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The English Beagle is also known as the Beagle. It is a small breed of hound that looks similar to the larger foxhound. The Beagle is a scent-hound that was developed for hunting hare. These Famous Beagles are smart but not single-minded.

Because of its size, temperament, and absence of inherited health issues, it is a very popular pet. Peanuts’ Snoopy, the famous comic strip beagle, has been called “the most famous beagle in the world.”

You can find a variety of Beagle names to choose from for your Beagle puppy, male or female.

Here is a list of beagles that have been praised for their achievements, as well as the breed.

Beagles in Books and Films

Famous Beagles 2

The plot of the fairy-tale “The Abduction of the Century” by J. Dale revolves approximately the beagles.

The delegate of the breed is one of the heroes of the book by J. McCormack “Friend of the Herds. Rural Veterinarian Notes ”.

Beagle Sam is solitary of the chief characters in the books of a further celebrated veterinarian and writer – J. Harriott. However, not only Sam emerges in his stories, but also further representatives of the breed.

Beagles are frequently used in experiments. About this – “dog” detective S. Connant “The dog who fought for his rights.”

On the similar theme – the book by R. Adams “The Plague Dogs”, which is correctly considered a masterpiece? Warning: if you are going to interpret it, stock up on handkerchiefs.

Beagle stars in numerous films thanks to her artistry: Cats vs. Dogs, Underdog, My Dad with a Cold Nose, Shiloh, I Am Fourth, My Stepmother is an Alien, Inspector Gadget, Rusty: the great rescuer “,” On Christmas Eve “and others.

Beagles – Heroes

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For centuries, dogs have frequently helped their owners when they got unwell. But not numerous of the heroes illustrated such serenity and aptitude as the beagle Belle. In its place of running for assist, she called her on the phone.

At solitary time, Florida resident Kevin Weaver bought Belle at a pet store, and this was perhaps his finest purchase.

Belle was also fortunate: two preceding owners, who were not contented with the puppy character, returned her to the store.

Kevin Weaver was diabetic, and if his blood sugar fell underneath a confident level, he would have hazardous seizures. Weaver determined to coach Belle in extraordinary courses for backing dogs.

The training lasted 9 months, and as a consequence, Belle got the dangle of determining the sugar level, sniffing the owner’s breath each hour. If the states of affairs take a dangerous twist, she barked to warn: it is essential to take action!

On February 7, 2007, Kevin Weaver woke up sentiment wobbly and weak. The sugar level was treacherously low, but the person seemed drugged and uninformed of the risk. But Belle appreciated what was the substance, and was dreadfully agitated.

Kevin thought she was annoyed to go away for a march and took the dog outside. However, returning from a walk, he distorted insensible on the threshold of the kitchen.

Weaver would have died if Belle had not memorized one significant obsession she learned in the course. She had to squash “9” on Kevin’s phone and then dial 911 mechanically.

Belle did the whole thing correct. When the rescue operative reacted, the dog began barking wrathfully into the phone and did not discontinue until an ambulance inwards. The doctors arrived on instance and Weaver improved.

Unnecessary to speak Belle has turn out to be a heroine?

“I’m convinced if Belle hadn’t been with me that morning, I wouldn’t be discussing to you at this time,” Weaver told the Associated Press. “She’s not presently my savior. She is my best friend”.

Famous Beagle Owners

Famous Beagles 1


Beagles were frequently the favorites of celebrities.

Elizabeth I and William III favored this breed to all further hunting dogs, and George IV often pretenses for artists along with his beagle favorites.

Him and Hin were the beagles of US President Lyndon Johnson. In alone of the photographs, Johnson is holding his dogs by the ears. After the newspaper of this photo, a dreadful outrage erupted.

The president through excuses for a long time, explaining that Him and Hin merely esteem being dragged by their ears, and do not experience any inconvenience.

Animal rights activist Nikki Reed and her fiancé Ian Somerhalder have taken up a survivor puppy.

The beagle’s name is Emma, and at the present only ears with imprinted numbers and scars strikes a chord of her past. In the novel house, the dog is utterly happy.

41 Famous Beagle Dog Names Inspired By Fictional Characters

Beagles are appreciated and recognized, and they are also incredibly renowned. You will discover beagles in TV series, movies, and comic strips.

The mainly famous beagle is Snoopy from Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, and the white and black multi-talented pup belonged to Charlie Brown.

Check out the beneath list of the nearly all famous fictional beagles and select your favorite name for your male or female beagle puppies.

Andy: One of Snoopy’s brothers.

Babyface: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Baggy: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Bankjob: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Baxter: Snoopy’s father.

Famous Beagles 4

Beegle: A beagle in the Hanna Barbera cartoon Grape Ape.

Belle: One of Snoopy’s sisters.

Bigtime: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Blackheart: The grandfather of the Beagle Boys.

Bouncer: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Brains: The loveable tan and white beagle dog that was the companion of Inspector Gadget in the same title movie.

Brian griffin: A fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy.

