Best Designer Dog Carriers

Best Designer Dog Carriers

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How to Pick Your Dog Bag

The truth is, when you love your pet, you want to take her or him with you everywhere you go. But carrying around a plastic crate isn’t fun for you or your pet. Designer pet carriers combine functional features like mesh ventilation and washable materials with eye-pleasing and fashionable designs. It’s the best of both worlds for style-conscious dog owners. Here’s the deal: We researched over thirty designer dog carriers to find the top-of-the-line products that our pets deserve. Many of these carriers are made to look like purses rather than duffle bags, which is great for taking your puppy grocery shopping or out to dinner without being bugged by the pupperazzi! However, for long trips and traveling by air, we recommend the duffle bag style carriers due to their comfort, safety features, and extra storage space. Now: Let’s take a look at the most important features you need to know when buying your designer pet bag.

Material: Most pet carriers are made of synthetic leather or fabric because these materials are stain-resistant and easy to clean as well as being animal-friendly. Leather tends to look more purse-like but can be less breathable than fabric materials.

Bag Dimensions: How big the bag is can help you figure out if your pet will be comfortable inside in advance! Some brands give pet weight estimates while others don’t, so that’s why we include the bag dimensions as one of our top specs to look for.

Washable: Many pet carriers can be wiped down in the case of dirt and accidents, so this is a good spec to look for unless you have a perfect pet that never makes a mess! Either way, having a washable carrier makes life a lot more convenient.

Hand Strap: A hand strap makes it easy to hold your pet carrier at your side and move it around without jostling the animal inside. Some bags feature extra-long hand straps that can be slung over your shoulder as well.

Shoulder Strap: A long shoulder strap can help you keep your hands free while keeping your pet close to your side. Look at how wide the strap is and whether it features padding or not, which may make carrying your pet more comfortable.

Airline Approved: Airline approval is a little nebulous, but generally for a pet carrier to be allowed as a carry-on, it needs to be able to fit under a seat and be relatively secure. Of course, check with your airline in advance whenever possible.

Top 10 Products

All right, time to get your fluffy friend a nice designer dog carrier! Below you will find the top 10 best dog bags from our extensive reviews. They’re puppy approved and look great. Read on!

WOpet Designer Dog Carrier

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This designer dog carrier looks just like a large leather purse, so it is ideal for taking your pet with you on any adventure! PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is a synthetic leather material covered with a layer of polyurethane. It’s soft and can be easily wiped down and cleaned. The purse has a hand strap and removable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is a classic adjustable purse strap without padding so it may not be comfortable to use with larger pets. A black mesh panel on one end of the purse has a cover that can be rolled up and down, and there’s another mesh panel on the top of the bag. The top panel has zippers on two sides so you can roll the panel back to access your pet. There is a small zippered pocket on one of the long sides of the purse, and a small open pocket on the end opposite the mesh panel window. The bag also has a thin quilted removable pad in the bottom for your pet and a leash clip. This bag is a great choice for a sleek everyday pet carrier. It’s a fantastic product that’s both stylish and affordable. We highly recommend it!

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WOpet Fashion Dog Bag

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Our budget pick is from the same brand as our top pick and is another very purse-like option among designer dog carriers. Unlike our top pick, it has a mesh window one of the purse’s broad sides as well as a window on one narrow end. The windows can be covered as well. The top fully unzips with two zippers but lacks the ventilating mesh seen on some other carrier tops. This dog carrier purse features one small zippered pocket on one of its narrow ends. It lacks a shoulder strap, but the hand strap is long enough that you can sling the strap over your shoulder with the bag tucked under your arm. The bag also has a removable pad to keep your pet comfortable, as well as a leash clip. The bag has an 11.4 by 7-inch base and is 16.5 inches high. It features a light color scheme in a checkered pattern that’s cute and chic, so it blends in easily! This carrier is smaller than our top pick, but it’s equally fashionable! The synthetic leather is not as breathable as other fabric options, and we would prefer a little more ventilation for hot days, but this carrier should be comfortable for most small dogs and other pets, plus it’s low priced.

