Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed : 10 Points, Pictures and Facts

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Dogs belonging to breeds like the Boykin Spaniel breed are known for their hunting ability however, they are excellent companions for families as hunters because of their intelligence and friendly nature. Families should be active but this dog needs plenty of exercise.

While they’re purebred dogs you might see them as pets of rescue organizations or shelters. Be sure to adopt! Don’t buy a pet if you’re looking to bring home a pet.

These intelligent dogs love humans in their families, which includes children. They are also able to be a good companion for dogs from other households when they are socialized properly.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed

Boykin Spaniel Dog 3

But their energy could cause them to be a bad choice for people who live in apartments. Intense and playful, these dogs require plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them healthy. If you’re able to keep up with a lively puppy, this might be the right breed that is right for you!

Boykin Spaniel has a Spaniel head that resembles a Spaniel. Tail docked. The waterproof coat can be curly or wavy, but smooth coats are fine (hunters focus more on the dog’s hunting skills more than the type of coat).

The color is brown or liver. The Boykin is taller in comparison to it’s counterpart, the Cocker Spaniel, with smaller ears with higher-set which are covered in long curly hair. The Boykin has a lot less hair and has a more straight muzzle.

Boykin Spaniel

One of the few of AKC-recognized breeds that were completely developed in the 20th century The Boykin spaniel is an amazing active, energetic, all-American dog with a keen eye for hunting or water retrieval.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 8

The temperament of Boykin Spaniel

Dominant, sweet and polite as well as a trustworthy and loyal pet, its distinctive eyes, which are yellow and amber, that look at your eyes are often observed in the manner that the pet was asking “What would you like me do now?”

The Boykin Spaniel is a great swimmer. They are fond of water and swimming but they are susceptible to Spaniel ear infections, and must be properly dried after they get wet.

Many owners have reported that each of the dogs is unique and has an unrelenting field aptitude that is seldom duplicated with other breeds.

His sharp nose and passion on the field makes him an excellent hunter. They are bred to be hunting Spaniels and have exceptionally sharp noses.

Their keen sense of smell could take them off on an adventure when they are allowed to wander off leash. This dog requires an owner with natural leadership, consistently communicating with the dog what’s required of him and what’s not.

Training to Boykin Spaniel

A Boykin Spaniel is a working dog that needs plenty of exercise throughout the day. This includes the long, fast daily walk. The dog will be heeling alongside or behind you.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 1

It is not behind, because in the dog’s mind, the pack leader is first. They are driven and are very obedient. They are a highly enthusiastic dog that requires regular exercise as well as an “job” to perform every day to burn off energy and work out its quick mind.

They’ll come up with ways to entertain themselves even if they’re not provided by their owners and could be quite destructive when they are bored or their natural urge to walk has not been satisfied.

More Info About This Breed

The South Carolinians created the dog for waterfowl and hunting turkeys in the swamps of the state, the medium-sized brown dog has the very best spaniel capabilities and character:

An capability to flush or retrieve water, a willingness to get to work, gorgeous hangers of ears and playful waving tail.

In addition to being an excellent all-round hunting dog that is a good size, he’s also alert confident, confident, and intelligent and all of these make an ideal family pet and a great pet for families.

He’s a great companion for children and other dogs and is trained like the ducks on a june bug.


Males are 15.5 -18 inches over the shoulder. Females are between 14 and 16.5 inches. Females weigh 25 to 35 pounds while males weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

Grooming Color and Color of Coat

Boykin Spaniel Dog 4

Medium-length coats are flat to lightly waving and is topped by an undercoat that is short and dense which keeps the dog warm when he retrieves from the water.

Feathered feathers cover the ears along the chest, legs and stomach. When viewed in color, he’s solid, rich liver brown as well as dark chocolate.

One of the breeds that were developed entirely in the United States and entirely after the turning into the early 20th century The Boykin spaniel is now a brand new dog on the block.

Named in honor of the small South Carolina town in which the breed was developed in the early 20th century, this Boykin spaniel was created as a hunting dog specifically designed to fit those living in swamps of the American southeast.

They are delightfully lively companions. spaniels are extremely clever, eager to please and enthusiastic.

Their ability to adapt makes them excellent pets in virtually any environment so long as they receive sufficient exercise. They are excellent as hunters as well as household members. They’re skilled at agility, obedience and retrieve competitions too.