Buckley: A beagle owned by Chas Tenenbaum and his wife in the film The Royal Tenenbaums.

Bugle: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Burger: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Dogbert: Dilbert’s anthropomorphic talking pet dog from the Dilbert comic strip.

Edgar: One of the beagles owned by US President Lyndon Baynes Johnson.

Fleegle: The dog character from the hit 1970s television series “The Banana Splits.”

Gromit: A silent beagle from the animated series Wallace and Gromit.

Her: One of the beagles owned by US President Lyndon Baynes Johnson.

Him: One of the beagles owned by US President Lyndon Baynes Johnson.

Jasper: Brian’s gay cousin from the animated television series Family Guy.

Lou: The beagle puppy from the movie Cats and Dogs.

Ma: One of the members of the Beagle Boys in Walt Disney’s comic and stories.

Marbles: One of Snoopy’s brothers.

Miss p: A lovely little beagle captured the top title at this year’s Westminster Dog Show.

Missy: Snoopy’s mother.

Molly: One of Snoopy’s sisters.

Mr. peabody: A cartoon dog who appeared in the television animated series Rocky and His Friends.

Odie: Garfield’s best friend, and a kind but slightly unintelligent yellow-furred, brown-eared beagle/dachshund mix.

Olaf: One of Snoopy’s brothers.

Famous Beagles 5

Pip: A beagle from the film Spooky Buddies.

Poochie: A beagle character from the Simpsons.

Porthos: A beagle character from the popular TV series Star Trek Enterprise.

Rover: One of Snoopy’s brothers.

Rusty: The dog in the 1998 family film Rusty: A Dog’s Tale directed by Shuki Levy.

Shiloh: The loveable beagle from the movie of the same title.

Shoeshine: A regular beagle who is amazingly given super powers and the ability to talk to humans in the Disney movie Underdog.

Snoopy: The most famous beagle, a character created by Charles Schulz in his comic strip Peanuts.

Spike: One of Snoopy’s brothers.

Toby: The mischievous beagle from the 1983 movie “Used Cars” starring Kurt Russell.

Five Famous Beagles

So two guys walk into a one-acre field and release a mouse. They send Beagles, Fox Terriers, and Scottish Terriers out to see who can find the mouse the fastest.

The Scottish Terriers never found the mouse. The Fox Terriers took 15 minutes to find it. And the Beagles found the mouse in less than a minute.

Famous Beagles 3

If there’s a moral to this story — which is a true one based on the research of John Paul Scott and John Fuller in the 1950s — it’s probably simply that Beagles kick butt.

And these scent hounds are so popular that they get their own festival in Phoenix; the 10th Annual BeagleFest is scheduled for Sunday, March 20, at Kiwanis Park. More than 1,000 people and 600 Beagles are expected to attend.

In honor of beagles and their impending festival, we present “Five Famous Beagles:”

Bagel: Like the child of a celebrity, Bagel’s famous by proxy. She was the beloved first Beagle of musician Barry Manilow, and was featured on several of Manilow’s album covers.

Manilow got Bagel in the early 1970s, and when she had puppies, Manilow gave one to Marie Osmond for her 18th birthday on the Donny and Marie Show.

Bagel had died by the early ’90s, but will be forever immortalized on album covers in the “easy listening” and “adult contemporary” sections of record stores.

Snoopy: As the star of the Peanuts comic strip (sorry, Charlie Brown), Snoopy has demonstrated his exceptional skills since his debut on October 4, 1950.

Initially a silent character, Snoopy grew into a dog that essentially thought he was a person: he walks on two legs, reads Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and plays the accordion.

He also takes on other persona, like the World War I Flying Ace, Joe Cool, and even a Flashdance-type character named “Flash Beagle.”

Odie: The main sidekick of Garfield in Jim Davis’ comic strips, Odie is nothing like Snoopy.

He’s dumb, he’s hyper, he drools, and he gets kicked off the table by Garfield all the time. But he’s famous for his idiocy and constantly flapping tongue — just like some people.

Famous Beagles 1

Lyndon Johnson’s beagles: Former United States President Lyndon Johnson had several dogs, but perhaps the best known were Him and Her, Beagles born in 1964.

President Johnson was often photographed walking the dogs, and caught hell from the American public in 1964, when he lifted Him up by his ears while greeting a group of people on the White House lawn.

In 1964, Her died after swallowing a stone, and the following year, Him died after being hit by a car while chasing a squirrel across the White House lawn.

Famous Beagles

You will find information about lots of famous beagles. If you know of any other famous beagles (apart from your own) that we haven’t listed here, please contact our web developer.


Probably the world’s most famous beagle, Snoopy was a character created by Charles Schulz in his comic strip Peanuts. Charles Schulz got it right as Snoopy typifies the beagle character.

Many people are unaware that Charles Schulz actually wrote about many beagles in his Peanuts cartoon. Snoopy had five brothers and sisters that often came to visit: Andy, Belle, Marbles, Spike and Ugly Olaf.


