9 Dazzling Doberman Colors : Doberman Coats, Markings & Pictures

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Doberman Pinschers can be a great choice if you are looking to get one. It is important to understand all Doberman Colors, Doberman Types, and the characteristics of each, in order for you make the best decision.

These are the Dobermans of all varieties. However, they might not be all what they seem. Make sure to read all about them. The Doberman Pinscher, a German dog breed, is renowned for its “brains” and “brawn.”

Dobermans are some of the most trusted police dogs in the world because they are so loyal and fearless. Few dog breeds can live up to their name.

They are also a great guard dog and protector in a family setting. A Doberman Pinscher will always have your back. They are a wonderful second pair of eyes for your kids and property.

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There are many options if you’re considering a Doberman Pinscher. Contrary to popular belief, Dobermans are available in many colors other than the black and tan they are known for. They come in at most 9 gorgeous doberman colors!

Colors of Doberman Pinschers

Most owners don’t care if a dog is “standard” in color. This is unless your intention to show your dog, or have them compete in AKC competitions. Doberman Colors are personal preference.

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That being said, the Doberman Pinscher only has 4 official standard colors as set by the American Kennel Club. Even so, AKC recognizes 5 different Doberman colors – including the elusive yet majestic White Doberman Pinscher.

Black & RustStandard015
Blue & RustStandard042
Fawn & RustStandard316
Red & RustStandard145

We have been able to find these rare colors, even though some are very rare. These are the nine colors of Doberman Pinscher. You may not find all the doberman colors you are looking for, despite your best efforts.

1. Black and Rust Doberman

Black and Rust Doberman

The Doberman Pinscher, “black and rust”, is the most popular color for these dogs. They’re often the first thing you see when you think about these dogs. It is difficult to mistake one for another.

These Doberman Pinschers will sport a smooth black coat with yellow highlights or markings around and near their faces (muzzle), ears and eyebrows. These are the trademark doberman colors of this breed.

They are sometimes called the ” black-tan” or the “black-and-brown” Dobermans due to their tan-like coloring.

A healthy fur coat will have smoothglossy and a strong contrast between the marking highlights and the base color.

The AKC does not recognize all Doberman colors. There is no doubt that black and rust are part of the standard, given their popularity among this breed. These doberman colors are also easy to find.

2. Solid Black Doberman

Solid Black Doberman

You would expect that a solid-black Doberman, given how popular they are, is also popular. But not exactly. Black Doberman Pinschers, on the other hand, are very rare as they are considered “unethical” to bree. Why is this?

These are also known as “melanistic Dobermans” because they refer to solid black Doberman Pinschers that lack traditional rust and tan markings.

This color is not recognized by the government, mainly because of possible health issues.

These colors are often bred by unprofessional breeders who don’t care about the breed and then market them as rare or exclusive dogs in order to make a profit.

This is a lie. Breeders who are looking for rare coats neglect to breed for good health. Health is more important than appearance.

If you meet a breeder who deliberately breeds this color, I recommend that you avoid any dealings with them.

You don’t know what their dogs are capable of because they have unsound breeding practices.

3. Blue and Rust Doberman

Blue and Rust Doberman

It is truly stunning to see the blue-and-rust Doberman. Although they are not as common as their black or rust counterparts, they are highly desired. They are a distinctive Dobe, with a subtle blue color that maintains the AKC standard recognition.

They have inherited the dilute recessive genes which gives them the blue-ish color.

Yes, both blue and rust Dobermans have the genetics for a black or rust Doberman. This blue-ish gray color is created when you mix black.

This blue color is often confused with a silver. This color variation of the Dobe is also known as the gray Doberman.

Contrast between the slate blue and the rust marks will be lower than normal black.

The doberman color is actually a charcoal gray with a hint purple. This shade and hue may vary between blue Dobermans.

4. Blue Doberman

Blue Doberman
via Instagram: @zeusthebluedoberman

Solid blue Dobermans may be more rare than solid black Dobermans. They may actually be the most rare of this breed.

Due to their potential health problems, they are also unfit to breed. But that doesn’t mean all blue Dobes are unhealthy.

However, it is important to be aware of the risks for new owners. The blue color can cause health problems such as Von Willebrand Disease (or VWD), Color Dilution Alopecia, and Cardiomyopathy. These can lead to serious health issues in the future.

