How is Technology Helping Pet Dogs?

By Alberto Roy

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Technology is Making Pet Dogs’ Lives Easier

Suppose you’ve plied the roads of any significant or medium-sized town in the West. In that case, you will notice a considerable increase in spas, salons, and other establishments for your dear pet dog, making their life easier and more comfortable. However, you can use the same technologies that these organizations operate in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn what these technologies are and how they can improve your canine’s quality of life.

Automatic Pet Feeders

You’re busy. I get that. You have at least one full-time job. If that wasn’t enough on your plate, you have to raise a family. You may have school-aged kids to chauffeur around. If you do, you would agree with the sentiment that, while kids want pets, they often want to avoid being bothered with the responsibilities associated with taking care of them.

If you’re concerned about dogs growth, it’s essential to ensure that your pet is being fed on time. That’s especially true when feeding them, especially with feeding pet dogs.

So, what are you to do? Your kids would be heartbroken if you didn’t provide for their favorite family member on time, but you may not always remember to do so. Well, don’t fret. Technology comes to the rescue in the form of an automatic pet feeder.

These little devices come in many forms, and their primary function is to ensure that your purebred or mixed pet dog is always well-fed, even when you can’t be counted on to do the task yourself. Automatic pet feeders come in many forms:

  • Gravity feeders – they’re vertical and rectangular shaped. They have one mission, and that is to make sure that your pet’s food bowl is always full. You may not want to use these if your Fido has a habit of overeating.
  • Programmable dog feeders – they work like gravity feeders, but you determine when they work. It would be best if you ideally timed them to when your dog eats.

Automatically Cleaning Litter Boxes

You could always have your dog do their business outside, but most cities don’t allow that. So, instead, you’re stuck with having your dog go inside and clean their litter box. But wait, that can get pretty messy and unpleasant quickly. Is there another solution? There is, and it comes as an automatically cleaning litter box.

As is the case with just about any new technological gadget you can buy that will make your pet dog feel like a king or queen, many different types of self-cleaning litter boxes are on the market. You already have a lot on your plate, so I will simplify your job by describing them by category!

Scooping Rake Automatic litter boxes

These look like state-of-the-art contraptions. You put the litter in the bottom of the box, then you wait for your dog to go to the bathroom enough times. All you have to do to clean the litter box is run the rake across the top.

The rake is attached to the top of the box, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty!

The rake picks up all clumps and deposits them in a box in front of the TV. You must detach the package and dump it into the trash to clean it. If you want, you can wash your hands after doing the deed.

The box tends to be minor, so owning a dog as big as Lassie may be better.

A Rotating Automatic Litter Box

You should think twice about using this if your dog is claustrophobic. This type of litter box consists of many components. These include the litter box, which is in the box itself (which is round.) The litter box has a rectangular base. It looks like those new-age humidifiers popular in America in the 1980s and 1990s.

You can have a clean litter box for your pet Fido to relieve him or herself. What you’ll love the most about this litter box is that you can invite your boss over for dinner and hide the litter box. It’s always odorless, so you’ll never have to worry about an annoying smell irritating your boss.

The Litter Box That Flushes

So, to give your pet a fru-fru delight, you should invest in the self-flushing litter box. It is a little training potty for dogs. Of course, there is no way to potty train a dog, but if you want to make the experience of going for your dog as hassle-free and easy as possible for you and your pet, this is a significant investment.

These types of litter boxes do look like fancy mini toilets. They have a bowl that looks strikingly similar to the toilet bowl you sit on when you must answer nature’s call. You can hook this litter box to the same drain your toilet uses. Just make sure you have your plumber do that.

This litter box will use a screen shaped like an arm to scoop up offensive clumps and deposit them in the bowl. You empty the bowl by pressing a button. Your dog’s excrement and liquid waste will be flushed down the drain.

The Conveyor Auto Cleaning System

It’s a more sophisticated type of litter box for a more sophisticated pet. Your dog takes a dump at the top of the litter box, and his or her waste will travel to the bottom with the help of a mini-escalator. The litter box itself rotates. That ensures that all of the clumps fall directly into the box.

You May Be Able to Understand Your Pet

Right now, you must be good at canine sign language to understand your pet’s woofs and barks. However, there are new technologies on the horizon that are poised to change that. These are pet translators. They will make it possible for you to understand precisely what your pet is saying when they woof or barks.

The Talking Buttons Set

You can buy gadgets that look remarkably similar to the educational toys your kids may have played with as toddlers. One of these is a set of dog translator buttons. As with many things in the modern world, TikTok has played a massive role in catapulting these to superstardom popularity.

You press one or more buttons when your dog ‘talks,’ and the translator will do its best to provide you with a translation that makes sense to most humans.

You Can Use a Doggie Speech Buzzer

Yes, these exist. Now, you don’t have to tear your hair out, scouring the net in the futile hopes of finding a school that teaches doggie language. You can use a doggie speech buzzer to speak with your dog and have them understand and respond to your commands or words.

These little bits of technology translate your spoken words into signals your dog can understand. They then convert your comments into sounds that are audible only to canines. So, now you can talk to your dog without having to raise your voice or try your futile hand at some version of American Sign Language.

Some Apps Will Translate Dog Sounds

Yes, some apps will translate what appears to be unintelligible dog sounds and noises to you into language that you can understand.

You Can Monitor Your Dog’s Health

You’re familiar with the Holter monitor if you have Congenital Heart Disease. It’s a wearable patch that monitors your heart activity for several days. The monitor will send the information about your heart to your cardiologist, and the doctor will interpret the results and discuss them with you. They will also tell you if you need to be on certain medicines based on your heart activity.

The same technologies exist with dogs; they do more than monitor heart activity. You can attach them to your dog’s collar, and they will monitor your dog’s daily activity. They can also tell your vet if your dog develops heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other severe and long-term illnesses.

These technologies will help improve your dog’s overall health and quality of life. You’ll have a much happier dog who is also much more playful. Most of these wearable have apps you can monitor and control from your smartphone or mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do dogs naturally get technology better?

Yes, dogs do naturally understand how to use technology. For example, dogs can understand simple commands you write on iPads and other mobile devices. They can also understand spoken commands given by various mobile devices.

  • How does technology help pets?

Wearable devices can help extend their lifespans and improve their quality of life by monitoring their vitals. That allows these devices to predict future illnesses. It also helps vets diagnose pets better and will enable vets to prescribe more effective meds and treatments for pets.

  • Give an example of a pet smart device.

An intelligent camera will monitor your dog’s activity even when you’re not around. You can watch these devices from your smartphone or other mobile device. So you’ll always have peace of mind that your pet is safe.

Technology is Making Your Dog’s Life Easier

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. If that’s the case, then technology is making it easier for you to live with your best friend!

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