Corgi Growth Chart & Weight Chart : How Big Do Corgis Get?

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The Corgi is considered to be one of the most sociable and loving small house dogs A popular choice for small house dogs, the Corgi is a loved dog breed that ranks among the top ten most loved dog breeds.

The intelligent dogs were originally developed as cattle and sheep herders, and soon became a top choice in England because of Queen Elizabeth’s fondness for her beloved Corgi breed. Since the 1930s The English royalty has owned at minimum one Corgi!

If you’re the fortunate pet owner or one of the gorgeous dogs, you might be wondering how big will my Corgi get and when they will cease to grow?

Corgi Growth Chart

Corgis are thought to be the most loving and friendly small breed of dog, which makes them a wonderful addition to any family.

Corgi Growth Chart 4

If you are you become a Corgi owner, you must to track the weight of your pet and their height by using the Corgi Growth chart in order to make sure that they’re healthy to their weight and height for the age they are.

The average adult height of a Corgi is between 10-12 inches, while their weight ranges between 22-30 pounds. Due to its thick coats Corgis are able to gain weight, without being noticed.

This article will provide more information about what you can expect when your puppy develops, the variables which can affect their growth, the amount they will cost you, and much other things!

Corgis: Growing from Puppies to Adults

The following weight and growth figures are only estimates and are meant to get a rough notion of how much your dog’s weight will be at a certain age.

In contrast to many breeds of dog like the Corgi is not a breed with a noticeable size difference between males and females. Male Corgis can weigh slightly larger, but more often then not Corgis tend to be about the identical size regardless of gender.

Corgi Growth Chart 7

If you find that your puppy is over or below the following figures, check with your vet to be sure that they’re growing at a suitable rate. Don’t fret when there’s a slight difference since all puppies develop with different levels!

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When Does Corgis stop growing?

Have you been wondering about when Corgis cease to grow? Corgis are small to medium-sized breed. They are short-legged and have strong bodies. The breeds slow down their growth after about an year old.

Dogs that are fed an adequate diet and receive plenty of exercise are likely to grow in size as they get older. Although they’re around fully grown at 1 year old if they exercise and proper nutrition they’ll grow to their full size between three or four years.

Corgi Growth Chart

A Corgi Weight and Growth Chart

Age Weight

1 month 4-7 pounds

2 months 9-12 pounds

3 months 9 to 14 lbs

4 months 11 – 16 pounds

5 months 14 to 20 lbs

6 months 17 – 23 pounds

7 months from 18 to 25 lbs

8 months 19 months – 27 pounds

9 months 20 to 28 9 months 20 – 28

10 months 20 to 28 10 – 28 lbs

11 months 22-29 lbs

1-year 22-30 pounds

2 years 22- 30 pounds

What is the age at which an Corgi fully mature?

Corgis are expected to reach their full size around the age of one year. The majority of Corgis will reach their maximum size at the same time.

However, certain puppies might require between two and two years before they complete their chests. But, you can anticipate your Corgi to be near their adult weight at around one year old.

Corgi Growth Chart 5

What size should a six-month-old Corgi be?

In the average, a six-month-old female Corgi is weighing 17-22 pounds. A male 6 months old Corgi could weigh slightly more between 17 and 23 pounds.

Based on the Veterinary Centers of America, Corgis are more likely to be overweight. As your Corgi develops and develops, it is essential to be aware of their weight.

Discuss with your veterinarian about the best puppy diet to ensure your pet’s health and well-being.

Corgis were designed to be active herding dogs . They require a lot of exercise to manage their energy and weight. Therefore, it is essential to carve some time every day in order to work out your dog.

They enjoy herding activities due to their heritage . However, they can also be a great fit for short walks or long walks.

If you have questions regarding the best diet or exercise for your Corgi puppy, make sure to consult your veterinarian for advice!

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How big can my Corgi get?

Corgi Growth Chart 3

The majority of Corgis require one year to reach full weight and height and weight, with some Corgis who require two years to grow their chest.

