What Dog Treats Are Highly Digestible?

By Alberto Roy

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All dog treats are not created equal; that’s not even considering the wide range of tastes and flavors available or the manufacturers. It is only considering the one quality that should matter to your dog: are the dog treats highly digestible?

Some dog treats in the market place much emphasis on flavors and making the treats chewy that they forget these treats are supposed to supplement your dog’s usual meals, and they are not to be like candy for kids.

The wrong kind of treats can cause digestive issues in your pup or adult dog, or if they already have sensitive stomachs, it can worsen their condition. The best dog treats should be;

  • Highly digestible
  • Enhance the dog’s digestive health
  • Have limited ingredients
  • Should not contain common allergens.

Here are some of the best dog treats that are highly digestible and meet other requirements for healthy, sustainable treats for your best friend.

Nail Bone

This treat is perfect for large dogs as they measure 20 cm. It also makes them long-lasting and cost-effective. For your dog, the benefit is that Nail Bone is 100% digestible as it is rawhide-free and contains no artificial additives, whether flavor or color. It, however, has an excellent natural flavor your dog will be licking itself as it savors the treat.

The Nail Bone consists of vegetable protein and has several other nutritional benefits like natural antioxidants, fiber, and moisture content. It will keep your dog energized in between meals. Several minerals, including sodium and calcium, are also present for a well-rounded treat.

Nail Bone

Power Stick

If you are looking for a versatile dog treat that provides nutritional benefits on top of being sweet and filling to your dogs of all sizes. It is available in four measurements of 7.5cm/ 12.5cm/ 15cm/ 20cm and a customized size option.

It is a chicken-flavored chew, so your dog will thoroughly enjoy it. It is also rawhide-free, which makes it highly digestible. There are no artificial additives, and it has 0% salt or sugar addition.

The use of natural ingredients further makes them easy on the stomach, even for dogs with sensitivity. It has a bit of crunchiness, making it also good for your dog’s teeth.


Gnawler’s Wisebones are an excellent option for a dog that loves to chew. They are good for a wide range of dogs, with the exception of dogs under 6 months. The Wishbones feature real meat outside, and its hypersensitive potato starch formula offers further health benefits, including supporting the eye and brain development.

You should give your dog one treat a day and not overdo it. Its low protein and high-fiber content make it last longer without causing digestive problems to the dog’s stomach.

Further, there are a lot of flavors to sample from, even if your dog is picky; they include salmon meat with lemon, rosemary-flavored venison, and a mix of turkey and parsley. The sizes range from 7.5cm to 15cm.

Highly Digestible

A digestible dog treat refers to a canine snack that is easily broken down and absorbed by the dog’s digestive system. Among dog owners, braided bully sticks have become increasingly popular due to their enduring characteristics, making them a favored choice over simpler alternatives. These sticks, notably, offer a superb alternative to rawhide, as they are not only 100% digestible but also high in protein. 

Digestible treats can also be crunchy, and that is what the aptly named Highly Digestible treats offer. It has a natural chicken taste to keep your dog engaged and happy, and it is made from corn and wheat with no artificial additives. This treat is also perfect for dog weight control as it is free of sugar and low in fat.

Further, it has a porous and chewy texture, allowing it to act further as a dental health aid since, as the dog bites down on it, the texture gets rid of plaque buildup. There are plenty of options, including varied shapes and sizes, and you could also have it in your preferred flavor.

Vital Fiber Brush

Vital Fiber Brush is the best option if you are looking for a dog treat available in multiple flavors and one that also helps with the dog’s dental health. It has a captivating brush-like shape with bristles made of dietary fiber that help clean your dog’s teeth as it enjoys the treat.

Its fruit and vegetable blend makes it perfect for aiding digestion, and it is also gentle for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

It is 100% grain-free and has no additives. You can get it in over ten flavors, including mint, pumpkin, yam, and strawberry. The available sizes are 7 cm and 9.5 cm.

These five dog treats are easy to digest and boost your dog’s health. They are all-natural, with limited ingredients to avoid upsetting the dog’s stomach. Based on user feedback, they are excellent for any kind of dog, including picky ones, but it will still be helpful to try out a couple with your dog before settling on a favorite option.

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