Brilliant Christmas Presents for your Favourite Pets

By Alberto Roy

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The excitement of unwrapping Christmas presents on the big day transports itself to our four legged friends. To avoid seeing a disappointed look on their faces when they realise there is nothing under the tree for them we’ve picked out our favourite pet presents.

Pet portrait voucher

We admit this is probably more for the owner than the pet itself, but there is no harm in celebrating the loving bond between owner and pet with a professional studio photography session.

You could even make a day of it, booking yourself and your pet into the local beauty or pooch parlour for a shampoo and brush up before the actual session. The result will be a set of photographs that you can cherish for years to come. 

Subscription service

The gift that never ends – a luxury dog treat subscription box will give your pet dog its very own personalised delivery of some of the best quality chews on the market – every single month.

Forget those over priced, mass produced bland packets that you buy in the supermarket. A proper subscription service provides your pet with a scrumptious variety of chews prepared using 100 per cent pure ingredients designed to keep your dog fit and healthy. 

Wardrobe additions

Whether you have a cat, dog or hamster, adding to your pet’s wardrobe will not only help to keep them warm during the colder winter months, but will also add to their joy and personality. If you really want your pets to get into the festive spirit, there are some fabulous fancy dress outfits that will make sure your pet is included in all the day’s merriment. 

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If you grudgingly have to leave your pet home alone for extended periods due to work or other commitments, then why not give them the gift of communication with a pet-cam system.

This is a wide angle camera and audio system that you can set up in the areas where your pets usually spend their time. A two way audio system will also allow you to talk to your pet remotely. So if you’re really missing him (or he you) then the gift of communication will ease the pain of absence.

Dinner for Dogs cookbook

Who knows what goes into most of the mass produced dog foods that are available in the supermarkets. If you’re particularly fussy about what your pet eats, and would rather prepare your own, using fresh, organic ingredients so that you know exactly what has gone into the dishes, then invest in the ultimate dogs dinner cookbook.

No only will your dog thank you for the healthier, tastier dishes, but the variety of different tastes and textures will also keep your pet interested and engaged on a daily basis.

Personalised Christmas dinner

Finally, as a much loved family member you pet should never be left off the festive dinner table. While you tuck into your turkey and Christmas pudding, you can make sure your pooch joins in with its own special menu of festive goodies.

From specially baked ‘mince’ pies containing lean turkey mince, washed down with its very own non alcoholic Pawsecco or ‘bottom sniffer’ beer brewed from mal barley extracts, seaweed and natural chicken flavouring.

Presents for your Pet

Choosing presents for your pet can be a delightful way to show them love and appreciation. Here are some ideas for thoughtful and enjoyable presents for your furry friend:

  1. Interactive Toys:
    • Toys that engage your pet mentally and physically, such as puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, or interactive balls, can provide hours of entertainment.
  2. Comfortable Bed:
    • A cozy and comfortable bed tailored to your pet’s size and preferences can make naptime or bedtime even more enjoyable.
  3. Quality Treats:
    • High-quality, tasty treats are a great way to reward your pet. Consider treats that also promote dental health or have added nutritional benefits.
  4. Personalized Collar or ID Tag:
    • A stylish collar or a personalized ID tag with your pet’s name and your contact information can be both practical and a fashionable accessory.
  5. Grooming Products:
    • Pamper your pet with grooming products like a gentle brush, natural shampoos, or even a professional grooming session for a spa-like experience.
  6. Customized Pet Portrait:
    • Commission a custom portrait of your pet to capture their unique personality. Many artists offer personalized pet portraits in various styles.
  7. Warm and Stylish Apparel:
    • Depending on the climate, consider getting your pet a cozy sweater, jacket, or other stylish accessories to keep them warm during walks.
  8. New Leash or Harness:
    • A new leash or harness, perhaps in a fun color or pattern, can add a touch of style to your walks and make outings more enjoyable.
  9. Subscription Box:
    • Sign up for a pet subscription box that delivers a variety of toys, treats, and accessories to your door each month. It’s a fun way to surprise your pet regularly.
  10. Comfortable Travel Carrier:
    • If your pet enjoys travel, a comfortable and well-ventilated travel carrier can make journeys more pleasant for them.
  11. Catnip Toys for Cats:
    • If you have a cat, catnip-infused toys can provide entertainment and stimulation. Cats often enjoy the playful effects of catnip.
  12. Outdoor Enclosure for Cats:
    • If you have an outdoor cat, consider providing them with a safe and enclosed outdoor space where they can explore and enjoy the fresh air.
  13. Pet-Friendly Tech Gadgets:
    • Explore pet-friendly tech gadgets such as smart pet cameras, automatic feeders, or GPS trackers to enhance your pet’s well-being and your connection with them.
  14. Homemade Treats or Toys:
    • DIY treats or homemade toys, made with pet-safe ingredients, can add a personal touch to your gift-giving.
  15. Training Sessions or Classes:
    • Enroll your pet in a training class or hire a professional trainer for one-on-one sessions. This not only provides mental stimulation but also strengthens your bond.

Remember to consider your pet’s preferences, needs, and any potential health considerations when selecting presents. The best gifts are those that enhance your pet’s happiness, health, and the special bond you share.

What NOT to give your dog

Tempting though it might be to indulge your pet as much as you indulge yourself, remember that there are certain food you must never give your dog if you want to avoid expensive vet bills. These include: chocolate, onion based vegetables (eg garlic, leeks), blue cheeses, and cooked turkey bones.

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