You are likely aware of the poodle, the nationwide dog of France. Yet have you ever before thought about earning a poodle mix?

Poodles are understood for being one of the smartest pet types available. You may also be stunned to find out that they are really sports pets, regardless of having a credibility for being a bit prissy.

One of the biggest advantages to adopting a poodle, however, is the fact that these dogs are considered hypoallergenic. This is since they have hair instead of hair, which implies they do not drop the manner in which various other pet dogs do.

Poodles are a preferred parent pet for breeders looking to reproduce several of the poodle’s highests when developing a brand-new type of canine. In this write-up, we will certainly talk about some of one of the most prominent poodle mixes and why you must take into consideration taking on one.


Poodle Sizing

Unlike the majority of pet types that grow to be one typical dimension, poodles actually come in 3 various dimensions: Criterion, Mini, and Toy. Some people describe a 4th size, tool, however medium-sized poodles are not commonly identified as well as are usually taken into consideration common dimension rather.

Mixed breed dogs do not have a tendency to have a consistent dimension since offspring will favor one parent or the other. Due to the fact that poodles come in various sizes, you will certainly discover that the dimension of poodle mixed breeds will often tend to vary widely.

If you want buying a poodle mixed breed young puppy, make certain to ask your dog breeder what dimension the poodle parent is to make sure that you know how huge you can expect your canine to obtain.

The 50 Best Poodle Mixes

1.Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle Mix)

Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Cocker Spaniel
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Height: 9-18 inches
Weight: 12-25 pounds
Temperament: Even, friendly, loving, intelligent


This cross between the Cocker Spaniel and also the Poodle is just one of the oldest developer canine breeds. They have actually been reproduced with Toy Poodles and Requirement Poodles alike, causing a variety of sizes and ranges; nevertheless, they are frequently reproduced with Mini Poodles. The typical Cockapoo weighs in at simply 15 extra pounds.

These canines are generally low shedding like the Poodle, though they might acquire the thicker, medium to long coat of the Cocker Spaniel, so there is no warranty that they will certainly be hypoallergenic.

Personality-wise, Cockapoos tend to be really intelligent, affectionate, and also even-tempered pets that are very easy to educate. As a result, the Cockapoo is usually a good selection for newbie pet dog proprietors.

2.Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle Mix)

giant Schnoodle
Image Credit: Nicole Klein, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Schnauzer
Lifespan: 10-18 years
Height: 15-26 inches
Weight: 20-75 pounds
Temperament: Loyal, active, protective, strong-willed


Schnoodles are wonderful buddies that are really caring as well as devoted to their family members. Like the Poodle, the Schnauzer can be found in 3 different dimensions– Mini, Requirement, and also Giant– so the Schnoodle can differ rather a whole lot in elevation and weight.

If you embrace a Large Schnoodle, be prepared for a canine that likes to dominate as well as needs an owner that can be solid as well as reveal it that’s boss. These pets also have a tendency to bark, so you ought to deal with your family pet from an early age to suppress that behavior.

In general, the Schnoodle may be best suited for experienced pet owners that are comfortable training their canines. If you are a beginner Schnoodle owner, you may intend to take into consideration employing a specialist canine fitness instructor to work with your pet.

3.Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle Mix)

Image Credit: Matthew Yoder, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Golden Retriever
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Height: 22-26.5 inches
Weight: 50-90 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, trainable, loving, energetic


Of all of the doodle mixes on this listing, the Goldendoodle is most likely one of one of the most widely known. A mix in between the Poodle as well as the Golden Retriever, it comes as not a surprise that the Goldendoodle is an energised, friendly, as well as caring pet dog.

They are excellent pets for families with children and other animals, consisting of other canines. If you earn a Goldendoodle, you ought to be prepared to take them out for routine workout; these pets call for as much as 60 minutes of everyday energetic exercise.

4.Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever x Poodle Mix)

Miniature Labradoodle_Max Broadley_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Max Broadley, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Labrador Retriever
Lifespan: 12-16 years
Height: 21-24 inches
Weight: 50-65 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, playful, loyal, energetic


The Labradoodle is one more well-known poodle mix. Like the Goldendoodle, they are really pleasant and also caring pets that are sure to win your family members over. They are slightly smaller sized than the Goldendoodle, making them an extra workable choice for those that might not have a lot of area.