Inspector Gadget and Inspector Gadget 2. Brains was the loveable dog that was the companion of Inspector Gadget. Interestingly enough, Brains was a tan and white beagle in the first Inspector Gadget movie and a tricolour beagle in the second.

Famous Beagles 6

Inspector Gadget 2 was filmed in Queensland where they used two of the stunt dogs from Movie World to play the part of Brains.


This is the latest Disney movie to feature a beagle. Beagles have appeared regularly in Disney movies. Shoeshine is a regular beagle who is amazingly given super powers and the ability to talk to humans.

Underdog is based on the Underdog cartoon and comic book.


From the movie Cats and Dogs. Lou is the beagle puppy that finds himself caught up in canine espionage and becomes the hero when he stops the cats from taking over the world.


Fleegle is the dog character from the hit 1970s television series “The Banana Splits”

Him, Her and Edgar

These were the Beagles owned by former US President Lyndon Baynes Johnson. President Johnson was widely criticised when on national TV he picked up one of his beagles by the ears.

Beagle Boys

Walt Disney’s characters from Duck Tales contains a band of criminals known as The Beagle Boys.


One of the favourite childrens movies of recent times was Shiloh, and the adventures of this loveable beagle. A sequel was also made of the movie.

Beagle Dog

In the Hanna Barbera cartoon Grape Ape, the big purple ape has a constant companion of a beagle.

The Royal Tanenbaums

In this eccentric movie starring an all star cast including Gene Hackman, Bill Murray, Gwenyth Paltrow, Angelica Huston, Danny Golver and Owen Wilson, the family pet in the crisis is their beloved beagle.


The TV series Star Trek: Enterprise has a beagle as its clever mascot on the Star Ship.porthos

Famous Beagles 2


The beagle features in the British television series East Enders.

The Wonder Years

In the TV series The wonder years the family pet is a beagle.

The Manor Born

The family pet in the British comedy TV series is a beagle.


The movie “Regarding Henry” starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening has a beagle as the family pet who provides some love and affection after the main character loses his memory.


Toby was the mischievous beagle from the 1983 movie “Used Cars” starring Kurt Russell.


Barry Manilow is a big fan of beagles and had photos of beagles on several of his album covers. The name of the beagles were “Bagel” and “Biscuit”.

Charles Darwin

The ship that took Darwin on his many voyages of discovery around the world was named The Beagle. That’s why you will find lots of beagles out there named Darwin.

Mars Lander

In 2004 NASA sent a landing craft to the surface of Mars. The name of the lander was The Beagle.

Unfortunately, like many beagles, this Mars lander decided to have a mind of its own and NASA lost control of the craft for several days. There must be some really great smells on the surface of Mars.mars

Apollo 10 Lunar Module

Famous Beagles 3

The Lunar module that took astronauts Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford within 50 000 feet of the lunar surface.

They said that Snoopy was having a good snoop around the moon to bring some valuable information back for the next crew which was the first landing on the moon.


William Shakespeare refers to beagles in his play “Twelfth Night”.


Everyone knows the loyal butler of Bruce Wayne – aka Batman, but did you know that Alfred’s surname is Beagle.

Wallace and Gromit

This loveable animation includes Gromit, the loveable Beagle who is Wallace’s pet dog and best friend.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What celebrities have beagles?” answer-0=”Let’s get a gaze at various celebrity beagle owners. • Helio Castroneves – Tuggy. • Jake Gyllenhaal – Boo (Pug/Beagle mix) • James Herriot – Sam. • Lyndon B. Johnson – Little Beagle, Him, and Her; he also owns or has owned a mixed breed dog named Yuki. • Barry Manilow – Bagel and Biscuit. • KayCee Stroh – Pyper. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Whats a good name for a Beagle?” answer-1=”Most Popular Beagle Names • Charlie. • Bella. • Lucy. • Daisy. • Bailey. • Cooper. • Sadie. • Buddy. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the rarest breed of Beagle?” answer-2=”A Lemon Beagle is a thoroughbred beagle, characterized by its white and lemon-hued coat with hazel-colored eyes. Upon being born, mainly lemon beagles are practically entirely white, however the lemon color begins to divulge itself as they age into adulthood.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What cartoon dogs are beagles?” answer-3=”Either by name or drawing, Beagles have made known in the comic strips or cartoons, Beetle Bailey, Donald Duck, Sherman’s Lagoon, Rhymes with Orange, Strange Brew, Pooch Cafe, Sleepytown Beagles, Mallard Fillmore, Mike du Jour, Ginger Pye, Beagle Boys, and Hudson.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”What is a unique name for a dog?” answer-4=”Here are a few ideas for breezy unique dog names. • Bear. • Zeus. • Ocean. • Orion. • Sabre. • Neo. • Ajay. • Alba. ” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”What dog breed is Snoopy?” answer-5=”Beagle – Snoopy, comic-strip character, a speckled white beagle with an affluent desire life. The pet dog of the luckless Peanuts character Charlie Brown, Snoopy became one of the mainly iconic and adored characters in the history of comics.” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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