What is Natural Pet Food and Why Should You Feed it to Your Pet?

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All of us desire what is best for our pets as owners. We lavish them with love, make sure there is a good bed for them, and give them all their due attention. The food that pets get daily is an important facet of pet care that most times is not taken into consideration. What we feed our pets plays an important role in their health.

Over the years, most people have started feeding their pets natural pet foods. This article discusses natural pet foods and why they should be the first choice for pet owners. 

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Understanding Natural Pet Food

Natural pet food refers to a category of pet nutrition that highlights entire and uncooked foods. Natural pet food is contrary to conventional pet food which has more often been full of artificial additions, preservatives, as well as empty fillers.

These include real meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains. It also usually does not contain artificial colorants, flavorings, and chemically based preservatives that most of the traditional or synthetic foods have.

The key components of natural pet food are:

Real Meat:

In most cases, natural pet food includes real meat at its heart. It mimics the natural diet of an animal’s wild ancestors and includes the necessary amino acids needed to develop muscles and general bodily wellness.

Whole Grains and Vegetables:

These products are the ones containing natural whole grains and vegetables serving as sources of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They help break them down without many digestive struggles, offering a steady flow of energy.

Limited Processing: 

Natural pet food processing is reduced to maintain the nutritional qualities of the ingredients. It therefore undergoes minimal high heat cooking and heavy extrusion thus retaining the originality of the nutrients.

No Artificial Additives: 

Natural pet food does not contain colors, flavors, or chemical preservative agents that can result in sensitivity among pets.

Benefits of feeding natural pet foods.

Improved Overall Health

Natural pet food enhances the total wellness of a pet. Pet food contains only pure quality ingredients rich in nutritional elements to build strong immunity, bones, and general wellness. Moreover, natural pet food has minimal chances of containing allergens or irritants that are commonly found in most commercial pet food making it a good option for sensitive pet food.

Enhanced Digestibility

The digestibility of natural pet foods can be high and may be beneficial in preventing common digestion problems in pets. Whole grains, veggies, and quality protein sources help your pet absorb more nutrients for better digestion and less tummy troubles.

Better Taste
There are also many pet owners who claim that their pets love the taste of natural food, perhaps due to high-quality ingredients without any artificial flavors.

Better Weight Management

Pets often have weight problems, while obese animals can face a lot of serious diseases. Many natural pet foods have fewer empty calories, fillers, and fats compared to conventional pet foods. The best way of achieving an easy weight is by feeding your pet a balanced diet that will have quality ingredients.

Enhanced Coat and Skin Health

The general healthy state of a pet is sometimes evident in coat and skin quality. Essential fatty acids and nutrients in natural pet food help to keep the coat and skin shiny and healthy. For instance, omega-3 essential fatty acids reduce inflammation, which contributes to a softer or shinier coat.

Fewer Chances for Allergies and Sensitization.

Most pets are highly sensitive to added additives and some common allergens available in other commercially manufactured foods. These are common ingredients that natural pet food tries to avoid as they can cause a lot of problems with allergies for pets.

Improved Dental Health

Chewing on natural pet food will prevent plaque and tartar accumulation. Furthermore, some natural pet food choices contain dental health components like dental chews and dental kibble.

Consideration when choosing Natural Pet Food

While the benefits of natural pet food are compelling, there are several factors to consider before making the switch:

Nutritional Balance
  You should select a pet food that meets all your pet’s nutritional requirements. Not all foods that are natural are complete and balanced. Be mindful of the nutritional levels prescribed by the AACFO and seek out dietary supplement products developed towards these levels.

Quality Control
  Manufacturers of high-grade natural pet foods usually have strict standards. Do research into various brands and determine those that have high standing as far as safety and quality are concerned.

  Natural pet food is usually pricier than regular food for pets. The reason for this is because quality ingredients are expensive and the production process must preserve those ingredients’ original structure.

Most pet stores do not stock enough natural pet food. However, the increasing popularity of natural foods will see more availability both in stores and online.

Transitioning Foods
Therefore, if you opt for a change from traditional pet food to a natural one, you should make the transition gradually. Introduce the new food gradually to the old food for the duration of 7-10 days to prevent distressing digestion.

Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend – Essential Wellness is crafted to promote your dog’s vitality, facilitate digestion, maintain optimal teeth and skin health, enhance mobility, and contribute to a longer, healthier life. Every batch is created using high-quality meats, vegetables, fruits, and seeds, with absolutely no artificial preservatives, additives, fillers, or synthetic components.

Why Choose Natural Pet Food?

  • Some of the notable advantages of pure pet food include the guarantee of high-quality inputs. Investing in natural pet food means feeding your pet a balanced meal made up of animal proteins, vegetables, and cereals as they naturally are. There are no artificial additives or fillers, and each bite is an essential addition for the better health of your pet dog.
  • Also, natural pet food will be tailored for people who might have allergies, sensitivities, or special dietary restrictions on their pets. Several natural pet foods provide specific products tailored to such conditions.
  • It additionally means that you value your pet so highly and hence make them feed on natural foods. This shows that you see them as a loved one who is worth the very best treatment.

The Responsibility of Pet Owners

Therefore, people who own pets must be careful when making dietary decisions regarding their pets. This involves label-reading, understanding the nutritional requirements of your pet and even seeking advice from a veterinarian or pet nutritionist. Once there is a change in diet, it is crucial to keep an eye on the pet’s health and actions in order to ascertain that necessary requirements are satisfied.

Emerging trends in natural pet food.

With time, some trends concerning the natural pet food sector are emerging to support some health issues and dietary demands. In fact, such diets as grain-free, raw, and limited ingredients have become popular for people who believe a natural diet is the best one for their pets. Such tendencies emphasize the current need for feeding that, firstly, reproduce ancient nutrition but secondly, address modern health problems.

Therefore, natural pet food is the perfect option that any pet parent would love to feed their pets. The product has an array of advantages such as improvement of health, consumption ease, and weight loss.

Among others, it leads to good coat and skin health and decreases the chances of having allergies or hypersensitivity. It might attract more money at the start, but it is highly beneficial for your pet’s health in the end. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to natural pet food and allow your fluffy pet to have excellent nutritional needs. As your pet loves you for life, your pet will always be grateful.