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MG Collection Two-Tone Carrier

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For a chic small dog carrier that also puts your dog’s comfort first, we highly recommend this two-tone carrier made from quilted fabric. The canvas and fabric materials used in this purse are more breathable than PU leather and don’t “crack” like PU leather sometimes can, but can be less water-resistant and easier to stain. The top of the bag features a mesh flap that extends down the bag’s side and fully unzips. You can cover this mesh panel with a quilted fabric flap or leave the flap rolled up for full ventilation. Grommets where the two hand straps are secured to the bag also provide airflow from the sides. The bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap, but the hand straps are long enough that you can sling the bag over your shoulder. Inside, you’ll find a removable pad and leash clip. If you have a clever escape artist pet, keep in mind that this quilted dog purse has a front panel that closes with Velcro at the end rather than zipping fully. Some pets may find it “fun” to push the end of the panel open and slip out! This pet carrier also has two good-sized Velcro-secured pockets as well.

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WOpet Deluxe Pet Purse

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The Deluxe Pet Purse from WOpet looks just like a regular purse! Made from stain-resistant PU synthetic leather, it comes with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap as well as hand straps. A mesh cover on top unzips so you can access your pet, and the sides of the purse feature stylish grommets that give your pet a place to peek out and get some fresh air. Pets that are shy and feel more secure in a more enclosed space may prefer this purse to purses with mesh side windows. A quilted pad on the inside is removable, but this pet purse does not have a leash clip – something to keep in mind if you have an escape artist pet! This pet purse also has a single zipper that unzips around the top mesh panel rather than unzipping on both sides so it can take a little longer to access your pet and put them away. This carrier is designed for dogs, cats, and other small pets up to eight pounds and looks just like a stylish purse, right down to the hardware! Compare this to our top pick, which has a similar purse style design and a larger size suitable for pets up to 14 pounds.

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WOpet Dog Carrier Handbag

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Like our top pick, this small dog carrier purse can carry pets up to 14 pounds, but it has a different style. The black PU synthetic leather features contrasting white stitching, and the purse has a short hand strap and removable, non-adjustable shoulder strap with hardware chains. A small zippered pocket on one side of the carrier gives you a place to store a few treats. Mesh panels on either end of the purse provide ventilation and a place for your pet to look out at the world, while the top also features a mesh panel that zips down the middle. The top panel doesn’t “seal” fully at the end so your pet may be able to poke his nose out if he wants to make some mischief. However, you may prefer this purse to our top pick if you want more ventilation for your pet. The inside of the purse has a removable quilted pad and a leash clip, too. This pet carrier purse suits larger-sized animals than other purse-like pet carriers, so it’s a great choice for sneaking your pet into restaurants! However, if you have a heavier pet, the shoulder strap’s lack of padding and adjustability may be uncomfortable – in which case, getting a more traditional “duffel bag” style pet carrier might save you some aches and pains.

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Vanderpump Silver Quilted

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Vanderpump produces designer dog carriers and other products, and this quilted leatherette dog carrier purse is sort of like “Chanel for dogs!” The extra-long hand strap with stylish hardware lets you sling this purse over your shoulder and tuck it under your arm. If silver isn’t your color, the purse can also be found in black and pink models. The purse has mesh panels on either end that can be covered or left open. A mesh panel on top unzips on both sides to give you easy access to the inside of the purse. The inside of the purse has a faux fur inner pad and leash clip. This carrier has a large clasping side pocket on the side that is noticeably bigger than most of the options on other purse-style pet carriers so you may prefer it if you want space to stow your wallet, treats, reading glasses, and whatever else you need for the day. This carrier option is definitely subtle – it doesn’t scream “I’M CARRYING MY PET!” However, it lacks padding on the handle so it may be uncomfortable to tote around heavier pets. The carrier allows you to access your pet from the side panel or from the top, compared to other pet purses that only have top-opening access.

