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Bully Kutta, a breed of dog that originated in the Punjab region and is now a native to Pakistan and India, is known as Bully Kutta. This mastiff dog is very aggressive. Bully Kutta, a South Indian dog breed, is rare.

This dog is also known by the name Pakistani Mastiff. Bully Kutta was born in the Thar Desert of Sindh. Bully Kutta’s name is derived form the Sinhi, Urdu languages known under the Bohli Kutta.

Bully Kutta Introduction

The skin is soft, but firm. This characteristic is distinctive to the breed. The skin around the neck and lower jaw is loose. They have a thick brisket. They have strong, muscular bones.

They have wide, broad jaws. Their back is long and the tail tapers to a fine point. Their gait is similar to a lion’s. The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a short, smooth, white-colored bully. However, it can also be found in black, fawn and harlequin colours.

Bully Kutta Types

From one region to the next, there are many types of Bully Kutta. These are some of the most well-known types:

  • Kutta of Ancient Type Bully Kutta
  • Aseel Bully Kta
  • Mastiff Type Bully Kutta
  • Nagi Bully Kutta
  • Modern Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta Types

The skin is soft, but firm. This characteristic is distinctive to the breed. The skin around the neck and lower jaw is loose. They have a thick brisket. They have strong, muscular bones.

They have wide, broad jaws. Their back is long and the tail tapers to a fine point. Their gait is similar to a lion’s. The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a short, smooth, white-colored bully. However, it can also be found in black, fawn and harlequin colours.

Temperament of Bully Kutta

They are a strong Mastiff. They are sometimes called the “Beast From The East”. They are an intelligent, noble and intelligent breed. This breed is very dominant and should only be owned by experienced dog owners.

Temperament of Bully Kutta

If they are not properly cared for, they can be difficult to manage. The Pakistani Bully Kuttas can be very trained.

They are loyal and protective of their masters and property. The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a companionable pet for responsible, knowledgeable owners if they are trained in leadership, socialization, exercise and training.

Bully Kuttas that have been raised well are gentle, loving, and playful. They are primarily used to guard and protect their home, but they can also be used to fight other dogs. If it feels that its owner is more powerful than it, this Mastiff won’t listen.

The owner must project authority and confidence in their behavior. This dog’s goal is to become a pack leader. Dogs have a natural instinct to maintain order within their pack.

We humans become the dogs’ pack when we live with them. The whole pack works together under one leader. Lines are clearly drawn and rules are established.

Dogs communicate their dissatisfaction with growling and biting. All other humans must be in a higher order than the dog. Dogs must not make the decisions.

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 1

This is how your relationship can work with your dog. If owners are clear about who they are with their dog, they will be able to make them a good family member.

Height and Weight

Height: 32-40 inches (81-101 cm for women)

Weight: 150 – 170 pounds (68 – 77 kg) Some dogs can be over 200 pounds. One dog has been known to reach 230 pounds.

Living Conditions

This breed thrives in a more open environment where they can face daily challenges. They can adapt to any environment if they get enough exercise.


Bully Kuttas must be taken on daily walks in order to satisfy their migration instinct. The dog should be trained to stay close to the person who is leading the walk.

Bully Kutta Histories

Bully Kutta Dog Breed

According to theories, this breed was brought to India by the British troops during the British invasion with his Mastiff dog in the 1700s. This breed was introduced to Greece by Xerxes, the First, as he marched towards it 486-465 B.C.

The source of the Alangu Mastiff can been traced back to Rajasthan and the Bhawalpur region of Punjab as well as the desert area in Kutch.

Bully Kutta Origin

It is not clear where the Bully Kutta came from. There are also many disputes over the origin of the Bully Kutta’s breed. Some claim it is from India while others believe it is Pakistan.

This breed was used primarily to hunt large game such as bears or wild boars in the Mughal Empire. Experts believe these dogs were domesticated sometime between 12,000 and 25.000 years ago.

Pakistani Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta, a northern Pakistani Bully Kutta breed, has been influenced by the Central Asian Mastiff. It was used primarily as a guard dog and home guard. Also known as the Indian Alangu Mastiff.

These dogs are also known as Indian Alangu Mastiffs because they hail from southern India’s Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts.

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 2

Bully Kutta, which was developed from Indian Mastiffs in India during British Colonial rule in India, was primarily used for sporting purposes. Bully Kutta is known as the Beast of the East because the breed is extremely aggressive.

Although the breed is easily available in Pakistan, it is not as common in India or the rest of the world.

Origin: India, Pakistan, Panjab

Nicknames: Beast from the East

Bully Kutta – Different Names

  • Bully Kutta names
  • Indian Alangu Mastiff
  • Bully Kutta
  • Alangu Mastiff
  • Indian Mastiff
  • Sindh Mastiff
  • Bully Cutha
  • Pakistani Bully Dog
  • South Asian Mastiff
  • Tulla Bully, Desi Bully
  • Bongay Bully
  • Pakistani Mastiff
  • Bully Kutta’s Appearance

The Bully Kutta’s appearance resembles an American bully dog. Bully Kutta, a large, muscular dog breed, is found mostly in Pakistan. The South Asian Mastiff’s average height is between 76 and 107 cm.

Breed Name Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 4

Country Of Origin: India/Pakistan

  • Height: Males: 76-107 cm, females: 76-91 cm
  • Weight: Males: 70-90 kg, females: 70-90 kg
  • Life expectancy: 8-10 years
  • Breed Type: Giant dog breed
  • Group (of Breeds): Bulldog Guard dog Fighting dog
  • Hypoallergenic No
  • Coat: The Bully Kutta’s coat is short and smooth.

Head: The skin around the neck and mouth of their head is loose. The ears are high above the skull and pricked wherever it is allowed.