Still, an apartment or condo setting is most likely not the most perfect living scenario for a Labradoodle as a result of their energetic nature and high workout needs. If you don’t give your Labradoodle with the exercise and mental excitement it calls for, it can become troubled and also damaging.

5.Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle)

Image Credit: Rob Hainer, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Maltese
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Height: 8-14 inches
Weight: 5-20 pounds
Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, playful


The Maltipoo is a very caring and spirited pet, making them fantastic family pets. They are tiny animals that can conveniently adapt to different living environments, consisting of houses and also various other little spaces.

They are also great for novices as they are reasonably simple to train. Nevertheless, they are not suitable for everyone; if you work long hours, you might wish to reconsider buying one of these pets because they do not enjoy being alone.

6.Yorkiepoo (Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle Mix)

Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Yorkshire Terrier
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Height: 7-15 inches
Weight: 3-14 pounds
Temperament: Affectionate, active, outgoing, gentle

The Yorkiepoo is a mixed breed with Plaything Poodle as well as Yorkshire Terrier parents. While Toy Poodles are most often made use of to develop the Yorkiepoo, Mini Poodles are sometimes used. They are among the tiniest breeds on this checklist, weighing in at a max of 14 pounds.

Due to the fact that they are so tiny, they do not require a lots of workout and also can adapt fairly well to home living. Their modest workout requires make them best for senior citizens that might not have the ability to stroll fars away.

7.St. Berdoodle (Saint Bernard x Poodle)

Saint Berdoodle_Kaylee1229, Shutterstock
Image Credit: Kaylee1229, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Saint Bernard
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Height: 15”-30”
Weight: 70-150 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, calm, watchful, loyal

The St. Berdoodle is the largest poodle mixed breed on our listing, weighing in at up to 150 pounds. As a giant breed, the St. Berdoodle has a huge appetite; depending on its dimension as well as the type of food you give it, your Saint Berdoodle can consume in between 4 as well as 10 cups of food in a day!

In spite of their large size, nevertheless, these pets do not need a huge amount of exercise; go for regarding an hour each day of walks. The Saint Bernard is a lazy breed, so you can expect that your St. Berdoodle will appreciate snoozing during the day.

8.Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle)

Image Credit: Steven B Gold, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Height: 9-14 inches
Weight: 9-25 pounds
Temperament: Playful, friendly, affectionate

Cavapoos are typically caring as well as playful canines that hit it off with children. As you can see, the Cavapoo is a relatively small dog, so you must constantly monitor your children when they are playing with your canine to see to it that your canine does not get harmed while roughhousing.

These canines are smart as well as eager to please, making them relatively very easy to train. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a medium-length layer, so if your Cavapoo prefers this parent, you might need to brush its fur at least once weekly to help reduce shedding.

9.Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd x Poodle)

Aussiedoodle at the beach
Image Credit: Steve Bruckmann, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Australian Shepherd
Lifespan: 10-13 years
Height: 10-15 inches
Weight: 25-70 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, gentle, playful

Additionally called the Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle, the Aussiedoodle is a great household canine that swiftly develops solid bonds with its human caretakers. In fact, they are occasionally utilized as treatment dogs therefore.

Like various other poodle mixed breeds, the Aussiedoodle is a very intelligent and also therefore highly trainable canine. You will notice that there is no basic size for an

Aussiedoodle as Toy, Mini, or Requirement poodles can be parent breeds for these canines. The Australian Guard is a rounding up pet, so while the Aussidoodle can typically get on relatively well with various other animals, it might attempt to herd them, which may not always look at well.

10.Jack-a-Poo (Jack Russell Terrier x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Jack Russell Terrier
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Height: 10-15 inches
Weight: 13-25 pounds
Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, energetic, stubborn

Jack-a-Poos are a mixed breed with Jack Russell Terrier and Toy or Miniature Poodle moms and dads. With two very intelligent moms and dad breeds, you can anticipate your Jack-a-Poo to be a clever dog that finds out quickly.

Nevertheless, these dogs do have a stubborn streak that can make training tough if you are not experienced. These pet dogs are likewise fairly energised and need to remain active both physically and mentally.

