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The Ragdoll is a well-balanced pet cat with no extreme attributes. They are a tool to huge, reasonably longhaired, blue-eyed pointed cats, so finding about ragdoll cats for sale? The factor markings may be covered by a series of white overlay patterns.

Ragdolls are sluggish growing, reaching complete layer and color at about three years old. The Ragdoll is a caring as well as smart cat, offering the perception of graceful movement and also subdued power, striking in look.

Lovely Ragdoll Cats for Sale

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We have Lovable Ragdoll kittens and also Pet cats offer for sale. Fosterings on request. Elevated in our house and socialized.

Spayed or sterilized before leaving us. We are a little Ragdoll Feline dog breeder with Cute kitties that are elevated in our home with lot’s of love as well as interest.

Ragdoll Cats Facts

Ragdoll cats have beautiful BLUE EYES, wonderful faces and are large and also; gentle, huggable, very kicked back, intelligent, caring. Semi-long, soft, smooth, cosy non-matting hair. Big, loose fatty bellies.

Tuffs in the ears and also between the toes. Ragdoll cats are pointed pet cats with darker shade on the ears, face and tail. Our cats are terrific family members animals.

Ragdoll cats as well as kittycats are incredibly gentle and also have a well-balanced character. Their meow is a silent, tweeting trill, and do not display the independence and also aloofness for which other felines usually are known.

They intend to be where you are and also will certainly follow you anywhere, and are a character pet cat, intelligent, spirited and also caring.

Catlana Ragdolls is a trustworthy breeder and also has been increasing beautiful dustcloth doll kittens since 1999.

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Ragdolls are Irresistibly huggable as well as have a sweet-natured character, expanding incredibly huge and hefty. Full maturation of size as well as shade are not to be anticipated for at the very least 3 years.

Men may reach 17-20 extra pounds. Women will weigh regarding 11-13 extra pounds. Including in their cuddliness are distinct qualities of going limp in your arms when gotten and the uncommon, deluxe, smooth, non-matting fur, and a cosy fat tail, not to mention the furry, huge, loose fatty stomach.

And also, obviously, there are tuffs in the ears as well as between the toes!

Ragdoll pet cats are mild, calm, silent, caring, yet sharp, they like to play. They are extremely intelligent.

I am a trustworthy Ragdoll Breeder. These felines are so called as a result of their capability to loosen up like a RAGDOLL, we call it the ragdoll dangle.

Ragdolls are strictly indoor felines and do not have normal battle instincts like other felines. Ragdolls should not go outside.

Ragdoll cats are a terrific enhancement to your family members. They want to be with you regularly. Ragdolls will be at the door to greet you when you come home.

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They like to have their chins scratched as well as their stubborn bellies rubbed. They like to sleep stretched out on their backs with the back legs vast apart. We call it our flop home.

Ragdolls are pointed cats with darker shade on their ears, face as well as tail. The major shade of a Ragdoll is lotion as well as or white. Ragdoll kitty-cats are born all white. All Ragdoll pet cats have blue eyes.

We consider our ragdoll felines part of our family members as well as every ragdoll kitten is increased inside our home.

We are a credible Ragdoll breeder, with kittens for sale. Kittycats run under foot and in the kitchen, they always think it is time to eat …… We think you will fall in love with among our cats.

Healthiness as well as wonderful ragdoll characters are top priorities at Catlana, we are one of the finest Ragdoll Cat breeders considering that 1999.

We enjoy our program cats and we take satisfaction in every ragdoll kitten positioned from our loving residence to your own.

Catlana Ragdoll Cats is proud to have bred show high quality kittycats, placed locally and also internationally as well as near you, we showing shipping.

Personality of Ragdoll Cats

Docile, mild-mannered, as well as gracious, Ragdolls make ideal interior friends. One of the best features of these felines is their laid-back, pleasant character.

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They are devotion covered in smooth fur, caring commitment with mild white paws. Really harmonic with their human’s routines as well as emotions, Ragdolls are there when you return during the night to greet you with a leg rub, a temple kiss, and also a big purr.

If you have actually had a negative day, they’ll snuggle right into your lap to use gentle comfort to make sure that soon you’ll be smiling again. A far better friend you could not have.

They are spirited however are not overactive. Known to adjust easily to almost any setting, Ragdolls hit it off with children as well as grownups, in addition to various other cats and also canines.

They are quickly educated to stay off the counter as well as are caring without being extremely demanding. They have soft, courteous voices, even at dinnertime, although they are renowned for their excitement for food.

One point Ragdolls are not, nevertheless, is impervious to discomfort. If you accidentally step on their tails, they’ll shriek and also eye you reproachfully, just as any other cat will.

History of Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll is a type whose origins are surrounded by enigma, conflict, and flight of fancies.

