44 Pitbull Mix Breeds With Photos : Stunning Pitbull Mixes Dogs

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Pit Bulls receive a lot of negative press. However, they’re not born aggressive and are bred in that manner. Perhaps Pitbull Terrier and Pitbull Mix didn’t have the opportunity to be socialized in their early years, or maybe their owners abused or starved them until they were old enough to be. It’s good to know that there’s a great and uplifting story to each one of the depressing ones.

To show that any dog can be adorable, regardless of the amount of Pit Bull is in their genetics, we’ve compiled the top 10 of the most adorable mixes that this breed has produced. From playful pups to smart old-timers, scroll on to get to know the group!

Pitbull Mix Breeds

Powerful and adorable, Pit Bulls are outstanding guard dogs as well as family dogs. When you mix them with other breeds and breeds, the results can be amazing!

Are you skeptical? Take a look at a few of these gorgeous mixes!

Remember that we’re talking about this breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier for these mixes, not any breed of Pit Bull. In addition, although we’ve have used specific names to describe these breeds, a lot of designer breeds come with several names.

In this case, we refer to the Pit Bull/Sharpei mix as Sharpull. Sharpull and a different name is Pit Pei. It’s not a problem, be aware that there are different name for cute Pit Bull mixes!

Boxer Pitbull Mix = Bull Boxer

Boxer Pitbull Mix

  • The Pitbull Boxer Mix is a mix of both the Boxer as well as Pitbull. 
  • It is the Boxer Pitbull dog is a large dog with a high-energy level.
  • It is possible to see them play around in the area or draw your focus to play fetch.
  • They Boxer Pitbull Mix dogs need very little care when it comes to grooming. They have a long and silky coat that is usually neat by itself.
  • A dog named the Pitbull Boxer Mix can be an excellent watchdog for you family. They are wary of suspicious people and even their actions.

Husky Pitbull Mix = Pitsky

Husky Pitbull Mix

  1. A mature Husky Pitbull Mix dog requires daily consumption of at minimum three cups of premium food.
  2. It is necessary to divide the food portion in two portions. You can adjust the quantity according to your amount of exercise.
  3. It is believed that the Pitbull Husky Mix dogs may be susceptible to eye diseases, and heart problems.
  4. There are breed-specific shelters and breeders who can help in adopting an Husky Pitbull Mix pup.

Corgi Pitbull Mix = Corgi Pit

Corgi Pitbull Mix

  • Corgi Pitbull Mix dogs Corgi Pitbull Mix dogs have distinct body shapes. It’s taller than the Corgi however it is heavier.
  • The extra weight of this breed could make the dog more susceptible for hip dysplasia.
  • Pitbull Corgi Mix Pitbull Corgi Mix has a short coatthat is required to brush at least once a week.
  • It is believed that the Corgi Pitbull Mix dogs inherited the desire to please and the affectionate nature of their parents breeds.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix = German Pitbull

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

  1. The origins of German Shepherd Pitbull Mix is undocumented, however, there is some information on its breed’s parent breeds.
  2. It is believed that the German Shepherd breed was created for herding and as service dogs within the European region. The Pitbull breed was bred in England, Scotland, and Ireland. They were hunter-gatherers.
  3. You must be cautious when you engage the Pitbull German Shepherd Mix dogs for physical exercise due to health issues.
  4. I suggest regular walks as well as off leash activitiesfor this breed of mixed breed.
  5. They German Shepherd Pitbull Mix pups shed in moderate amounts. It is recommended to brush their coat between two and every four days.

Beagle Pitbull Mix = Beagle Pit

Beagle Pitbull Mix

  • A Beagle Pitbull Mix pups tend to be a voracious eater. It is recommended to limit the consumption of fatty foods and excessive treats.
  • A balanced diet can keep them safe from infections and other illnesses.
  • A Pitbull Beagle Mix breed is able to live for up to 15 years old. It is possible to develop elbow dysplasia, ear infections and allergies.
  • It is recommended to conduct a thorough search about the qualified and available breeders in your area. Additionally, you could find this puppy in shelters for rescue.

