8 Best Horse Grooming Kits 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

Grooming is considered to be one of the most essential aspects of having the horse. It is for this reason that it is recommended to invest in a high-quality Best Horse Grooming Kit that includes all the necessary tools to accomplish this frequently-ignored task.

The grooming of a horse’s coat is not just about improving the appearance of the horse, it’s equally important for overall well-being that of the horse.

The process of grooming promotes circulation of blood, which helps to condition the skin. It also helps to identify any skin issues or injuries that your horse might be suffering from.

It also helps to build a relationship between you and your horse. There are plenty of equipment and tools to groom horses on the marketplace.

What are the Horse Grooming Kits?

A grooming kit for horses includes all the equipment needed to maintain and clean your horse’s overall appearance while maintaining its health and well-being. You can create an individual grooming set, or purchase it from the store.

Supplies for grooming your horse are stored in bags or boxes; you must determine which one will suit your needs most effectively.

Did you know that there needs to be “a place for everything , and everything should be in its proper place”?

There are a lot of grooming products for your horse all over in the stable, however it’s always a good idea to have all the grooming necessities efficiently in one location.

I’m always in favor of having a quality grooming kit for your horse as it will go an extended way to improving the overall health of your horse and also strengthens your bond with him.

The ownership of animals is always a kind of exchange. We love themand they offer us pleasure, love and sometimes even utility. If you have an animal it is more work involved that other common animals.

Grooming is among the most important aspects of taking care of the horse. It is vital to cleanse their bodies and keep their coat in good condition and free of skin issues and build bonds.

Grooming is much simpler to accomplish since you don’t need to organize your equipment in pieces, but instead simplify the process by putting everything into an easy-to-carry kit.

Below, we’ve put our top 8 of our favorite songs.

A quality grooming kit for horses typically comprises of a variety of brushes. Each is designed to serve a specific purpose. bristles that are soft or hard.

For instance, there’s an individual brush for the hair and tail, and another for the entire body. There are also sponges and scrapers too.

The process of grooming a horse is complicated, but the process can be made easier by having a good grooming kit that has all the tools and equipment are kept in one place and near by.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Best Overall

Oster Equine Care Oster Equine Care
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Highly portable and easy gift
  • Color coding aids organization
Best Value

Second place
Weaver 65-2055-BK Weaver 65-2055-BK
  • Low price for budget buyers
  • Drawstring closure on wire-reinforced top
  • Easy hold handles
Premium Choice

Third place
Rambo Rambo
  • Includes all the standard grooming materials
  • Durable polyester material
  • Variety of colors
Tough 1 Great Grip Tough 1 Great Grip
  • Sturdy bag
  • Handles with detachable shoulder sling
  • Variety of colors
Equestria Equestria
  • Blue color to aid organization
  • Five exterior pockets and one central bag
  • High quality

The 8 Best Horse Grooming Kits — Reviews 2021

1.  Oster Equine Care Horse Grooming Kit — Best Overall

Oster Equine Care 7-Piece

Having a horse grooming kit makes keeping all the necessary equipment for grooming in one place. The grooming kit developed by Oster gives every horse handler all the materials they should need to keep good care of their horses in one easy-to-carry tote bag. The tote and accents on the accompanying tools come in blue or pink, depending on your preference.

The blue case includes a soft body brush, a stiff brush, mane and tail comb, a coarse curry comb, and a hoof pick. The pink bag consists of a finishing face brush, a stiff brush, a fine curry comb, a hoof pick, and a mane and tail brush. The accents on the tools help keep the equipment organized in the correct colored bag.

The tools are also ergonomically designed for grip comfort and accessibility. The bag is highly portable and makes an excellent gift for any horse lover because it is affordable. Some might prefer the tools to be of higher quality, but the convenience of the tote and supplies will outweigh the cons for most.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Highly portable and easy gift
  • Good diversity of products
  • Color coding aids organization
  • Only average-quality tools

2.  Weaver Grooming Kit — Best Value

Weaver Leather Horse Grooming Kit

Weaver has created its own portable horse grooming tool kit to have the essentials organized and close by. There are seven pieces included in the bag: the soft-bristled face brush, the coarse curry comb, a wide-toothed plastic comb, a mane and tail brush, a sweat scraper combined with a coarse curry comb, a dandy brush, and last but not least, a hoof pick.

