The Best Medium Size Dog Cages

It takes exceptional care to keep a pet like a dog. You should consider arranging a secure cage before your pet arrives, so you can keep it while going out.

Usually, a medium-sized dog weighs 35 to 70 pounds, meaning you will need a kennel that is 36 inches long. In addition to providing dogs extra care to make them feel that their cage is not a jail, but instead, it is a home for them, and for this purpose, you need to select a medium-sized cage that fits the pet’s breed.

Your role is to provide the dogs with the sense of homeliness while they are entering and leaving the Kennel. You should start by putting your hands on the door and praising the pet when he stays inside. Don’t force the pet to stay inside because such behaviors can cause stress.

For the first few days, please do not leave the pet alone in the cage. Sit near the cage and praise the dog, give him some treats and praise him for building self-confidence in the pet. Providing your pet with a friendly environment will give him confidence and he will begin to love the facilities provided.

Top 10 Best Medium Sized Dog Cage

1.  Dogs iCrate for Pets

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is a double door iCrate manufactured in different sizes with folding metal and is one of the most suitable products for medium-sized dogs. In addition, the medium-sized Crate is available with an extra free option of the divider, which could facilitate you to adjust the crate size according to the growing pet, which includes extra safety to protect your dog.

The MidWest iCrate includes a leakproof plastic pan that is easy to clean, a strong plastic handle to carry the Kennel, and rollers’ feet to transport easily. iCrate is easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools. Disassemble the kennel and away conveniently.


  1. Strong but light in weight
  2. Multipurpose, as you can use it for birds feeding
  3. Dual door for a straightforward approach


  1. The door latch can open automatically if a naughty dog jumps, which is a risky thing.
  2. Wires are not rounded adequately on the corners, which may injure the pet.
  3. Easily moved as any playful pet tries to snatch the food.

2. LUCKUP Medium Sized Dog Kennel

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage is a corrosion-resistant, strong black steel with two locks and comprises safety buckles to restrict the dogs from escaping from the cage by opening the door.

The Crate has two front doors for the entrance and exit of the dog, while the top door provides you access to approach the dog for food and other interactions. The plastic food tray is easy to wash and replace the food for the pet. The Kennel is 38 inches large to accommodate a medium-sized dog well.


  1. A solid and heavy kennel to protect your pet.
  2. No tools required.
  3. Good internal height to accommodate a medium-sized dog


  1. The powerful husky can break the bars
  2. The latches are not sturdy enough to hold the pressure of a powerful dog
  3. The downside locking mechanism could bend easily

3. Ultima Pro MidWest Crate

Ultima Pro is one of the most strong and folding metal double door crates, which has 2 doors and an additional divider that is easily adjustable. The Kennel is available with a leak-proof plastic tray which is easy to remove and clean up.

This medium-sized dog crate is equipped with rubberized floor-protecting roller feet at the bottom. The Kennel features the most durable Ultima Pro wire gauges to confirm the security of your pet when you are away from home. You can also fold and carry the cage with you when traveling in a car or by plane.


  1. Strong and sturdy with two-door locks
  2. Beautifully designed
  3. Floor friendly


  1. The front door opens about an inch where a dog paw can stick trying to come out from the cage
  2. Not appropriately welded due to which doors do not match accurately
  3. The side door has a gap from where a pet escape

4.Merry Pet Configurable Pet Crate cum Gate

Merry Pet medium-sized crate cum gate is wooden made, useful for dual purpose. First, you can unfold the Kennel to use as a gate without tools. Second, the Kennel includes a plastic tray that is easily removable and protects the flooring.

The 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate is a secure place for your pet to rest. The Kennel is also helpful as furniture for home decor as it can function as a table where you can place decoration pieces on top of the wooden panel.


1 Easy to assemble in no time and without tools

2 Crate is equally helpful as a wooden gate

3 Easy to clean


1 Pet is not secure as the wooden panel can break

2 medium-sized, strong dogs can damage the wires

3 Fancy as showpiece but less strong

5. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home solid Wooden Medium-sized Pet Crate End Table is a comfortable, soothing place for your medium-sized dog to sleep and relax. The Crate is secure with a lock which means you need not worry when away from home.