Color Dilution Alopecia can occur to all blue dogs , and not just Dobermans. They are quite common in blue French Bulldogs.

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This condition can lead to severe hair loss, which can lead to skin infections or other serious diseases.

We don’t recommend keeping a blue Doberman. No matter how beautiful they may look, we won’t endorse it. Talk to a breeder who can breed these dogs.

They would be a very dangerous business partner. They are extremely rare, and it is possible to find one that is healthy.

5. Red and Rust Doberman

Red and Rust Doberman

According to AKC, the second most preferred color for this breed is the red and rust Doberman Pinscher.

They are still less popular than black and rust. A red or rust coat can create a sense of mystery which attracts new owners. Although they are called “red Dobes”, they are actually a dark reddish brown.

Many people refer to them as brown Dobermans, even though they are often called that. They are beautiful dogs, no matter what they are called!

Red and rust Dobermans will have brown (rust) markings on their eyebrows, ears, chest, legs and under the tail. The tan appears light brown and the contrast isn’t as strong as the black or rust.

They are still very popular and many owners prefer it to the black or rust Doberman. We think this color is unique. This is also a recognized standard color by the AKC.

6. Red Doberman

Red Doberman

A solid red Doberman , like other solid-colored Dobermans , isn’t very popular among enthusiasts. The red Doberman Pinscher, while ethical to breed, can also have health problems just like any other melanistic Dobermans.

We don’t agree that this color should be bred, but they do exist in very rare instances.

It was difficult to find even one picture of a solid Red Doberman.

Some people will even consider red and light rust with light markings to be solid red.

The chocolate Doberman is another name for the red Doberman.

This name is very appropriate as they are a solid, all-round brown dog.

We would love to see more photos of these dogs!

7. Fawn and Rust Doberman

Fawn and Rust Doberman

Although few people have heard of it, the American Kennel Club officially recognizes the fawn-rust Doberman as a color coat.

These special-colored Dobermans, much like the blue and the fawn, are genetically modified to create their special color.

Instead of having the genes to produce a black coat the fawns possess the genes to produce a red coat . The fawn’s color is the result of diluting the red-colored coat.

My opinion is that fawn and ruby Dobermans are a little funny. But they’re still beautiful dogs!

Although the coat color is still brownish, it has less reddish undertone than true reds. With fawn I like to contrast them with, a light milk chocolate.

They will have tan marks around their ears, muzzles, chests, legs, feet, eyebrows, and tail. We will admit that it is a bit difficult to see, as the colors are so similar and the contrast very minimal.

8. Fawn Doberman

Fawn DobermanYou should now be aware of the issues and concerns that Dobermans have with their unusual tan and rust markings.

The solid fawn Doberman Pinscher is no different to any other. A solid fawn Doberman Pinscher can pose serious health risks. They are more rare than the blue Doberman.

We know from experience that these breeders are still trying to make a profit by breeding these dogs for their “exotic” looks.

Don’t fall for this trap. Keep away from breeders who claim they breed these colors in Dobermans.

It is one thing to accidentally get one, but it’s another to breed specifically for them. A breeder selling multiple fawns is likely to neglect their health.

9. White Doberman

White Doberman

Finally, the white Doberman is perhaps the most distinctive. Some dogs are solid white while others have a creamy white color.

They are white Doberman Pinschers. However, there are some problems with this color.

The white Doberman may not be all that they seem to be. It’s actually the result inbreeding.

This has led to albino dogs, but not necessarily. This is called “partial albino”.

This color is still quite new. In 1976, a Doberman named Sheba was the first to be documented as an albino Doberman.

We now have many other partial albino Dobes because of Sheba, and lots of inbreeding.

doberman colors 1

They may be very attractive, but they are not the right breed for you. They can also develop health problems and behavioral issues.

Skin and eye problems are two of the most common health issues. These dogs are also susceptible to photosensitivity.

This can cause behavioral problems in white Dobermans with poor vision.

These dogs don’t see their environment well and can become anxious more easily, which could lead to aggressive behavior, such as biting.

All these issues have led to white Dobermans being banned from several countries.

doberman colors 4

These dogs don’t get recognized by American Kennel Club. This color is not banned in the United States but the AKC does everything it can to discourage the breeding of white Dobermans.

Which Doberman Pinscher color is your favorite? Please leave your comments below. You can also let potential owners know if you own a Doberman and the reason you chose that color.

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