Bull Mastiff Pitbull Mix = Bull Pitbull

Bull Mastiff Pitbull Mix

  1. A Bullmastiff Pitbull puppies aren’t as well-known in comparison to other Pitbull mix breeds.
  2. The Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix dogs are gentle and affectionate dogs. They enjoy playing in the sun and with their pet owners..
  3. It is believed that the Pitbull Bullmastiff Mix canines exhibit an intense protection towards their families members.
  4. It is recommended to give a bath to your pet whenever it appears to be dirty. You must offer regular grooming. regular grooming schedule to keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and the skin moisturized.
  5. A Bullmastiff Pitbull Mix dogs have moderate needs to exercise. It is best to avoid excessive exercise.

Labrador Pitbull Mix = Lab Pit

Labrador Pitbull Mix

  • The Labrador breed was developed within Canada as a reliable helper dog. The Pitbull breed was bred in England, Scotland, and Ireland as hunter dogs.
  • They Labrador Pitbull Mix dogs are very friendly. They also like to chew on frequently..
  • Socialization early is essentialto ensure the safety of your family members and your Pitbull Labrador Mix.
  • Food intake you consume will depend on the amount, weight, age, as well as the level of physical exercise.
  • Keep water available for your pup in all times.

Chihuahua Pitbull Mix = Pithuahua

Chihuahua Pitbull Mix

  1. The coat style for the mix breed, as well as other traits will be contingent on the random nature of mixing genes. Its coat coat of the Chihuahua Pitbull Mix may be long or medium-length.
  2. It is recommended to clip your dog’s nails frequently to prevent injuries to your family members.
  3. A Pitbull Chihuahua Mix dog requires plenty exercising. It is possible to take the dog to a dog park , and allow it to have a variety of interactions with other dogs.
  4. To locate a reputable breeder for Chihuahua, or the Chihuahua Pitbull mix, you can solicit recommendations from your local veterinarian or breed club members.

Chow Chow Pitbull Mix = Pitchow

Chow Chow Pitbull Mix

  • It is believed that the Chow Chow Pitbull Mix has parents that have known aggression tendencies and a an intense desire to hunt. You should supervise your dog’s interactions with small children as well as other animals.
  • It is recommended to consider taking a class in training to decrease the aggression that is characteristic of mixed breeds.
  • Keep in mind that nutrition can aid your dog to lead a full and happy life.
  • It is recommended to provide an item with significant nutrition valueto your Pitbull Chow Chow Mix dog.
  • This Chow Chow Pitbull Mix dog is best suited for an open-plan living space rather that an apartment. It requires around 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Border Collie Pitbull Mix = Pit Collie

Border Collie Pitbull Mix

  1. It is possible that the Border Collie Pitbull Mix could be a normal, lean body type. It is possible to add some bones to the food to chew.
  2. It is recommended to consult with a doctor whenever you notice symptoms of malnutrition.
  3. A few Pitbull Border Collie Mix dogs can have strong herding instincts as well as prey-focused behaviours.
  4. It is believed that the Pitbull Border Collie Mix dogs are extremely intelligent. intelligence. It is vital to avoid boredom when taking care of the mixed breed.
  5. A Border Collie Mix breed is healthy and overall. You must try to avoid allergens that can trigger allergies for the dog.

Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix = Australian Pitbull

Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix

  • The story of its parents breeds is more well-known than the mix breed’s.
  • The Pitbull breed served the people of England as well as Scotland. It was the Australian Shepherd breed, developed in the Western United States, worked as herders.
  • You must take part in Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix a variety of mental and physical activities. This can help control the dog’s aggression and prevent boredom.
  • Toys that dispensate food are great stimulants for the brain.
  • It is possible to go to a rescue center for this mix breed. There are breeders who are reliable who have clean records of their breeds that they parent.

