Amazon Tree Boa 101: Expert Care, Diet, Price, Colors & More

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Amazon Tree Boas are a lovely serpent types that we allow fans of. They have a fascinating and also unique appearance that makes them stand apart despite who you contrast them to!

But if you’re taking into consideration obtaining one as a family pet, you require to do your research study initially. These reptiles need extremely particular problems in order to thrive. You can’t delve into possession without a plan!

Thankfully, this guide will assist you keeping that.

In it, you’ll learn whatever you need to know about Amazon Tree Boa care. Their size, character, diet plan, as well as unit configuration are just a few of the important components we cover!

Amazon tree boas have actually been a staple in the pet profession for numerous decades, but they are, understandably, not every person’s cup of tea, specifically when tranquil handle-able types like round pythons dominate the industry.

But for those that such as to have a little bit of an “side” to their pets, the Amazon tree boa is a contender for an intriguing as well as fulfilling pet. As for aesthetically appealing display species go, you will discover that few types can provide you the variety in color.

These serpents conveniently place in as a few of the world’s most stunning serpent varieties. They come in different tones of reds, oranges and also yellows, and there are infinitely differing mixes of colors and patterns … and that’s just the normally happening variety!

Species Summary

Recognized for traveling on treetops, the Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus hortulanus) is just one of the a lot more special snakes in the reptile profession.

This is an arboreal serpent that will certainly invest a lot of its time wrapped around tree branches. When kept in captivity, this habits supplies a fascinating display that you’ll never ever obtain tired of!

Remarkably sufficient, Amazon Tree Boas are just one of the most widespread tree boa varieties. They’re frequently found in South American. These snakes are rather common in the Amazon River Basin eastern of the Andes.

Amazon Tree Boas can be a handful to look after (particularly if you do not recognize what you’re doing). Yet, their elegance as well as enjoyable actions make all of the hard work well worth it.

Typical Amazon Tree Boa Size

The average Amazon Tree Boa dimension is in between 48 and 60 inches long when totally grown.

In spite of their outstanding sizes, these serpents are really fairly slim. At their thickest point, many just gauge one to 2 inches in size!

Male serpents often tend to fall on the smaller sized end of the size range. On the other hand, ladies are thicker and longer than the men.

If you’re wishing to optimize the size of your snake the most effective point you can do is offer them with the most effective possible care while they’re still expanding. This means a top notch diet regimen and environment.

There are genetic elements that will weigh in also, yet as long as you’re buying from a reputable vendor there’s nothing else you can do.


In captivity, Amazon Tree Boas have a life expectancy that’s around twenty years max when offered appropriate care.

Not all serpents are mosting likely to get to that age. Those kept in ineffective living conditions commonly have their lifespans cut short by a number of years. There are obviously fluke health and wellness problems that can occur too.

Appearance & Colors

Amazon Tree Boas can handle a series of natural shades. You can locate serpents that are predominantly brownish and also black. You may likewise see snakes that are tan with splashes of red.

One of the most typical all-natural color morph in the pet profession is mosting likely to be brown. These serpents typically have hourglass-shaped patterns on their back.

As we pointed out earlier, a lot of the snakes in the reptile are wild-caught. There are some dog breeders available that focus on careful reproduction methods. This results in snakes with unique color morphs. Typically, those serpents are far more expensive than wild-caught specimens with all-natural color scheme.

In addition to their shade, Amazon Tree Boas have a number of distinctive attributes. These serpents are known for having puncturing eyes. The eyes can be yellow, gray, or slightly red.

Regardless of the shade, the eyes of the serpent are covered in a reflective membrane layer. It beams in the light, offering the serpent a rather intimidating appearance!

Unlike the stereotyped red tongue that most people associate with serpents, the Amazon Tree Boa has a dark black tongue.

Amazon Tree Boa Treatment

Amazon Tree Boa care isn’t the most convenient point in the world (we would rate the problem and advised experience level as intermediate). Nonetheless, with the best know-how, elevating this varieties can be an actual happiness!

As long as you take the knowledge you discover in this guide as well as offer dedicated as well as regular care, you should not have way too many issues. We’re big believers that devoted owners that have the best behaviors will always have the healthiest (and happiest) reptiles.

Unit Size

Amazon Tree Boas require a sizable vivarium to really prosper. That claimed, it does not require to be as big as lots of people believe!

While they do carry on forest covers in the wild, they additionally spend a lot of time on the ground! The room just requires to be 24 to 36 inches tall, and 24 to 36 inches long. Length is the more important dimension to take notice of when searching for a room.

