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Many people neglect that Rabbits / Bunnies can get fleas as well! Although bunnies obtain fleas much less regularly than their feline or pet dog counterparts, they can catch the scratchy animals from various other family members animals or from wild bunnies. So, please read on to know How To Treat Rabbit Fleas.

If you are worried that your rabbit may have fleas, review our professional guidance listed below or publication an appointment with your local veterinarian.

Sadly, like several various other family pets, it is feasible for bunnies to get fleas. They can get fleas when playing outdoors or from your various other home family pets who have accessibility to the outdoors.

How To Treat Rabbit Fleas

You could even unwittingly bring fleas right into the house on your clothes if you take place to find right into contact with them outside. The bright side is, fleas in rabbits are easily dealt with.

Rabbit fleas can be treated by utilizing a flea comb and also a topical flea drug. The fleas on your rabbit should be removed within 1-2 days.

You ought to extensively clean up the area to stop reinfection. Fleas seldom cause serious health problem, but if left neglected, the rabbit can establish anemia.

Since bunny composition is extremely various from pet cats and canines, a lot of the treatments available for other animals are not safe for bunnies.

While I do attempt to do as much study as feasible to give you risk-free details when treating your rabbit, I am not a veterinarian. It is always best to call your bunny veterinarian for the most up-to-date information on secure flea treatments as well as medicines.

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Indications that your bunny has fleas?

Some bunnies might not show any type of signs of a flea invasion, yet signs of a flea problem can consist of:

  • Your bunny nibbling or biting at their skin. If you have greater than one rabbit, or any other furry pet dogs in the house, you may see them additionally itching. You might also be itching on your own, and also see red bumps on your skin where fleas have attacked, particularly if your rabbit lives inside.
  • Flea dirt. Flea eggs are white and hard to find, yet flea dust (a mix of flea poo and also dried blood) can often be seen on the skin of family pets who have fleas This appears like little red brownish specks, as well as can be misinterpreted for grains of soil.
  • A great examination to see if flecks on your rabbit’s layer are actual dirt or flea dust is the damp paper examination. Obtain some damp paper towel or cotton wool as well as gently wipe up a few of the specks. If the area around the speck transforms reddish-brown, it’s flea dust.
  • Live fleas. You might be able to see real-time fleas in your bunny’s layer if you split the hair or stroke them in reverse. Fleas are really fast though, and also can be difficult to spot! Along the spinal column as well as around the neck are excellent places to look.
  • Anaemia. In greatly ravaged bunnies, a flea infestation can create so much blood loss that the bunny comes to be anaemic. This can look like weakness, and also light periodontals.
  • Loss of hair and scaling. Patches of hair loss, and also dandruff-like skin scaling may be seen on your bunny, giving them a moth-eaten appearance.

Several of these indicators can additionally be seen with other skin bloodsuckers or illness. If you see any one of these signs, obtaining your rabbit had a look at by your regional vet can ensure you obtain the ideal diagnosis as well as therapy.

Myxomatosis as well as fleas.

Although fleas are uncommon in bunnies, they do feature a huge risk. Fleas are capable of transmitting the rabbit virus myxomatosis, which is almost always fatal.

Fortunately, bunnies can be vaccinated versus myxomatosis, which offers protection against this serious disease.

Stopping your Rabbit obtaining fleas?

Veterinarians do not suggest routine therapy versus fleas as it is fairly unusual. In families with felines and pets, keeping their flea protection as much as date need to supply security for your rabbits too.

If you do see indicators of fleas in your bunny, your veterinarian can suggest rabbit-safe therapy which is quickly used.

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What to do when your bunny has fleas!

Treating Rabbit Fleas

If your bunny currently has fleas, do not panic! Although an invasion can take some time to get rid of, your veterinarian will certainly aid supply you with every little thing you require to get on top of fleas in your house or hutch.

To have a look at which of our family animals can get fleas, look at our devoted flea homepage.