11.Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle)

Image Credit: Cavan-Images, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Bernese Mountain Dog
Lifespan: 12–18 years
Height: 12–29 inches
Weight: 10–90 pounds
Temperament: Intelligent, hardworking, loyal, silly

The Bernedoodle, like numerous Poodle Mixes, is available in a variety of dimensions based on its poodle moms and dad.

They can range from 12– 29 inches in height and 10– 90 pounds in weight. They generally handle the high quality of both moms and dad breeds, commonly becoming dedicated dogs that enjoy working to do.

They have a tendency to be a little bit wacky however are often great with children, unfamiliar people, and other family pets if they have been effectively interacted socially. They can be quite stubborn, however, so be gotten ready for a difficulty.

12.Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog x Poodle)

Image Credit: Lisa Mounteer, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Old English Sheepdog
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 16–22 inches
Weight: 45–100 pounds
Temperament: Good-natured, laid-back, playful, intelligent

The Sheepadoodle is a combination of a Poodle as well as Old English Sheepdog, which creates a dynamic yet trainable as well as affable dog.

These large canines can rise to 80– 100 pounds in many cases and also often tend to live longer than numerous other large pet dogs, thanks to the durability of both parents.

They often tend to be wonderful household pet dogs as well as their intelligence and trainable nature can make them great candidates for sporting activities, like obedience and agility.

Brushing can be a job with this combination of pet breeds, though, so ensure you’re up for the job of keeping a Sheepadoodle’s layer before bringing one residence.

13.Shih-poo (Shih Tzu x Poodle)

Shih Poo
Image Credit: Bonita R. Cheshier, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Shih Tzu
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 8–15 inches
Weight: 7–20 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, playful, loving

The Shih Poo is a small dog that usually only reaches 8– 15 inches in height and stays listed below 20 extra pounds in weight. They’re known for their spirited and loving nature, frequently being thought about small dog that take pleasure in spending time with their owners.

They do have a modest energy level as well as have regular grooming requirements, however, so they are not a low-maintenance dog. They are charming pets that quadrate lots of people, including children, making them an excellent alternative for family members.

14.Poochon (Bichon Frise x Poodle)

poochon puppy running in a park
Image Credit: Radovan Zierik, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Bichon Frise
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 11–15 inches
Weight: 6–18 pounds
Temperament: Active, attentive, loving, patient

You might additionally see the Poochon referred to as the Bidoodle or the Bichon Poo. This toy canine often tends to be very patient, mindful, and also caring.

It is usually thought about a good choice for families with children, although its small size suggests it must be managed meticulously to avoid hurting the dog.

They tend to be conscious the emotions of the people around them as well as are an intense, happy area on a cloudy day. This pet will certainly require regular brushing to maintain its curly, complete coat.

15.Peekapoo (Pekingese x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Pekingese
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Height: 6–11 inches
Weight: 4–20 pounds
Temperament: Dedicated, loving, gentle

The Peekapoo typically takes on the extremely loving, cuddly character of its Pekingese moms and dad. They make wonderful small dog and enjoy to join whatever the family members is doing.

They are usually excellent with children, although they are extremely small and fragile, so it is necessary to educate kids to manage these canines with treatment.

They have high grooming demands due to both moms and dad breeds, and also they may be hard to train as a result of the difficulties associated with training some plaything types of pet dogs, like the Pekingese and also Plaything Poodle.

16.Pomapoo (Pomeranian x Poodle)

Image Credit: dawnie206, Pixabay
Non-Poodle Parent: Pomeranian
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 8–10 inches
Weight: 4–15 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, reserved, affectionate

Pomapoos are a mix of a Poodle and Pomeranian, and they are normally plaything sized, with many getting to 15 pounds and also 10 inches at one of the most. They get along canines however may be rather booked with complete strangers.

They are typically affectionate with their people, though, as well as are most likely to warm up to complete strangers with time.

Often sports and also smart dogs, the Pomapoo is most likely to be thinking about participating in video games and pet sporting activities. This type combination does have routine grooming demands.

17.Boxerdoodle (Boxer x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Boxer
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 10–25 inches
Weight: 20–70 pounds
Temperament: Playful, friendly, goofy

Thanks to both of its moms and dads, the Boxerdoodle is likely to be an active, silly dog with a lot of personality. They are commonly delicate and loving, making them faithful companions.

