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Horses for cutting

A cutting horse was an important member of the Old West’s remuda. This was the group of horses that accompanied a cowboy as he cared for the cattle. Open country was vast and there were many herds. It was sometimes necessary to cut or separate a cow from another’s herd.

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The cowboys called this “cow sense”, because the best horses for this job had a special instinct. These horses were considered the best cutting horses and had the same skills as the cowboy.

Cutting horses are one of the most sought-after performers in Western riding today. They participate in cutting events around the globe. Talented horses and cutting horses are in high demand.

Characteristics of cutting horses

Cutting horses are quick, agile, and have a great instinct for how cows behave. Cutting is now a global sport. Horses must not only remove cows from a herd, but also cut it neatly and skillfully to earn points.

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Cows are eager to be back with their herd, and some can be difficult. It takes a brave and alert horse to confront them and anticipate their next moves.

A horse with cow sense or “cow smarts”, which is often called “cow sense” is able to anticipate what the cow will do and then react quickly to prevent it from happening. Horse world is full of exceptional horse athletes, such as cutting horses.

Cutting Horses: The Best Breeds in this Discipline

The practical skills required to manage large herds of cattle meant that cutting became a sport. However, the best breeds are those that were originally bred to do the job. These American breeds include the Quarter Horse, Paint Stock Horse and the Australian Stock Horse.

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Iberian breeds are athletic and skilled and were developed from stock raising cultures. However, the methods used can be different.

Stock horse breeds dominate at the highest level of the sport. This includes stock ponies such as Quarter Ponies in the junior classes.

Equestrianism: Cutting Horses

Cutting horse skills have been a requirement for centuries in any country where large herds of cattle had to be managed. Any sensible and relaxed horse could do the daily job of keeping an eye on herds.

The herds grew larger over time, so herd owners had to periodically separate them. This was when the cutting horses came in their own right.

To get one cow out of a herd, they had to have the courage to do so. Today, this is one of the most skilled aspects of cutting cattle as a competition.

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A great horse who cuts through the herd cleanly and neatly, much like a knife, will separate the cow without causing any disruption to other animals. A horse that is able to perform admirably is easy to spot. They keep their eyes and ears focused on the cow.

Because this was one the most difficult aspects of managing cattle, cowboys turned it into a competitive sport. Cutting became a profession only after new technology and methods made it easier to herd cattle and less dependent on horses.

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It is one of the most popular and well-supported Western sports. It demonstrates the best skills of the cowboy or cowgirl and their horse. The equipment and terminology used in the USA and internationally are the same as those used by Western stock riders, including Western saddle, bridle, and Western clothing. Chaps are also used wherever possible.

There are classes for professionals, amateur, and junior riders. Many of the bigger events offer big prizes. While the National Cutting Horse Association and its 132 global affiliates host the majority of international events worldwide, there are other independent organizations such as the American Cutting Horse Association.

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Cutting Horses for Sale

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