This medium-sized Kennel is easy to assemble and break with bare hands. Casual Home Wooden Medium-Sized Pet Crate in Espresso color is a beautiful furniture piece to showcase in your bedroom.

Some people do not like to use a metal cage for their pets; the wooden Crate is the best choice in such cases. In this Crate, you can put a bed of 22×17 inch for your pet.


  1. Perfect for dog owners who have less space, and they can also use this Crate as a room table.
  2. It is a sturdy, strong table.
  3. Easy to assemble without tools


  1. Your dog may chew the wood and may damage the Crate, and injure herself.
  2. It may not water-resistant as wood is a porous material
  3. High cost

6. Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel

The medium-sized Aspen Pet Porter Travel Kennel has an easy-to-open latch with one hand. The crate configuration suits the air travel cargo specifications of most airlines. Aspen Pet Kennel is light in weight, but a strong plastic shell tightened with metallic screws.

The Kennel provides enough ventilation to breathe fresh to the pet. The Crate has a beautiful plastic carrying handle. As the pet porter, this Kennel is plastic made; you can clean it quickly, and it will shine like a new one after every clean polishing.

In addition, this plastic-made Kennel provides security to your pet as there is no hazard of metallic wires, and there is also no danger that your pet will chew the Kennel and hurt herself and Kennel.


  1. Easy to carry during transportation
  2. This plastic Kennel is easy to wash and polish
  3. No hazards of injury


  1. No rear ventilation necessary for international flights
  2. Plastic is not so thick to consider as compatible with airlines
  3. The gate is not of the right size as latches do not with the factory-made holes

7.  Ovation Folding Dog Crate

Midwest Home for pets has made this Ovation Trainer double door metal dog crate for medium size dogs. One garage-style door on the right side of the dog crate opens upwards and away in style; a safety catch on the upper side holds the door safely upwards, and to close the door back, you need to release the safety latch to normal position.

The second Maxxlock door on the front side opens with swing out and closes with swing inward. An adjustable divider is provided to adjust the kennel according to the height of growing dog.

The Crate comprises a plastic pan that is easy to remove and clean; moreover, the rubber feet on the bottom protect the flooring. A strong plastic handle enables you to carry and crate and above all, you can also fold and take away the Kennel.


  1. Strong and sturdy
  2. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  3. Up and away from door more convenient where room space is less


  1. The up and away from the door may be irritating if the latch loses
  2. There may occur scratches on the metal surface
  3. The corners may inure the pet with loose wires

8.Petmate ProValu Double Door Crate

The double door wired Crate is one of the lightest, sturdy and reliable wire kennels. This portable rounded corner double door wire crate is travel-friendly and adjustable with a divider according to your pet’s needs.

The two doors Crate comprises 5 point locking system that excludes any chance of security of your dog. Additionally, this wire crate is coated with a rust-resistant electro coat, ensuring that the Kennel is equally safe inside or outside the door.


  1. 5-point secure locking system
  2. Rust-resistant with electro coat
  3. Light in weight


  1. The wires ends are sharp sometimes
  2. A strong medium-sized dog can break the wires
  3. The doors are with one latch instead of two, reliable latches

9.Precision Pet Great Crate

Precision pet great Crate is a double-door medium size crate for the intermediate dog. The Kennel is convenient to use and is safer as it is locked and secured from 5 points. The cage includes a sliding tray that is easy to remove and wash.

The two doors are on either side of the Crate provide easy entrance and exit for the door. The cage divider facilitates you to adjust the Crate according to your dog’s height while still growing. The Precision pet crate is a traditional carrier pet cage that is the best one for dog training.


  1. Foldable with beautiful carrying handle
  2. Secure from 5 points
  3. Dual door


  1. Horizontal wires may break the paw of your dog
  2. A clever dog can bend the crate wires with nose and escape
  3. Metal bars are sharp enough to cut the dog’s mouth and hands.

10. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for medium size Pets is a mesh fabric tightly weaved heavy-duty well-ventilated Kennel. The Kennel is washable, waterproof, and stain-resistant. The push-button tabs break down and erect the cage quickly and give umbrella-like feelings.


