25 Best Cat Toys of 2021 : Best Automated Kitten Toys

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These automated best cat toys are great for when you don’t have the time. Playing with your cat is not only enjoyable for you, but it’s also important for your cat’s health and enjoyment.

This is particularly important if your cat is indoor-only or a solo cat. Although toys can do different things for cats, one thing they all share is their ability to keep them alert and healthy.

Interactive cat toys can also be used to build a relationship with your cat, so you get lots of cuddles after playtime ends.

Cat owners know that cats can be very picky about what they like and dislike. We have compiled a list of the top cat toys to keep your cat entertained.

The Best Cat Toys For Cats & Kittens

If you are a busy pet owner who doesn’t have the time or energy for hours of play with your cat, then automated cat toys can be a lifesaver.

You can rest easy knowing that your pet moggy is receiving all the mental and physical stimulation they need to be happy and healthy by investing in some of the beautiful ladies in this guide.

Many of these products are intended to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. They will allow you to let them stalk, crouch and attack their prey.

Automated Kitten Toys

These toys are both challenging and enthralling, so they provide great brain-body exercise.

We recommend that you only choose high-quality, safe and durable cat toys.

Avoid toys that have small parts or could cause your cat to choke. Also, remember your cat’s stage and age when choosing toys.

Senior cats and those with mobility problems will prefer slower toys, while younger cats may enjoy toys that move at a more rapid pace.

If you are looking for ways to keep your cat entertained while you’re away, the best automated cat toys will be worth it.

We have compiled our top picks, with options for all ages, budgets, and stages. All that is left to you is to choose your favorite.

It’s difficult to spoil a cat that you love as a pet with all the toys and games they can play.

It is a great way to bond with your children, get enough exercise, activate their instincts, and keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Automated Toys for Cats and Kittens

Cats’ recreational activities preferences are different between cat breeds and personalities. Some kitties enjoy batting simple balls around the home or feathers on sticks.

Others enjoy laser-chasing or running around the house through a cat tunnel (extra points for it being at 3 AM).

There are many options to choose from next time you want to treat your cat (or yourself) with some new toys.

Best Cat Toys for 2021

1. HIPIPET Automatic Cat Laser

The HIPIPET Automatic Cat laser is a lot of fun for your cat. The laser project onto the ground, giving your cat something for him to chase, stalk, and hunt.

Its 360-degree irregular motion keeps it engaging, challenging and entertaining. It also features removable feather tufts that can be removed to give your cat something new to do.

The laser is automatically turned off by an internal sensor chip after four minutes. This prevents over stimulation or wearing out your cat too fast.

But, if your cat gives it a boop, or walks past, it will turn back on. It has an anti-tip chassis to prevent your pet from knocking it over. Additionally, it is made of non-toxic ABS material that will last a long time.

2. Mouth Billy Bass for Cats to Singing Wall Fish

Big Mouth Billy Bass has gone from singing to stimulate cats toy to singing wall fish. The kitsch-’90s wall ornamentation is undoubtedly evoked by this floppy fish with its dancing motion.

It will be a hit with your cat! To activate the motion sensor, charge it first by plugging it into a USB port.

When the fish is shaken or hit, it comes alive. It continues to move with each cat attack. It is a great way to get your mind and body moving.

Two catnip pouches are available for extra engagement if your fur baby is in need of some encouragement.

You can also separate the soft fabric outers from the powerbox, so you can throw it in the washer if it becomes a little gross. Dancing Fish Toy For Indoor Cats.

3. Bell Balls and Three Plain Colored Balls

This triple-level rolling ball table will keep your cat entertained for hours. This is a great cat toy. Each layer can be easily clipped together, trapping the balls while still allowing them freedom of movement.

The spy holes allow your cat to see through and improve its hunting skills. Three bell balls and three plain colored balls are available to give your cat a variety of sounds and textures.

It’s ideal for multiple animals and will allow them to have fun batting around. It’s also hard to knock over so it won’t stop having fun even if you aren’t there.

Upsky Cat Toy Roller 3 level Turntable

4. Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Robots can entertain your cat while you’re away. The self-rotating robot comes equipped with flashing LED wheels and an attractive feather wand that will entice your cat.

It is easy to charge and offers different modes for carpet and hard floors. It has multi-track running and irregular automatic steering that will give your cat a great workout.

