36 Dog House Ideas & Free DIY Plans for Furry Friend

By Alberto Roy

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With just a few tools, it’s conceivable to make a DIY dog house and we are sharing top-notch dog house ideas with you. Dog houses are equally modest and budget-friendly projects and can be frequently be accomplished by somebody with just straightforward building skills.

They’ll yield somewhere from half a day to a few days to comprehensive and can effortlessly be done in under $100.

Before using these free dog house ideas & plans to build your dog’s dream home, make certain that it will be the accurate fit for the size of your full-grown dog.

Some of these dog house plans can even be tailored to suitable any size of a dog so be sure to guise for instructions within the plans for that.

These free DIY dog house plans will brand definite that your dog has a safe haven from the weather and you can yield pride that you built it just for them.

Dog House Ideas for Free

If you’re a dog lover and DIYer, then you shouldn’t build the most beautiful dog home which will make your dog the most happy.

And, as you may have guessed that a dog house made from scratch can be costly, therefore if you’ve got no wood lying around, you can build it virtually nothing.

Before you build it, you first need an idea.

You’re fortunate as we’ve collected the top dog house designs from all over the internet to make sure you don’t miss out. These are 36:

1. Dog House with a Porch

dog house plans

This dog house is ideal for dogs of all sizes. It offers plenty of space for lounging and looks like it’s going to provide your dog with ample protection from the elements too.

Additionally, it appears solid. If you are looking for an easy doghouse to construct but also comfortable for your dog, you may want to consider giving the plans a shot.

2. The ‘I Didn’t Want A Dog’ House


I thought that the opening paragraph of the article was cute. It says, “She wanted a dog. I was not interested in a dog. So we opted to compromise and bought an animal. I constructed him a home.” Does that not sound like the way it is normally?

In a serious way this dog home would work well for all small and medium-sized pets. It provides shelter of the outside elements. It also has an area where you can put the dog’s name on the exterior of the home, which I believe is an interesting element of the design.

3. The Modern Dog House

I am in love with the way the dog house appears. It’s like a tiny home that’s adorable. It’s even more adorable If you were living in an incredibly small house However, I’ll let my design ideas to.

The dog house is spacious and has enough space to allow a small or medium-sized dog to move about. You may want to look closely at the dimensions when you own a larger dog. Since you’d like your pet to feel comfortable and not in a squabble or her pet’s home.

4. “We’ll Leave the Light On” Dog House

This dog’s house is too to be too (in the best way.) It’s fun, innovative and adorable. It’s a smaller house, however it does have the front porch and place to put in an outdoor with a light.

I love the personality that comes from porch lights. In addition that if you travel somewhere that takes you home at night the dogs are more safe with the additional lighting while waiting for the day you return.

5. Crooked Dog House Ideas


This dog’s house looks like a cartoon to me, and I like it. I think the proper word would be abstract however I’m a big fan. It’s different, yet it’s easy enough to construct.

If you’d like to have your dog to have their own unique pet house, but don’t want to build it in a frenzied manner or even building it yourself, you might consider checking these plans.

6. Tropical Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

Are you a proud owner of a pet that loves the beach? If you live near the water , or have an animal that is happy to go to vacation with you, chances are you’ll be awed by this dog home.

However, what makes me smile is that the dog house depicted with a larger dog , which means it is suitable for dogs of all sizes. We mustn’t ignore the adorable features as well. The dog house is an asset in my opinion.

7. Geometric Dog House Ideas


It’s likely that you’ve been told about geometric greenhouses But have you seen the geometric dog house? Maybe not.

However, it’s not possible to say that today. This dog house seems to be an ideal option for small dogs and also seems to be extremely appealing visually.

8. Puppy Camper Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

To be honest, I’ve been a fan of older style RV’s. Similar to the ones Lucy along with Ethel (from I Love Lucy) were in.

If you’re like me and enjoy them too, then you’ll enjoy this cute dog home. It’s like a camping trailer and is designed to fit the smaller dogs. If this appeals to you, look it up.

9. The Basic Dog House Ideas


This dog house fits into the stereotype of a simple design for a dog house. It’s smaller and looks like an A-frame style house.

However, there are obvious benefits when building a traditional dog home. According to the website the instructions are simple to follow. This is a suitable task for someone who is just starting out.

