What to Consider When Buying a Custom Pet Portrait?

By Alberto Roy

Published on:

The market for custom pet portraits has indeed shot up in recent years, which means all you have to do is type in “unique pet art” and google will serve you all the cutest animal art services that a person can handle at a glance!

Now, that’s exactly what Google is supposed to do, although with so many kinds of online portrait services out there how do you know which one to choose from? What exactly should you be looking for when looking to order and how to get one that’s of great quality?

In this article, we folk here at Next Gen Paws Custom Pet Portrait have prepped a guide taking you through the process of choosing the right company to buy quality unique pet art. Below you’ll find seven things we think will give all owners clarity on what they’re looking for:

1. Do They Have a Quality Team of Designers?

When you’re shopping around online, it’s quite obvious (to us at least) whether you’ll be getting a simple canvas print of your pup and a glorious painting of him dressed up as handsome looking Duke. At Next Gen Paws, all artworks are custom-created by real artists. This means you’re able to customize everything. That’s right, you can have a 100% custom item combining colors as well as removing defects. Only the best for your loving fur ball, you can have a look at our movie stars’ designs on our website.

2. Do They Use Quality Materials?

Now, finding a service provider that can create an awesome design is one thing, so naturally, next is verifying whether the materials used are key. Most top-quality animal portrait brands today ensure that colour does not fade over time or that the paper does not turn yellow as it ages. Also, be on the lookout for various kinds of printing techniques used to ensure a larger spectrum of tones and highlights.

3. Do They Offer Any Revisions?

Sometimes you think that a certain colour will make your cute cat’s eyes pop out but it just doesn’t work. Revising your order is very important. You wouldn’t want to start the process and find out that there are limited revisions or that you’ll be paying extra for those edits. We are very customer-centered, meaning that we provide unlimited revisions until you’re happy. Not to mention that we send you a digital proof visual for validation prior to the printing process.

4. Do They Have Good Customer Service?

Definitely find out if the company that you’re going to purchase from has good customer service. No one wants to have non-responsive interactions, mistakes happen, deadlines are missed and deliveries are never made. One way of being able to verify this is the number of ratings and reviews made by their previous clients. We proudly have thousands of happy clients across the globe because we believe that placing an order goes beyond a simple transaction.

5. How Quickly Do They Deliver?

Yes, this is undeniably one of the most essential factors when making your booking. For everyone, once you’ve placed an order you’ll want to enjoy your prints as soon as possible! We recommend keeping an eye out for terms like the “WorldWide Delivery / Global Printing Partners / Express” delivery option. This ensures you’re not going to be waiting months on end before you receive that gorgeous pet art.

6. Do They Provide Safe Payment Methods?

We couldn’t stress enough that you should only make payments through official channels. For example, using PayPal or Stripe, buy now and pay later with Afterpay & PayPal. Make sure to verify the amounts that you are being charged before making the payment.


You probably already have a million photos that you can use for your pet portrait, so this shouldn’t be too tricky! The top pet portrait companies will do quality control and tell you if the photo of your pup or kitty has problems before starting work on your order.

You are going to want a photo that is relatively close up, that is at eye level with your pet and that was taken in natural daylight. The artists may need a variety of shots to get a full understanding of the form and character of your pet. Your dog mustn’t be moving in the photo—you don’t want it to be blurry! This means you shouldn’t opt for an action shot in the middle of a game of fetch.

Before you take photos of your pet, remember to snap a picture whilst your pet is looking slightly to one side of the camera. Taking a straight shot, or one from the side can make your loved furry’s face look flat. You want to make sure every cute feature is included in your pet portrait! With mobile phones and tablets with high-resolution cameras, you can take exceptionally good quality pictures of your pet super easily.

In conclusion, it might seem a little daunting with so many options in the market today. Some people also find that animal art is very much an investment today, so searching for the best provider is understandable.

Simply make sure that your online provider fits your above checklist and you should be soon enjoying your very own! We hope that you’ve enjoyed these guidelines and would love for you to see what we also have to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask all questions in your mind. We would be glad to guide you for the best.

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