Doodle Grooming Tips : Every Doodle Owner Should Know

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With teddy bear-like features, doodle grabs the attention of many dog lovers. When you look at this amazing breed, you can help but bring one home. There are so many varieties; Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, Sheepadoodles- anything when mixed with poodle gives us a doodle, of course.

The last thing you would dream of is to pick him up from the groomer with “dreaded shave down” coat. How horrible you would feel after realizing that their cute fluffy teddy bear-appearance is gone. Of course, some of us have been there!

Doodle Grooming Tips for Pet Owners

Grooming a doodle is easy if you do not fall behind! The longer you avoid grooming them, the harder it will be to handle this fluffy pooch’s appearance. While getting the doodle because of its teddy bear look, we must know that this type of coat demands constant maintenance.

Doodles have different coat types; completely flat to downright curly or sometimes in between both categories- a bit wavy. The matted coat is the biggest poodle-associated problem that can only be avoided by following a proper grooming schedule.

Below we will take you through the must-follow grooming tips for doodles; please do not lose this stunning furry friend due to your negligence.

When To Start Grooming Sessions?

Generally, it is recommended to bring your poodle buddy to the groomer every four to six months. But between these visits, you must practice grooming at home.

A puppy around 12 weeks should be familiarized with the groomer so that he can acclimate to that environment. The sounds of clippers and dryers may seem intimidating to your pup at the start, so accompany them during the process.

Sometimes, it depends on whether you have adopted your fur baby from a rescue or bought it from a shop. After a long period of search, I got the one I was looking for in a golden doodle rescue. He was not much familiar with the grooming sessions, so I used to groom him at home until he got accustomed to the grooming process.

It would be best if you start with just baths and brush out. Once they get comfortable, initiate the real grooming sessions because everything will go smoothly if your poodle pup is ready for grooming.

Doodles Top Grooming Issues

Doodles with matted hair not just look bad but also pulls their skin which causes pain when dogs move. In severe cases, mats can even block oxygen supply leading to many skin problems in doodles, such as lesions, hot spots, and dryness.

The most commonly reported grooming issues in doodles are;

  • Matting due to lack of brushing
  • Dirty ear
  • Impacted anal glands
  • Overgrown and dirty nails

Common Places For Matts And Tangles

No matter the type of coat, every dog is prone to matting and tangles. Not only matted fur looks ugly, but also attracts pet dander, creates odor, and traps dead fur. Proper brushing is a must-have to avoid getting your doodle in pain.

Talking about the most common places where mats are most likely to form, areas with a lot of moisture and friction are the real culprits.

Such as,

  • Underneath the harness and collar
  • Beard or Mustache area
  • Tail
  • Hips and Outer thighs
  • Joints and Armpits
  • Behind the ears

Know Your Poodle’s Coat First

As mentioned earlier, poodles come with different coats; the one at your home could have a fairly straight, fully curled, or a little wavy coat. For instance, if your Goldendoodle is of F1b type, it means he exhibits the curly coat that this breed is known for.

Similarly, the personality of your doodle reflects their grooming needs. Some doodles do not like it if you keep touching their coat, while others search for puddles to play with.

Invest some time in learning the grooming needs of your poodle and closely watch their response after brushing, bathing, and other grooming maintenance routine.

Brushing Tips For Doodles

Here are some brushing tips for doodles:

·        Brush Your Doodle Daily

It is not that daily brushing is a must-have, but it is worth doing it. If you make a habit of daily brushing, there is no chance for your poodle to get into contact with painful de-matting practices.

Doodles don’t shed profoundly; it means they can survive a week without brushing but there is no wrong if you do it on daily basis to avert loose hair and dander.

If your poodle has got a curly coat, then you should brush his coat daily. The longer the coat of your mutt, the more you should brush their fur to avoid tangles.

Additionally, if your pooch spends a lot of time outdoors, then his brushing demand will be higher than dogs that stay indoors.

·        Brush Your Doodle Properly

For daily brushing, you must have a comb to get the job done. Some areas of your fur might be difficult to comb; a lot of stubborn tangles are there. For such areas, line comb using a slicker brush and comb.

One mistake that doodle owners mostly make is to brush just the top of the fur and call it a day but it further exacerbates the coat by creating tangles that are even harder to remove.

Remember! While brushing your poodle, the goal must be to prevent matting. Otherwise, your groomer would prefer shaving off the fur instead of de-matting them.

So the best in your interest is to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. This will remove every tangle without hurting your teddy bear.