If your pet is less than 1 year old, they’re still growing. Check out our Corgi’s development and growth chart to determine how much weight they could put on.

It is also possible to check out the paws of your pet. If they appear to be over-sized in comparison to their legs and bodies it is likely that they are expanding as it is a typical puppy trait which indicates that they need to grow!

It is also possible to reach out to the breeder of your Corgi for an estimation of their adult size. Your breeder can provide you with an accurate estimation based on the Corgi’s parents as well as previous litters.

A puppy is rarely bigger than their larger parent and this can provide an idea of their size as an adult also.

What’s the size of a fully grown Corgi?

Female and male Corgis are alike in terms of the amount they weigh. According to the American Kennel Club Official Corgi Standards mentions that male Corgis could weigh up to 30 pounds and female Corgis that are close behind they can weigh as much as 28 pounds. The majority of Corgis weigh between 22 and 30 pounds.

Corgi Growth Chart 2

A mature Corgi is very low to the ground, and robust with a large body and a fox-like appearance. From your floor up to their top portion of their shoulders the Corgi should be 10-12 inches tall.

Corgis may quickly gain weight, which is often not apparent because of their long coats. As as a Corgi parent, it is essential to keep an eye on the weight of your dog and then use fingers to feel the bodies to keep track of any weight loss or gain because it’s difficult to notice small shifts in weight due to their fur.

Corgi Size Chart

It is possible to refer to the Corgi weight chart here to estimate what of your dog’s weight needs to be at various stages.

From the Corgi size chart that the average Welsh Corgi Pembroke female should weigh between 9.6 and 12.1 pounds at the age of three months.

Corgi Growth Chart 1

At 6 months old, the smaller Welsh Corgi Pembroke female weighs an average of 17.3 pounds, while the larger dogs weigh between 22.1 pounds.

In one year of age, the average weight of a Welsh Corgi Pembroke Female weighs between 22.1 and 28.4 pounds.

Smaller Welsh Corgi Pembroke females will stop growing at 12 months old and larger size dogs will stop growing about 14 months.

Males are slightly larger in weight and are heavier than females. The growing chart of corgis that a Welsh Corgi Pembroke male should be between 9.6 and 12.9 pounds at the age of three months.

At the age of six months old, the tinier Welsh Corgi Pembroke male weighs at least 17.3 pounds while the larger dogs weigh approximately 23.6 pounds.

It is recommended that your Welsh Corgi Pembroke male should weigh between 22.1 and 30.4 pounds at 1 year old.

A smaller Welsh Corgi Pembroke male will cease to grow at 12 months old and the larger dogs cease to grow around 14 months old.

Corgi Weight Chart

Corgi Growth Chart

Average Age    Kg

Three months 4.3 kg 5.5 kg 4.3 kg – 5.8 kg

Four months 5.8 kilograms – 7.2 kg 5.8 kg – 7.8 kg

5 Months 7.0 kilograms – 8.8 kg 7.0 kg – 9.2 kg

Six months 7.8 kg to 10.0 kg 7.8 kg – 10.7 kg

Seven months 8.8 kg to 10.8 kg 8.8 kg – 11.8 kg

Eight months 9.2 kg – 11.8 kg 9.2 kg – 12.2 kg

9 Months 9.5 kilograms – 12.1 kilograms 9.6 kg 9.6 kg 13.0 kg

10-months 9.7 pounds 9.7 kg 12.4 kilograms 9.8 kg 13.2 kg

11 . Months 10.0 kilograms – 12.8 kilograms 10.0 kg 10.0 kg 13.5 kg

Twelve months 10.0 kg 10.0 kg – 12.9 kilograms 10.0 kg 10.0 kg 13.8 kg

Corgi Growth Chart – What to Expect

Birth 2 Weeks

From the time of birth until two weeks old, puppies are totally dependent on their mom for all their needs. The puppy receives all nutrition from her and she also takes care of her pups by making sure they are well-maintained.