Their level of sensitivity does make them sensitive to abuse, though, so they are best trained with positive support approaches to maintain their self-confidence.

Several Boxerdoodles are protective of their household as well as can be good companions for children. Their large size and active nature do imply they are a far better fit for older kids than more youthful youngsters, though.

18.Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier x Poodle)

Image Credit: NHTOOTHFAIRY, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Wheaten Terrier
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 12–20 inches
Weight: 20–45 pounds
Temperament: Active, playful, sociable

The Whoodle, also often called the Wheatendoodle, is an excellent pet dog for older kids. Their social nature indicates they are frequently great with people and animals alike.

They do have solid terrier genes, however, so this mixed breed can be a handful otherwise kept active.

Both moms and dad breeds are energetic and also athletic, making this a great companion for pet sports, hiking, and also obedience.

They are most likely to have routine grooming needs to maintain the coat, and also they might end up with a rowdy coat due to the mixed genetics of both parent types.

19.Newfypoo (Newfoundland x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Newfoundland
Lifespan: 8–12 years
Height: 18–32 inches
Weight: 65–150 pounds
Temperament: Docile, gentle, sociable

The Newfypoo is likely to be a big dog, no matter the size of the Poodle parent thanks to the large size of the Newfoundland.

These gentle giants are prized for their laid-back individualities, and also the Newfypoo normally handles a similar character.

They are usually mild, caring pets that make good companions for kids. Because of their individual nature, they may be excellent companions for kids who are considerate of the pet dog’s boundaries and also space.

Unfortunately, these dogs do have shorter life expectancies than several various other Poodle Mixes as a result of the brief life expectancy of their large type parent.

20.Chipoo (Chihuahua x Poodle)

chipoo dog_Vincent Scherer_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Vincent Scherer, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Chihuahua
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 5–15 inches
Weight: 5–20 pounds
Temperament: Energetic, temperamental, friendly

The Chipoo is a mixture of a Chihuahua and Poodle, and is normally a toy-sized type. These lap dogs have big characters and can be a little on the unstable side, thanks to their Chihuahua parent.

Lots of people report locating these dogs to be good with children, but it’s a great concept to stay clear of incorporating a Chipoo with young kids because of the little dimension as well as capacity for temperamentality of the pet.

They have a tendency to be caring pets, however, and also are usually dedicated to their proprietors. The Chipoo may not have high grooming requirements, especially if the Chihuahua parent is a short-haired Chi.

21.Westiepoo (West Highland White Terrier x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: West Highland White Terrier
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Height: 11–17 inches
Weight: 20–35 pounds
Temperament: Loving, intelligent, friendly, temperamental

Like the Chipoo, the Westiepoo is additionally recognized to be a bit unstable yet total pleasant and also faithful. They can end up being nippy when pressed, though, so it’s best to keep this sort of canine around individuals who understand its borders and regard its space.

This dog is intelligent and also trainable, as well as listening and also energetic. It’s most likely to need routine brushing to keep the coat, thanks to the modest to high upkeep coat of both moms and dad types.

22.Bordoodle (Border Collie x Poodle)

Image Credit: Andrew Barton Johns, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Border Collie
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 15–22 inches
Weight: 30–60 pounds
Temperament: Intelligent, trainable, athletic

The Bordoodle is a combination of the Boundary Collie as well as Poodle, producing an athletic, energetic pet dog that can succeed at sports and also jobs. They can rise to 60 pounds and also stand as high as 22 inches.

This pet is highly trainable and also intends to please every which way. They are fast learners that commonly succeed at almost anything you try to educate them to do. This is a combination of two of the most intelligent pet breeds and is frequently a purpose-bred mixed breed.

23.Poogle (Beagle x Poodle)

Image Credit: F Armstrong Photography, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Beagle
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 6–16 inches
Weight: 11–25 pounds
Temperament: Loving, jovial, alert

The Poogle reaches up to 16 inches in height and 25 extra pounds in weight. This canine is an outstanding companion for youngsters and additionally makes a great watchdog, thanks to its extremely vocal nature it receives from the Beagle side of the household.

