6 Cutest Pomeranian Haircuts to Show Your Groomer

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Pomeranians make adorable tiny balls of fluff full of enthusiasm and spunk. They are the tiniest of the spitz, also known as Nordic, and have not only one coat but two!

While it might sound like an extra burden in terms of grooming, the fur of a Pomeranian is actually very easy to keep. The best thing about it is the different hairstyles your Pom can sport!

6 Best Pomeranian Haircuts Styles

Unsure of the haircut that most suits your Pomeranian? It’s okay. A thick, long coat offers your Pom the opportunity to test various haircuts which range from adorable and cuddly to fierce and bold.

1. Teddy Bear Cut

Make your Pom into an actual teddy bear by using this adorable cut. The cut of a teddy bear makes your dog appear more rounded. face and ears to give extra snuggly appearance.

Since the focus is than just on the dog’s face So, it is possible to have his coat cut to any length is appropriate for the season.

2. Lion Cut

You can hear your pint-sized Pomeranian growl with the enthralling cut of a lion. In this style, you can see that the hair of your pet’s head chest, neck and front legs are left long (like the Lion) as well as the hair on their belly, body and hind legs and tail is closely shaving.

The Pomeranian you love will probably require dog sunscreen or a coat when exposed to temperatures or cold in this cut.

3. Puppy Cut

It’s clear what makes one of the sought-after Pomeranian cuts is the one with the puppies. The cut is not just cute , but also suitable with active Pomeranians who are looking to take advantage of the sun.

The cut for the puppy, similar to the cut of a teddy bear is a method of cutting the fur into an even length across and without the look of a round face, similar to the teddy bear cut.

4. Fox Cut

The cute fox cut will attract people to take a second look to check if you’re in the form of a Pomeranian or an actual Fox.

The fox cut is focused on creating a Pomeranian an elongated face as well as ears, by cutting them in a triangular pattern. The remainder of the body’s fur is cut to a shorter length and the tail is as wild as a wild fox’s.

5. Lamb Cut

Do you want a simple, easy to maintain hairstyle to your Pom? Lamb cuts are a fantastic choice that is not only easy, but it will also make your pet appear like a lamb!

This cut highlights your dog’s appearance by giving it more pointed ears as well as a distinctive muzzle.

6. Kennel Cut

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut for your Pom and want to keep it clean, the kennel cut is the ideal choice. The kennel cut will keep your dog’s hair in a manageable length and allows you to choose the length or length you’d like.

You can start by using an extended length and determine how easy it is to maintain, then cut it shorter if needed.

How often should a Pomeranian Have a Grooming Schedule?

With fur as soft as that of a Pomeranian and a plethora of other fluffy furs, the number of visits your dog and you will be taking to your groomer is likely to come up in your head.

“Every pet with anything but having a silky coat ought to be groomed in the range of 4 to 6 weeks, at a minimum.” claims Ani Corless, the owner of the Luxury Groomer in NYC.

Corless recommends this period due to the growth cycle and also for the health of the basic. “They must have their areas of sanitary trimming for hygiene, and the hair on the pads of their paws trimmed to avoid knots and slips growing like tiny pebbles within,” she adds.

Another reason Corless suggests keeping at the top of your dog’s grooming, especially during the summer months: pesky insects.

The process of grooming and bathing provides you and your groomer the opportunity to examine the dog’s skin , and to get rid of any ticks or parasites that may be present.

Top 5 Pomeranian Haircuts 

As the descendants of larger breeds of dogs who are cold weather dogs, Pomeranians have special two-layer coats, specifically designed for warmth and warm. With a compact, short first layer as well as a long outer layer it’s soft and very easy to dress.

There are many options you can make with the coat of your pomeranian But remember that the main reason for this coat is protecting their skin, so ensure you’re gentle when handling it.

It is also important to prepare yourself for lots of grooming. The coat of this breed can become easily matted. It’s recommended to clean your dog every week at least.

For you to decide on the hairstyles your dog should wear this season, we’ve put an array of cute alternatives for you to pick the one you think will suit your unique adorable pet.

Top Pomeranian Hairstyles

1. Traditional Cut

This is probably the easiest cut that you can make for your pomeranian as you’re only giving them a quick trim to ensure the correct form of your coat. It’s easy to do, and it could not be more adorable!

In addition to trimming the shears, the most important suggestion to follow for cutting this way is…don’t forget to clean. If you don’t you (and your pet) are in suffering from the multitude of knots. Do a daily brushing for mats to be kept and tangly fur in check.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

We’ve all seen how cute it is that the Teddy Bear Cut is on an Pomeranian (Boo anyone? ) So why not gift your dog this adorable cut? This cut is made by cutting all body hairs are cut to 2 to 3 inches as well as the hair on the face and ears are cut longer in a circular pattern.