The ears and eyes are closed, however they possess a the ability to feel and taste. At this point, puppies can’t run around easily, they only be able to crawl slowly.

Corgi Growth Chart 4

3 Weeks – 12 Weeks

Between two and four weeks, puppies begin playing with their mother as well as siblings. The eyes of the puppies are opened and at five weeks they are able to see clearly. The hearing and smell improve and you’ll notice the first tooth.

At this point, the puppies start walking, and behave as dogs by making noises and waving their tails.

From 4 to 6 weeks, puppies begin to play, and how to behave within a group, and also how they fit into the social system.

After about six weeks at the age of six weeks, you can begin home-training your puppy. Eight weeks is that puppies begin to feel fearful.

4 Months to 6 Months

At this point the puppies are growing fast and they can appear differently each day. They are in motion constantly at this point.

They’re full of energy, however be mindful not to exert your puppy too much as the bones of his puppy are still growing.

This is when they determine their rank in order between them. Some puppies could experience a fear-related phase, which can occur and last for 3 to 4 weeks.

Corgi Growth Chart 7

After six months the puppy’s canines will be out and he’ll be chewing anything that is you can see. Find him some playthings to chew, and keep your shoes!

7 Months to 9 Months

It’s the stage of adolescence where you can expect your puppy to run wild with chewing, bouncing and digging. It’s time to focus on his socialization and seriously think about the possibility of obedience classes.

It’s essential to interact with and train your dog. Otherwise, you’ll see constant misbehavior from him. You won’t be able to bring your dog with you when visiting.

Public spaces can also pose certain challenges that are not needed. Between 8 and 9 months is the ideal moment for your pet to learn to behave in a social manner.

Adult Corgies

Corgis are considered adults when they are the age of one until four years old. age. Corgis can reproduce as young as 1 year old.

Corgi Growth Chart 6

If he’s ready to get married with a male Corgi may be more territorial or active. Female Corgis who are in a heat could appear restless and could be prone to frequent urination. This is the perfect moment to spay or neuter your pet, based on the gender of your dog.

You’ll notice that your dog continues to fill out throughout the years particularly if he is getting enough exercise and eats an energizing diet.

Corgi Right Weight

Corgis are known to have issues with joints, so it’s best to bring your dog along for agility classes. Corgis are energetic and smart and are always eager to learn new skills they’ll be happy for it.

Make sure not to overfeed your dog. This is extremely easy to do since Corgis don’t seem to be satisfied and they will continue looking at you with imploring eyes to eat more.

How Big Does Corgis Get?  How Big Can Corgis Get?

Are you interested in knowing how large are Corgis grow? The first thing you should do is ask your breeder to give you an estimate of their adult size based off the measurements of the father and mother.

Second, examine the paws of their owners. If they’re large and your puppy is a big dog. If smaller and your puppy is smaller than the average for adults.

Corgi Growth Chart

Then, you could conduct a DNA test yourself or allow your vet to take it for you. The test will give you information about your puppy’s lineage and the size of your parents and relatives.

As adults corgis weigh between 22-30 pounds, and stand the height of between 10-12 inches.

How will Neutering/Spaying impact my Corgi’s growth?

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures in which canines are allowed to have their reproductive organs removed.

Neutering involves removing the male tests for Corgis while spaying removes the fallopian tube, the uterus and ovaries from female Corgis.

When you are having your pet spayed or neutered Corgi You must keep in mind that the hormones that regulate reproduction are essential to the development and growth of your pet.

Corgi Growth Chart 5

It is therefore crucial to keep your eyes open until the Corgi becomes sexually mature before you sterilize or spay them, so that their growth doesn’t get impaired. This can be between 6 months and 1 year.

Spaying and neutering is beneficial for your puppy by decreasing aggression, preventing breeding and pregnancy, as well as decreasing the risk of developing ovarian or testicular cancer.