They may not have high brushing needs as well as can meet 15 years. Educating a Poogle can be a difficulty in the beginning, especially when managing a pup, but they are smart and trainable pet dogs that are thrilled to hang around with you.

24.Huskydoodle (Siberian Husky x Poodle)

Huskydoodle sitting cemented ground
Image Credit: TanyaCPhotography, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Siberian Husky
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 12–25 inches
Weight: 40–60 pounds
Temperament: Sociable, tolerant, excitable

The Huskydoodle typically reaches the size of a Siberian Husky as well as can be a good family canine in energetic houses. These pets are sociable and frequently enjoy the company of other dogs.

They can have a high target drive, though, which can make them challenging to keep in a residence with pet cats as well as other tiny animals. They are generally tolerant and also client with children, in addition to being trainable and intelligent.

This mix of breeds can make for a handful of a canine, though, and the Huskydoodle is not for the novice pet owner.

25.Rottle (Rottweiler x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Rottweiler
Lifespan: 9–15 years
Height: 12–27 inches
Weight: 60–90 pounds
Temperament: Gentle, loving, protective

Rottweilers are recognized for their gentle however safety nature as well as love of children, as well as the Rottle is no different.

These pet dogs are fantastic friends for youngsters, but it is very important to interact socially and train them effectively to stop standoffishness with complete strangers.

The Rottle can get to 12– 27 inches in elevation and 60– 90 extra pounds in weight. They are tranquil canines and they are generally certain and also fearless, making them excellent watchdog.

This mixed breed isn’t likely to have high brushing demands, thanks to the short-haired coat the Rottweiler brings to the mix.

26.Bolonoodle (Bolognese x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Bolognese
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 10–12 inches
Weight: 6–12 pounds
Temperament: Curious, intelligent, affectionate, devoted

The Bolonoodle is a plaything pet dog that typically remains below 12 inches in height and 12 extra pounds in weight. They have reduced workout needs and also are normally considered to be low-maintenance pets.

Nevertheless, their knowledge and interested nature means they require normal mental stimulation to prevent undesirable actions. They have a tendency to be caring dogs as well as are exceptionally charming.

27.Cairnoodle (Cairn Terrier x Poodle)

Image Credit: Robyn Bartlett, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Cairn Terrier
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Height: 10–15 inches
Weight: 10–20 pounds
Temperament: Affectionate, sensitive, silly

The Cairnoodle is a small dog that has a longer potential life expectancy than the majority of various other Poodle mixes, in some cases living up to 16 years (or longer!).

They can be rather needy canines that do not like to be laid off for long, making them a great pick for retirees and also people who function from residence.

They are affectionate dogs and also they tend to be very good with children. Nevertheless, due to their little dimension, it is necessary that kids are gentle and also considerate of the canine’s boundaries.

They call for routine brushing as well as may require grooming, yet they have a tendency to be low shedders.

28.Springerdoodle (Springer Spaniel x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Springer Spaniel
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 16–24 inches
Weight: 30–60 pounds
Temperament: Intelligent, sweet, gentle

Springerdoodles normally remain below 24 inches and 60 pounds. They are intelligent dogs that have a tendency to be gentle with every person, consisting of kids and various other animals.

The Springerdoodle is a good pick for searching and also dog sports. They are usually loyal and trusted, making them terrific companions for individuals of all ages.

This mix of breeds is likely to have regular brushing needs but isn’t likely to have a high-maintenance layer.

29.Weimardoodle (Weimaraner x Poodle)

Image Credit: Blumqvist, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Weimaraner
Lifespan: 10–13 years
Height: 20–27 inches
Weight: 45–70 pounds
Temperament: Intelligent, affectionate, loyal

The Weimardoodle is most likely to be a relatively big dog, with large males reaching 27 inches in elevation as well as 70 extra pounds in weight.

They have a shorter life span than numerous other Poodle Mixes because of the shorter life expectancy of the Weimaraner.

They are likely to have a low-maintenance coat as well as are recognized for their intelligence and also loyalty.

They tend to be good with children and are patient and gentle. The Weimaraner is prone to weight problems, so it’s important to maintain these dogs energetic and also gauge their food properly.