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Frontpet Soft Pink

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Although far from subtle, this dog carrier is still cute and easy to carry with its roomy hand straps that allow you to sling the carrier over your shoulder as well. The carrier’s base measures 10 by 18.5 inches with an 11-inch height, but it’s also available in a larger size that measures 18.5 by 10 inches around and 13 inches tall. Both sizes give your pet more room than many of the dog purses on our list, which is one of the benefits of going with this carrier! It also features tons of ventilation: a large mesh window on one end and on top, and a small side window that can be covered. The top panel unzips on two sides for quick access to the inside of the bag. The end panel also fully unzips and zips. The top panel and large side panel do not have covers, so this dog carrier is not exactly “sneaky.” It has a memory foam fleece pad that is removable, and a leash clip as well for security. This pet carrier is ideal for pets that feel claustrophobic in small, enclosed spaces. The carrier offers a larger-than-average inside space as well as large mesh windows for your pet to enjoy the world around them, safe under your arm!

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Sherpa Element Duffle Bag

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Sherpa is known for its airline approved dog carriers, and we recommend them if you want to travel and fly with your pet in a way that is comfortable for both of you. The Element duffle bag comes in two sizes: small, for pets up to eight pounds, and a larger size for pets up to 20 pounds. The small duffle bag is part of Sherpa’s Guaranteed on Board program that, well… guarantees your pet can board with you on any plane (with the right forms, of course). This dog carrier features a luggage tag, mesh panels on the sides and top, and a removable, machine-washable faux lambskin pad. You can access the inside of the bag through a panel on the side. A roomy side pocket and rear pocket give you storage for treats, your wallet, travel documents, and so on. It has durable hand straps and a padded adjustable storage strap. Another strap on the duffle bag lets you buckle the bag with a seatbelt to keep your pet safe while driving, and also works as a luggage strap. The locking zippers keep mischievous pets safe and secure. The Sherpa Element is a great choice for taking your pet traveling in style.

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Betop Pet Carrier Tote

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The Betop Pet Carrier Tote is available in white and brown patterns as well as small and large sizes. The small pet purse has mesh on both ends, while the large size has mesh on one side and three grommets on the other side for air holes. Both have an extra-long hand strap that can be slung over your shoulder. You also get a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, too. The bag is made of sturdy synthetic leather that is easy to wipe down in the event of a mess and resists staining. Two pockets, one zippered and one with a snap closure, give you storage space for treats and other necessities. A removable quilted pad and leash clip keep your pet safe and comfortable. You can access the inside of the bag through the top, which fully unzips with double-sided zippers and folds back. This pet carrier purse is attractive and subtle, with “shades” to cover the mesh panels as needed. The bag is available in 13.8×10.6×7.9 inches in its small size and 15.7×11.8×7.9 inches in its larger size. Large grommets at each corner provide extra ventilation for your pet, too. This tote is similar to a few of the options from WOpet, and the small tote is a good option for toy breeds and other fun-size little pets.

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Argo by Teafco

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The Argo carrier, available in pastel blue or pink, is a preppy and shapely duffle bag for pets. Its roomy size makes it ideal for taking your pet traveling in style and comfort, as well as being a good option for larger dogs, cats, and other animals. Mesh panels on the top and sides provide plenty of ventilation, and you can access the inside of the carrier with the double-zippered top or from the side. The carrier also has five roomy zipping pockets and a rear pocket for storing your wallet, treats, and more. The bag has hand straps as well as longer shoulder straps that make it easy to carry your companion around. It also has another strap on one side for buckling the carrier to a car seat with a car seat belt. The removable pad stays cool and is water-resistant. This airline approved pet carrier meets the International Air Travel Association’s requirements for traveling with pets. Similar to the Sherpa Element Duffle, this bag is designed for taking your pet on the road or in the air while keeping them safe and comfortable. It looks stylish enough for everyday use as well, but may not be as subtle as a purse carrier.

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