For Indoor Rabbits (Treat Rabbit Fleas)

  • Treat all rabbits, pet cats as well as pets in the home with flea therapy.
  • Inspect other furry member of the family very carefully to inspect they are not also plagued, and also treat if called for.
  • Deal with ALL through your house.
  • Treat cats and dogs with flea therapy consistently going forward.

The initial population of fleas can be reduced by:

  • Flea therapy for all family pets.
  • Flea-killing house spray (see to it to review to security tag).
  • Rug cleansing.
  • Routine hoovering as well as sweeping, consisting of in the darkest and also hardest to get to areas– Do not forget to get rid of the dirt bag from your hoover after every use, else the flea larvae may get away back out!
  • Hot washing fabrics at over 60 levels, as this will damage any type of fleas.

By doing all the above you can substantially reduce the variety of fleas in your house. The flea therapy for your pets will certainly transform them into walking ‘flea awesomes’ and suggests that grown-up fleas will certainly pass away without producing anymore eggs.

How To Treat Rabbit Fleas5

By dealing with your house, you will certainly eliminate or get rid of many of the eggs and also pupae that can be located in the residence.

For Outside Rabbits (Treat Rabbit Fleas)

Treat all bunnies, felines as well as pet dogs in the home with flea therapy. Check various other hairy relative thoroughly to inspect they are not likewise ravaged, and also treat if needed.

If any type of interior animals have fleas, make certain to deal with your house in addition to the outdoor hutch.

Tidy as well as sanitize the hutch extensively. Make sure to read the warning classifies meticulously on any type of cleaners, and do not place your bunny back right into a treated hutch till it is safe to do so.

Treating Your Pet Bunny for Fleas

You observe eventually that your rabbit is scraping himself often. Upon further evaluation, you discover little brown droppings in his fur. Then you snoop the little pests hemming and haw your bunny’s ears and also nose.

Yes, your bunny has fleas. You can not locate any type of rabbit-specific flea treatments at the pet store, so just how do you know what’s safe for your bunny?

Rabbit Flea Therapies

A common flea awesome utilized on pet cats and also dogs is fipronil. This ingredient is safe for pet cats as well as pet dogs however can kill rabbits. Never ever treat your bunny with a flea treatment that your vet has not confirmed is rabbit-safe.

Veterinary prescription products are readily available that are completely licenced for rabbits, and getting one of these from your vet is the best as well as most efficient way to deal with fleas on your rabbit.

Keep felines and also pet dogs who have been treated with a fipronil-based product away from bunnies for several days.

How To Treat Rabbit Fleas1

Rabbit flea therapies are most frequently in the form of spot-ons. Please note that flea dips and shampoos are not advised for rabbits.

Risk of fleas for your health and wellness?

Our major UK fleas are not really picky, and are more than happy to snack on an unwary human! Making us scratchy and sore, flea attacks are often an undesirable advertise of the existence of fleas in the residence.

Flea bites can likewise trigger more than scratchy skin. Bartonella (also called pet cat scratch disease) can be sent by flea faeces; either by being mistakenly ingested, or by entering little breaks in the skin.

Triggering a reduced quality fever and swelling of the lymph nodes, bartonella infection can often be misinterpreted for the influenza, and in a lot of cases resolves on its own.

Sadly, nonetheless, in some people bartonella infection can create as well as trigger chronic tiredness and migraines, and might end up being extremely devastating.

Safe Flea Treatments for Rabbits

If there are just a few fleas, then a flea comb will certainly do the trick. Thoroughly brush your bunny’s fur, as well as dip the comb in cozy soapy water or alcohol to drown the fleas. Make sure to rinse the comb before applying it to your rabbit once again.

In extra extreme situations, you can carry out a rabbit-safe topical remedy, which includes Benefit ®, Revolution ® (Stronghold ® in Europe ), or Program ®. Consult your rabbit-savvy veterinarian for correct dose and also application guidelines.

The remedy should be applied to the rear of the bunny’s neck where he/she can not lick it off. If you have more than one bunny, they must be separated so they can not lick the drug off each other’s backs; ingestion can create stomach problems.

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Risky Flea Therapies to Stay Clear Of

Never make use of Frontline ® or Guard ® as flea treatments in bunnies These medicines create adverse responses in rabbits, consisting of fatality in many cases.