Dachshund Pitbull Mix = Bull Dach

Dachshund Pitbull Mix

  1. It is believed that Dachshund Pitbull Mix dogs enjoy physical contact with humans. They don’t get violent unless they are provoked.
  2. They love spending time playing. They may have fun with softballs, or other playthings that chew.
  3. It is important to be aware of any health issues you could face when you own this breed of dog. Pitbull Dachshund Mix. The dogs could have epilepsy, hypothyroidism or eyes disorders.
  4. The coat of Dachshund Pitbull Mix dogs may be medium or short in length. It is recommended to brush your coat using a the toothed comb to maintain its shine and ensure it stays healthy.

Pug Pitbull Mix = Pugbull

Pug Pitbull Mix

  • Size of this Pug Pitbull Mix dog may vary between 12 and 15 inches. Its body structure is susceptible to suffer from Patellar Luxation as well as hip dysplasia.
  • Other health issues that can affect Pitbull Pug Mix Pitbull Pug Mix include encephalitis as well as allergies and eye problems.
  • It is believed that the Pug Pitbull Mix dogs have an moderate level of activity. This exercise can keep the dog from engaging in inappropriate and destructive behaviors.
  • You can let them explore your backyard or take them for an exercise.
  • Two cups of premium dry food can contribute to the overall health that of an adult Pitbull Pug Mix dog.

Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix = Bull Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix

  1. There is not much information regarding what is known about the Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix. But knowing more about the breed’s parents can help in predicting its traits.
  2. It is believed that the Cocker Spaniel dogs came from Spain. There were hunting dogs as well as companion dogs. They were proficient in hunting woodcock.
  3. The Pitbull breed also included working dogs in England.
  4. It is believed that the Pitbull Cocker Spaniels bring joy to your home with their friendly and cheerful disposition..
  5. They Cocker Spaniel Pitbull Mix dogs love cuddling on the couch and playing with children.
  6. It is Pitbull Cocker Spaniel Mix is moderate shedder. It is possible to make use of a pin brush in order to maintain the coat shiny and moist.

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix = American Pitbull

American Bulldog Pitbull Mix

  • It is believed that the American Bulldog Pitbull Mix dogs are extremely intelligent. They are able to follow commands with speed.
  • A proper training program is essential for this breed of mixed breed in order to keep from any future conflicts with neighbors or other animals.
  • It is also important to make sure to expose your Pitbull American Bulldog to different situations and people.
  • How much food a dog requires will depend on the size and weight, age, and level of physical activity that is present in Pitbull Mix American Bulldog Pitbull Mix.
  • It is believed that the Pitbull American Pitbull Mix dogs require minimal grooming. They can be given occasional baths to get rid of the smell of dirt and bad odor.
  • You can make time with a groomer, if you’re not able to make the time to groom your pet.

Cane Corso Pitbull Mix = Corso Bull

Cane Corso Pitbull Mix

  1. It is the Pitbull Cane Corso is an obscure breed, yet there are some pertinent information about the breed’s parents that can assist you in making your decision.
  2. They Cane Corso Pitbull Mix dogs might appear intimidating and have some traits that are aggressive.
  3. It is believed that the Cane Corso Pitbull Mix dog is healthier than purebred breeds of its parents. They might be at risk of developing hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, asthma, and heart disease.
  4. You must look for trustworthy and reliable breeders for this breed. They should be able to provide proof that they have a health certificate.

Shar Pei Pitbull Mix = Shar Pit

Shar Pei Pitbull Mix

  • Finding a reliable historical account of the development of Shar Pei Pitbull Mix is difficult to obtain. But, I can inform you about the historical information of the breed’s parents.
  • The breed is a descendent of southern China. They were raised as hunters and guardians. The Pitbull dogs hunted the people from Scotland, Ireland, and England.
  • The Pitbull Shar Pei Mix dogs are moderate to low shedders. It is necessary to regularly brush their coats to eliminate the fur that is scattered throughout your home..
  • A Shar-Pei Mix dogs are required to meet an daily minimum of an hour of exercise each day. Dogs will love playing catch, flying ball and weight-pulling activities.