The top of the tote bag has a drawstring closure stitched into the wire-reinforced top to keep the contents protected and firmly secured. The handles are wide and comfortable, with an additional padded shoulder strap to get from place to place without wearing on any muscles. Although the bag is made with high-quality materials, not all the included equipment is made with the same care.

The bag and corresponding tools come in three different color combinations: black and beige, blue glitter, and pink with gray. All the varieties of the best horse grooming kit for the money are made with durable nylon material. The bag has six exterior pockets for reorganizing contents or storing extra pieces.

  • Low price for budget buyers
  • Variety of colors
  • Drawstring closure on wire-reinforced top
  • Easy-hold handles and shoulder strap
  • Cheap design to equipment

3.  Rambo 7-PC Horse Grooming Kit — Premium Choice

Rambo 7-PC Horse Grooming Kit

Since grooming kits are the most convenient option for all equestrians, enabling them to keep all of their necessary materials in one place, Horseware has made its own. Although it is one of the most expensive on the list, many agree that it is worth getting more durable equipment.

Starting with the bag, which is made out of tough polyester and a slightly less durable drawstring closure, the color varieties include stylish Newmarket combinations. These include Whitney Cherry, which has a Whitney stripe, navy blue coloring, and gold accents. Then there is the Whitney Gold, where black is the primary color, and the Whitney Navy has a mainly navy blue coloring with light blue accents. The bag has two carry handles, a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, and several convenient side pockets.

The equipment contained with the purchase of the bag includes all the standard pieces. These are a sweat scraper, a dandy brush, a hoof pick, a mane and tail brush, a curry comb, a face brush, and a body brush.

  • Includes all the standard grooming materials
  • Durable polyester material
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy-carry handles and shoulder strap
  • Drawstring closure not made from durable material

4.  Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Kit

Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package

Tough 1 has created its grooming package with eight essential pieces of equipment gathered together in a durable nylon tote bag. The kit comes in six different colors, with both the tote and the included materials being of the same color to help keep you more organized. The colors include blue, green, neon green, pink, purple, and red.

All the items included in the kit are made with a Great Grip ergonomic design. It is meant to help keep your hand steady while working with your horse. It also helps ease any grip stress that comes after working for a while.

The kit pieces include a stiff brush, a hoof pick, a finishing brush, a curry comb, a stiff brush, a comb, tail and mane brush, and a sweat scraper. It has been reported that when some people receive the brushes, there are teeth missing or a handle is disconnected and has to be glued.

  • Variety of colors
  • Sturdy bag
  • Handles with detachable shoulder sling
  • Have to doublecheck materials

5.  Equestria 8 Piece Horse Grooming Set

Equestria 8 Piece Grooming Set

The Equestria grooming set is a complete set of what you need to get a thorough job done. Both the brushes and the carry bag are high quality, and people love how long they last and how comfortable they are to use.

The bag comes in blue shades, and all the included brushes are two-toned blue shades to keep it easy to organize. The bag is equipped with five side pockets, as well as the main center area, to hold everything in one easy-to-carry tote.

The bag includes a hoof pick, a stiff brush, a finishing brush, a stiff brush, a curry comb, a big tooth comb, a tail and mane brush, and a sweat scraper. The size of the brushes is smaller than others for average or more substantial sized horses.

  • Blue color to aid organization
  • High-quality brushes and bag
  • Five exterior pockets and one central bag
  • Smaller sized brushes

6.  Horze Wooden Grooming Kit

Horze Wooden Grooming Tools and Tote

Horze has gone for a more old-fashioned farm look and design with its grooming kit. There are only six tools included in this larger tote. However, overall, the brushes are of a high standard and made with sturdy wood.