You should also avoid flea collars. Not just can bunnies hurt themselves attempting to attack the collar off, the chemical dosage on the flea collar is generally too expensive.

Flea dips as well as powders must also be stayed clear of. Bathrooms are really demanding for rabbits, and also your bunny could go into shock. Flea powders, consisting of natural powders, can contain chemicals that are dangerous to rabbits.

Flea Therapies for Rabbits

Fleas may be an irritating pest, yet if taken care of swiftly they are not most likely to be a significant risk to your rabbit.

You simply need to ensure you make use of risk-free flea treatments. Most of the products that you can obtain over the counter have components that are not risk-free to make use of with bunnies as well as can trigger extreme side effects.

Safe Medications for Fleas in Rabbits

As a basic regulation, cat flea medications are mosting likely to be much safer than pet dog flea medications, however there are extremely few that are evaluated for safety and security with rabbits.

The medication that is best referred to as being secure for bunnies is Advantage (by Bayer). This is the only over the counter flea medicine that is identified as secure, nevertheless it can still have some small side effects for sensitive bunnies.

Benefit should not be made use of with rabbits who are younger than 8 weeks old or with elderly bunnies, so it’s ideal to consult your vet prior to using the product.

You will additionally need to decrease the dose of the medicine to lower the chances of creating skin inflammation.

The various other bunny flea treatment that is risk-free to make use of is Transformation (called Fortress in the UK). This is a prescription drug and also can just be acquired via a vet.

This is additionally what is utilized to treat and avoid various other bloodsuckers such as ticks and mites. Your vet may suggest the prescription if your bunny is sensitive to Advantage or there are other health and wellness concerns for your rabbit.

Both of these drugs eliminate the insects with their life process, including grown-up fleas, larvae, and eggs. It will certainly also avoid a recurring infestation on your rabbit for 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, you will certainly need to clean your home to stop the fleas from returning after this amount of time.

If you have numerous bunnies, you might need to divide them temporarily to avoid them from grooming each other for a few hours after applying the medication.

They are both topical therapies that are positioned on the neck in the back of the ears and require time to disperse with the rabbit’s layer.

Flea Combs

Flea combs can assist to catch adult fleas as well as decrease the variety of the insect bothering your bunny.

By itself, this is not likely to address an extreme flea problem, yet it can aid reduce a few of the anguish of your bunny, to keep them from being bitten by fleas all day.

To use a flea comb:

  • Get a container of soapy water all set (you can use recipe soap).
  • Make your bunny comfortable as well as start brushing via your bunny’s hair to eliminate the fleas, eggs, and flea dirt.
  • As the flea comb collects debris, wash it in the soapy water to eliminate the fleas.
  • Repeat the process twice a day for a week to see if the situation has enhanced. If there are still a lot of fleas, you will possibly need to consider one of the rabbit-safe medications.

This technique may additionally be tough with bunnies who are extremely sensitive to brushing.

Numerous bunnies despise the sensation of being combed as well as will certainly obtain very stressed out if you have to comb them for hrs every day. If this is the case, it’s a better idea to utilize the medication after getting advice for dose from your vet.

Cleansing your rabbit’s room and your residence.

If your rabbit has fleas, after that there are mosting likely to be fleas and also eggs in their habitat and also residence. You are going to require to tidy as well as disinfect everything around your bunny, including the carpetings and also furnishings.

If you do not clean the environment, your bunny will become reinfected as soon as the medicine wears off. This implies you’ll need to extensively cleanse your bunny’s unit and all locations of your house.

The first thing you’ll want to do is wash whatever you can. Any kind of rabbit bedding, like towels and also blankets, should enter the laundry along with your very own clothes, bedding, and curtains.

Fleas can quickly spread from one location of your house to one more on your garments, even if the bunny only has access to one area.

You also intend to thoroughly vacuum the whole house daily up until you no longer see any type of fleas. Ensure to pay special interest to corners and underneath areas that have much less foot web traffic.