Akita Pitbull Mix = Pitkita

Akita Pitbull Mix

  1. It is believed that the Akita Pitbull Mix is always eager to please and is obedient. These characteristics contribute to the easy training of this breed of mixed breed.
  2. Be informed that the Akita mix of Pitbull can cause an atrophy of the retina that is progressive, cardiovascular disease and hip dysplasia..
  3. The frequency of illness increases as you age.
  4. If you’re looking to adopt or purchase this breed, make sure you get in touch with reputable breeders or seek suggestions from your local vet. Trustworthy sources for Akita Pitbull Mix puppies will offer health certification for the breed’s parent breeds.

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix = Blue Pitbull

Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix

  • Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix is an extremely dog that is playful and is a great petdog.
  • They are happy to spend their time in play with their families. They also have the potential to become farm dogs.
  • This breed of Pitbull Blue Heeler Mix dogs are full of endurance and the ability to burn calories.
  • The recommended activities for this mix breed are playing catch, running, and walking.
  • I would suggest feeding them 3 times per day. How much food you give them will depend on the body’s weight and the level of physical exercise.

English Bulldog Pitbull Mix = English Pitbull

English Bulldog Pitbull Mix

  1. The English Bulldog Pitbull Mix is an breed that has strong and quite aggressive personalities.
  2. This breed of mixed breeds is an desire to be part of a family and to be with one another. It is recommended to spend time with this dog regularly.
  3. The health of Pitbull English Bulldog Mix dogs could be a problem. They may develop hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, as well as allergies.
  4. A English Bulldog Pitbull Mix may shed just a bit or moderately. They’ll require an occasional brushing every two or three times each week.
  5. You can give baths on occasion every two or three days every month.

Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix = Golden Pitbull

Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix


  • The Pitbull breed has been branded as a savage breed. A proper training program can reduce their aggression. Another method is crossing Pitbulls and a breed that is more gentle like The Golden Retrievers.
  • The mix of traits of the breeds’ parent breeds make it a wonderful family as well as companion animal.
  • Regular exercise can protect your dog from numerous illnesses. It is important to provide a healthy routine of exercise with your dog’s surroundings.
  • This breed of Pitbull Golden Retriever Mix dogs will have coats that are easier to manage than purebred Golden Retriever dogs. It is recommended to brush regularly on the Pitbull mixed breed.

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix = Great Pyrebull

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix

  1. They Pitbull Great Pyrenees Mix dogs are good watchdogs as they can be sceptical of people and actions that are suspicious..
  2. The Pyrenees’ Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix dogs may be susceptible to developing cerebral ataxia as well as hip dysplasia or patellar deformity. Be alert to the signs that indicate these diseases to assist in the early detection.
  3. It is possible to subject your dog to chest scans, x-rays, and blood analysis in the process of diagnosing.
  4. The Pitbull Great Pyrenees Mix dogs come with the two-coat. Brush and comb the coat at least every two days. This step of grooming will stop mats from forming.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix = Rhodesian Pitbull

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix

  • It is the Rhodesian Ridgeback Pitbull Mix is another uncommon Pitbull cross. I’m happy to share some information regarding the traits and characteristics of its breed parents.
  • The Rhodesian Ridgeback came from Africa. These were guardians of the house as well as great hunter.
  • The Pitbull breed is a descendent of England, Scotland, and Ireland as hunter breeds.
  • The needs for food that a Pitbull Rhodesian Ridgeback may varywith the size, age and intensity of physical exercise. Be aware of indications and symptoms of malnutrition.
  • Both breeds of its parents could put offspring at risk of developing hypothyroidism and heart diseases. dermoid sinus and elbow dysplasia.