Corgi Height Chart

The measurement of your dog’s height will allow you to give the appropriate clothes, kennel doors and also useful if they are participating in dog shows.

To determine the height of your dog Let them stand straight and locate the withers. The shoulder is the point where neckline come together.

Use a measuring tape to determine the height from the withers to the floor, and that’s your pet’s height. On average , the size of the Corgi is between 10-12 inches.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi vs. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

There are two breeds: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are very similar however they are completely different breeds.

Both breeds have strong, long bodies, as well as large heads with upright ears and extremely short legs. You can distinguish the Cardigan due to its slightly larger and more round ears.

Corgi Growth Chart 7

Cardigan Welsh Corgi / Cardigan Welsh Corgis

The differences are apparent with regard to the bone’s structure, the length of tail and weight.The Pembroke’s Tail is docked. The Cardigan has a properly shaped tail.

Cardigans can also be slightly bigger and have a more robust bone structure. Male Cardigans can weigh as much as 38 pounds, however Pembrokes are typically 30 pounds.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke / Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Cardigans come in a variety of coat colours. They are available in black, blue merle, white, red, brindle and sable. Pembrokes have only sable, red or tricolor coats.

How to properly weigh and Take A Measurement Of A Corgi?

If your pet is healthy that weighs them one or every two years is sufficient. However, if they’re receiving treatment due to illnesses, you must take them to the vet more often.

Corgi puppies should be weighed monthly as they reach the age of six months.

Corgi Growth Chart 1

The weight of your pet can help you estimate the amount of calories they require daily to eat. You can use the bathroom scales to weigh your Corgi at home.

To calculate the amount of weight you can put on your dog, simply hold them in your hands and then step onto the scale to weigh them for short time, before recording the number. Then, put the puppy in a comfortable position then step on the scale and note the number.

Lastly, subtract you weight by subtracting the weight of being the one who is holding your puppy. That is the weight of your Corgi.

What is a Large Neck Corgi?

To ensure that you order the correct size collar for your puppy it is important to know the length that their neck. For determining the neck measurement of your pet it is necessary to use an easy tape measure.

Make a circle with the tape on the neck that is the most thick the neck. Then, put two fingers into the gap. By using two fingers, you can make sure that the collar isn’t snug but is it is comfortable. It is the Corgi’s neck size.

Corgi Growth Chart 2

The neck size of the neck of a Corgi is between 14 and 16 inches.

Corgi Body Condition Score (BCS)

Corgi Weight Score

Humans utilize Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine their ideal weight. Animals can also use the Body Condition Score.

This is a systematic system to measure the amount of fat in pets like dogs. It has two scales. One ranges between 1 and 9 and the other one ranging between 1-5.

Some vets prefer the scale 1-9 with more categories. Others prefer the scale of 1 to 5 with less categories. To evaluate your dog’s BCS for your pup, touch their ribs, and then look at their waist and abdomen.

Corgi Growth Chart 7

If the Corgi’s weight is healthy, you’ll be able to observe how the waistline is from the top, the abdomen tuck while they sit and can feel the ribs through the slim layer of fat.

The optimal Body Condition Score for the corgi puppy is between 3/5 and 5/9. If your score is 1-9 (or 1/5), your dog is in poor health. If your score falls between 9/9 and 5/5 your puppy is overweight.

How To Help Your Corgi Lose Weight If He Is Overweight

Are you aware that your Corgi has been gaining weight recently? The first step is confirm any underlying ailments with your veterinarian before focusing on the diet and exercise routine of your pet.

Although the bulk of the weight gain is due to factors that can be controlled , such as diet and exercise but underlying diseases like hypothyroidism or diabetes remain common causes.

Corgi Growth Chart 3

Here are the steps you could do to assist your Corgi to lose his home

  • Reduce the size of portions.
  • Get more exercise and increase your activity levels.
  • Switch to sweets which have fewer calories, such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Stop feeding your dog table scraps.
  • Switch to the highest quality pet food.
  • Corgi Body Shape Modifies

To ensure that your dog is healthy and in good shape, it is essential to ensure that it is at its ideal weight. You can determine if the dog you have adopted is its ideal weight by measuring the body health score.

