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A medium-sized, black-furred pet that looks much like a black Labrador, the Majorca Shepherd Dog Pet has survived on Majorcan farms for lots of centuries. They are robustly developed, with muscle back arm or legs, ensuring that they can efficiently herd stock for hrs on end without tiring.

This big sampling with a specific appearance is an amazing pet gifted with wonderful commitment and remarkable courage.

His strong character has to be absolutely grasped and controlled. He is the excellent pet for single individuals because he does not such as to share his love with other people. He will just be faithful to one master.

His battling personality as well as safety instinct ought to be thought about before acquiring one.

The master should prepare to buy a firm and also constant education as well as needs to recognize the dog he will be dealing with because as soon as he has actually won him, his pet dog will certainly not wish to part with him and will certainly be for life dedicated.

Majorca Shepherd Dog

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This working pet dog requires a lot of exercise to maintain them web content, as well as otherwise kept a farm, need to be offered with a variety of tasks each day to ensure their needs are fulfilled.

Regrettably, the Majorca Shepherd Dog has a credibility for being territorial– a characteristic that is tough to educate out of them and can cause troubles when fulfilling brand-new individuals or pet dogs.

Regarding & Background

Likewise known as the Ca de Bestiar or Perro de Priest Mallorquin, the Majorca Shepherd Pet dog is thought to have remained in existence considering that ancient times.

With the years, this canine would certainly have bred with a range of neighborhood Majorcan pet dogs, in addition to other European Shepherd canines, and it was not up until 1970 that any limitations were put on its breeding.

As a matter of fact, its type standard was just written as recently as 1980. It remained in 2006 that the UKC recognised the breed within their Herding Dog Team.

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Treasured with the centuries by the Spaniards for its capacity to be a versatile ranch canine, the Majorca Guard Dog Pet was made use of both to shepherd groups and to guard residential or commercial property as well as pets.

It has actually also been reported that the Majorca Guard Dog was extensively used in pet combating– a method that is currently unlawful. While still used on farms today, as well as likewise commonly maintained as a companion pet, this type is hardly ever seen worldwide and is thought about a rare type

Background of this type.

Very prevalent over the past decades in the Balearic Islands, the Majorca Guard Pet is originally from Spain. The breed nearly disappeared at a certain time but the relentlessness of some passionate breeders allowed him to remain very much to life.

Originally used to guard groups, the Majorca Guard Pet was, in the 20th century, in wonderful need for guarding building.

2 selections exist according to the conventional developed in 1982, one short-haired and the various other long-haired. The most common in Spain is the Shorthaired Shepherd. His smooth coat is very popular in his residence nation.

It was in 1992 that he stood for the very first time on display in the city of Valencia, in Spain. He is significantly appreciated for guarding and protection, yet not always appropriate for the household. His fighting reaction makes him an optimal canine for singles.

Health and wellness of the Majorca Shepherd Dog

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This sturdy pet dog is extremely durable as well as rarely gets ill. The type is not impacted by any type of particular pathology and the specimens usually age in excellent health and wellness if they are able to exercise a great deal on a daily basis.


The Majorca Guard Pet should be brushed daily. Even if it is short, his winter season layer enables him to stand up to the weather condition rigors but it needs an excellent brushing everyday. On the other hand, no other particular maintenance is essential.

Looks & Appearance

The Majorca Guard Canine is a medium-sized dog that is similar in appearance to a black Labrador, though more athletic in its construct. Made to herd lamb as well as livestock, it is important that this breed be ingenious on its feet and also have excellent, total muscling.

The muzzle of this canine is longer than the head and also includes a straight nasal bridge. Their black nose blends in with their black hair and can be hard to make out in dark light!

Their eyes are reasonably small and also may be amber or brownish, set commonly apart on their face. Their pendulous ears should not be cropped, and are of a medium size, hanging near their face.

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Their body is developed for feature, with a short as well as strong neck, a deep breast and right back, supported by muscle limbs.

Their portable feet allow for an agile stride as well as end in black claws. Their tail must not be docked as well as reaches approximately to the degree of the hocks.

The black fur of the Majorca Guard Dog is short and straight. They have a fine undercoat. A percentage of white hair on the breast is accepted, though it is not allowed any other place.

A variant of the Majorca Shepherd Pet with longer black fur (7cm in size instead of 2cm) has been explained. While one may assume that a black layer is much from suitable in a cozy, Mediterranean climate, these pet dogs anecdotally succeed in hot weather.

Many Majorca Shepherd Dogs procedure in between 56cm and also 61cm, evaluating around 35-40kg.

Majorca Guard Dog Breed Appearance

This large pet but not too huge, has a well proportioned figure. With a muscle as well as solid build, he still has an extremely active and also noble look regardless of his fantastic toughness. His physical attributes are not unlike those of the black Labrador Retriever.

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Between 66 and 73 cm (25.98 to 28.74 inches) for the man

In between 40 and also 50 centimeters (15.75 to 19.69 inches) for the woman


In between 20 and 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 pounds) for the male

In between 20 as well as 27 kg (44.09 to 59.52 extra pounds) for the female


The only certified outfit is black, gently populated with white just on the feet as well as upper body.


The coat is instead soft as well as great, whether lengthy or brief. The short coat has an also finer undercoat and the long layer is about 3 inches (7cm) and a little wavy.


