10 Simple Ways To Make Your Feline Buddy Happy

By Alberto Roy

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Cats are curious creatures, everyone knows that!

On one hand, they’re purrfect pets because they’re fluffy, cuddly, and cute – and, they’re willing to snuggle with you every moment of the waking hour when you keep on giving them treats.

On the other, they’re standoffish, detached, and determined to scratch your eyes out the moment you touch them the way they don’t want to be touched. But, there are a few foolproof ways to make your feline friend happy and healthy. Before she convinces you otherwise, here’s what you need to do!

1. Whatever you do, don’t forget that she’s the boss and she calls the shots!

Sure, we know what you’re thinking. “She’s the boss, anyway! She knows that she’s the one that calls the shots!” She might be the one that’s responsible for figuring out which movie the two of you are going to watch or which brand of food you’re going to buy.

She might be the one that chooses what the two of you do on a Friday night or which toys she wants to play with when she’s bored. But, what’s even more prominent, she needs to be the one that calls the shots regarding the “cuddle time.”

Allow her to be the one that comes to you first, and you’re going to make her the happiest cat ever!

2. Get her a scratching post, or two, or three!

“Cats crave scratching posts,” truer words have never been spoken! Cats need scratching posts for a million reasons – from preventing them from ruining your brand-new Urban Outfitters sofa to providing them with something to sharpen their claws, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory on.

Cats adore the high-quality stuff, and scratching posts aren’t an exception. What are you waiting for!?

3. Toys, toys, and more toys!

We don’t even need to mention the fact that cats are the happiest when they’re surrounded by toys, right?

We’re pretty sure that all cats appreciate running around the apartment, chasing after a (fake) mouse, trying to catch the mysterious red dot that appears on the wall, or trying to rip apart the strange critter that hangs off of a rope.

Whichever toys you decide to go for, make sure that they’re appropriate for your cat – some breeds might prefer climbing toys (such as simulated trees) and chasing toys, but others might be more comfortable with cat puzzles and toys that don’t require them to move.

4. On the off chance that her toys don’t make her happy, get her a buddy!

We’re not here to argue that all cats prefer company over playing with toys, but we are saying that a lot of cats become happier and healthier when they’re playing with other cats rather than playing with toys alone.

Whether or not you’re able to adopt another cat, you can always try to take your pet to the park to play with other felines or arrange playdates with your friends’ cats.

5. Allow her to explore the great outdoors!

Cats are predators, they’re accustomed to the “wilderness” more than you might think, and they’re drawn to the great outdoors because they’re drawn to birds, bugs, and other crawling creatures.

And, to make matters even worse, house cats tend to be even more obsessed with the thought of breaking free (even though we provide them with everything they need).

But, you can always consider the chance of allowing your cat to explore your backyard, take a walk with a kitty leash or a kitty harness, or spend some time on the balcony. Keep a close eye (or even a hand) on her and observe how she behaves!

If you have a garden you could even install a cat flap. This will allow your furry friend to explore the great outdoors whenever they please. Check out the huge range of cat flaps available from Closer Pets!

6. And, when the great outdoors seems too frightening, provide her with a little nook next to her favorite window where she can do some bird-watching activities!

Of course, there’s a chance you might not consider the great outdoors safe for your fluffy friend. Maybe she’s a pampered house kitten that’s never been outside. Perhaps she doesn’t have a safe space to run around without getting hurt.

Whatever the case might be, make sure you provide her with a window nook or a bird-watching station where she can (at least) observe what’s going on outside.

7. Treats, treats, and more treats – but, don’t overfeed her!

Our furry friends are known to appreciate the random chunk of chicken or turkey we provide them with when they’re meowing our ears off.

Why not make that an everyday occurrence, though? We suggest you do some research on which treats might be the best for your fluffer to prevent the possibility of weight gain and weight-related health problems, though.

8. Arrange pampering sessions now and then – a groomed kitty’s a happy kitty, too!

“Cats groom themselves, though!” Cats are known to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-confident – they’re not fans of seeking help from humans because they’re predators, and they’re capable of taking care of themselves.

But, cats are also known to appreciate the adoration we show them when we cuddle them, groom them, and spend time with them. And, to make matters even better, grooming your cat removes dirt and debris, promotes a healthy and shiny coat, and reduces hairballs.

9. Spend some time observing your cat’s behavior and get familiar with her behavior cues – recognize when she’s happy, excited, or overwhelmed!

No two cats are the same, and that’s why you need to observe your cat’s behavior, take notice of what she does when she’s happy or when she’s sad, and act accordingly.

When your cat, for example, starts rubbing her head on your thighs, meowing, and purring, chances are she’s comfortable with you giving her a little pat on the head. When she pushes her ears backward and makes strange sounds, she wants you to back off and leave her alone. You can also try something new and surprising for your pet buddy.

10. No means no – don’t bother her when she’s resting, relaxing, or refusing to cuddle with you for whatever reason!

At the end of the day, cats are creatures of consent. Whether you’re a parent to an energetic Bengal cat, a gentle Maine Coon Ragdoll mix, or a curious moggy, you’re guaranteed to spend some time trying to figure out whether or not she wants you to rub her belly.

Whatever you do, make sure you give her the space she needs, respect her boundaries, and appreciate the fact that she knows what she wants or doesn’t want. What a lady!

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