It is done by looking at your dog from both the sides and on top. You could also do an easy exercise that is to feel the ribs of your dog.

Use your hands to gently feel the ribs of your dog. If you’re unable to be able to feel the ribs clearly and you can’t identify them one by one then your dog is probably overweight.

If his ribs feel firm to the touch, or be seen clearly, your dog may be underweight.

Corgi Puppy Development

If you look at your dog from above, you will be able to clearly see an elongated waistline and a thinned of the body that is just prior to the buttocks.

When you view your dog’s side from afar, you will notice that there must appear to be an abdominal pull that follows his ribs.

Corgi Growth Chart

If you do not see the tuck (narrowing) and you don’t see it, then your dog could be overweight and should be to a diet that is restricted in calories.

Factors that Influence Corgi Puppy Growth


The size of the Corgi grows will be determined by genetics. Size of parents can give an excellent indicator of how large the offspring will be.

If you’ve purchased pure-bred puppies then you’ll be able to estimate how big your dog will likely to reach in accordance with the size of the mother. Female puppies will most likely be about the same size as the mother, while male pups will be slightly larger.


If you are looking for a puppy, it is possible to choose Kibble. It’s a healthy choice to choose for Corgi puppies. Select kibble specifically for puppies . Choose puppy kibble that is suitable for smaller breeds, so that your puppy will not struggle to take it in.

  • Select kibbles that contain top-quality protein sources, not cereal-based ones.
  • At twelve months old, you may gradually introduce your dog to a formula for adults.

The best dog food options for corgis include healthy fats, proteins as well as fruits and vegetables. Avoid brands that have animal meal.

Physical Activity & Health

Corgis require a lot of exercise, otherwise they are likely to gain weight due to the way their bodies are formed and the healthy food habits they have.

Corgi Growth Chart 7

They require a top-quality balanced diet, a balanced diet, and regular workout routine to maintain their ideal weight.

Adult Corgis require at least an hour of exercise every day. Be aware that Corgis are herding dogs which means they naturally have plenty of stamina and desire to exercise.

Remember that due to their large bodies and legs that are short They can easily injure their backs from jumping across furniture. It is therefore important to restrict these types of activities.

How Long Is Corgis Expecting?

As with other breeds of dogs, Corgis are pregnant for approximately 63 days. as humans, their pregnancies is spread over three trimesters, lasting around 21 days each.

In the initial couple of weeks, you may not be aware the fact that your pet is expecting because you will not be able to notice or feel any changes in the body.

Corgi Development

After a few days it could appear like she’s increased weight. This could be a sign for you.

It’s normal for dogs who are expecting to appear drowsy and become dehydrated. If you observe this, give smaller meals during the course of your day. Visit your dog’s vet for confirmation there is no indication that she’s pregnant.

What if my Corgi Is Not the Correct Weight?

Corgi Growth Chart 5

Corgis are well-known for their appetite and are able to put on pounds. To combat this issue, it is essential to allow your Corgi be more active and maintain his diet.

Corgis are herding dogs and are naturally fond of running and playing fetch. It is possible to play fetch with him, or go to a beach or park in which he can run.

You can also use him as your running buddy as long as you don’t go at a speed that his legs won’t be able to keep pace.

Another important thing you can do in order to help your dog gain back an appropriate weight is to give him just two portions per day.

Nothing more. Also, don’t eat anything between meals. Don’t ever give away an empty bowl of food as your dog will continue eating until there’s food in the bowl.

Corgi Growth

What is the Life Expectancy of Corgi?

Smaller dogs such as Corgis tend to last longer than larger breeds. The lifespans of Corgis is between 12 and 15 years. Female dogs living as long as 2 years more than males.