30.Corgipoo (Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Lifespan: 10–18 years
Height: 10–15 inches
Weight: 10–25 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, playful, sociable

The Corgipoo is a mixture of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Poodle, so it tends to be brief, staying below 15 inches in elevation. They are social, caring pets that are usually excellent with children.

They generally hit it off with other pet dogs as well as a result of their social, outgoing personalities, they are a good pick for individuals that such as to take their dog locations with them.

These canines have the possible to be hefty shedders, however their grooming needs are unlikely to prolong much past regular brushing. These pet dogs have a longer life expectancy than a lot of other Poodle Mixes.

31.Shepadoodle (German Shepherd x Poodle)

Shepadoodle dog
Image Credit: Holly Michele, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: German Shepherd
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 22–28 inches
Weight: 50–90 pounds
Temperament: Loyal, trainable, friendly

The Shepadoodle is a mix of a Poodle as well as German Shepherd, so do not get it mixed up with the Sheepadoodle.

These dogs are very trainable and also can excel at a variety of work and canine sports. They are loyal and loving pets that can be terrific with children, although proper training and socialization is a must.

They can get quite huge, potentially rising to 90 pounds, as well as are likely to be hefty shedders.

32.Havapoo (Havanese x Poodle)

Image Credit: Bianca Grueneberg, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Havanese
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 8–15 inches
Weight: 6–25 pounds
Temperament: Friendly, playful, gentle, intelligent

The Havapoo is a cute little canine that usually has a huge character. They are intelligent dogs that are sensitive to the requirements as well as emotions of humans.

They are spirited and really cute pets that can be excellent with children. Nonetheless, their tiny dimension suggests they can conveniently be injured by rambunctious kids, so they need to be handled with treatment.

They are likely to have routine brushing requirements to keep the health and wellness of the coat as well as avoid tangles and also mats.

33.Pyredoodle (Great Pyrenees x Poodle)

Featured Image Credit: Reimar, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Great Pyrenees
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 22–32 inches
Weight: 85–100 pounds
Temperament: Protective, laid-back, gentle

The Pyredoodle is a huge pet that can get to, as well as occasionally exceed, 100 extra pounds when complete expanded.

Unfortunately, they have much shorter life-spans than most Poodle mixes due to the big breed excellent Pyrenees parent.

They are safety dogs when required, yet they are generally fairly easygoing and also mild, making them an excellent suit for children.

Like their Wonderful Pyrenees parents, these canines are prone to roaming as well as are best kept on large, fenced buildings.

34.Eskipoo (American Eskimo x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: American Eskimo
Lifespan: 10–13 years
Height: 9–15 inches
Weight: 10–20 pounds
Temperament: Affectionate, happy, energetic, sensitive

If you’re looking for a lap dog that can stay up to date with your active way of living, the Eskipoo might be an excellent fit.

This pet dog is energised as well as needs day-to-day exercise to remain healthy and balanced as well as pleased. It can be a sensitive type, though, so be prepared to provide your canine plenty of confidence to keep its confidence.

It’s most likely to have moderate grooming requirements as well as a thick coat. They are caring dogs that make terrific companions in the best home.

35.Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd x Poodle)

Aussiedoodle at the beach
Image Credit: Steve Bruckmann, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Australian Shepherd
Lifespan: 10–13 years
Height: 10–15 inches
Weight: 25–70 pounds
Temperament: Playful, sociable, energetic

The Aussiedoodle is a combination of a Poodle as well as Australian Guard parent, and it usually is a medium to huge pet. Although smart, they can be stubborn, which can make training difficult.

Nonetheless, they are driven pet dogs, so locating what encourages your Aussiedoodle will certainly aid with training.

They are typically modest to high shedders. This is a wonderful type combination if you’re interested in pet sports or live an energetic way of living.

36.Irish Doodle (Irish Setter x Poodle)

irish doodle in sand_Joca de Jong_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Joca de Jong, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Irish Setter
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 24–26 inches
Weight: 40–75 pounds
Temperament: Intelligent, trainable, people-pleaser

If you’re in the market for a pet dog that wants to make you pleased, the Irish Doodle might be an excellent suitable for you.

These dogs are smart and also trainable, as well as their people-pleasing nature makes them a good choice for sports and an energetic lifestyle.

They need routine brushing however are not most likely to have outrageous grooming requirements.