When it comes to width, 18 to 24 inches will certainly suffice to make them comfortable.

Make sure that you’re picking an unit that has sufficient ventilation. A vivarium with front-facing doors is ideal. However, a criterion storage tank with an evaluated cover will certainly do fine as well. The design needs to be a second consideration contrasted to the dimension and quality of ventilation.

Perfect Habitat Arrangement

When it comes to decors, your serpent’s habitat can be as detailed or basic as you want. Amazon Tree Boas aren’t especially picky.

The only genuine demands are going to be thick climbing branches and also a hide box.

Use cork branches and also vines that are approximately the same width as your snake. When organizing the branches, concentrate a lot more on straight area as opposed to vertical area.

Amazon Tree Boas relocate from branch to branch as opposed to climbing. As long as those branches rise off the floor of the enclosure, your serpents should have no problem getting comfortable.

At the end of the unit, include a couple of conceal boxes on opposite ends. A moderately-sized conceal will offer the snake a risk-free room to go whenever they’re really feeling a little bit timid.

If you wish to go above and beyond and recreate the serpent’s natural surroundings, you can deck the room out with natural decoration. Use substrate materials like coconut fiber, ground cover, or reptile-approved wood mulch. After that, execute online or artificial plants throughout.

Those decors aren’t necessary. Some owners adhere to the bare minimum to make cleansing simpler. However, including some additional decoration will make the environment one that’s worth showing off!

Tree-Top Aristocracy

The Amazon tree boa (Corallus hortulanus) is a citizen of the neotropics of South America. Its known geographical array to date is from southerly Colombia, eastern of the Andes Hills, right into southern Venezuela, Suriname (where a lot of our restricted pets originate), French Guiana, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Amazon tree boas occupy various habitats yet stay arboreal in nature.

They are typically found in low-lying plant life, bushes and also, obviously, trees at varying heights. Unlike lots of other reptile types, Amazons seem to adapt well to disturbed areas in the wild and also are frequently found on ranches as well as in sugar walking stick fields, where they quest rodents as well as bats throughout the night hrs.

Tiger Amazon tree boa.

Look after Amazon tree boas is straightforward. The trickiest component regarding keeping them, from a behavior viewpoint, is learning to calmly adjust a pet that will likely act defensively. In time– a great deal of time,– they do calm down as well as end up being much less defensive.

I can service a lot of my pets making use of just a roll of paper towels, which acts as a physical and thermal barrier that is not as likely to stimulate them or permit any kind of injuries.

Gradually of regular treatment and also communication, my animals comprehend that a faucet with a paper towel roll means “move along” and not “I wish to eat you.” Therefore, they typically choose to relocate away and climb into the cage’s perch network instead of holding their ground (or branch) and also begin defensive striking.

A cozy hand will generally immoral a strike that can be either protective or food-motivated. Amazon tree boas are servants to stimuli; if it relocates and is cozy, it needs to imply food or opponent. Yet like a lot of well-cared-for family pets, they obtain used to you as well as the regular, and also they at some point calm down. Some individuals can continue to be nervous.

A number of my oldest Amazons, which are currently 18 as well as 15 years old, both happen to be incredibly tame, however I do not remember our partnership starting out so smoothly when they were steadfast little worms.

Amazon Tree Boa Unit Tips

Amazon tree boas choose fairly cooler temperatures regarding boids go, and also they will do best when given with an appropriate gradient. Throughout the spring, summer as well as a lot of the fall months below in the northeast United States, I keep my tree boas with a slope produced by utilizing a basking place. The cooler section of the cage continues to be between 70 and also 75 levels Fahrenheit.

The basking location is around 85 to 89 degrees. During late autumn as well as throughout the wintertime, I like to provide a lower nighttime temperature level, in between 65 to 69 degrees, to stimulate breeding behavior.

Red paradox Amazon tree boa.

Although they will easily utilize tummy heat in the form of a heat pad or warmth tape, I favor to give above basking for my subadults and also grownups for a couple reasons.

Being arboreal in nature, tree boas most likely thermoregulate by basking, so I prefer to use standard incandescent reptile light bulbs or infrared warmth panels generally marketed in the reptile trade to supply heat from above.

This encourages much more naturalistic climbing up habits as well as likewise maintains the serpents visible, as Amazon tree boas make fantastic screen snakes. Being from the neotropics, also in the wild, they experience really little adjustment in photoperiod, so a typical 12 hours of light can be maintained throughout the year.

