How to Find a Shih Tzu Puppy for Sale

By Alberto Roy

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If there is one dog breed that has enjoyed royal status since a long time, it is the adorable-looking Shih Tzu. It is interesting to note that this breed has its roots in a Chinese legend.

The name ‘Shih Tzu’ literally translates as the ‘lion dog’ in Mandarin. It is considered to be the personal favorite of the Ming dynasty for as long as it reigned in China – 1368 to 1644.

But even more than its legendary origins and name, Shih Tzu is most prized for its sophisticated, amiable nature and deeply loyal heart.

If you were to shop around for Shih Tzu puppies for sale Dallas, you are bound to meet with plush canines that love to cuddle, greet you with an affectionate hug, and let’s not forget those enchanting locks that cascade down the pup’s body! Want to bring home this one-of-its-kind four-legged friend?

Keep reading for important tips to find these puppies for sale Dallas.

Know Your Canine Friend a Little Better

Since you are so fascinated with the Shih Tzu breed, you must have some personal reasons to favor this choice over others. However, it never hurts to know your furry friend more intimately than ever. The Shih Tzu pup has an extremely standout appearance.

Despite being this little, squishy creature, their body is covered with a gorgeous, thick coat of fur.

In fact, Shih Tzu’s coat acts as a versatile canvas for hair styling – think the top-knot with a bow, the puppy cut, and whatnot. This also means that their fur requires heavy maintenance as it is susceptible to overheating issues and tangling.

The Shih Tzu pup has been the classic lap dog for ages – right from its envious Chinese dwellings up to the royal gates of the late Queen Elizabeth, Bill Gates, and Beyonce. Meaning you will need to reserve the coziest nook of your home, lap, or arm exclusively for this pup. This should not be challenging since the Shih Tzu is such a plush toy!

And if you are found wanting in the attention department, fret not! Though appearing a softie, the Shih Tzu is pretty outspoken and sassy (it will assert its need for a toy or a treat from time to time!).

At the heart of it all, what will bind you to your lovely Shih Tzu is its heart of gold. These pups are friendly and eager to share their love with their owners and everybody who walks through your doors.

But remember, they expect nothing less in return! So, ready to know how you can find Shih Tzu puppies for sale Dallas? Listed below are the top tips.

Bring Home Your Ideal Shih Tzu with These Tips

Your ideal Shih Tzu pup is out there, waiting to give and receive tons of love, attention, and fun. But how can you find it? Keep in mind the below-mentioned tips for finding these puppies for sale Dallas

1. Know a Healthy Shih Tzu by its Appearance

Whether you are planning to find Shih Tzu puppies for sale Dallas online or in-store, it is important to know a healthy pup first by its appearance and other tangible qualities. Listed below are some common traits of a pure-bred, happy Shih Tzu puppy –

  • These pups have a slightly curled tail (it’s a hallmark of the breed!).
  • The pup’s ears are heavily coated and gently fall to their sides.
  • The puppy’s coat is generally dense and luxurious to the touch, almost like silk.
  • Check for signs of obesity in the pup. Pure-bred Shih Tzus are small and robust in build but not obese.
  • Shih Tzu’s eyes are usually spread wide apart and dark in color.
  • Even if it’s a video call, try interacting or notice the pup’s interactions with those around. Shih Tzus are rarely ever grim or silent. They are lively, playful, and full of eager love.

2.      Ensure the Supplier Provides All the Essentials

Some suppliers of Shih Tzu puppies for sale Dallas will offer you a complete pup-care package which includes toys the pup can play with and other goodies.

Even if they don’t, the supplier should at least provide all the necessary documentation that proves the Shih Tzu pup for sale is pure-bred and healthy. The most vital documents are the health certificate and the registration papers.

You should receive a vet guarantee stating that the puppy is in sound health and suffers from no genetic disorders. Without these documents, do not trust any puppy supplier to be genuine.

3.      Try going back to the Pup’s Roots

What this means is to try to know or, better yet meet with the Shih Tzu pup’s parents, especially the mother. Just like humans, the puppy’s initial days are key to building its health and temperament.

This is not to say that every Shih Tzu puppy does not have its unique temperament. But certain issues pass down from the parents to the pup. For instance – If the Shih Tzu’s pup’s parents are aggressive, it is likely that the pup will face the same issues.

If not, meet; at least ask the supplier about the pup’s parents, where they are currently, their health, etc.

You’re All Set to Welcome an Adorable Shih Tzu!

As you prepare to look for Shih Tzu puppies on sale Dallas, go through your chosen supplier’s credentials and online reviews. If possible, ask your social circle for their word-of-mouth.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. A Shih Tzu puppy is unmistakably distinct in its appearance, temperament, and social abilities. When you find a healthy, pure-bred pup, you’ll just know. So, what’s stopping you now?

Welcome home a charming Shih Tzu along with its relevant documentation, and gear up for one wild and adventurous ride as you love and take care of it!

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