37.Flandoodle (Bouvier des Flandres x Poodle)

flandoodle in a field
Image Credit: Felicia Lee, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Bouvier des Flandres
Lifespan: 10–12 years
Height: 22–28 inches
Weight: 55–85 pounds
Temperament: Gentle, loyal, clingy

The Flandoodle is a mix of 2 canines with moderate to high brushing requirements, so this must be taken into consideration before choosing this mixed breed.

These pet dogs are usually quite mild, however, and make excellent household pets. They ought to be socialized early to avoid uneasiness with unfamiliar people.

They can be a bit clingy, so they are not a great fit for residences where the house is gone most of the day.

38.Great Danoodle (Great Dane x Poodle)

young merle Great Danoodle
Image Credit: RAM 316 Works, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Great Dane
Lifespan: 8–13 years
Height: 22–30 inches
Weight: 75–110 pounds
Temperament: Calm, gentle, alert

The Great Danoodle is a mix of the Great Dane and also a Poodle, creating a huge dog that can exceed 100 extra pounds in weight and 30 inches in height. They can be worried if not properly interacted socially, so very early socialization is vital.

They make fantastic guard dogs as well as are usually quite gentle, even with children. Their commonly tranquil nature and also reduced to moderate workout requires makes them a good choice for lower activity residences. They do have much shorter life expectancies than many Poodle Mixes.

39.Doxiepoo (Dachshund x Poodle)

dachshund poodle doxiepoo
Image Credit: Susan Schmitz, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Dachshund
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Height: 8–23 inches
Weight: 5–30 pounds
Temperament: Loving, silly, stubborn

If you have an interest in an unusual canine, then the Doxiepoo might be what you’re seeking. These pet dogs can range from 8– 23 inches in elevation and also 5– 30 pounds in weight, relying on the size of either moms and dad.

Both parent breeds come in a variety of dimensions, so it’s a wide range of possibilities with the Doxiepoo.

They have a tendency to be persistent canines that may be hard to educate, however they offset this by being loving, silly canines that are eternally devoted to their family. They normally have low brushing demands.

40.Pugapoo (Pug x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Pug
Lifespan: 12–14 years
Height: 8–15 inches
Weight: 10–30 pounds
Temperament: Fun-loving, sociable, trainable

The Pug and Poodle are 2 of one of the most prominent canine types to go across with other breeds, so it was just an issue of time prior to they came together to develop the Pugapoo.

The dimension of these pet dogs can vary across a vast array, although they are generally little to tool pet dogs.

The Pugapoo is a fun-loving canine that is friendly and will certainly enjoy fulfilling everyone, from unfamiliar people to various other animals. They are trainable as well as love their household. They have the possible to be high shedders.

41.Doberdoodle (Doberman Pinscher x Poodle)

Doodleman Pinscher looking up
Image Credit: Wirestock Images, Shutterstock
Non-Poodle Parent: Doberman Pinscher
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 24–28 inches
Weight: 60–85 pounds
Temperament: Stubborn, intelligent, dominant

The Doberdoodle can be a handful of a pet due to the stubbornness and prominence the Doberman moms and dad brings. They are trainable and devoted pets, yet they ought to be trained and mingled very early to avoid behavioral issues.

They are not likely to have high brushing demands yet may be prone to shedding. These are smart canines that are protective of their family.

42.French Bulldoodle (French Bulldog x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: French Bulldog
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Height: 12–15 inches
Weight: 15–25 pounds
Temperament: Playful, affectionate, friendly

The French Bulldoodle unites the playful, loving individuality of the French Bulldog along with the intelligence and also friendliness of the Poodle.

They usually stay tiny, only growing to concerning 10– 14 inches and also 15– 25 extra pounds. They are commonly excellent with children and can be terrific household pets.

Nevertheless, their little size means they can be harmed by rowdy youngsters. They normally have low grooming demands but may be prone to dropping.

43.Pit Boodle (American Pit Bull Terrier x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: American Pit Bull Terrier
Lifespan: 9–15 years
Height: 15–24 inches
Weight: 30–75 pounds
Temperament: Active, courageous, loving

The Pit Boodle brings together the courageous as well as loving parts of the American Pit Bull Terrier and also the knowledge of the Poodle.