There’s no need to utilize ultraviolet light, and also actually, some evidence has actually suggested that excessive direct exposure has been revealed to create clouding of the eyes and possibly eyesight damages.

When thinking about housing, see to it allows sufficient to give the needed slope and also enable the climbing up behavior these serpents exhibit.

I maintain neonates in a conventional reptile shelf setup for the first couple of months, with natural wood perching, but by the six-month mark, I graduate them to acrylic cages with an arboreal setup. This provides more area and also keeps them noticeable, as I such as to ogle my snakes.

The minimal cage size need to enable a snake to stretch out flat to at the very least 80 percent of its complete body length, particularly when it’s gravid or absorbing dishes. The cage height ought to be at the very least half the serpent’s length.

The even more room you can offer these arboreal acrobats, the better. They will certainly award you by making use of fully of their cages, so get imaginative with design.

Temperature & Lighting

Amazon Tree Boas are cold-blooded animals that will manage body temperature levels by themselves. Nonetheless, you need to make that self-regulation possible by creating a temperature level slope.

On one side of the tank, mount a basking light.

The light ought to make the location between 88 ° F as well as 93 ° F. The snake will certainly utilize the light numerous times throughout the day. They’ll make use of that extra heat even more after feeding.

For every various other part of the unit, you’ll need to give a cooler ambient temperature level.

This location ought to be around 82 ° F to 85 ° F. Temperature drops of 10 to 15 levels serve during the night. If they drop more than that, you will certainly require to utilize a warm emitter or under-tank heating system.


Moisture levels of 40 to 70 percent are perfect for Amazon Tree Boas.

A permeable substrate that absorbs dampness will certainly assist keep those degrees. You can also mist the room regularly if moisture degrees start to dip.

As long as you prevent the rookie mistake of picking an inadequate substrate, this method ought to be enough for you to modify the humidity over time. If you’re having difficulty readjusting the humidity with this method, double-check to make sure you’re utilizing the right substratum.


A moderately-sized water recipe is an essential. You can have a single water recipe at the bottom of the enclosure. Nonetheless, some proprietors like to install a second raised recipe as well.

See to it that tidy drinking water is readily available whatsoever times. Filthy water is much more most likely to make them ill, as well as it just takes a second to change.

Food & Diet

Feeding an Amazon Tree Boa isn’t as well challenging. In the wild, these pets are really predacious as well as will certainly consume whatever from reptiles to bats.

When you’re taking care of one of these pet snakes in bondage, rodents are mosting likely to be the primary diet plan staple.

Defrosted pinky computer mice are best to begin with, as well as you ought to shift to larger computer mice as the serpent grows. As a good guideline, the snake’s meal should not be any type of larger than 20 percent of its size at the thickest point.

Calcium supplements aren’t always needed for this varieties. In many cases, Amazon Tree Boas will certainly get all the nutrients they require from the computer mice. However, you can dirt the rats in powdered supplements if you think they need a little boost.

It’s also essential to understand just how their feeding routine changes as they expand.

More youthful juveniles require to eat once weekly, and grownups will certainly call for dishes every 10 to 2 week. Be careful concerning overfeeding! These snakes are infamous for eating much more than they need to when given the opportunity.

Possible Health And Wellness Issues

There are a number of conditions that Amazon Tree Boas can experience. Because a lot of snakes are wild-caught, parasites are in fact fairly usual. Interior as well as external parasites can wreak havoc on the snake’s body and also cause a significantly much shorter life expectancy and even death.

Luckily, you can easily treat problems with prescription medications from your vet.

Mites are an additional issue to be cautious of. Mites will certainly acquire your snake’s skin, triggering severe pain. Snakes commonly damage versus objects or soak in water to obtain alleviation. Otherwise treated, your snake could experience microbial infections.

In most cases, conditions are straight triggered by a poorly kept atmosphere. It is essential to spot clean the unit daily. Every four weeks or so, the whole behavior requires to be broken down, cleaned, and sanitized to keep bacteria as well as bloodsuckers away.

Behavior & Character

The most tough element of looking after an Amazon Tree Boa is their character. These snakes can get extremely aggressive. The types is known to bite (and also their teeth can do some damages).

To make points a lot more perilous, they have an outstanding striking range. Thanks to their prehensile tails, Amazon Tree Boas can get to at least half of their body length when they assault.

When they do this, they will produce an S-shaped contour with their body to produce more power.

Generally, captive-bred serpents are mosting likely to be a little bit gentler. Some proprietors report that they will certainly obtain more comfortable as they mature. But, there are no guarantees!

