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We offer feline medical insurance (cat insurance plans) prepare for illnesses, injuries as well as health care. New persistent and new persisting problems are covered at no extra cost. Extra protection for your feline than you’ll find anywhere else

With almost 4 years of experience securing pet cats, we understand that protection matters.

That’s why we provide the very best insurance coverage for the best worth. Not sure where to begin? Our customers overview can direct you in the ideal direction.

The Right Insurance Coverage for Your Feline

We appreciate felines for their self-reliance. Our lively feline close friends do as they please and also never let threat quit them.

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It’s as if cats think they really have 9 lives, commonly consuming points they should not, leaping from perilous heights, as well as darting out the door onto the hectic road. And like us, felines can catch the influenza or have a hereditary condition.

We developed Total CoverageSM to cover what you desire and also get out of a feline insurance policy plan when your pet cat is injured or ill.

Preventive Treatment Insurance Coverage

When you include Preventive Care to your prepare for a little added each month, you’ll be compensated up to a set amount of cash for services that assist protect your feline from getting sick, like vaccines, testings, as well as spaying/neutering.


Mitten the kitty was very thrilled concerning her newly-discovered leaping prowess as well as decided to reveal it off with a bold jump from the banister. She had a poor touchdown that caused a back-leg crack and also a $4,500 veterinarian expense.

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After fulfilling their annual insurance deductible of $250, Mitten’s moms and dads got $3,825 for the expense, based on their compensation percentage of 90%.

A number of months later on, a recuperated Mitten worked up a hunger romping around your home.

She had her plaything mouse as a treat, which cause a $6,000 foreign object removal surgical procedure. Given that they already fulfilled their deductible, Mitten’s moms and dads were compensated $5,400.

Not long after, Mitten caught a top respiratory system infection. The medical diagnosis and also meds cost $500. Mitten’s parents obtained $450 for their claim, as well as Mitten was back to her usual mischief in a snap.

Cat Insurance Plan Coverage From HealthyPaws

The Healthy And Balanced Paws Pet Insurance strategy covers your pet cat from nose to tail. It pays on your real vet bill and covers brand-new crashes and also illnesses, emergencies, genetic problems and much more.

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If your cat or kitty needs therapy for a new crash or disease (other than pre-existing conditions), you’re covered. It’s that simple!

What is a pre-existing problem for for Cat Insurance Plan?

A pre-existing condition implies that the condition initially occurred or showed medical indicators or symptoms (there does not require to be a medical diagnosis) before your pet cat’s coverage began, consisting of waiting durations. The Healthy Paws strategy leaves out pre-existing problems from coverage as do all pet insurance companies.

What is not covered in Cat Insurance Plan?

The Healthy Paws plan is everything about protecting your cat from the unexpected and you from the economic issues their therapy might trigger.

The cat insurance coverage plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, the exam fee, or preventative treatment, such as annual check-ups, inoculations, spay/neuter procedures as well as teeth cleaning.

Is Pet Dog Insurance Policy Worth It?

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Ryder, aka “garbage cat”, loves to consume and this obtained him in trouble when he swallowed a piece of rubber. After countless diagnostic examinations, he needed surgery. When issues prolonged his hospital remain, his animal moms and dads can relax very easy recognizing he was covered.

Did you understand the HealthyPaws pet cat insurance plan policy consists of insurance coverage for emergency care?

“My cat has actually had a number of surgical procedures in the last 3 years. They have actually constantly gotten my repayment checks to me very promptly (far quicker than I would have visualized). The staff there is really kind, they are constantly asking just how my cat is and also checking out us.”

Pet Insurance – For Kitties to Elderly pet cats

When your cat gets a little as well interested and also requires emergency care or establishes a diabetic issues later in life that takes you both by surprise, the Healthy and balanced Paws strategy can aid you provide your cat buddy the best treatment.

Kittycats to five-year-old pet cats

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Kitties and younger pet cats can get ill just as quickly as older cats, experiencing diseases like urinary system as well as upper respiratory infections. Kitty cats are also extremely interested and also have a tendency to consume points they should not, like sewing needles and also rubber bands.

Felines 6 as well as up for Cat Insurance Plan

As your felines grows older, they might be affected by a genetic or hereditary problem that might cost you a lot of money if you do not have pet dog insurance.

With a Healthy and balanced Paws strategy, you’ll be protected for the lifetime of their policy. Just enroll your “purry” pal up until their 14th birthday.

There’s no age discrimination when it concerns the unforeseen.

Join today as well as our Healthy and balanced Paws Pet dog Insurance team will certainly be there to shield you and your feline from life’s (mis) journeys.

Exactly How Cat Insurance Plan Policy Functions

With your Healthy Paws plan, you can visit any type of licensed veterinarian consisting of the specialists and emergency situation pet healthcare facilities that can truly make a distinction in your pet’s care.

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The strategy also covers alternate treatment. After enrolling your pet cat, you will have a brief 15-day waiting duration for new accidents as well as health problems and also a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia1.

Claims. Rapid, Easy, Fear Free!

Without any even more case forms, we’ve created the fastest and also easiest case process for our customers.

Cat Insurance Plan Requirements

Simply take a photo of your veterinarian expense and send it via the Healthy and balanced Paws Mobile application or through our on the internet Customer Center. It’s that very easy!

We’ll process your cases rapidly (actually, most cases are refined within 2 days) and also you’ll get a reimbursement check by means of mail or you can enroll in direct down payment.

Of course, if it’s your first case, we’ll need your pet’s registration medical test to complete your case.

We might likewise pre-authorize really costly treatments (on a case-by-case basis) with your veterinary healthcare facility in which you can designate your insurance coverage payment to be made straight to the vet health center to help reduce your upfront burden.

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Our Dedication to Our Clients for Cat Insurance Plan

The HealthyPaws pet dog insurance policy plan is easy to understand, it repays swiftly, and also you can trust us to aid, particularly when it concerns reducing the stress and anxiety of taking care of a sick cat.

Our commitment is to offer you and your feline with the best client service and a terrific pet dog insurance policy strategy.

We are grateful to our pet-passionate consumers for sharing their love of our care and also solution by rating HealthyPaws Family pet Insurance policy.

“Dealing with HealthyPaws Insurance Coverage resembles managing a pal or relative. The service is extremely individual and also it is precisely what a consumer requires in times of difficulty.”

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