As opposed to truths, we have vivid tales, supposition, conjecture, and ordinary old fiction. Informing one from the other is much easier stated than done.

The Ragdoll was created in the 1960s by the late Ann Baker of Waterfront, California. Actually, that, where, as well as when are nearly the only details including the type’s origins that are not subject to dispute.

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The foundation cat where the breed stemmed, Josephine, was a semi-feral longhaired white lady of unknown parentage.

Regardless of Ann Baker’s vivid tales, it’s most likely that the foundation feline had some outstanding genes, either recessive or masked by her dominant white color, enabling some striking spawn.

These striking offspring, specifically a mitted sealpoint longhaired male with a white blaze as well as a white tail tip named Daddy Warbucks, ended up being the foundation of the Ragdoll type.

In 1971, Ann Baker trademarked the name Ragdoll, and after years of careful reproduction, the Ragdoll became the breed recognized today.

It took several years of initiative to get over the odd tales and debates behind the type, yet with the Ragdoll’s hard-won CFA champion status granted in February 2000, the breed was finally recognized for champion by every significant North American pet cat association.

The Ragdoll has gained an area in the limelight, equally as this cat has actually made an area in the laps and hearts of individuals almost everywhere.

BODY of Ragdoll Cats

Huge and long, wide as well as strong, with hefty boning. Rectangular fit, with a complete chest and also equal size throughout shoulders and hindquarters.

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Body firm and muscle, not fat. Modest belly pad on reduced abdominal area appropriate. Ladies might be considerably smaller than males. Enable slow-moving maturation in young people.

HEAD of Ragdoll Cats

Proportionately big with a wide, changed wedge that is equilateral in shape, where all sides are of equivalent length as determined from the outside of the base of the ear to the end of the gently rounded muzzle.

Look of a flat plane between ears. Cheeks in line with wedge. When whiskers as well as fur are smoothed back, the underlying bone framework is apparent.

Slightly bending; finishing in right, medium-length nose. Chin well-developed, solid, according to nose and upper lip. Neck heavy as well as strong.

EARS of Ragdoll Cats

Medium sized. Wide set and also moderately flared, continuing the line of wedge. Wide at base with rounded pointers, and slanted forward.

EYES of Ragdoll Cats

Large, vibrant blue ovals. Wide collection and also reasonably inclined, complementing wedge. Shade blue.

LEGS & PAWS of Ragdoll Cats

Legs considerable and average length; medium hefty musculature; back legs a little much heavier; paws round, large, with tufting.

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TAIL of Ragdoll Cats

Long, medium at base with minor taper; symmetrical to body.

COAT of Ragdoll Cats

Semi-long, silky, luxurious, with medium undercoat; layer lies with body and breaks as feline relocations; medium ruff.

SHADE of Ragdoll Cats

Sealpoint and white; blue factor as well as white; all various other pointed and also white colors including lilac, chocolate, all lynx shades, red, cream, tortie and all van colors; all mitted factor colors including delicious chocolate, seal, lavender, blue, all lynx colors, red, lotion as well as tortie; all colorpoint shades including chocolate, seal, lavender, blue, all lynx shades, red, cream, as well as tortie.

Just How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Shed?

Ragdolls are light to moderate shedders.

What Type of Coat Do Ragdoll Cats Have?

Ragdolls have an indicating colorpoint coat (light body with darker feet, tail, as well as head) that is soft, silky, with semi lengthy hair.

Do You Required to Groom a Ragdoll Feline?

Ragdoll pet cats ought to have their layers combed at the very least twice a week to help stop floor coverings, tangles as well as extreme dropping. Showering typically isn’t required if the coat is maintained well groomed.

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In addition to brushing, all felines need to have their claws cut every two weeks or so. Pet cats are likewise susceptible to peridontal illness and also should have their teeth cleaned two to three times a week.

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?


Do Ragdolls Have a Great Deal Of Health Problems?

Ragdolls are durable, mainly healthy and balanced cats with just one inherited disease.

What Diseases are Ragdolls Prone To?

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): HCM is an unusual enlarging of the left ventricle of the heart that brings about incorrect blood circulation.

It is the most typical root cause of heart disease in felines and can cause untimely end. In Ragdolls, HCM is usually triggered by an inherited anomaly and also can be found with DNA examination.

Others: Ragdolls additionally have a tendency to; feline transmittable peritonitis, an uncommon however fatal viral infection that is passed through pet cat feces, and also bladder stones.

How Much Does a Ragdoll Expense?

It sets you back around $75-$100 to embrace a Ragdoll cat. Alternatively, it can be excessively costly to buy a Ragdoll from a breeder, someplace in the $500-$2,000 array.

Where Can I Take On a Ragdoll?

The easiest method to take on a Ragdoll would certainly be through a rescue that specializes in Ragdolls.