This is particularly real with wild-caught serpents. They’re known to stay aggressive throughout their entire lives. This means you’ll need to have appropriate expectations regarding managing them.

Taking care of Them

As a result of their hostile temperament, it’s finest to keep Amazon Tree Boa dealing with to the bare minimum.

As a matter of fact, most proprietors will not also manage them with bare hands whatsoever. Instead, you’ll usually see experienced owners using snake hooks!

Amazon Tree Boas are purely for monitoring. When you need to eliminate the serpent to clean their enclosure, think about using a snake hook or developing a catch with the conceal box. This way, you can minimize your possibilities of obtaining bitten.

Time To Get Ready

Now that you understand the principles of Amazon Tree Boa care, it’s time for you to prepare for possession (thinking you’re still interested).

Get their enclosure prepared to go and also be sure you have the ideal lighting and equipment to maintain them comfy. Planning ahead is definitely essential when it involves having this varieties as a pet dog.

If you have any type of questions that weren’t answered in this treatment sheet we’re more than happy to answer them. Simply send us a message and we’ll react as quickly as we can!

I caution against keeping greater than one Amazon tree boa per enclosure, beyond breeding efforts, especially when feeding.

These snakes can be aggressive towards, or perplexed by, multiple food products, and also the very first snake finished with its own meal will certainly attempt to take a cagemate’s food, even if it’s still in the other snake’s grip. This inevitably results in lots of body-wrapping, musk and bites.

Similarly as vital as the actual dimension of the room is its application of space and perch plan, as well as the essential quantities of cover for safety and security.

Amazon tree boas will spend a reasonable quantity of time on the ground, more than other Corallus, but it is very important to offer the proper perching microhabitat, as well.

Perches must have to do with as thick as the thickest part of the snake’s body and also ought to have numerous converging branches, as the snakes like to have numerous points of call.

I offer natural wood perches in the form of branches chosen from a location that I declare has not been treated with herbicides or insecticides. It’s ideal if you can supply a branch with many forks in it of varying density.

Natural wood perches are filled with promoting scents, too, which your snake will hang around discovering. Such scents work as a form of enrichment for your serpent.

I try to alter out my all-natural setting down every 3 to 4 months to provide my snakes with ever-changing physical and also psychological stimulations.

Potted plants can be made use of efficiently, but they’ll have to endure your snake climbing and also pulling on them.

Do not make use of chemical plant foods on online plants. I choose to utilize artificial vegetation due to its longevity and also exactly how conveniently I can replace it, in addition to the loved one lack of pesticides and also other hazardous chemicals.

Although not required, fabricated foliage or put on hold cork tube hollows will certainly often be valued and utilized for cover, especially after meals and also throughout the nontransparent phase of shedding.

Amazon tree boas will conveniently make use of any type of kind of conceal box, as well as it’s best to provide one on the ground and also one more up in your synthetic cover, ideally away from the warm source.

The hide box should be large sufficient to fit your tree boa however still permit a tight fit, as it will find comfort in being able to press right into a fairly little location.

Amazon Tree Boa Diet Plan

Due to the fact that Amazon tree boas live an arboreal way of living, it would certainly be rather detrimental for them to be formed like a stuffed sausage. Overfeeding is likely the leading source of premature deaths of these snakes, as they can not tolerate being power-fed like a colubrid or python.

Amazon Tree Boa needs to be fed properly sized meals every seven to 10 days for babies, as well as every 10 to 14 days for grownups. Dishes ought to leave a noticeable swelling, but not one that restrains climbing up or appears a burden to lift up onto the branches.

Amazon tree boa leopard morph.

Captive-born infants will typically readily eat real-time unclear mice, and although the initial meal may require some tempting, they are typically aggressive feeders from birth.

Some individuals will start children on ectothermic victim such as tree frogs or anole lizards, yet I believe there’s a big danger such victim could be vectors for parasites or perhaps condition.

Also the most stubborn tree boa babies will react to the stumbling motions of an online unclear computer mouse, which is why I advise fuzzies over relatively even more properly sized pinky computer mice. After a couple of online dishes, Amazon tree boas will readily switch over to frozen-thawed mice.

Fresh water should always be provided, as Amazon tree boas will swiftly dehydrate, specifically if you live in a completely dry climate where it’s tough to keep the moisture cycles this species needs.

Having a large adequate bowl for soaking will generally get rid of any dropping issues, as these snakes readily take in the water.