10. The DIY House Ideas

dog house plans

The majority of these dog homes are clearly DIY. But, this is a classic dog house that looks easy to build.

So, if you’re just beginning to explore the art of carpentry, then you should give these plans a look. If you paint it right this home could be quite unique and beautiful.

11. The Mobile Dog House Ideas

Mobile dog house plans

Do you require a dog house that you can move around when you need to? If yes then this pet house might be just what you’ve been searching for.

It also has an extremely modern style that will look great with certain home decor. If you enjoy moving your dog around the property or often travel and take your pet along and your pet, this dog house might be an ideal choice.

12. The Cottage Style Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

Do you reside in the cottage style of your home? Do you like the cottage look in particular? If so then you’ll be delighted by this dog home.

If you didn’t think of it, this dog house is similar to a cottage style house. It seems simple enough to construct. If you’re just starting out, it is a good idea to ask an experienced partner to accompany you for this build just in case.

13. Pallet Kennel with Sun Deck

Pallet dog house plans

Are you the owner of a bigger pet? If yes, then this dog house is appropriate for your pet. It’s a lot bigger than the standard dog house.

Additionally, it comes with a sun deck to relax on that I know my dogs would appreciate. What makes this dog home even more appealing is the fact that it’s made of pallets, and could be free in certain instances.

14. A Simple Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

The dog house is a different classic style. It is based on the A-frame design that is typical of a home. It is suitable for any dog size It is also possible to alter the size to give your pet some extra space.

The dog house is likely to be simpler to construct since the design is easy. The instructions are very comprehensive as well. If you’re building your first home, you should take a look at these plans a look.

15. Dog House With Roof Top Deck

Dog house with roof top

Okay If your dog is in this home, it’s officially spoilt to the max. This is not a judgemental situation. I love this song!

If you think that your dog would love having a large dog house and you also have the option of putting it up the roof to relax in the sun (kind as Snoopy!) Then you must take a look at these plans.

dog house plans

I am in love with this dog house. If you’re living in the countryside like me, it will be a perfect fit in your home with no issue. I also like the fact that dogs can be away from the elements regardless of the weather.

Your dog has the option of staying inside for warmth. But, it can also relax on the patio and enjoy the views while avoiding the elements, too.

17. The Simple A-frame Dog House


I’m going to assume that everybody has seen the television show Charlie Brown. If that’s the case, this dog house made of A-frames will be reminiscent of Snoopy’s dog home.

With this in mind it’s a very simple dog house you can construct. The instructions are pretty comprehensive and include a the complete list of materials needed to assist you in the construction.

18. The Dog Mansion

dog house plans

Don’t believe the name. This is a fantastic dog home for dogs of all sizes However, the name is intimidating.

If you take a look at the photos and follow the instructions, you will see that the design of the dog house appears fairly simple. It might not be the easiest dog house to construct but it seems to be a lot less complicated also.

19. The Mini-Ranch House


The doghouse is one more that will surely bring charm to your home. It’s absolutely cute, in my opinion.

What really is striking to me about this house for dogs is that your dog will be able to have an outdoor pergola in front of their home. It’s an excellent way to shield your dog from the sun , and it can make their home appear more attractive with visually appealing.

20. The East Fork Free Dog House

dog house plans

The dog’s house is cute. The designer did an amazing job of adding lots of rustic charm and it seems to be suitable for every dog size.

What really stood me was that she was able make this amazing masterpiece for free of cost by reusing old materials. She provides the details of the dog’s house.

21. The $75 Insulated A-Frame Dog House

A frame dog house

Are you in a warmer climate? I did, and I’m sorry for those of you who do. In addition that we all need to take our dogs outside at certain times. This could be to go on errands or some other purpose.

In a cold winter in a more cold climate, your dog’s beloved pups will definitely be grateful for an enclosed dog house. This is an excellent choice as the author claims that it is affordable at approximately $75.

22. The Basic Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

The dog house is another easy one to construct. It’s a smaller house, however, it could be a great choice for someone who is just beginning.

The plans also provide many great information. They contain everything from notes on paint to notes about materials.

23. The Step-by-Step Dog House


The dog’s home looks cozy. The dog is housed on a covered porch, and a spacious covered home in addition.