  1. Light in weight
  2. Water-resistant for easy wash
  3. Easy to roll pack and carry


  1. Poorly designed as there is no Velcro with mesh doors
  2. There are some spots in the fabric
  3. High cost

Things to consider before buying a Dog cage

There are few points to consider before buying a crate for your medium-sized dog

  1. Consider the size of your dog, whether it will grow from the time of purchasing Crate or it is a full-size dog.
  2. According to the breed, consider the Kennel material; your dog breed may suit best, plastic, wooden, or metal wire Kennel.
  3. Select heavy-duty crates for powerful dogs.
  4. Consider the accessories that you need with Crate.
  5. Be sure whether you are buying this Kennel for indoor or outdoor use.

What are the compulsory accessories for my dogs’ crates?

You must include the following items for the comfort of your dog;

(i)      A separate dispenser for water and food

(ii)     A waterproof reasonable cover according to weather conditions.

(iii)    Comfortable bedding which suits the weather.

(iv)    A floor tray that is easy to clean

What are the alternatives for dog training if I don’t have a crate?

There are some options to train your dogs if you don’t want to use the crate for the training purpose;

(i)      Use fencing in a specific area of your home for your dog.

(ii)     A small playpen for indoor training is helpful to boost the conference level of your pet.

(iii).   Daycare is also a viable option if you can afford the expenses

What are the Best Cages for Medium-Sized Dogs?

There are some requirements for selecting the best medium-sized cage/crate, some of which are outlined in the list;

  1. Medium-sized dogs including Australian Shepherds, Siberian Huskys, Basset Hounds, Poodles, Australian Cattle Dogs, Bearded Collies, and Bulldogs require different types of food and weather conditions.
  2. It’s important to take into account the dog’s current size and whether it will grow in the near future. Or, the pet’s present size is a maximum due to its breed.
  3. The crate material matters a lot as some dogs suit best with steel cages while others are good friends of plastic kennels. You can choose from wood and fabric too. Wooden kennels are considered the most beautiful for medium-sized dogs, but their cleaning is hectic. Your pet can create a chewing habit in a Wooden Crate, which could harm both dog and Crate.
  4. The different manufacturers provide different facilities inside the cage-like bedding, eating, and drinking pans; you have to choose according to the needs and habits of your pet.
  5. Before buying a kennel, you must consider whether you need a foldable, portable kennel, which is easy to carry in your car or plane, or a fixed one to install somewhere in the house to increase the decoration.
  6. Consider the divider as compulsory as sometimes it is necessary to get control over the dog movements.
  7. Your pet’s safety is the most crucial factor to consider, which is possible when you have trained your dog according to the kennel size and provide him with all the needs.
  8. One of the important factors to consider before buying the Crate is that you are sure about the size of your dog. You need to choose the cage where the pet can stand erect inside the Crate and stretch legs while lying.

Amazon offers the best medium-sized crate dogs in its products list, from where you can choose and buy the best match for your medium-sized dog by ordering online.


What cage size is most suitable for medium size dogs?

With a length of 36 inches, this kennel is perfect for dogs that are of medium to large size.

What cage material suits most to medium size dogs?

According to the breed of your dog, you will have to choose the cage material.

What type of Kennel is most helpful in the training of medium size dogs?

Dog training can be much easier with the help of metal kennels that have two doors.

What is the weight of a medium-sized dog?

Typically, a medium-size dog weighs between 40 to 70 pounds.

Can I restrict the movement of my dog inside the cage?

The answer to this question is yes, you can limit the movement of your dog if you have a cage with dividers.

Final words 

Your pet is part of your family. Take extra care of their personal belongings. Being a pet lover, the first responsibility to oblige is to consider the safety of your dog. The dogs can create different dangerous habits that may cause them life penalty, so keep extra care and train them so that they never hurt themselves.

The dogs’ training according to space and accommodation provided by you may vary, so keep in mind that the dog’s room is compatible with the training needs. Considering the habits of dog breed is an essential factor to realize.

When their bedding is comfortable and food is healthy, they will love you more than expected. Treat your pet as your friend, and the friend, like a loyal dog, needs its favorite Crate to rest.

Never leave your pet alone, as it will lose its confidence. Visit them frequently to maintain good relations and buy the best available Crate for them, which you can put as close to yourself as possible.