Adult Boykin spaniels are between 16 and 18 inches tall, and typically weigh between 35 to 40 pounds, putting them between English cockers as well as English springer spaniels with regard to dimensions.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 5

Boykins have solid colors, appearing in liver, chocolate, and brown shades, and occasionally with a white splash in their chests. Their eyes are dark as well typically in amber or brown shades.

Boykins coats are medium length. They also have dogs have thick, thick undercoats in order to keep them dry and warm in humid, cold places.

Their coats could have feathering around the chest or belly, legs, and earlobes as well as some Boykins are tied in the top knot like that of the Llewellin setter. From birth, Boykins come with tails which are about identical to their bodies.

However, as hunting dogs, they’re typically docked soon after birth, to avoid the tails that are longer from getting damaged or caught in trees or underbrush within the forest. In addition the webbed feet of their feet make them great water retriever.


Boykin spaniels’ personalities are like those of the majority of their spaniel counterparts They are highly intelligent enthusiastic, eager to please and energetic. They are similar to English cocker spaniels and they can thrive in virtually any setting as long as their needs for exercise are satisfied.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 6

If you’re not hunting exercising can be just a simple daily walk or time playing with the ball at the back of your yard. Boykins are extremely athletic and are great cycling, hiking, and running companions too.

This energy and athleticism indicate that Boykins are avid participants in hunting, agility and obedience contests. They are awestruck by anything that allows them to be wet.

One of the characteristics that Boykins were designed for was their ability to hunt from the boat.

In the end, they are “swamp dogs” are excellent participants in kayaks and canoes. They also have a the reputation of being at peace on decks that are moving and not moving the ship.

Due to Boykins are extremely loyal and human-centered personalities They don’t enjoy being alone for extended durations of time.

Boykins who are left alone frequently or who are required to be kept in kennels outdoors are often stressed and lonely, and experience anxiety over separation, which typically manifests itself in excessive chewing or digging and stress-related barking.

Like most dogs, Boykins can be effective guard dogs however, they are not the best guards.

They’re alert and affectionate enough to bark whenever an unwelcome guest comes to your front door. Once the visitor is inside the home, however, Boykins can be far more friendly to display any territorial tendencies.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 7

If you’re hunting, it’s difficult to locate a more suitable partner than this adorable brown dog. Boykins were bred originally to be waterfowl and turkey retrievers who would hunt in the swamps of South Carolina from flat-bottomed boats or canoes.

They are calm around fire and are able to respond to whistle and hand signals quickly. Their stamina is extremely high and their tolerance to warm weather have been a great match in fields of doves, and their speed, given their size and their eagerness to hunt has helped them to drive larger game, such as deer.

The Living Needs of Boykin Spaniels

Do you have the ability to throw the ball? Do you have at least one of the doors of your home open to the out? You’re doing great! You’ve got everything to create an Boykin spaniel content.

Boykins have deep connections with their owners and will wander wherever they please and remain where they are in as they can get outdoors and burn off the energy they’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Boykins are simple enough to care for which makes them a great choice for pet owners who aren’t experienced.

However, it’s important to remember that Boykins require some time outside every day, and can easily become bored if they aren’t being watched.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 2

This is why seniors might be better off looking elsewhere in the event that they are bored. Boykins are ideally suited for families that are more active.

They thrive in homes with children, however, any children should be properly supervised and taught how to properly interact with the dogs.

Boykins are incredibly affectionate, however they may quickly decide that smaller dogs aren’t their thing in the event of some negative experience.

Boykins get along well with other dogs and possess an extremely low prey drive, therefore cats shouldn’t pose an issue for them also.

If you’re getting an animal, however you should begin to socialize her within the first couple of months to ensure she doesn’t have fear reactions to larger dogs. She also understands that cats are friendly.

Care for Boykin Spaniel

The coat of the Boykin features an undercoat that is thick, therefore, shedding during the winter months can be a problem regardless of how you deal with it.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 3

Give your dog’s coat a thorough brushing every two or three every week to make sure it’s free of mats and dirt. When you’re hunting, or nature lover, giving your coat a quick scrub prior to any activity will help prevent the coat from adhering to sticks and burrs.

If your Boykin has been playing in ponds or saltwater that are swarming with algae, you’ll need to spray her with freshwater rinse right after.