Additionally, they have small air vents at the top of the post to ensure that airflow is maintained. The blog post provides useful instructions and tips too. It’s a nice benefit.

24. 1,000 Year Dog House Ideas

dog house plans

The dog house is individual. It’s intended to last for a long period of time. The frame was constructed of wire and then formed it into an igloo design.

What puts this dog’s home over the top is that it’s coated in Ferro cement. This keeps your dog protected from every natural catastrophe. Security is an important thing to consider when designing your dog’s home.

25. The Dog Tree House


If you own a larger pet, they might not appreciate being on the ground. However, since this tree house comes with ramps, they could like having a better observation from a higher point.

However, if your dogs are as mine are, then they will love getting as high up as they can.

My dogs are similar to cats in that they rest on the couch’s back as well as any other elevated area they can find. If that’s the case they’ll probably be awed by the treehouse, too.

26. Simple Dog House with a Porch

dog house plans


If you are a fan of the basic A-frame style of a dog home purely because of its design or the ease to build it, but you also desire a front porch in the front the dog house style could be the one for you.

Personally, I like this idea. A front yard that is attached to a dog house , so your dog has shade when they need it or protect from the rain, without the need to be cooped within the house itself.

27. Double Dog House Ideas


This is wonderful. If you own multiple dogs, it allows them to have their individual space. But, if they have a similar temperament to mine, they will doze on top of each the other.

However, everyone needs their own space every now and then. If you’re like building I believe this is a fantastic way to add some space to your backyard.

28. Dog House Under the Stairs

dog house plans

Let’s say that you want your pet to have their own space but you don’t need it to be in the yard. This is an excellent alternative for you.

Trust me when I say that we’re with you. I’d love to have my dogs a space similar to this, so they could be able to stay away from the furniture in my home and would have a place to play. If you have stairs space this could be an excellent solution, according to me.

29. ‘In The Dog House’ Project


It is evident that this dog house was greatly loved by its furry owner. I like the style of it, which is why I understand.

If you’re interested in building your dog a comfortable little home that looks and feels like the inside of a home (and has an outdoor porch) then look at these plans.

30. The Rounded Modern Dog House

dog house plans

This dog house is reminiscent of the shape of a mushroom. Because of its shape that is rounded and the materials the building is constructed with it’s affordable. But, make sure to check the plans for building to determine whether it’s what you were thinking of. The plans include a comprehensive materials list, and fairly detailed instructions as well.

31. The Custom Insulated Dog House


The dog house appears to have great features but isn’t a nightmare to construct. The instructions are extremely comprehensive and precise.

Additionally, the website gives you a tutorial video to assist you with the building process. If you’d like your pet to have a spacious large dog house, with insulation it is a good idea to take a look at this one.

32. Pagoda Style Dog House

dog house plans

This dog house is distinctive. I am a fan of the pagoda design and know that lots of people design their homes using this design.

If yes, then this dog house will be perfect. If you’d like your dog to have a space to themselves You might think about these designs.

33. The Air Conditioned Dog House


If your dog has a dog house, it’s safe to assume that they’re a spoilt dog. However, that’s fine. It’s great to care for our furry family members.

If you’d like your dog to have a room in their own space that is also climate-controlled, then you should look at these ideas.

34. The House Under The Stairs

dog house plans

Another option for design is when you have a set of steps you’d like to offer the space beneath them to a four-legged family member.

If so, go through this cool idea. It’s an excellent way to provide the dog a place to hide an animal bed and toys. This way, they won’t take up too much space up your house.

35. The Pallet Dog House


The dog house made of pallets is stylish to not mention. It comes with multiple sections, and could be used to house several dogs or give the dog more space to explore.

If you’re looking for the budget for a small house and several pets, then you’ll surely want to look into this possibility. It’s a distinctive and possibly affordable dog home.

36. The Log Cabin Dog House

dog house plans

I love log cabins. If you love them too so why shouldn’t your pet. And that if you reside in a log cabin this dog home would make a great addition.

If you’re looking for a dog house with a beautiful design which also offers adequate area and protection for your pet, this is a viable choice.

So, there you go, people. More than 30 DIY ideas to construct your dog’s perfect home for your dog. I hope you find something that you have found inspiring when building your house.

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