Also supply at the very least one daily misting, which will typically stimulate drinking. Other than assisting with hydration, misting assists maintain ambient humidity degrees, which should never dip below 30 percent. After misting, the humidity degree will slowly lower, allowing for an essential drying duration.

If the cage is also wet or also completely dry after the everyday misting, then you’ll need to readjust the ventilation, boosting or decreasing it to keep the recommended humidity range.

Ideally, the moisture must spike when misted, upward of 90 percent, and at some point dry to concerning 50- to 40-percent ambient humidity.

Although still a consistently imported serpent, a number of generations of captive-born Amazon tree boa children are readily available annually thanks to the specialized work of several hobbyists.

These experts remain to focus, in addition to improve, some very amazing bloodlines, consisting of the Tiger Amazon, which I had the enjoyment of establishing back in the 1990s.

Despite the fact that these serpents have actually been reproduced for multiple generations, there are fairly couple of morphs, however offered the polymorphism presented by this species, that’s easy to forget, as normally endless color mixes can maintain you intrigued with every litter.

You do not always need to begin with vibrantly colored parents to obtain children that end up being brightly tinted.

Garden-phased animals can quickly create vibrantly colored reds or yellows. Although it’s tough to anticipate what colors will arise from a pairing, the generated mixes normally continue to be constant when breeding particular sets.

I have seen breathtaking red and also yellow pets birthed from reasonably dull-colored grey and black moms and dads, and the other way around. There’s merely no way to forecast spawn, which is among the reasons I like the Amazon tree boa a lot.

They are the typical “box of chocolates,” as mentioned by Forrest Gump, when it concerns the reptile globe. That stated, there are some impressive arise from lineage reproduction of this varieties, including some incredible morphs, that press all limits with every unforeseeable polymorphic clutter.

Tiger Amazon Tree Boas

In the mid 90s, I was helping my friend, Peter Paterno, that owned Reptile Visions, a tiny importing business in New Jersey, by unloading a current shipment from Suriname, when I was instantly drawn to a distinctively candy striped gray as well as black Amazon tree boa such as I had never ever seen before.

I remember discussing for the snake, as well as after a lot of pleading as well as perhaps some sobbing, I took her residence a couple of days later.

My objective at the time was not to search for the latest Amazon tree boa morph, but to just enjoy my one-of-a-kind sampling. Breeding was not a focus, and also it was not until a couple of years later that, to my terrific surprise, I found out the co-dominant nature of that serpent’s genotype.

Today, the Tiger Amazon has actually been bred for multiple generations on a few different continents, generating a boundless combination of stripes and also colors, few of which are alike, thanks to the polymorphic nature of these beautiful monsters.

Being a co-dominant expression, all it takes is one Tiger parent to generate oodles of candy striped and also vibrant nippy noodles.

Leopard Amazon Tree Boas

Also in the mid 1990s, Ben Siegel would sometimes acquire a couple of Amazons every year from his distributor in South America.

The serpents routinely sported a distinct appearance with silvery or gold metal eyes as well as the visibility of characteristically oval markings and also a light gray background, which typically altered in color intensity in between day and night.

He dubbed these “Leopard Amazons,” as well as a couple of years later on they produced surprising outcomes when reproduced together by generating some magnificent offspring, including a jet-black baby with silver eyes that later on experienced an ontogenetic shade modification to think the much more common appearance of a Leopard Amazon.

It’s believed to be a basic recessive characteristic, however because of inconsistent breeding success, this concept can not yet be validated.

Calico Amazon Tree B.

Calico Amazon tree boas, often described as Candycanes, are a line that was first established by a hobbyist named Fernando Torres.

He created a litter of unusually pale neonates that later displayed large quantities of white splotches as well as speckles, giving them a stone-washed appearance as they undertook the typical ontogenetic shade modification as they developed.

They were improved by another dog breeder over the years, that thinks them to be leading or potentially a co-dominant. They have proven to be spectacular animals when combined with the scheme of shade opportunities Amazons bring to the table.

Amazon Tree Boa Morphs.

In a globe where everyone is seeking the most recent shade morph of the most conveniently offered serpents, one types has been doing it naturally all along.

If you desire the perfect combination of shade and screen with a pinch of individuality, after that the Amazon tree boa could be for you. It’s not often you get a much better example of eye candy.

Couple of serpents allow you to have a collection in which each individual looks substantially various than the following, without paying high-morph prices.

With an edgy mindset and also the possible to produce countless shade and pattern combinations, the Amazon tree boa is sure to maintain you in suspense as well as always on your toes.

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