The black tote complements the black-and-wood coloring of all the tools. It is made of tear-resistant nylon to keep it by your side as long as you need to use it. The tools include a broad body brush to remove dirt and sweat from big horses, a medium wood body brush, a wooden backed dandy brush, a mane and tail comb, sisal gloves to remove stains, and a sisal towel to finish with a beautiful shine.

  • Sturdy and aesthetic wooden design
  • Tear-resistant black tote
  • Includes sisal gloves and towel
  • Only six tools instead of standard eight

7.  Derby Originals Horse Grooming Kit

Derby Originals Premium

Derby Originals has designed their grooming kit so almost any color combination is an option when looking into grooming kits. The tote is well-designed, including pockets around the outside, a zipper across the top with a handle, two side handles, and a detachable shoulder strap to make carrying it around as easy as possible. Although the handles are ergonomic, the zip is not constructed that well and can be irritating.

The kit contains nine total items, counting the bag. The color combos include turquoise and lime green, purple and lavender, pink and purple, light blue and yellow, hot pink and pink, black and grey, green and mint, and light blue and navy blue. The tote and all the included tools are a variety of associated shades to keep organization quick and easy.

The grooming set includes the versatile carry bag, a sweat scraper, a bathing sponge, a hoof pick, a dandy brush, mane and tail comb, a soft brush, and a rubber curry comb. Altogether, this is about everything you could need during a grooming session. The set is said to be perfect for beginners because while the brushes are somewhat weak, they teach the user what they can replace them with to do a proper grooming job.

  • Extra complete set with nine items
  • Wide variety of color combos
  • Versatile carry bag
  • Cheap zipper construction
  • Weak brushes

8.  Southwestern Equine Deluxe Grooming Kit

Southwestern Equine Deluxe

Southwestern Equine’s kit has a colored camo theme that goes with the design of the accompanying carry bag. The colors include camo blue, camo pink, camo purple, red, and turquoise.

The bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and side handles to make transporting it anywhere easy for an adult or a child. Any of the totes you decide to go with has four pockets on the outside to hold grooming supplies and anything else you might need to carry. The primary pain is double zippered, so access to the interior is quick.

The tools include a sweat scraper, a comb, a hoof pick, a round sponge, a square sponge, a soft bristle brush with a handle, a fine point rubber curry with a handle, and a stiff bristle brush with a handle.

  • Standard amount of tools
  • Variety of colors
  • Short-term tool durability
  • Strap may break or wear on tool bag

What is it that you need in an Kit for a Horse Grooming Kit?

The market is overflowing with grooming products and the process of selecting the right one can be a daunting task. The typical grooming kit is comprised of between five and 10 items, the most popular of which are as follows:

  • Curry CombThe prime tool to begin your grooming routine, the curry comes with bristles made of rubber to one end. This comb is used to remove dirt and other debris from the horse’s hair. It also aids in stimulating the skin and releasing oily substances from horse’s skin.
  • Dandy Brush
    Also known as the “hard brush’. A dapper brush can help remove dust and dirt from the coat of the horse.
  • Mane as well as tail Brush or Comb
    These combs made of metal or plastic can be used to untangle long hair and tail hair.
  • Hoof Pick
    Like the name suggests the tool used to wash your horse’s hooves. This is typically done just prior to and following riding horses since an accumulation of dirt inside the hooves could cause infections. The device has a flat metallic surface . Some models also come with brushes for deep cleaning.
  • Soft Body Brush
    It is used to remove debris and shine, the brush features soft bristles that can be used to clean sensitive areas of the horse i.e. the inner and head. Owners of horses frequently pull this brush out at the middle of their grooming session.

How do I Choose the Best Kit for Grooming Your Horse Kit?

Grooming Kits for grooming Horses come in bags or boxes. The idea is to provide an organized container that allows the equipment to be organized in a safe order to ensure that there is no injury. Furthermore, all grooming equipment is in one location, which means you don’t have to waste time looking for them and putting them together.

If you are carrying your equipment more frequently the horse grooming tote is the ideal choice to choose (these ones are our favorites). The boxes however are the best fit in the event that you have a long-term product in your mind.