It taps into their hunting instincts, allowing them to stalk and attack their prey. Other features include obstacle detection to avoid collisions and an automatic-timer that turns off after 10 minutes of play. A two-hour full charge will give you three to four hours of play.

Interactive Robotic Cat Toys. Automatic Irregular 360 Degree Self- Rotating Ball

5. BlackHole Litter Mat Store Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

These battery-operated fish make a great aquatic game for cats who don’t hate water. Fill a large bowl with water and place the four fish in it.

The robotic fins have an automatic swimming function, which means that they move as soon as the cat hits the water. Your cat will also be drawn in by flashing LED lights, which attract their attention.

This is a great way to stimulate your furbaby’s hunting instincts, and to introduce water to them. The best part is that the fish will automatically shut off after being removed and dried. This allows for battery to be saved for another day of play.

Blackhole Litter Mat Store Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy

6. SereneLife Automatic Laser Cat Toy

This automatic laser cat toy by SereneLife follows the red dot. This funky dodecahedron design is a great fit for modern decor and fulfills human desire to have a home that is pleasing to the eye.

It also fulfills the kitty’s desire for interactive, fun play. It can move erratically and can be adjusted to provide constant engagement. It can also cover walls and floors depending on the angle you choose.

It’s small size and high battery life make it extremely mobile. You can take your pet along wherever you go. You can set autopilot mode so your cat is entertained even when you aren’t there.

Serenelife Automatic Laser Toy for Cats

7. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder

Interactive treat mazes can encourage your furry friend’s thinking. This interactive treat maze encourages your furry friend to use their instincts like scratching, sniffing and searching for hidden rewards.

There are three difficulty levels so that your cat can increase their skill level. It is a great way to relieve boredom and it stimulates your cat’s mind and body.

It can also help with weight and food management. You can slow down your cat’s eating habits by giving them kibble and making them work for it.

This is also true for improving digestion and weight management.

Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder

8. Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Cat Toys

You don’t have to spend a lot to pamper your pets with cat toys. These catnip mouse are a great cheap thrill.

Sisal outers can be used to dig into the sisal, and catnip and silvervine stimulate and attract your cat for playful play. The silvervine, which is a similar plant to catnip grows in mountainous areas of eastern Asia, is natural and very effective.

Each mouse has a bell attached to its tail that adds excitement to batting around the house.

Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Cat Toys

9. Pet Craft Supply Co. Kitty Condor Crazy Catnip Cuddler

These gentle, alarming-looking birds make great pets for cuddling and playing with cats. For maximum stimulation and attraction, the plush interiors are filled with pure, natural catnip.

Bright red feathers are just one example of the many textures that can be used to engage your furry friend’s wild hunting and stalking instincts. It is also ideal for cats as it is lightweight enough to be carried but large enough to snuggle with when they are tired.

This will ensure your cat doesn’t feel bored. It comes in a 2-pack so that you have a spare for the day.

Pet Craft Supply Co. Kitty Condor Crazy Catnip Cuddler

10. MeoHui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

These cat feather toys are simple and easy to use. These classic cat toys are a great way to bond with your feline friends.

It is lightweight and flexible so that all ages can use it. You can encourage your cat to jump, jump, stalk, and hunt the attachments, which include feathery and fluffy options.

This set includes two telescopic and two extra strings as well as five feather attachments and four squiggly-worm attachments. It’s also a great value and fits within most budgets.

Meohui Interactive Cat Feather Toys

11. Goopow Cat Toy Automatic Interactive Laser Toy

A cat will be distracted by shiny things. Laser toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained. They will chase the light darts around the floor, causing them to run after it.

Goopow’s large play area has five settings for different sizes of circles depending on the space available and your cat’s needs. You can also choose between flashing and fast light.

Turn on the automatic timer to make life easier. It gives your cat 15 minutes of playtime in 360-degree rotation and then shuts off for three hours. This will ensure that your cat isn’t overstimulated and tired.

You can also use the manual mode if you wish. You can charge it with either a USB charger, or four AAA batteries.

Goopow Cat Toy Automatic Interactive Laser Toy

12. OurPets Mouse Hunter Cat Toy: Play-N-Squeak

This realistic mouse toy will encourage your cat’s hunting instincts. The electronic sound module makes a real squeaking sound upon impact with the paw.