To examine if there are still a great deal of fleas around, attempt walking with intense white socks. Fleas are drawn in to light shades, so if there are numerous left they’ll be brought in to your socks as you walk around. This way you’ll know how close you are to lastly being eliminate the parasites.

Various other pointers for cleaning your residence include:

  • Utilize a dehumidifier: fleas grow in wet environments.
  • Vacant your vacuum outside after every usage.
  • Wash your garments with vinegar to help eliminate the fleas.
  • Sprinkle common salt on the rugs or furniture to kill flea eggs.

You can likewise make use of a boric acid flea treatment (such as Fleabusters), to clear your house of fleas.

This is mostly safe to be utilized around rabbits, however it can trigger some skin or respiratory inflammation. So if you utilize Fleabusters, be sure to maintain your bunnies out of the room for the following 12-24 hrs.

Flea treatments that are NOT secure for rabbits.

You intend to be extremely careful when selecting a flea treatment for your rabbit. The majority of those available for felines and pets can cause severe negative effects in bunnies.

Some are so poor that they can in fact be deadly. This is why I always advise contacting a vet before starting the use of any type of flea product.

Flea Powders.

Flea powders are a sort of grey location for bunnies. There are some flea powders that are safe, but most include ingredients that should not be made use of around rabbits.

You particularly intend to avoid any flea powders that contain the ingredients pennyroyal, eucalyptus, and pyrethrin (which includes flea powders marketed as ‘natural options’).

These active ingredients are toxic to rabbits if ingested, as well as bunnies will most definitely be licking a few of the powder. I recommend staying clear of flea powders unless you can verify with a bunny veterinarian that all the active ingredients included are safe for rabbits.


The best way to guarantee your rabbit is flea-free is prevention. Usage space sprays or flea bombs to free your residence of fleas.

You can additionally apply boric acid such as Fleabusters ® to the carpet. Simply be sure to maintain your rabbit out of the cured location for at the very least 1 day after using any ecological flea therapy.

A flea bath/flea hair shampoo

Flea bathrooms are not advised for bunnies. Like the powders, lots of flea dip formulas include components that are not safe for bunnies. Even if you locate one that has risk-free active ingredients, baths are not good for rabbits.

Generally, it’s a negative idea to provide rabbits a bath unless you understand what you’re doing because it’s really demanding as well as possibly harmful. Prevent these all together as well as opt for a different type of flea solution.

A flea collar

Flea collars are totally unsafe for bunnies for 2 factors:

You should not cover anything around a rabbit’s neck. Rabbits have different anatomy from felines as well as pet dogs and can easily hurt themselves when they have something around their neck. This is why vets do not use cones for bunnies after clinical treatments also.

The dose of flea treatment on the collar is too high for rabbits. Bunnies need a smaller sized dose of flea therapy contrasted to pet cats or pet dogs. Since you can not change the dosage on a collar, it can create serious adverse effects for a rabbit.

Risky Drugs

You need to truly avoid any kind of sort of flea medicine that was not mentioned in the previous area. As far as I recognize, only Benefit and Transformation are presently considered safe for rabbits.

This implies you should additionally prevent any type of type of knock-off flea treatments that claim to have similar effects.

A lot of these off-brand items include permethrin, which can trigger seizures in rabbits. Only the brand are known to be risk-free, so don’t attempt to save money by obtaining a different item.

Frontline has been known to trigger extreme seizures in bunnies and has actually led to casualties. Frontline is not planned for use with rabbits or any other small animal.

If you already utilized the product, contact your veterinarian immediately and also wash the topical medicine off making use of warm soapy water.

Are there any type of secure all-natural remedies for fleas?

The best all-natural solution for doing away with fleas is to simply put in the time to make use of a flea brush two times a day to by hand eliminate the fleas from your rabbit’s layer.

Various other natural flea repellents ought to not be consumed by bunnies, so they are not secure to utilize on your bunny (this includes the all-natural flea powders).

To clear fleas from the remainder of your home, there are some natural treatments you can make use of.