His head has a somewhat arched head with a marked quit. His small almond-shaped eyes are a rather shade ranging from light to dark honey. His ears are triangular and also average size. His nose is black.

According to the FCI types nomenclature, this type comes from team 1, area 1 and is # 321.

Personality of Majorca Guard Dog

The Majorca Guard Canine has a character that would be expected in a farm pet: energised, protective as well as brave. They will vigilantly patrol their land, herd their group as well as safeguard their area.

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They will easily advise off any kind of burglar as well as have the potential to end up being hostile if the scenario warrants it. Their plucky perspective makes for a headstrong pet dog that typically develops a leading personality.

An independent heart, the Majorca Shepherd Canine is made use of to working alone, and is content to be the only canine in the home. In spite of this, they will bond with their master, constantly happy to jump to their defense.

When brand-new individuals show up in their home, they are dubious of them and can be hostile. Owners need to work hard to make sure these pet dogs are socialised from a young age as well as do not become a danger to new residence guests.

The territorial nature of the Majorca Shepherd Pet dog is an inherent attribute and also not one that owners are most likely to be able to eliminate entirely.

As the Majorca Shepherd Dog Pet is thought to have when been used as a fighting dog and is usually willful as well as defensive, they are not suggested as a type for a novice owner or for a household with kids.

Character of the Majorca Shepherd Dog (Canine).

Noble, intelligent, faithful, manageable, caring and also special, the Majorca Guard Canine is the canine of one master. He is really suspicious of complete strangers and also rejects to let them technique.

This guardian at heart is extremely bold as well as will certainly stop at nothing to protect his master or his home. He is of an instead aggressive nature as much with complete strangers as with various other pet dogs.

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He has a strong character as well as sociability is not truly one of his top qualities.


It is necessary that training is started asap in the canine’s life to make certain the growth of reasonable habits within the residence. Because of this canine’s propensity to be reckless, a proprietor should insist their position of prominence beforehand.

A smart pet dog, the Majorca Guard Pet reacts finest to favorable support training. Uniformity is essential, and all family members ought to have the very same guidelines for the dog.

When it involves their work, the Majorca Shepherd Canine naturally understands how to herd, patrol and also guard and also needs little in the method of training to carry out these jobs.

Proprietors need to concentrate on appropriate and also thorough socialisation of this type when they are pups, exposing them to a wide variety of individuals and also animals.

Health details of Majorca Guard Dog.

Many reproduce participants live from 11 to 13 years. They are normally hardy and also healthy, however proprietors as well as breeders must watch for the following conditions:.

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Stomach Bloat.

It has actually been reported that pets with deep chests are extra prone to creating gastric bloat. It is difficult to predict which pet dogs will create bloat in their life times and also which will not.

Impacted canines will certainly have a noticeably ‘puffed up’ abdomen (as if they contain air). They will certainly show up very awkward, commonly pacing as well as panting.

Some dogs will start to gag unproductively. In more major situations, the dog’s belly will certainly twist over, capturing the gas within.

This is referred to as a Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus as well as is a deadly emergency that needs instant medical modification if the pet dog is to endure.

Hip Dysplasia.

While any type of canine can develop hip dysplasia, it tends to be tool to large-sized pure-bred pet dogs that will struggle with it. Hip dysplasia can be handed down genetically as well as is affected by a number of elements consisting of diet as well as way of living.

While very early indicators of the illness can be refined, canines in the later stages are visibly unsatisfactory and awkward.

They will certainly frequently lose the muscular tissue mass over their back limbs and discover it difficult to stand as well as stroll. A variety of therapy options exist consisting of dental drug, surgical procedures as well as lifestyle alterations.

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Most of pets will certainly get a progressing and also multi-modal therapy strategy throughout their lifetime.

Workout and Task Degrees.

Hour-long, daily strolls are a minimum for this energised canine that likes to be out and also around, always on the go. They ought to have the opportunity to stroll around great deals of land and shouldn’t be restricted to little homes.

Functioning canines naturally, they thrive when given a job to do as well as quickly end up being bored if not supplied with sufficient mental as well as physical stimulation.

Proprietors should try to maintain their schedule fun as well as differed, providing the chance to run, herd, swim and play.

If under-stimulated, the Majorca Shepherd Canine is extremely most likely to create unwanted actions within the residence, which might consist of attention deficit disorder as well as extreme barking propensities.


Even those breed members with longer layers require little in the method of grooming. Brushing them with one or two times a week will certainly get rid of dead hair and also distribute the oils along their coat.

Bathing them is to be avoided as their fur does not require normal cleansing. Occasional bathrooms can be given if the dog ends up being particularly dirty or foul-smelling.

The swinging ears of the Majorca Shepherd Canine can come to be infected, especially if they such as to splash as well as swim often. The risk of this occurring can be decreased by using an ear cleaner every 1-2 weeks and also drying out ear canals after direct exposure to dampness.

Famous Majorca Guard Dogs.

Primarily separated to their native land, there are no well-known Majorca Guard Dogs.


While lots of owners of the Majorca Shepherd Canine mistakenly assume that they have a ‘Lab cross’, actual cross-breeds of the Majorca Guard Dog are rare.

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