A great location to start would be by starting a breed search on Adopt-a-Pet. com. The search will certainly show you all the available Ragdolls in your area.

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Ragdoll Shelters as well as Rescues

There are frequently numerous excellent Ragdolls for adoption at local animal shelters or saves. Click listed below to find a sanctuary or rescue in your location!


You can constantly check with breeders to see if they have any kind of retired breeder Ragdolls that require to discover an irreversible forever home as well as occasionally breeders understand of grown-up Ragdoll cats needing to be rehomed for a range of factors.

We do checklist Ragdolls requiring rehoming often on our Facebook web page. Discovering a Ragdoll Rescue can be a great deal of job, yet it will certainly be well worth your initiative! Below is a list of resources online that may have Ragdolls provided for fostering.

Make certain you look into all the Ragdoll feline rescues, because if there is a feline that you want, however it is not in your area, sometimes arrangements can be made to get that feline to you through RESCUE AND TRANSPORT TEAMS.

Also, please understand that many shelters checklist Ragdolls erroneously under Himalayan and/or Siamese, since Ragdolls are still not a very popular breed of pet cat.

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Another terrific source for finding a full-blooded Ragdoll cat for sale is to do a search on,, or in your house town or bordering locations.

There are a great deal of Ragdolls available that have been called a Himalayan or Siamese, so make certain to check them all! On Craig’s Checklist, it is really important to be careful with the transaction.

You want to meet in a public area, exchange money just as well as be extremely mindful that you’re not being scammed or robbed. There are Craig’s Checklist success stories for ragdoll kittycats for sale, though!

Purebreds Plus Rescue

Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and also Maine Coon Rescue – Found in Ennis, TX as well as offering TX as well as neighboring states if you involve them! They likewise do courtesy blog posts of Ragdolls in need on their Facebook web page.

Ragdoll Rescue on – Search for Ragdolls in Need in your state. Phone (rescue emergencies only please): (888) 303-9454 [toll cost-free]

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Ragdoll International Rescue

Pet Finder – Make sure to read about rip-offs on Craig’s List – you can discover Ragdoll pet cats needing rehoming no below, but there are also a whole lot frauds, so be very careful.

Need assistance obtaining your feline to you? Or wish to help transport a cat? Below’s a substantial checklist of RESCUE AND ALSO TRANSPORTATION GROUPS, Pilots and Paws – They are a 501c3 company wherein pilots volunteer their time as well as airplanes to fly animals in need from location to place.

In some cases it’s to rescue; sometimes it’s to their permanently residences.

When the hurricane hit Houston a while back, pilots flew in en masse to clear the shelters to shelters further away to make sure that pets displaced by the storm would certainly have someplace to go.

Anybody can request a rescue flight. Just sign up on the website and also placed the need up. Airplanes have a lot longer legs than autos, so also cross-country trips can be set up. Because the time is a lot less, the anxiety on the pets is a lot less too.


Your look for Ragdoll rescue centers will probably begin online. It is really important that you target your search because this will certainly offer you one of the most appropriate outcomes. One aspect you must always consist of in your search is your location.

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As an example, googling “ragdoll rescue” will certainly lead you to a lengthy checklist of Ragdoll pet cat sources, most of which may be far.

Furthermore, the ones in your location could be on the third web page in search, which you are probably not going to get to.

If you try “ragdoll rescue florida” instead, you will obtain all the rescue centers in Florida noted first. This will aid you obtain the info you require as well as it will save you a lot of time arranging with data you do not need.


If you are searching for a Ragdoll cat to adopt, after that you ought to definitely start with Ragdoll-specific rescue centers, however you shouldn’t stop there.

As a result of the enormous popularity of the type, there are centers devoted to saving Ragdolls alone.

Nonetheless, these are not the only areas where you can find a Ragdoll pet cat in need of a residence. Take your time as well as look for Ragdolls in feline fostering centers as well since you may locate Raggies there too.


There are a great deal of Ragdoll pet cats seeking rescue around, but taking on one is a long-term dedication.

You must feel a link to the feline, so maintain looking till you locate that pet cat with that tale that activates something in you.

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You’ll recognize it when it takes place, so take your time. Consider the pictures, checked out the tales, as well as, with any luck, you will certainly locate your Raggie.


Whether you are wanting to save a kitty from an additional state or if you are wanting to aid a kitty reach their brand-new home, you might be curious to know even more about Family pet Rescue as well as Transport Teams.

Amanda, a Floppycats’ visitor, mentioned 2 teams recently on a Facebook article and also I intended to share them below.


Buying a Ragdoll cat is an investment. While this type is very popular, it is likewise pricey. Saving a Ragdoll feline is feasible and there are lots of success stories out there.

However, there are likewise many frauds due to the fact that some individuals attempt to earn money in the process.

If your search has led you to Craigslist, then you are taking care of individual advertisements and not sanctuaries.