If you are planning to purchase a grooming equipment be sure to keep these guidelines in your head:

Contents Included

The brand of the product will determine the type. horse grooming kits come in many products. The most common are hoof picks curry comb, the dandy brush and tail comb, mane and the soft brush.

The basic grooming kits include an evaporator, sweat scraper blade, and bot knife. A lot of kits come with sponges, buckets, and towels. When selecting a grooming set make sure you choose one that will meet the requirements for your animal.

Kits and boxes for grooming come in various sizes and shapes. If you are carrying grooming products in your bag, it’s recommended that you purchase an extremely durable, high-quality bag or tote with a strong grip and zippers which will be used regularly. Make sure you choose a bag that offers additional space to keep your other purchases.


The grooming equipment included in these kits are composed from metal, synthetic material (rubber) or natural materials (mainly goat, horse and boar hair).

Materials made of natural elements are less dense and softer and are therefore ideal for removing dirt.

However the tools that make use of synthetic materials for their construction are more rigid and are an excellent choice when you’re seeking a lower-cost substitute for natural components. Metallic brushes come with small balls on the ends to protect the skin of horses.


Grooming is a crucial aspect of your horse’s everyday routine. Because horses are large animals grooming should be a time of relaxation, both for the pet owner as well as the horse, to ensure it’s not an issue in the end.

In this regard, the grooming equipment should be easy to hold for longer lengths of time. Grooming equipment is made of plastic and wooden forms. To maintain wooden brushes it is necessary to smooth them out so that hand splinters are not a problem.

If you are using the use of plastic instruments, handle that have padding made of rubber should be chosen to provide an anti-slip feature since brushes could be wet. It is recommended to buy horse brushes that have ergonomic handles, so it is easy to use them for long durations.

Time-to-Delivery of Product

A grooming kit for horses is a tool that will be frequently used and purchasing a high-quality kit is a good idea. If you are on a budget, you can purchase an inexpensive kit that includes the necessary equipment and adapt it later in accordance with your requirements.

The cost of grooming equipment does not mean that they are of better quality. Additionally, it is suggested to prolong the life of your kit by periodically cleansing your tools for grooming.

Buyer’s Guide

Many experienced horse handlers have spent years collecting different brushes and picks, sponges, and sprays. They don’t necessarily need something like a grooming kit, but beginning equestrians find it a simple approach to start with. But if you haven’t bought a grooming kit before, how do you pick the right one?

Tool Variety

Check out the types of tools that the kit contains. More than likely, you have some idea or can research the most useful tools that you need. Typically, a grooming kit will come with all the standard tools, but sometimes there are replacements or extras. Make sure that the chosen kit has the right supplies for you.


The make of the brushes and the bag has a considerable influence on the longevity of the product. Check to see what the brushes are made of and if the bag is made from a sturdy material.

For example, combs should be constructed from rubber or plastic. Body brushes should be made from horsehair, pig bristle, goat hair, or plastic to be stiff enough to get the layers of dirt and sweat off the horse.

If you have any preferences, look for a kit that might use those materials. You may also have to replace a couple of the tools if you have particular preferences.

Bag Ergonomics

The primary reason for getting a grooming kit is for the convenience. So, the bag, or tote, plays the most significant factor when considering the aspect of practicality.

When you look for a kit, consider how you prefer to move your tools from place to place. Do you prefer a bag or a box? What about handle placement? Would it be best to have a shoulder strap, or would it only get in the way? In that case, consider a detachable one.


When it comes to finding the best grooming kit for yourself, your children, or someone whom you are buying a gift, remember that it isn’t just about the person but also the horse.

Whether you would like a kit that fits into a smaller budget, like the Weaver 65-2055-BK Grooming Kit, or you want to find the best one out there, like the Oster Equine Care Horse Grooming Kit, there is a kit out there to meet your needs.

Purchasing a grooming kit is only the start of taking care of your horse. We hope that in the haze of starting something new or in the chaos of organization, you find that our reviews and buying guide are a helpful step toward finding the perfect product.