Bully Kutta colors: White, Black and Fawn, Harlequin and White and Brown, Fawn and Harlequin, Fawn and Harlequin, Fawn and Harlequin and White and brown, Black and Red, Brindle, etc.

Litter size: 3-5 puppies

Space requirements: Space is essential

Bully Kutta dogs are muscular, well-built and thick-boned. Bully Kutta males weigh between 150 and 170 pounds. However, some bully kuttas can be as heavy as 200 pounds. The height at the withers is between 30-44 inches for males and 28-36 inches for females.

Types Of Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 3

The most popular variations include:

  • Aseel Bully Kta
  • Mastiff Type Bully Kutta
  • Modern Bully Kutta
  • Kutta of Ancient Type Bully Kutta
  • Nagi Bully Kutta

Temperament and Personality of Bully Kutta

The Pakistani Bully Kutta breed is an exceptional and noble dog. The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a companion dog for responsible, knowledgeable owners.

Bully Kuttas who have been raised well are great with children, dogs, and other animals. They are playful, loving, and affectionate. Bongay Bully can be a dominant, powerful and territorial dog.

Bully kutta photos

Bully kutta puppies respond well to socialization and training. They are intelligent dogs. Bully Kuttas are not recommended for apartments as they require a lot of space.

This breed is very protective and aggressive. It is not recommended for timid dog owners, or first-time dog owners.

Bully Kutta Fooding Plan

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 5

  • Four meals per day are required for Pakistani Bully Kutta puppies aged 8-12 weeks.
  • Bully Kutta puppies aged 3-6 months should be fed three meals per day.
  • Two bowls of food should be given to pups aged six months to one year.

As you get older, reduce the number of meals. High-quality dry dog food mixed with canned food, water or broth is recommended. You should follow this formula to ensure a balanced diet: 40% meat, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch.

Organ meat (like kidney, liver, etc.) Your dog’s primary food source is organ meat (such as liver, kidneys, etc.). Your dog will need to eat lean meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. Healthy dog food can be provided for your Sindh Mastiff.

Bully Kutta – Health Problem

Bully Kutta dogs are considered to be a healthy breed with low risk of developing congenital health problems.

Although the average Bully Kutta lives between 8 and 12 years, some health problems include hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, skin issues, and eye problems.

Bully Kutta needs to be seen by the vet annually for a thorough exam, shots, and heartworm screening. He also needs to be examined if he becomes sick or injured.

Bully Kutta Care: How to Take care

Every dog needs to be loved and cared for. Bully Kutta must be taken care of in the same way. We will be discussing some important points about Bully Kutta care. Take your time and enjoy the Kuttas and their puppies.

Exercise Required

It is important for their confidence and health. It’s great for puppy care. It has many health benefits. Regular exercise can help prevent Heart disease, stroke, Arthritis and Hip dysplasia. Bully Kutta needs a daily routine to keep in shape, stimulate their minds, and remain healthy.

Grooming & Bruising

Every dog needs to be groomed. The Bully Kutta breed is known for its short, smooth coats that don’t need much grooming.

Bully Kutta sheds moderately and requires only occasional brushing with an electric bristle brush. This means that the dog does not need to be cared for very often.

To maintain the coat’s excellent condition, it is recommended that you brush your coat on occasion. Bully Kuttas have a double coat that allows for gentle layering of colors. Regular brushing can reduce shed and maintain your bully Kutta’s cleanliness.

Dental Health

Every dog breed should have a dental checkup to ensure that your dog is healthy. You can provide exceptional food for your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regular cleanings are also necessary.

Bully Kutta should be cleaned with a doggie toothpaste or a mixture of baking soda and water at least once a week.

Love & Affection

Dogs need love and affection. Your Bully Kutta puppy is a part of your family. Show your love and appreciation to your Puppy. Spend time with your dog, because he needs your love and warmth.

Healthy Food

High-quality snacks and dog food should be made for bully Kuttas or similar-sized dogs. Dry dog food is essential for good health. A balanced diet for bully Kuttas is possible with high-quality dry dog food.

Foods To Avoid:

  • Get drunk on alcohol
  • Tea and coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic & Chives
  • Salty and salty foods
  • Dough
  • Tomato leaves
  • Unripe fruit & stem

Bully Kutta Puppy Training

Every dog’s life is a journey. Bully Kutta puppies are easy to train. They are a unique, intelligent working dog and eager to please. There are many methods to train your Bully Kutta dog today, such as crate training and Socialization.

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 1

It is generally believed that puppies are easier because they are clean slates to work with. It can be difficult to train a dog breed. It is important to train any breed of dog. Today, we will show you how you can train your adorable bully kutta puppy.

Crate Training

Bully Kutta puppies require a safe, calm place to rest and avoid the floor. Then, crate training is a great option for the stressed puppy. Crate training is good for your dog and keeps him healthy.

Behavioral Training

Although the basic training for four behavioral training was limited to a few commands, most issues like inappropriate chewing, housebreaking or excessive barking were addressed. Dog care is easier with behavioral training.

You can train your puppy to be a good behavior trainer by identifying common behaviors such as aggression, briking, food guarding or howling. Then, you can stop these behavioral problems and train your dog effectively.

Obedience Training

Bully Kutta Dog Breed 2

Basic commands such as sit, stay, come and down are all part of this type of training. It’s important to give your puppy proper training.

Bully Kutta Prices

Prices for Pakistani Bully may vary in India. The price of vaccinated Pakistani Bully Puppies is usually between Rs6000 and Rs50000. Bully Kutta prices average $500 US.

Bully Kutta Puppy

You can find bully Kutta puppies on a variety of platforms.

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