The Leading Online Portals for Veterinary Learning

By Alberto Roy

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Veterinary learning has come a long way in the last few years, and many online portals have emerged that offer excellent resources for veterinarians.

From educational videos to online programs and webinars, these online portals provide a wealth of information for those looking to further their knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine.

Online Portals for Veterinary Learning

This article will look at some of the leading online portals for vet learning. We will discuss the features and types of resources they offer to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

We will also discuss how these online portals can help you stay up-to-date on the latest advances in veterinary medicine and provide access to valuable resources from experts in the field.

Websites For Online Veterinary Learning

Despite the abundance of online vet resources, veterinarians are still searching for high-quality educational resources. Veterinary professionals, for example, are looking for portals that offer opportunities to earn continuing education credits.

They want to access portals where they can earn CE from home with time flexibility and without commuting to institutes.

Whether you are a veterinary professional or a student, we have a perfect list for you. We will enlist portals offering many resources, such as educational programs, webinars, CE courses, etc.

Here are some of the best online veterinary learning platforms you can benefit from:


AVMA Axon is AVMA’s digital education center. Whether you’re a veterinarian, technician, practice manager, or other team member, the AVMA has you covered.

AVMA Axon offers an entire library of convenient, easy-to-use CE courses, with the promise that you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned right away.

In addition to courses, there are many more resources. For example, you can study critical and timely topics taught by veterinary leaders on important issues. Hence, gain access to a variety of learning resources on AVMA.

The major resources AVMA offers are:

  • Courses
  • Recorded Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Certificate Program


Zoetis Learning Solutions offers RACE-approved online veterinary CE. They offer a wide range of CE-eligible animal health courses, learning plans, and live interactive webinars.

These will help you better understand critical disease conditions and keep you up-to-date on the most recent industry advancements in animal health solutions.

In addition, Zoetis Learning Solutions generates and stores your certificates automatically upon course completion. So, this portal is perfect for high-quality online education that you can access whenever convenient.

The resources you can avail at Zoetis are:

  • Certified courses
  • Learning plans
  • Webinars


VetFolio’s educational resources are available to the global veterinary community. It provides high-quality education to all members of the veterinary profession. In addition, VetFolio publishes new content weekly, covering a wide range of veterinary topics.

You can choose from hundreds of hours of online education divided into different learning styles. Hence, experience the latest and most versatile learning solutions through VetFolio.

Vetfolio offers the following learning resources:

  • Voice Podcasts
  • On-demand Sessions
  • Live Webinars
  • Journal Articles
  • Certified Courses


Vetcetera offers resources on new and advanced topics for veterinary CE. Their online portal provides various learning styles to accommodate busy experts. For example, Vetcetra offers access to live webinars, on-demand videos, blogs, whitepapers, and many other resources.

In addition, Vetcetera provides downloadable resources to help the veterinary community. Its CE certificates help veterinarians maintain their licences, expand their practice, and sharpen their skills.

Vetcetra offers the following learning resources:

  • Live Webinars
  • On-demand videos
  • Blogs
  • Courses


VetandTech provides a variety of veterinary resources to help people learn. For example, it offers Educational programs, free and paid CE courses, webinars, and guides.

In addition, veterinary professionals can earn CE credits and attend webinars hosted by top veterinary speakers.

It also serves as a learning opportunity for veterinarians and pet owners who want to improve the health of their pets. For example, anyone can read up on common diseases and surgical procedures to enhance pet health.

VetandTech offers the following learning resources:

  • Webinars
  • CE Courses
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Vet Resources

Vet Education

VetEducation provides veterinarians, veterinary nurses, veterinary technicians, and support staff with high-quality online continuing education. They have RACE-accredited courses and webinars that count for CPD points globally.

In addition, they provide practical and relevant distance learning solutions. They also offer continuing education opportunities where you can learn the most up-to-date information from experienced veterinarians. Furthermore, their webinars and conferences are recorded and available for later viewing.

Vet Education offers the following learning resources:

  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Blog
  • Podcast


Vet Bloom has created several curricula, continuing education, and skill protocols to help veterinary professionals grow. They provide RACE-approved CE courses to keep your credentials up to date.

Furthermore, their library covers a wide range of topics focused on particular topics. Learners progress from direct instruction to simulations in a variety of learning experiences. VetBloom is a good learning option to earn CE credits with online veterinary courses.

VetBloom offers the following learning resources:

  • On-demand courses
  • Blogs
  • Programs
  • Events

Wrapping Up

Online Portals for Veterinary Learning1

In a nutshell, the online opportunities for gaining veterinary knowledge are limitless. Several major platforms provide free and paid veterinary educational resources.

The veterinary community is rapidly evolving, and it is imperative for veterinary professionals to keep up with trends through learning.

Online programs, webinars, courses, and other learning solutions are available to veterinary professionals who want to further their education. Examine the various platforms to find the one that is best for you.

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