Top 10 Best Toys for Rabbits | Chew Toys, Ball, and Much More

Rabbits are wonderful pets and they are very cute as well. They take up very little space and don’t require too much money to pet like other animals such as dogs. But that doesn’t mean that their requirements need to be overlooked.

Just like every other pet your rabbits also need to exercise to stay fit and happy. But you cannot take your rabbit to a park for an evening walk like a dog.

That is why you will be needing the best toys for rabbits to keep them active. Rabbit toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

You have to carefully choose which toy is going to be best for your bunny.

That is why after going through a lot of reviews and articles we have done the hard work for you of finding the best toys for your bunny, so you don’t have to.

You can also go through our quick buying guide for the things you need to look for while buying the best toys for your rabbits.

List of top 10 best toys for rabbits:

  • VCZONE Rabbit Chew Toys

This is a set of natural and pollution-free toys from VCZONE. It is made from all the natural materials such as apple-wood, wood vine, water grass, etc. It is suitable for molars of rabbits, guinea pigs and can be used as a toy too.

It is ideal for chewing food and helps to keep dental health at par. These toys provide roughage which is good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal inflammations and mild pain.

These toys are an ideal gift for your rabbit’s teeth grinding so that he feels comfortable. Apart from that, it helps to release stress by engaging the rabbit in play, exercise, and combat boredom and anxiety in animals.

The metal hook on the toys can be mounted on the pet’s cage. You can leave the balls and other things for your rabbit to play in your absence.

  • PETLAOO Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth

This is a safe and natural chew toy made from 100% natural apple twigs and timothy hay balls, branches, and grass balls are good for digestion. Grass balls also help to relieve intestinal inflammation and mild pain.

The chew stick is good for teeth and can be chewed safely. It is important for small animals like rabbits to grind their teeth to avoid inflammation and other problems hence it becomes a must-have toy for your rabbit’s teeth.

This bead and necklace-type chew toy can be hanged on the pet’s cages as it has metal hooks at both ends and can be firmly fixed to the cage allowing small animals to play safely and conveniently.

  • OVERTANG Rabbit Chew Toys

This is also a natural and handmade chew toy set for rabbits by Overtang. The sticks are made of apple sticks, timothy hay balls, and loofah. 

This chew toy is good for teeth and can be chewed safely. Apart from play, it saves them from inflammation due to excess teeth growth.

Timothy hay provides roughage which is good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal inflammation and mild pain, relieve tension and improve your pet’s appetite.

All rabbits love carrots and this set also contains an artificial rabbit that is made from loofah.

Chew toys keep your rabbit busy and give them hours of fun for their gnawing habits. This toy is fit for almost all small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, squirrels, parrots, hamsters, gerbils, etc.

  • Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

This is a unique toy from Bunny blast. This product is dried out and the bottom part of the plant is furthest away from the plant itself. 

Being dried out and harboring no toxins in the root itself after the drying process poses no threat to your animal.

Yucca helps to provide good dental health to your rabbit. A little crushed millet in some of the top holes convinces your rabbit that the toys are safe and fun so that they can go through the town.

It is completely natural with no colors and no additions of any kind. The price is also very economical for this toy.

  • Highland farm select Bunny Chew Toys, Rabbit Scratching Climbing Fun Tree with Carrot

This is both a fun chew and scratch toy. Carrots are hanging all around the tree structure which is bright in color to catch the attention of your rabbit.

It will help your pet to fight boredom as well as improve dental health. They can grind their teeth against it which will prevent extra growth and inflammation.

This toy from Highland farm is handwoven, safe, and is made from pet-safe materials including seagrass and corn leaf. The pillar adopts natural grass rope handwoven winding, environmental protection, and health, the fragrance of the grass, safe, wear-resisting, and grasping.

It is suitable for multiple small-sized animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, etc., and can be used by other animals for climbing, scratching, chewing, or just as a pet house decoration.

The toy needs basic installation which is very easy to assemble and you can also take it apart for storing it easily when not in use.

  • Dbeans Flourithing Toy

A complete set of 10 toys from Dbeans that is ideal for small animals such as gerbils, rabbits, chinchillas, etc to give your cute, little furry friend the perfect opportunity to play and work out.

The 10 Different Rabbit Toys Are:

  1. Cowhide rope big dumbbell
  2. Double wood connection block
  3. Dumbbell
  4. Semi-circular small rattan ball string
  5. Sweet bamboo
  6. Unicycle
  7. Apple branch braided ring
  8. Rattan ball
  9. Seesaw
  10. Apple branch.

All these toys are made of applewood which is naturally dried at a controlled dehydration rate.  The toy has a sunny taste and is comfortable to use.

Apart from decreasing dental health-related issues these toys also provide a complete set of tools that will keep your pet busy and happy for hours. 

The manufacturer is providing a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

  • MOYASIBB Natural Timothy Hay Sticks

These natural chews stick from Moyasibb is completely organic and are made from timothy hay, baked and shaped by high temperature. These high fiber sticks are suitable for the healthy growth of rabbits and other small animal’s teeth.

In addition, these sticks also improve the digestion of your rabbit and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which further helps in relieving tension and improve your pet’s appetite.

Your little bunny will be entertained for hours with these natural grass-flavored chewing sticks and it is also suitable for other small animals as well such as guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, etc.

Its stick shape makes it suitable for hand feeding which makes your interaction with these lovely creatures interesting.

The packaging is canned and sealed to keep snacks dry and not easy to be scattered thus can be stored for a long time. The length of each stick is approx 7.87 inches.