This mouse is a great way for your cat to get some exercise, reduce stress and relieve boredom. To add charm to your cat’s cat, the mouse comes with catnip in its interior.

It’s great for your cat and it will be a big hit with them. However, if you are afraid of mice (musophobia), then you may want to consider other options.

Ourpets Squeak Mouse Hunter Cat Toy

13. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

What secrets are hidden under the mat? When you play this game, your cat will ask these questions.

The central unit is placed beneath a mat and moves the arm with fuzzy attachments and shining lights underneath. It mimics the movement of your feline’s hidden prey.

You can choose from four speeds and two prey attachments. These toys are great for your cat’s natural hunting instinct and help you to bond with your pet.

Smartykat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

14. FYNIGO Cat Interactive Toys – A Running Mice and Scratching Pad

If your cat is a scratcher then you can channel your destructive energy to something other than your couch and dining chairs.

This cat toy has a scratchpad that can be used for active clawing and a running mouse that can be used for interactive play. The mouse will spin in the track once it is tapped. This gives your cat something to chase.

It doesn’t require any power or batteries, but a curious cat. It is great for keeping your cat active, easing boredom, and stimulating their hunting instincts.

Fynigo Cat Interactive toys with Running Mice and a Scratching Pad

15. Legendog 5Pcs Catnip Toy

This set of five catnip toys will let your cat eat or chew away boredom and anxiety. These cute cartoon kittens are made with natural catnip and soft PP cotton.

The exteriors are made of resilient, but soft cotton linen and won’t cause any damage to your cat’s teeth. Instead, they will be a great help in cleaning them. This size is great for bunny kick, which can be used as a hunting and self-defense move.

The set is available in a variety of colors and designs, so your cat won’t have to choose.

Legendog 5pcs Catnip Toy

16. DELOMO Cat Light Toy

This laser light toy will brighten up the life of your cat. This model is small at just five and a quarter inches in height, so it’s easy to carry around and play with your cat.

It only requires USB charging and can run for 10 to 12 hours on a fully charged battery. You can choose from slow or fast speeds to suit your furry friend’s needs (even cats need lazy days).

The light moves around the room randomly, giving your cat plenty of opportunities to chase it and hunt. This interactive activity is fun for your cat.

Delomo Cat Light Toy

17. Mibote 30 Pcs Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assorted

This 30 piece set is great for spoiling your cat for their birthday, gotcha, or just because. This set is packed with different toys for cats to entertain them in many different ways.

A cat tunnel is included in the lineup, which can be used to shoot through during 2 AM zoomies. A tumbler toy and teaser wand are also included.

The next are ten balls with different styles, two faux fur mice, three silk mice, three cotton mice and a linen ball with extra feathers.

Although your feline friend might prefer to store them all over the house, you can use a human-friendly storage bag to contain the mess when they aren’t being used.

Mibote 30 Pcs Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assorted

18. 3. Pack of PAKESI Cat Toy Balls

This three-pack of balls will bring the sounds of nature inside. Each unit emits a unique animal sound when touched. One unit sounds like a frog and another like a bird. The third one sounds like crickets.

Your cat will be drawn to wild sounds and they will engage in hunting instincts like they are out in the wild. You can take off the lid to give fresh or dried catnip to your cat’s center for stimulation if they aren’t interested.

These cat toys work best on hard floors and thin carpets. However, they can become stuck on thick carpets and rugs.

Pakesi Cat Toy Ball 3 Pack

19. Allstar Innovations Interactive Motion Cat Toy – Pop N’ Play

You know the fun that Whac-A–Mole has at the arcade. Now you can imagine how much your cat will enjoy this Pop’n’Play toys from Allstar Innovations. It includes the base unit and two interchangeable peekaboo toys.

Place it on a flat surface that allows your cat to move freely. Then, press the play button and enjoy the cuteness. The cat’s mental health is stimulated by the occasional movements.

You can also add an optional chirping sound for added intrigue. To give your furry friend some rest, it automatically turns off after 15 minutes.

Allstar Innovations Pop ‘N’ Play Interactive Motion Cat Toy

20. Ourpets Squeak Real Birds Cat Toys.

This Play-N-Squeak cat toys from OurPets is like real-life Angry Birds. This soft toy will give your cat a great workout by letting him chase it around the house.

You can add catnip to the device for additional stimulation. Additionally, an audio module makes realistic sounds that will chirp your cat’s hunt fire.