It is a great accessory for your dog. Teddy Bear clip is also flexible, as you can make the dog’s coat as short or long as you like, as long as the rounded face makes a statement.

Visit a reputable groomer to ensure you’re getting the best appearance! If you want to get this cut it is also recommended to groom your pet’s coat on a regular schedule to ensure it’s looking clean.

3. The Lion Cut

Like the name implies, this cut is more adventurous. This style is created by slicing the fur is cut near to skin of the belly, body, back and tail as well as the hind legs.

The fur on the chest, head, neck, and front legs are left longer to create the distinctive lion-like look. It is even possible to leave a small tuft of hair on your tail!

This is a fun cut, however it’s very high maintenance and is among the hairstyles that have skin sensitivity as an issue.

It’s important to ensure that the hair isn’t too thin that the skin of your pet can burn when exposed to sunlight or be too cold during winter. If your home is in a very hot or cold climate then this might not be the ideal cut for your dog.

If you choose to opt for the cut of a lion, ensure that you give the mane regular affection (brushing) so that it doesn’t become tangled and slow the Lion King in the Jungle down.

4. The Show Cut

This is a demanding cut that’s usually restricted to show dogs. Also, you should do research before choosing an expert groomer to do this cut. It’s costly to maintain which is why you’ll want a groomer who is able to do a great job each time.

It involves a lot of small trims across their body This cut is an extremely patient dog. The end result is stunning–a ball of soft, fluffy fur, with a lovely face, ears, and a few feet peeking out. You can’t get more classy than this.

5. Puppy Cut

This cut is like that of the Teddy Bear Cut from up above, but in this particular cut the hair is kept the same across the entire head (so the head doesn’t get shaped into the shape of a round). This cut is still adorable and is ideal for active and active dogs. It’s also great for warmer weather.

Simple to maintain, this could be one of the styles that you’ll keep on top of by yourself. Be sure to buy a good pair of clippers for puppies that will ensure your dog has a safe and even cut.

Whatever style you pick for your Pomeranian regardless of the cut you choose, we’re sure that their amazing coif is what is so enjoyable. It’s your responsibility to choose the best style that fits your personality and is most appropriate to your family, lifestyle and your wallet.

Does your dog dislike being brushed?

A lot of dogs enjoy being groomed but it’s not always the case. If they haven’t had plenty of experience in the beginning They might be apprehensive when first introduced towards the brush.

Brushing them slowly, and with positive, non-threatening interaction will lead to a more pleasant brushing routine. Here’s how you can convince your dog to take part in — and possibly even enjoy brushing:

Before you set the hair on the brush, you should let your pet play using the device. Begin by putting the brush on the ground and throwing expensive treats on the top and encouraging your dog to look at the new and fun object in their own pace.

The gesture of reaching to your dog’s body with the brush may be a bit scary for certain dogs. After that, practice reaching out with the brush and gently touch your dog’s body using the bristles’ edge.

Every time you pull out the brush, make sure to immediately follow it up with a treat that is high-value. Take extra attention (and duration, as required) when you are brushing your legs, ears and the genitals.

Once your dog is comfortable with this step, you can proceed to brushing the fur. Start gently, alternate every stroke with rewards. Gradually, begin to increase your effort to pressing more strongly and brushing for a few strokes at a time.

Need Dog Grooming?

Does your dog require an update on their grooming? A groomer is now coming to your home! Rover offers grooming for dogs in select locations. For more information, go to our website.

Pomeranian Hairstyles for Summer And Winter

As with many spitz breeds, Pomeranians have a double coat, an undercoat which acts as insulation and keep them warm, and an upper coat to shield the skin and the undercoat from the elements.

It’s crucial to not cut your dog’s hair during summer. Corless claims that they need their fur to cover the majority of their body to ensure that their body temperature remains maintained.

“If you cut the hair too short, it compromises the insulation layer, and your dog could heat up,” she says. “They are also susceptible to something called shave-alopecia. The term refers to the permanent loss of hair results from shaving hair in close proximity.”

The importance of focusing on your dog’s coat and skin care can ensure that your furry friend is able to safely wear any kind of haircut.

If you decide to go for shorter hairstyles for your Pom ensure that you keep your coat and skin well-hydrated and protected from sun to protect against sun-damaged skin.

“For the winter months, you can decide to leave the hair of your dog longer and have more fun when it comes to their haircuts ” Corless says. ” The same moisturizing works when you have dry air. Also, keep an eye out for rain getting their coats muddy. Otherwise, brush, brush, brush your dog.”

With the many Pomeranian Haircuts available You are welcome and ask the groomer which one will best fit your dog’s personality. Make sure to have fun while doing it!

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