Adorable and Cute Teacup Yorkies and Their Nature

By Alberto Roy

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Many dog breeds are available for dog lovers. Among these breeds, tea cup Yorkshire is the kind of toy breed everyone loves. This is a more comfortable one for the American people to grow this dog as a pet breed.

This dog is even smaller than the normal Yorkshire terrier puppies. Therefore as the name indicates, yorkshire tea cup breeds are smaller and fit in your palm. This is the unique bread that is why many customers are looking for this kind of dog.

Teacup Yorkies

This yorkie teacup makes it more comfortable for dog lovers to grow this breed in their apartment or a small house. It is easier and also looks cuter for enjoying every moment.

Weighs Just the Seven Pounds

Do you believe the dog is much smaller than the real toy? Yes, this yorkshire tea cup dog is just seven pounds in weight and will be more attractive and easy to play with it.

This is the real breed of the normal Yorkshire terrier breed, but the size of these yorkie puppies is less because they are bred from small parents.

This is more amazing and interesting to hear, but these puppies are easily prone to the disease. Therefore when you want them to breed, then you have to be more careful because of their tiny nature.

The size and appearance will be unique from the normal Yorkshire breed, so when the dog is less than four to six pounds, and the height is less than five inches; it is surely the yorkshire tea cup breed.

About the Behavior and Personality

The behavior of these tiny full grown teacup yorkie breeds will be loving and friendly and needs companionship always.

It is more vocal, and also it is good to act as the home guard. Since these dogs are easy to carry to other places, it is more comfortable for people to always get attached to the dog.

The owners will not have to leave the dog alone, and it does not need any separate cage. This yorkshire tea cup has only small eyes without any pop out, and also, their face is round shaped only.

This dog variety is highly intelligent and likes to love and get companionship often. The colors of these tea cup yorkshire terrier puppies will vary, like brown, black, grey, and gold.

Are you a first-time dog breeder? Then surely you will love this unique dog variety without any doubt. These small puppies are attention seekers and will stay away from strangers mostly.

They love to enjoy themselves with humans and are ready to obey anything. These puppies are more intelligent, so they are the best for security purposes. The voice of these tea cup yorkshire terrier puppies will be high even when they are tiny in size.

Where to Purchase This Dog?

This is a costly dog, irrespective of its size, but this teacup yorkie will be more comfortable to grow in your small space. It is always good to purchase this breed from a well-reputed agency.

The breeders who are not having the experience may give you normal Yorkshire yorkie puppies instead of the tea cup variety. These full grown teacup yorkie dogs are a little expensive, but it is hassle-free to breed and enjoy with them.

Care for It Properly

This yorkshire tea cup dog is smaller and will be prone to many diseases when not cared for properly.

Therefore it is better to take them to a good quality breed trainer to teach them about obedience and other mental exercises. These things will change their behavior, and also they will remain friendly even with strangers.

The dog trainers will be ready to teach good behavior, and also, it is important for the dog owners to continue to train even after the yorkie teacup is grown.

Simply take them to the teacup yorkie for the short walk, which will be a more hassle-free one and also, the owners will need to walk only the short distance.

Injury to this unique variety is common, and even children will cause injury to this pet variety. Therefore, when growing this dog, you should be more careful and take care of its health condition with a minimal dosage of medicines.


Thus from the above things related to this unique and tiny dog breed, it is more exciting and tempting to grow this dog in your home. This small size is the main thing that everyone will get attracted.

The teacup yorkie will grow only six inches, and its size will be less than 4 pounds. The main thing is that you will not get the confirmed size as this breed does not have recognition from the AKC. Proper grooming is important for avoiding any health issues and also keeping the variety to be stronger.

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