CBD Treats for Dogs: Did You Try Them on Hyperactive Dogs?

By Alberto Roy

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Hyperactive dogs are high-energy and bright, which is fun, but their energy can sometimes overflow. The excess outbursts of it are neither healthy for their behavior nor their bodies. Hence, pet owners often look for subtle solutions to curb it without using medication.

One such supplement is CBD treats, rising to the limelight, especially in the last decade. Before you buy your pet some of these treats, let us look at how they help. Here are reasons why your hyperactive pup could benefit from CBD for dogs.

What Are CBD Treats?

CBD treats are exactly what the name suggests- dog treats with added CBD. You may already know CBD as the compound from the hemp plant. However, there is some taboo regarding CBD as its source is a cousin to marijuana.

Despite the rumors, extensive research has proven that CBD is safe and effective even for pups. And there is even more research to back up these benefits coming in the future. Hence, you must not worry about providing the treats to your furry friends as it will be incredibly beneficial for them.

The treats are slightly more expensive than CBD oil in the long run. However, most dogs finish the treats in no time, while many prefer to avoid the taste of CBD oil. So, dog treats are a safer bet for your pup.

What Is Hyperactivity in Dogs and Why Is It Concerning?

Hyperactivity is a condition where dogs are over-energetic or hyper. It usually comes from not getting enough physical activity. However, it is also possible for a dog to be a little over-excited due to its nature.

But there is nothing to worry about, as it may happen with dogs of any age. The only downside is that your dog may display erratic behavior and sometimes become destructive. It is such issues that pet owners are worried about and want to curb.

However, there are many available medicines and supplements to tone down such hyperactivity in the dog. medicated CBD is a part of the multiple supplements at your disposal.

But not all of them are as effective yet safe as the former, so it has a larger market than most. Even Forbes magazine mentioned in one of their article the overwhelming attention CBD received.

How Are CBD Treats Helpful for My Hyperactive Dog?

You can use tricks like a walk or some play time to reduce the hyperactive behavior in your dog. But if it is beyond that, you may need a supplement to help you when simple exercise is insufficient.

Hence, CBD dog treats may help and provide a temporary but effective solution. Here are a few ways in which CBD works to curb excessive energy and hyperactivity in your dog:

  • They Lower Anxiety

Anxiety is a crucial part of the problem with excessively active dogs. Rather than directly increasing their energy, the anxiety combined with hyperactivity worsens their behavior. For example, a hyper and nervous dog may start chewing the edge of your table out of nowhere.

So, the combination can lead to a destructive or confused state for your dog. But CBD is known to be effective in curbing anxiety.

Studies and papers show how it can help with pain, inflammation, and even mental health issues in pups. Hence, an ideal dose of CBD can curb nervousness and relax your dog.

  • They Encourage a Calm State of Mind

Hyperactive dogs often share one trait in common- they have too much energy and no comprehension of how to deal with it. So, to curb the issues emerging from it, we must first help the dog calm down.

And we already know that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to do just that. It healthily lowers the heart rate and puts your body in a calm state. The relaxation will reduce erratic behavior in your dog. Think of it as the opposite of what the dog would be like in fight-or-flight mode.

  • They Improve the Sleep Cycle

Sometimes, pups are just too excited to go to sleep. For example, you have an event- and can’t take your dogs on their walks. But you might not be able to take them for a walk after a tiring evening, and they might not be half as tired as you are.

So, a supplement like CBD would encourage sleep in them and indicate it is bedtime. Though the effect would be gentle, it would be sufficient to keep your dog calm enough to fall into a deep slumber. More sleep would ultimately lead to a healthier routine and less erratic behavior.

Are CBD Treats Safe to Give to My Dog?

Many pet owners often ask this question when it comes to CBD products. As a pet parent, the concern is understandable, but CBD is one of the safest supplements. Since it is from the same family as the marijuana plant- people often worry about its safety.

Multiple studies mention how well-tolerated CBD is by dogs. And it is even better than most traditional medication as it gets sourced naturally. The substance comes from a plant and goes through minimal processing. It is unlike most medicines that are almost entirely synthetically produced.

Your dog may experience mild effects like drowsiness or a dry mouth the first time, but they go away soon. Overall, they do not come with adverse effects like marijuana products, so there is no need to worry. So, you can use CBD treats multiple times without worrying about their negative impact on your dog.


As pet parents, we go through all sorts of phases of the pets’ behaviors. Noticing extra energy and excitement in a dog is something you may have witnessed already. And if not, it is frequent, so it isn’t too concerning.

And with the help of supplements like the mentioned CBD treats, you could ease such behavior. While they are safe for your pup, they are also highly effective in calming your dog down. So you can go to a trusted store and buy CBD dog treats for your pet.

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