Big Dog Breeds: Breed Similarities And Differences

By Alberto Roy

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Do you think of getting big dog breeds? Are you planning to have a Rottweiler or a Doberman? These are ideal family protectors or homestead guardians. Both dobermanrottweiler breeds are good choices; however, some differences sway your decision. There are plenty of differences and similarities between the Rottweiler versus Doberman Pinscher.

Both breeds are excellent family pets, although some are not confident about getting them because of the strong and bold look, which are the natural characteristics of these dog breeds.

Both breeds have distinct differences according to their breed. Both are obedient and fearless, stead and aloof to strangers. One needs more excess, while the other is suited for working dog activities.

Welcoming these breeds

When you welcome these two breeds into your home, you make a 7-10 year commitment to them. So, it is essential to know what to expect from the new addition or a new member of the family.

Now, if you are ready, you must take more depth into the similarities and differences between these two formidable breeds.

Breed comparison

  • Doberman. If you plan to get a Doberman as an addition to your family, these are the qualities of this breed:
  • 24-25 inches in height
  • 60-100 pounds in weight
  • Alert, loyal, fearless, and alert temperament
  • Very high energy
  • Average health
  • 10-12 years lifespan
  • Rottweiler. If planning to get a rottweiler, here are the qualities or characteristics of this breed:
  • 22-27 inches in height
  • 80-135 pounds in weight
  • Loving, loyal, and confident temperament
  • Average energy
  • Average health
  • 9-10 years

The differences

For the physical size, there is the biggest difference between Rottweilers and Dobermans. The Rotties are larger than the Dobermans as they weigh 100 pounds, while the Rotties can weigh over 135 pounds. Dobies go medium to large, while Rotties are large to giant breeds. Here are more differences between the two breeds:

  • Doberman. A learner and extremely high-energy.
  • Rottweiler. Thicker and stocker in build and it has average energy.

Dobermans lived longer than rottweilers.

Dobermans and rottweilers may look the same based on their color, but when you look at how their physique is built, you can easily see the difference.

But, if you are unsure of the makeup of your dog while they are still young, the breeds of their puppies are hard to recognize, since both breeds have the same fur color.

Breed History

These two breeds have clear differences in appearance from one another, but when you have a glimpse of them, you can’t easily tell which the Rottweiler or Doberman is. The Dobermans are bred from Rottweilers. Therefore they share the same DNA.

Their history differs from others, yet both are working dogs, impressive in their guarding and protection abilities. Look at the history of both breeds and their journey in the canine world. It is essential to gain a better understanding of both.

Dobermans are popular as working dogs, while the rottweiler is a famous guardian dog breed. If you plan to have one of these breeds, you can choose one.

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