These pet dogs can vary from 15– 25 inches in height and also 30– 75 extra pounds in weight. They are sports and also can stand out at sports. Be prepared for a dog that requires plenty of exercise to prevent undesirable as well as harmful habits.

44.Ratoodle (Rat Terrier x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Rat Terrier
Lifespan: 12–18 years
Height: 10–23 inches
Weight: 20–50 pounds
Temperament: Sociable, friendly, curious

You might also see the Ratoodle described as a Rattle pet. This canine is a mix of a Poodle and Rat Terrier, and also they are known for their friendly, friendly, outbound individualities.

They commonly have reduced brushing requirements. They can be interested and also may need everyday electrical outlets for their power to prevent harmful actions as well as extreme barking.

They can be clingy pets that such as to be where the family members is, so they aren’t an excellent fit for houses where people are typically away. These dogs have a longer life expectancy than most Poodle mixes.

45.Bassetdoodle (Basset Hound x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Basset Hound
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Height: 12–16 inches
Weight: 20–40 pounds
Temperament: Stubborn, loving, affectionate

For any person that has actually hung around with Basset Hounds, it may amaze you to see how small Bassetdoodles can be, normally remaining under 40 pounds as well as 16 inches.

They can be rather persistent as well as hard to educate, but they are general really loving and affectionate pet dogs.

They are loyal canines with low brushing needs. They have low to moderate exercise demands, that makes them a good pick for lower activity homes.

46.Pooton (Coton de Tulear x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Coton du Tulear
Lifespan: 12–16 years
Height: 9–12 inches
Weight: 5–15 pounds
Temperament: Joyful, sociable, loving

This uncommon mix is a combination of a Poodle and also a Coton du Tulear, which is a lesser-known, very adorable dog type.

This mixture develops a pet dog that likes to enjoy and also hang out with its owners, complete strangers, as well as various other animals.

They are loving canines with an investigative and interested nature. The Pooton may have fairly high brushing needs as a result of the grooming demands of both parent types.

47.Bossipoo (Boston Terrier x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Boston Terrier
Lifespan: 13–15 years
Height: 11-16 inches
Weight: 25-55 pounds
Temperament: Loving, social, outgoing

The Bossipoo is an enjoyable crossbreed that is loyal and loving. They can be small to medium canines, possibly reaching 50 pounds.

They are social pets that take pleasure in satisfying new people and pets. Regrettably, this social nature makes them vulnerable to separation anxiousness.

They have low to moderate workout demands, making them a good fit for elders as well as lower activity households.

48.Affenpoo (Affenpinscher x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Affenpinscher
Lifespan: 12-16 years
Height: 11–16 inches
Weight: 25–50 pounds
Temperament: Loyal, friendly, sociable

The Affenpoo is a creative, eager-to-please mix of the Poodle and also the Affenpinscher. Persistent and also periodically independent, this fun canine doesn’t like to be left alone for lengthy as well as can be an exceptional family friend.

49.Papipoo (Papillon x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Papillon
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Height: 6–11 inches
Weight: 6–14 pounds
Temperament: Devoted, curious, intelligent


The Papipoo is a combination of the Papillon as well as the Poodle, producing a beautiful pet with huge ears and also a pretty layer.

They are curious as well as intelligent pets, so problems and normal activity are necessary. They adhere and also loving with their family, however they are also pleasant and also outbound with strangers.

50.Akidoodle (Akita x Poodle)

Non-Poodle Parent: Akita
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Height: 18–25 inches
Weight: 45–120 pounds
Temperament: Stubborn, attentive, loyal

The Akidoodle can be a lot of pet for the ordinary individual to manage because of the persistent nature of the Akita.

These pets can be skeptical of complete strangers, making them excellent guard dogs. They should be mingled and also trained beforehand to avoid issues later in life.

They are likely to establish a complete coat that needs routine care to maintain in the house. They may need regular journeys to the groomer.



There are lots of wonderful poodle blends or “doodle” types you can choose from. While the majority of these canines have a tendency to be low dropping like their poodle parent, there is no warranty that they will be hypoallergenic.

However, these poodle spawn do have a tendency to acquire the poodle’s knowledge, athleticism, and also affectionate nature, which implies you can not really go wrong with almost any poodle mix.

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