Things You Need to Know About Tortoises

By Alberto Roy

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Tortoises are known to be great pets, they are quiet, attractive, and also have outstanding behavior. With proper care, they are mostly known to outlast their owners, you can check Also, some of the elder animals on the planet are tortoises, yet tortoises don’t exist long once they don’t receive proper care.

A lot of people decide to take tortoises as pets without completely understanding their care needs which can crop their lifespan. Tortoises are comprehended as some of the lengthiest animals in the world and are learned to be the longest-lived vertebrates. The most registered lifespan of a tortoise lived around 255 years old and was named Adwaita which is an Aldabra tortoise. Yet not all breeds of tortoise are appropriate for keeping as pets, the most proper choices are the following:

  • Leopard Tortoise
  • The Indian Star Tortoise
  • The Russian Tortoise
  • Horsefield Tortoises
  • Hermann’s Tortoise
  • Red-footed Tortoise
  • African Spur-thighed Tortoise

Know where you should house a tortoise

            Tortoises want to live outdoors except for some anomalous species, they must be housed in an immense outdoor enclosure that offers plenty of natural UV light from the sun and a lot of fresh air. Tortoises prefer to burrow, thus it’s necessary to keep it escape-proof and have a secure enclosure. This can be accomplished by using a shielding fence of concrete bricks or can also be sealed wood walls. Also, consider using a soil and sand blend as the substrate, it is a reasonable choice that encourages safe burrowing.

What to consider when feeding a tortoise?

            Tortoises are omnivores yet mainly eat plant-based foods. Your tortoise will take as much of its food from their surroundings. Having plenty of plants in your enclosure like dandelions will aid in keeping the tortoise fulfilled the day. Also, you can feed small insects such as mealworms, crickets, and waxworms to the tortoise sometimes a week. Give them some leafy greens three or four times a week into the enclosure, these can include collards and kale. There are also diverse commercial tortoise foods you can check on the market, and review their instructions and packaging for serving sizes.

Interesting and fun facts about tortoises

  • Tortoises are ancient
  • Tortoises have existed for more than 230 million years, longer than birds, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and mammals. Also, turtles coincide with dinosaurs and endured the conditions that made dinosaurs bygone.
  • A group of tortoises known as creep
  • The primary collective noun for turtles is a bale, yet, most tortoises and turtles are loners who want their company.
  • The tortoise’s shell color indicates the origin
  • A lighter shell reveals that a tortoise is derived from a warmer country. The lightest known shade only means that the tortoise comes from the southern part of the Sahara Desert.
  • Tortoises can’t swim
  • Unlike terrapins and aquatic turtles which acclimated to reside in water, tortoises adjusted to live on land. Terrapins and turtles as a result can both swim, while tortoises cannot. Some adaptations define why tortoises cannot swim.

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