·        Brushing Before And After Baths

Brush your doodle before bathing so that tangles can’t be formed. Hold off the bath if you are unable to brush out the mats. Water will increase the mats by making fur tighter and closer to the skin. Brush your pooch again after the bath once the coat dries.

·        De-matting Essentials

Sometimes we are too busy to keep regular brushing and end up with deep mats. A good tip is to use good ole cornstarch. Rub it on the matted areas and use a good slicker brush to tear up the mats, and subsequently use a metal toothbrush to finish the de-matting session. You can also use spray-in conditioners to do the trick.

Bathing Tips For Doodles

Here are some bathing tips for your doodles:

·        Frequently Bath Your Playful Pup

Doodles are the most excitable dogs that often become a selling point because most of us love to bring this little pack of joy home. Golden doodle puppies are super-energetic in the first few years. Active and energetic doodles need frequent bathing.

Normally, dogs should experience the bubbly session after 4 weeks, but your playful pup can’t wait for the whole month. So it depends on the breed and the time your fluffy pooch spends outdoors.

·        Don’t Use Human Shampoo

There is no wrong if you frequently bathe your doodle pooch because it helps prevent many skin conditions, such as dry skin, oily, skin, clogged pores, and itchiness.

Use a gentle shampoo that is made for dogs. It is recommended not to use your own shampoo while bathing the doodles because human shampoos contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that your dog’s skin won’t like at all.

·        Drying After Bath

Just covering your doodle with a towel might not stop him from shivering, but it will soak up excess water, at least. Squeeze and wipe away the water from your doodle’s body as much as you can.

The quicker and smarter way to sock up your fur baby is to get the help of a good hair dryer. A dog blow dryer will help your dog get rid of the wet coat smell and enhance the fluffs in their fur.

If you start exposing him to an air dryer from an early age, he will get used to it and will enjoy the process. Keep your dog under your supervision while using the air dryer to avoid an accidental injury.

Again! Don’t use your own dryer because of the intensive heat that will be uncomfortable for your doodle’s skin.

Nail Trimming Tips For Doodles

Nail trimming is a stressful session for most doodles. They don’t like their paws being handled and often get pain if their nails are cut too short.

But you can’t let your doodle develop claw-like nails. So you must exercise caution while trimming your doodle’s nails. Doodles have different growth and activity rates, so nail trimming needs vary from 2 weeks to a month.

You can trim your doodle’s nails with your own toenail clipper but it will be good if you find a pair of clippers designated for dogs. Cutting off just the tips will be enough if you are doing this on regular basis.

Hair Trimming Tips For Doodles

Doodles, mostly Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles have fur that can grow up to eight inches in length. For the active and energetic breeds, a short haircut will do better.

But for doodle owners, shaved mutt is quite a nightmare. Even if you go for a long coat, trimming is vital once in a while. Many of us leave grooming and haircuts to professional groomers because cutting your poodle’s face is more like an art.

But you can do well by watching doodle trimming tutorials on YouTube. Areas that need trimming the most are above the eyes, between the pads of feet, beard, and around the ears.

Think of trimming the doodle hair whenever they look too long- about six weeks in most cases. To get the best results, always invest in a high-quality pair of clippers. Moreover, trimming and brushing should be started early. This way your doodle will be more agreeable and will enjoy the grooming sessions.

Ear Grooming Tips For Doodles

Dirty and impacted ears are the favorite places for bacteria to flourish. It means taking care of your doodle’s ear is really important to keep them safe from infections.

During baths, the ears must also be taken care of, especially trimming the ear hair. This type of job is mostly done by the groomer but if you are grooming your poodle at home, do keep these essentials in mind.

You can use gauze or cotton balls to protect the poodle’s eardrum while bathing. Once you get done, take out the cotton and wipe away the dirt and water trapped in the ears.

Do not let the water enter your poodle’s ear as it will cause a bacterial infection. If you are concerned about the grime stuck in, carefully use a Q-tip but it would be better if you leave this job for the groomer.

To Sum Up

We are naturally drawn to doodles because of their teddy bear-like appearance but they are a little more “high-maintenance” than most dogs. It does not mean you can make grooming easy with proper knowledge and routine.

Grooming needs differ depending on the breed of your doodle, coat type, and the living condition of your poodle buddy. Most importantly, are you the groomer or a professional, or both?

Most poodle owners take help from a professional groomer, but you must take care of grooming at home between grooming visits.

A regular brushing schedule, frequent bathing, and proper trimming are must-haves. If you neglect the grooming process, your poodle may end up with all shaved coat; of course, you do not want a poodle with no teddy bear look!

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