  • VCZONE Bunny Grass House with 2 Grass Mat & Play Balls Activity Toys for Rabbit

This is a 10-pack toy set from VCZONE that is available in 2 sizes. The items included in the set are:

  • Bunny grass house
  • Grass mat-2
  • Play balls-3
  • Rope-1
  • Hooks-4 
  • Timothy grass sticks-4
  • Sweet bamboo sticks-3
  • Apple sticks-50 grams.

All the toys are made from 100% handmade materials and the bed is also made of natural raw materials and the scent of natural blades of grass entices animals to nibble, gnaw and forage.

Natural toys are rich in fiber and considered safe and edible which promotes positive chewing behavior and keeps the teeth healthy.

The natural seagrass house is large enough for all small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, squirrels, etc. This is not suitable for large rabbits though. The cottages add fun to play with the rabbit which he has also chew without any side effects.

All these natural ingredients help digestion, dredge the intestine, relieve tension, and helps in a good molar effect.

  • PStarDmoon Bunny Chew Toys

These bunny chew toys give your little furry friend the perfect opportunity to play and work out. The list of types of toys this set contains is as follows:

  • Natural timothy grass small animal chew toys.
  • Mixed grass lollipop
  • Molar grass cakes
  • 2 Loofa toys

The twigs provide other health benefits apart from dental care. They provide roughage which is good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal inflammations and mild pain.

It keeps your pets healthy and active and helps them deal with their environment in an entertaining way and prevents them from chewing their cages or other furniture.

As the toys are 100% natural they all are safe for your little ones to enjoy. Chew toys are made from natural, pollution-free hay and carrot to keep them happy and occupied.

These toys are suitable for almost all types of small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats, etc.

  • Kaytee Small Animal Chew Toys

This is quite a nibbling toy for small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc. It is made of all-natural wood and contains almond nuts which encourage healthy playing and chewing.

The dimension of this toy is 4x4x3.25 inches. The wood used is safe to chew and satisfies your pet’s need to chew and gnaw.

The construction of this toy is solid and the colors are bright. It is fun to put their vegetables in the middle of the ball and watching them go crazy to get the pieces of celery and carrots out of the center. 

This toy is like a rabbit Jenga where the rabbit pulls the sticks which are loose enough to take the prize out. You can use this toy as a way of feeding treats as well.

Final Thoughts :

All the toys which we have mentioned over here are made of natural materials and safe to consume if swallowed accidentally. They all help with the gnawing problems along with the related digestive problems.

As per our consideration, we have selected VCZONE rabbits chew toys as the best toy for rabbits.

The reason behind this is that it is a complete set of required toys which not only keep your bunny engaged and happy but also takes care of their health and have a lot of positive reviews online as well. Also, the price of these toys is very economical for a complete set.

Reasons for buying a set of good toys for your rabbit

Buying toys for your rabbit not only saves your furry friend from boredom. These toys also provide them medical benefits as well such as:

Dental Health

Pet rabbits have a very common problem of dental issues. The main reason behind this is that the teeth of rabbits continue to grow throughout their life.

That is why chew toys are required to wear those teeth down. If the teeth become too big then it may cause serious problems in the rabbit’s mouth.


To keep a rabbit active and stay fit regular exercise is needed otherwise the rabbit will become overweight.

That is why your rabbits need to go out and exercise at least once a day. This is the perfect time to take the rabbit’s toys out and let them play.

Mental Health

Being inside a cage all day your bunny might get bored. That is why it becomes of utmost importance to take care of the rabbit’s mental health.

Remaining busy with toys while chewing, playing, and exercising keeps their mind and body busy and helps them to remain happy.

If your bunny has good mental health then chances are his life expectancy will also increase.

Now the question arises what should you look for in rabbit toys. We have to select the toys for your rabbit according to the behavior of your rabbit. Other than the behavior you should look out for the following things:

Things you need to consider before buying the best toys for your rabbit

Type of rabbit toy according to play

Chewable toys

Chewable toys are important for your rabbit’s dental health. They generally the kind of toys your rabbit will play with solo.

Tunnel type toys

You can find different tunnel-type toys which are very fun to play with. A maze can be designed for your rabbit and treats can be laid out at the end of each tunnel.

Playful toys

These are the toys that you will use to play will your little bunny. These toys are generally balls, wheels, etc.


The size of a toy should be according to the size of your rabbit. If it is too large then it will be hard to have fun with it and if it is too small then the chances are your rabbit might swallow it.

For tunnel-type toys always check the size of the tunnel and ensure first that your rabbit will fit inside or not.


Always try to use organic material when it comes to the best toys for rabbits. The best ones are wood, grass rafia, etc. which will not harm your bunny.

Rabbits are known to be great chewers and they tend to chew things all the time. If you use materials that are toxic in nature it can harm your rabbit’s health as well. 

Due to their chewing habits, rabbits can also destroy things so make sure the toys which you are going to provide him are strong enough to be handled by him.


Always try to supervise your rabbits when they are playing as we have seen incidents in the past where the rabbits have choked upon such things.

If you are going to give the toys without any supervision then try to go with a chunky toy so they don’t choke upon it or hurt themselves in any way.


Rabbit’s toys start from a couple of bucks to a few hundred dollars as well. So it is totally up to you, your pocket, and your requirements on what kind of toys you will be needing for your rabbit and how much you want to pay for them.

Our recommendation is to never compromise on quality when selecting anything for your pet. You are like a parent to them and they are completely dependent on you for everything.