-iron build
  • Spacious interior
  • Comes with four seed trays and various perches
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to move on rollers
  • No fix on side doors
  • More expensive

4.  Mcage 15A Wrought Iron Flight Canary Cage

Mcage Lot of Breeding

Another wrought-iron birdcage, the Mcage comes with flexibility in placement options. The cage’s main living area is spacious, making it a well-suited home for birds like canaries, cockatiels, and lovebirds.

It is easy to assemble and includes a huge door to keep your birds safe as they go in and out. Nesting is promoted by two side breeding doors.

It also comes with a stand equipped with wheels. The entire cage can be removed from the position and set on a different, fixed platform.

The accompanying stand has an affixed shelf on the bottom, perfect for keeping your bird’s stuff separate and organized, including toys, any treats, or miscellaneous objects.

The cage includes multiple wooden perches and feeding cups, as well as metal ladders. The bottom of the cage features a removable grill and tray to make cleaning more convenient.

  • Large interior
  • Wrought-iron frame for durability
  • Large front door for safety
  • Accompanying stand with wheels
  • Shelf for toy and treats storage
  • Cage not sturdy on stand
  • Grate leaves a large gap at the bottom
  • The latch may stick at first

5.  Topeakmart Bird Cage

Topeakmart Large Parakeet

Topeakmart has created a beautiful cage, reminiscent of old, traditional birdcages with unique wiring on the doors and a graciously curved top.

This will keep your bird safe and happy, as it has narrow bar spacing and two side-hinged composite doors for easy entry and exit.

The purchase of this enclosure comes with four feeding trays and an arrangement of four different perches. The typical slide-out trays are included at the bottom of for an easy clean.

The cage sits on top of a rolling rack for a high platform. This rack comes with a built-in shelf to store any miscellaneous items and keep them organized.

You can take the birdcage off of the moveable frame with the top handle, as well as move it with the rack and its attached swivel casters.

  • Beautiful construction
  • Spacious interior
  • Comes with four perches and feeding trays
  • Built with removable cleaning tray
  • Has a rack with swivel wheels
  • Comes in multiple different sizes
  • Doesn’t fit firmly on rack
  • Some customers reported build problems

6.  Yaheetech Rolling Bird Cage


The Rolling Bird Cage from Yaheetech is a cage explicitly made with cockatiels in mind. It is made with high-quality material that makes it sturdy and increases the longevity of the product.

The cage is 47 inches tall and has two food containers, two wooden perches, and a metal handle to make it easy to lift and move if needed. There are large doors in the front to give easy access to the birds.

The cage has a removable bottom tray that makes it simple to clean. The cage sits on top of a rolling cart, which has a built-in shelf to hold your aviary friend’s belongings.

  • High-quality material
  • Spacious interior
  • Comes with two wooden perches and two bird feeders
  • Comes with a wheeled rack
  • Cannot affix the front door

7.  VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Bird Cage

VIVOHOME 59.8 Inch

Vivohome has constructed a beautiful cage meant to be a long-lasting addition to the home. It has an iron frame coated with black powder varnish to keep it secure against the wiles of playful birds.

There are multiple smaller doors in the front and two larger doors that can unhinge from the front and swing open for a smooth flight out. The top has also been made into another entry and exit for birds to fly straight from the top and flutter back in through it.

You can prop it open with a crossbeam for the birds to stand on and look out without bars to obstruct their vision.

The cage sits on top of a rack with swiveling wheels and a shelf to store bird products. You also get four feeders and multiple wooden cross beams for the interior of the cage.

  • Equipped with an escape hatch
  • Two large hinged doors
  • Comes with wooden cross beams and four food trays
  • Sits on top of a swivel rack
  • Assembly more difficult

8. ZENY Bird Cage

ZENY 63.5

The birdcage by Zeny is made with an entirely metal frame to keep it sturdy and safe. The exterior has been coated with non-toxic paints that aid its performance when up against rust or corrosion.

The paint also makes it fade and odor resistant, avoiding any undesirable smells that can occur at times when you own a pet.

This cage is large on the interior with a semi-circular top. It is made for parrots, so it is quite spacious for smaller or medium-sized birds. It sits on top of a movable rack and can be taken on and off if needed.

The top of the cage has a built-in door, making it easier for the birds to fly in and out. It comes with two wooden cross beams and two steel food bowls. The bottom of the cage has a slide-out tray for an easy cleaning job.

  • Comes with two feeding cups and wooden perches
  • Placed on a movable rack with a storage shelf underneath
  • Has a top entry and escape door
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight build
  • Some reports of bends after shipping

9. PawHut Steel Bird Cage

PawHut 22

This steel birdcage by PawHut is slightly smaller than most of those that we have reviewed. It is called an “interactive birdcage” and is meant to mentally stimulate the birds that live inside. This cage is another with a convertible roof, the opening held by a cross beam.

The front has a large door to make it easy for your birds to get in and out safely. The door opens up to double as a landing strip of sorts if your birds want to get back into their home.

The cage is cleaned by taking out the bottom tray. It also comes with two food and water bowls and two inner perches.

  • Convertible roof
  • Comes with two wooden perches and feeding bowls
  • Large entryway converting to landing perch
  • No accompanying movable rack
  • Small interior
  • Doors need to be fixed

10. Penn-Plax Cockatiel Bird Cage

Penn-Plax Cockatiel

Penn-Plax has made its birdcage with cockatiels in mind. This birdcage is more than a cage, but rather a kit meant for beginning bird owners. It includes the cage, a kabob toy for the interior, and a cuttlebone, along with a flavored mineral treat and a cement perch.

All these things combined help the owner be equipped for their first cockatiel. The cage has a flat top that does not open, but there is a large front door for easy exit and entry that doubles as a landing platform to keep the birds safe.

It comes with a couple of food and water dishes, and the bottom of the cage has a cleaning tray for a quick clean.

  • The front door acts as landing perch
  • Comes with kabob toy, cuttlebone, and a mineral treat
  • Easy clean with a slide-out tray
  • Some low-quality plastic pieces
  • Cage is heavy
  • Dishes are too small for a cockatiel
  • Perches don’t fit securely in the cage


When it comes to purchasing the right home for your beautiful bird, you need to consider many different factors before making your purchase.

A few of these include the cage shape, to prevent chafing of the feathers; the length of the cage, since birds fly forward and backward more than up and down; and the bar spacing, since they often like to climb around the cage but shouldn’t be able to stick their heads out.

You should also consider how convenient it is for you to use. It should be easy to feed and water your birds, as well as clean the cage out, allowing for a more hygienic living space. For some people, the portability of a cage is essential.

We took all of these things into consideration in the creation of this list, topping it with the highly portable and easy-to-clean MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage.

Also, the Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage has such an innovative design, paired with an affordable price. Everything comes down to keeping your cockatiels safe and happy, giving them a quality home.

We hope that with our compilation of the 10 best products on the market, it is easier to find something that suits all you and your avian friend’s needs.