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You have to keep an eye out for rip-offs when you search for Ragdoll cats to save on Craigslist or comparable platforms. However how can you inform if a rescue advertisement is a rip-off or not?

While there is no foolproof approach, there are a couple of crucial elements that may help. Remember that when individuals put in the effort of fostering a pet cat or aiding it locate a home, they come to be invested in the procedure.

When they discuss the cat, you can generally tell that they appreciate the pet cat. The pictures in the advertisement must be genuine.

How To Buy Ragdoll Cats

Attempt doing a Google image search on each of the photos in the add. If you discover them on other sites or linked to ads regarding one more pet cat, after that you could be taking care of a scam.

If there are several images in the ad, look very closely to see if all the pictures are of the very same feline.

If the tone of the write-up is right, the pictures are special, and the financial request is reasonable, after that you can go to the next action, which is calling the individual that placed the ad.

Talking to a person could disclose better info. If whatever seems right after this too, after that you ought to set a meeting.

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Make certain that this remains in a public location, for your security. When possible, take somebody with you to the meeting.

Keep in mind that mosting likely to a conference to see a feline does not imply that you have an obligation to go through with the fostering.

If fact, you must discuss this when you talk to the person. If they are truly bought the cat’s well-being, they will certainly comprehend why you need to see the pet cat prior to you can choose.


When you have actually discovered the Ragdoll that you were looking for, you may take a look at a listing of names for your feline, if you don’t assume the name she or he was offered at the sanctuary was appropriate for her or his individuality.

It could take the feline a bit to obtain made use of to the brand-new name, however, in a couple of weeks, it will certainly response to it. Bear in mind to be relentless with the new name.

Attempt stroking the feline as well as calling it by its new name. By doing this, it will associate the name with a pleasant experience.

This will certainly be a great way for it to ease right into its new identity. Likewise, a viewers when informed me regarding this publication – Starting from Scratch – which provides excellent understanding to strange pet cat behaviors.

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When you do not know the history of your feline (or even if you do), it’ll assist you resolve a few of the troubling problems you may experience.


If you currently have a resident cat that you are thinking about discovering a close friend for, make sure to read our How to Introduce New Cats to Your Household web page.

The pet cat will need a long time to obtain made use of to its new environments, so you must anticipate it to be a bit edgy for the initial week or so.

The very first day will certainly be the hardest, but then, it will get much easier with every day. An essential milestone is when the cat locates a place in your house where it really feels safe and also comfy.

When this happens, let the feline resolve know its very own, and afterwards, slowly, you can begin connecting with it in the place of its selection. When it comes to the participants of your family, the pet cat must satisfy them one by one.

Ragdoll Cats With Others

Everybody will certainly be thrilled to satisfy the feline, yet considering that this is a stressful circumstance for it, remember that it is best to take kip down the beginning.

If everyone mosts likely to pet dog the feline at the same time, then it could really feel stressed out, which will make the change process more difficult.

Rescued pet cats can be more difficult to interact socially. Depending on where they came from and also exactly how they were dealt with by their previous proprietors, the pet cats might be handling stress and anxiety and even traumas.

Hopefully, you can get info about this from the individual providing the feline up for adoption. Be patient with saved felines and it will repay in the future.

A few of them could require a bit more time to get used to their brand-new surroundings, yet when they do, you make certain to feel their gratitude.

Cats are very resilient animals, so with the love and also treatment that you give, also those coming from a problematic history will certainly thrive.


A rescued pet cat is more than likely not a kitten any longer. When you take on an adult cat, you must obtain a clear concept concerning its health.

Some illnesses may not be visible because there could be no signs to notice. The really initial you need to do is take the pet cat to a vet.

It ought to get a detailed examination as well as a general blood work panel. This will pass on if there are any kind of underlying problems you should be aware of.

For example, a feline with kidney issues may not display symptoms, but it does need a special diet regimen and close tracking.

If you have accessibility to the feline’s case history, then it is incredibly crucial that you pass this details on the doctor. If the cat does have any kind of problems, after that the physician will suggest a therapy.

Another essential element is the cat’s inoculations. If you have access to the feline’s medical records, then the physician can examine when its last inoculation was.

Based upon this, the vet will certainly figure out when its next inoculation ought to be. Together with the physician, you can additionally find out what the cat’s diet plan should be.

This have to include all the nutrients that the pet cat needs and also it must be adjusted to the pet cat’s type, age, and also medical history.


Caring for a Ragdoll feline implies spending time with it, providing it affection, and offering it the right diet, yet it likewise indicates grooming it. Long-haired felines must be groomed consistently to keep a healthy layer.

You need to obtain the right devices to brush your Ragdoll feline, as well as you have to place in the moment. Eventually, brushing will become bonding time between you and also your brand-new cat.

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