With frequent brushing Boykins could be cut every two weeks or more, based the length you would like your dog’s hair. One bath per 90 days more will suffice to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shining.

Health of the Boykin Spaniel

Boykins are generally healthy breeds They have very low incidences of the diseases that affect other breeds of dogs. However, there are two health issues worth noticing. One is that Boykins are extremely high risk of developing hip dysplasia.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 1

It is estimated that more than 30% of the breed being affected by the disease. Since the breed is new, this percentage has decreased in recent years, as it has been discovered that the Boykin Spaniel Foundation has worked with breeders and vets to selectively breed the trait in dogs.

However, for the moment this is an issue that a significant amount of Boykins confront as they age.

“We’ve developed all of these breeds of dogs through the process of selective breeding” Dennis Riordan, DVM from Riordan Pet Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. Riordan Pet Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, says.

“The only way to make sure that certain traits are present is by selectively breeding dogs. As long as these breeds remain unperfected or ‘perfected’, for lack of a better term it’s likely that you’ll concentrate on those (bad) genes, too.”

Boykin Spaniel Dog 5

If you want to include your Boykin spaniel in hunter or agility events then you’ll need to get the DNA of your dog tested to determine if it is susceptible to exercise-induced collapse (EIC).

EIC is an inherited condition that is prevalent in labradors as well as other breeds of retrievers in addition to that of the Boykin spaniel.

“They become over-worked or hot and then they fall,” Riordan explains. “It’s nothing like a seizure but they are unable to walk for approximately 15 minutes.

Certain dogs get rid of it, and some dogs suffer from it since birth, but it does not appear to affect longevity or general health. It’s something owners need to keep in mind.”

The history of Boykin Spaniel

At the beginning of the 20th century Alexander White of Spartanburg, South Carolina, saw a small brown dog resembling a Spaniel about after church. The dog was believed as if it was straying so Alexander White decided to take the dog to the home of his.

Boykin Spaniel Dog

The dog was a great hunter. The stray was incredibly smart and had bird’s sense. Alexander offered the pet to the hunting buddy L. Whitaker Boykin.

The dog was male, and was named “Dumpy.” Dumpy is the Boykin Spaniel breed has evolved from one dog through crosses with American Water Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Pointers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

It’s a tough retriever for birds of the uplands as well as a water fowl. It is a popular bird. Boykin Spaniel is popular in the southern United States among bird hunters.

The state where it originated is South Carolina, USA, that has made that the Boykin Spaniel its official state dog.

In July 2005 , the Boykin Spaniel Club of Breeders Assoc. of America was named by AKC as the official parent club. It was the Boykin Spaniel was an AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Service) breed for a number of years.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 6

They BSCBAA submitted their application to AKC to be moved into the miscellaneous class and was accepted in February, 2007 and received an date of effective January 1st, 2008. Breeders hope to transfer the breed out of the AKC miscellaneous group to the sporting group in the near future.

The Boykin spaniel is distinguished by the fact of being among the very only breeds developed entirely in the 20th century and exclusively in America.

They’re also among the most recent breeds registered with the AKC receiving the full recognition they received in 2009.

The very first predisposition to this breed is a tiny, sort of stray spaniel dog that was a fan of an Spartanburg, S.C., banker who was named Alexander White as he was walking by his church one morning around the time of the 1900s.

White kept the small dog, which was called Dumpy and noticed that the dog’s ability to retrieve. He decided to send dumpy for further instruction to his hunting buddy and friend Lemuel Boykin , who lived in the nearby Camden town. Camden.

Boykin was able to spend time working with dumpy as well as testing Dumpy’s hunting talents to make him an extremely effective turkey as well as a waterfowl hunter.

Boykin Spaniel Dog 4

In the end, Dumpy became the foundation on which was the Boykin dog breed was based.

Boykin has reported using Chesapeake Bay retrievers, springer spaniels and cocker spaniels as well as American water spaniels for future breedings.

For many years this Boykin spaniel was mostly found in the wetland in the vicinity of Camden, S.C., until hunters from all over the country started to notice the region’s charming water dog.

Boykin Spaniels Fun Facts

Boykin spaniels are among only two breeds born in America (along along with Plott dog) to bear the name of the family who was responsible for their development.

It’s not just an American invention The Boykin spaniel is an original South Carolinian dog. In fact, it is also the State Dog for South Carolina, and September 1st is Boykin Spaniel Day in the state.

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