French Bulldog Pitbull Mix = French Pitbull

French bulldog Pitbull Mix

  1. It is believed that the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix is a great companion for small children and other pets of small size..
  2. Training and socialization early on can help in training and developing discipline for this mix breed.
  3. It is believed that the Pitbull French Bulldog may have an interest that fluctuates in physical activities. It is an moderate amount in energy. Dogs can be enticed in a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.
  4. Incorporating this breed of Pitbull French Bulldog Mix can be accomplished through looking into breed-specific rescue shelters, or buying breeders who are trustworthy in your home.

Catahoula Pitbull Mix = CatabullCatahoula Pitbull Mix

  • Catahoula Pitbull Mix Catahoula Pitbull Mix is a combination of positive traits that allow it to function as an ideal hunting dog and ranch dog. It has a moderate drive to hunt.
  • Both breeds of its parents possess an inherent loyalty and affectionfor the members of the family.
  • It’s no secret that Pitbull Catahoula Mix breed of dogs love to run and play. They are very energetic. level.
  • You could choose to take part in classes. It is possible to attend training. Catahoula Pitbull Mix are open for positively reinforced behavior. They are intelligent and willing to be pleasing.
  • It is the Pitbull Catahoula Mix dog has short coats with the potential to shed less.

Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix = Pitzu

Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix

  1. Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix is an uncommon Pitbull mix, however, there is information available about the breed’s parents.
  2. It is believed that the Shih Tzu used to be the only dog to be a companion in China. The name translates to “little Lion. There are many theories regarding the origins the breed.
  3. The Pitbull breed is originally from England, Scotland, and Ireland. They were used as working for the people of the region.
  4. Both parents are comfortable with children as well as other strangers who are trustworthy. Their socialization will increase as they grow older.
  5. There are Pitbull or Shih Tzu dogs have a significant potential for mouthiness. They can chew and nip on people or objects. It is necessary to deal with the mouthy behavior by providing chewing toys and playing games with snacks.
  6. It is essential to spend time with the dog in order to control its aggression.

Doberman Pitbull Mix = Dober Pit

Doberman Pitbull Mix

  • Mix breed Doberman Pitbull Mix has hybrid energy. The greater gene pool will reduce the risk of contracting illnesses.
  • You should never be over be cautious when it comes to assessing health issues that could be a problem.
  • It is possible that the Pitbull Doberman Mix may develop cardiomyopathy, aortic narrowing, gastric torsion, hip dysplasia and osteosarcoma.
  • The grooming for this mixed breed is simple. It is recommended to brush your coat every week. This routine will assist in strengthening the relationship with your pet.
  • Bathing products for skin should be approved by your vet as some Pitbull might be sensitive to certain bathing products.
  • Doberman Pitbull Mix dogs are extremely energetic. Doberman Pitbull Mix dogs have the highest levels of energy. They should not be kept on leashes. It is important to aid the dog to become comfortable with your neighborhood.

Newfoundland Pitbull Mix = Newfoundbull

Newfoundland Pitbull Mix

  1. It is the Newfoundland Pitbull Mix is another rare breed. I’ll share some information about its breed’s parents.
  2. The Pitbull was regarded as an robust and secure breed. The breed was developed in England. A few of the first dogs were involved in dog fighting. This aspect of past could be a factor in the aggressiveness in the genetic line of Pitbull. It is believed that the American Kennel Club recognized this breed in the 1930s.
  3. The Newfoundland dogs originated from Canada. They aid fishermen from the region. There are discrepancies regarding the origins of this breed. They were recognized as a breed by American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1879.
  4. You’ll need adequate nutrition to ensure the optimal overall health that is this Pitbull Newfoundland. A minimum of four up to 5 cups of premium food every day is the recommended amount for adult dogs. Diets should consist of at minimum 12 percent fat as well as 22 percent of protein.
  5. The mixed breed could inherit the double coat of water resistance from its Newfoundland mother breed. This coat needs more frequent brushing. It is recommended to do this about 2 to 3 times per week.
  6. The double coat can trap leaves, dirt, and mud. The dog needs to be cleaned whenever they appear to be filthy and itchy.

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