  • Sprinkle salt on the ground after vacuuming to dehydrate as well as kill remaining flea eggs
  • Usage food-grade diatomaceous earth, specifically around food bowls as well as outdoor backyard
  • Using vinegar when cleansing likewise functions as a flea repellent
  • Bayleaf, rosemary, and also sage can likewise serve as natural flea repellents

Exactly how did your rabbit get fleas?

If you have an interior bunny, you may be questioning exactly how your rabbit got fleas to start with.

Fleas are most typical in outdoor rabbits and with rabbits that share a residence with pet dogs that go outside. Even if you do not have various other animals, you can still bring fleas right into your home on your clothing.

From various other family pets. A lot of the moment, fleas are brought right into the residence by one more family pet and then spread to the rabbit.

From your garments. If you entered contact with a pet dog or cat that had fleas, they can ride on your clothing into your home and contaminate your rabbit.

From outside play. Your rabbit can also be unfortunate and agreement fleas from just being outside on the turf.

Exactly How To Stop Fleas in Rabbits

The very best means to handle fleas is to, of course, not obtain them to begin with. The risk of getting fleas is little if you have no other pet dogs that have accessibility to the outdoors, particularly pet dogs who are a lot more social animals. Nevertheless, there are some precautions you can take whatever your living situation is:

  • Keep your bunny inside. Home rabbits are much less most likely to contract fleas due to the fact that they won’t enter contact with the eggs or bloodsuckers in the lawn.
  • Use preventative flea therapies for other house animals. Any kind of animals that go outdoors on a regular basis might benefit from a preventative topical flea repellent.
  • Don’t let your rabbit come into contact with other pets. Fleas usually travel from one animal to an additional, so it’s simplest to stay clear of fleas by preventing contact with other animals.
  • Wash your hands and also garments after getting home. If you return from a house that has pet dogs (especially canines), it’s ideal to change garments as soon as possible.
  • Treat your home for fleas annually. You can treat your residence with Fleabusters or a comparable product on an annual basis as a preventative step to fleas.
  • Use diatomaceous earth around exterior play areas. Diatomaceous planet is a natural substance that eliminates fleas and is safe to make use of around bunnies and also humans.

Indications of fleas in Rabbits

Fleas are usually quite easy to identify because they show up to the human eye. You’ll be able to see the little insect creeping around in your rabbit’s fur. If you remain in uncertainty, you can likewise obtain a main medical diagnosis from a qualified vet.

Other signs and symptoms that you’ll see if your rabbit has fleas include:

  • Too much itchiness. You’ll notice your rabbit scratching more than usual, to the extent that they may scrape themselves.
  • Flea dirt. Flea dirt is flea droppings. It will appear like tiny flecks of coffee premises at the base of your rabbit’s hair roots.
  • Bite marks. Fleas will certainly bite the rabbit creating tiny red bite bumps throughout the rabbit’s skin.
  • Hair loss. As a result of extreme scraping and also flea bites, your bunny will begin to shed spots of hair.

Can fleas create any type of serious negative effects in rabbits

For the most part, fleas will not create significant signs and symptoms in rabbits. Your rabbit might impulse themselves enough to trigger scrapes on their skin which can possibly result in a skin infection. But this is hardly ever the instance if your bunny is dealt with promptly.

Nevertheless, if you do not take steps to remove the fleas, it can result in a severe infestation. With numerous fleas attacking and also sucking blood from your bunny, it can result in anemia.

In this situation, your bunny will have pale periodontals, a raised heart rate, and also will have an absence of power. If the signs have actually reached this degree, most likely to your local veterinarian to give your bunny specialist medical interest.

If you reside in a location where the infection myxomatosis exists (mostly in Europe or Australia), fleas can send the disease. If your rabbit is not immunized, this is an extremely harmful condition.

Can a rabbit spread fleas to human beings or various other pets?

Bunnies can spread fleas to various other family pets in the household. Regularly, they are the ones that got the fleas from a home pet dog or pet cat, but unless all family pets are treated for fleas, the trouble will not get settled.

Fleas don’t typically survive on humans, yet they can bite us and also socialize on our clothing. You’re more than likely to see attacks around areas of tight garments, such as your ankles where your socks sit.

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