Are both the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi have the same lifespan? Yes they do. They’re approximately the same years, 12 years plus some months.

Corgi Growth Chart 6

Both breeds are also prone to die from the same causes, which include older age or cancer this is the case for all breeds.

What is the cost to own a Corgi?

The price for an Pembroke Welsh Corgi varies from $1000 to $2200, with the median being around $1,500. The cost of Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies varies between $1,200 to $1,800. The median cost is $1,500.

To that figure be sure to add the expense of premium dog treats, food, vet visits vaccines, bedding, toys, license grooming, training, and expenses. Your dog could cost you approximately $1500 per year, and a greater cost after the beginning.

Corgi Genetics and Common Health Problems

The most prevalent ailments which Corgis are afflicted with is hip dysplasia. The condition can affect the growth in the joint that eventually leads to limited mobility. Insufficient weight and the absence of exercise or excessive activity may cause the condition to get worse.

Corgis can also suffer from progressive retinal atrophy or PRA. It is a degenerative disorder which causes deterioration of vision and eventually, blindness. There is no cure currently for this condition.

Degenerative myelopathy is a severe disease with a negative impact on the spinal cord and brain stem , which may result in either total or partial paralysis.

Scientists aren’t sure what causes it, and there’s no treatment available. However, the symptoms are controlled but, it’s to help the dog feel more at ease.

Another condition that’s common to Corgis is von Willebrand’s disease. It’s a genetic disorder which prevents blood from getting clots, which increases the possibility of bleeding excessively when injured.

How can I be sure my Corgi is well?

Corgis are active, lively dogs who require plenty of exercise every day. They thrive on the herding exercise as well as long walks, short runs or an intense amount of playtime to satisfy their fitness needs.

They are herding dogs and are also very social since they were raised to interact with animals and their masters always. It is important to give to your Corgi lots of physical exercise as well as love is a great way to ensure that your Corgi is happy and healthy!

Prevention is always more effective than cure, which is why regular visits with your veterinarian are crucial.

Your veterinarian can give you specific information on diet exercises, diet, and lifestyle options for your Corgi as well as performing regular dental examinations including dental cleaning as well as x-rays and bloodwork and much more, to detect any health problems in the early stages.

In addition to regular check-ups The vet can also check for typical genetic health problems that Corgis have to contend with.

Being a purebred dog breed, Corgis are more prone to health issues that are genetic, such as bleeding disorders, heart disease and back issues, eye issues, hip dysplasia along with degenerative myelopathy.

Degenerative myelopathy is a condition that can be screened at an early stage by your veterinarian to determine whether the Corgi is at higher risk of having this genetic disease.

Regular veterinary visits could help prevent ailments and can also help address or treat other health problems. Be aware that surgeries and treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

According to the study by the survey, just 19.44 percent of pet owners could afford an expense of $5,000 without insurance, which leaves many pet owners with a financial burden should their pet require surgery or expensive treatment for the pet. This is where insurance for pets can help.

Pet insurance reimburses you up to 90 percent of out-of-pocket medical expenses, while also acting as a protection in case occur and you need to give your pet the best treatment, regardless of the price.

As humans, pets live longer and longer, and require regular vet care in order to live the most healthy and happy life.

Pet insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to ensure your pet receive top treatment throughout their entire life.

Wellness plans can also be purchased to assist with routine vet costs, such as dental exams, veterinary examinations as well as x-rays and other procedures!

Final Thoughts

Corgis develop into gorgeous sharp, sharp dogs with huge hearts. As pet parents who are devoted we wish for the best for our pets but it is a heart-breaking experience to imagine the worst-case scenario that could affect our beloved dogs.

Let us take care by comparing the pet insurance policies while you relax and relax knowing your dog is covered by a safety net place.

Compare the plans for insurance for dogs today with the most reputable Corgi insurance providers for pets using the an online service Advisor to provide you with peace of mind, and your pet the best treatment should anything happen to them.

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