It’s great for both a workout and mental exercise.

The bright red cardinal Fly Over style looks great, but there are many other options available, such as the green Buzz-Off or blue J-Bird.

Ourpets Squeak Real Birds Cat Toys

21. Cat Dancer 101

A Cat Dancer 101 makes it easy. This is a wonderful way to bond with your feline friends.

This basic design consists of a spring-steel wire with rolled cardboard at the ends. Just dangle the bait in front of your cat, and they will be delighted to catch it.

The wire mover moves erratically making it more challenging and mentally stimulating.

Cat Dancer 101

22. Tempcore Cat Tunnel

Everybody knows that cats love to hide and then attack innocently as they walk by. This three-way tunnel is ideal for this purpose. It is made from strong, tear-resistant polyester and a frame of sprung steel.

You can also add a peephole or elasticated dangling balls for additional play. Your furry friend will be happy, active, and entertained.

It folds down into a compact size so it can be stored easily or taken with you if your cat wants to visit grandma on the weekends.

Tempcore Cat Tunnel

23. Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy Midnight Crazies

These Midnight Crazies balls will entice your cat to play chasey. Each ball has a textured surface that allows for erratic rolling, and a jingling bell to stimulate the ears.

As they activate a natural hunting instinct, your feline friend will happily spend hours playing with these toys. This toy is great for interactive and solo play.

Be prepared to go a little crazy at night when your cat decides that it’s time for you to loudly swat them around in the house during witching hour.

Hartz Just For Cats Cat Toy Midnight Crazies

24. Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This tower of tracks will get the party started. It features three levels of spinning balls that spin when batted, swiped, or swatted.

You can be sure your cat will have hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. It is made of durable materials and has a non-slip base to increase safety.

To prevent curious kittens from getting stuck, the central opening has a safety bar. This toy will be a hit with fur babies of all ages.

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

25. Smartykat Fringe Frenzy Cat Activity Tunnel

This deluxe style will make your cat’s tunnel experience even more exciting. It also includes fun fringing to add excitement. You can also add attack fun with the dangling ribbons.

It’s great for playing, and it engages the stalking instincts (hiding) that go with hunting. Be careful of your toes when you pass, in case you are the target prey.

It can be folded up to a compact size, which is great for storage.

Smartykat Fringe Frenzy Cat Activity Tunnel

Why Cats Use Cat Toys?

Cats are naturally-born hunters, despite being cute little fur balls. They would hunt small prey such as mice and birds for entertainment and food out in the wild.

This need is not satisfied when pets live indoors. This is why it’s important to stimulate them with other toys and methods.

You and your cat get mental and physical exercise. They also satisfy their natural needs.


Playing with your cat is a wonderful way to bond. Human-cat bonding is complex and requires love, security, and care.

You’re satisfying some of your feline friend’s basic needs for exercise, hunting and mental stimulation by playing. Through its behavior, you can see if your cat is bonded to you.

They love to show their affection through slow blinks and kneading (also known by making biscuits), head boops and grooming.

Cat Toys Bonding


Just like people, cats can get bored. Cats need stimulation both mentally and physically to stay active and burn energy. They also need mental stimulation to avoid anxious or destructive behaviors.

This is the best way to show your cat that you care.

A bored cat could be seen over-grooming, moping, inactivity, self stimulation such as clawing your couch or eating too much.

Cat Toy Stimulation

Hunting Instinct

As we have already mentioned, cats are naturally-born hunters. They don’t have the chance to satisfy their natural hunting instincts when they live indoors.

This can be countered by providing toys that mimic hunting and stalking. There are many options for toys that can mimic hunting and stalking, such as lasers, toy mice or feather wands, interactive feeders and puzzle toys.

Artificial prey can also make your cat less likely to hunt or kill real animals like mice, bugs, and birds, if they have the opportunity.

Cat Toy Hunting Instincts

FAQs About Cat Toys

What makes an excellent cat toy?

A cat toy is a great way to engage your cat. They will be stimulated mentally and get exercise. You will be able to bond with your cat, creating a loving and complex relationship.

It will be safe for your cat, and not pose any risk to swallowing, choking or stabbing. It doesn’t matter how innocent a toy may seem, it is important to supervise playtime.

What toys are best for indoor cats?

Lasers, roll-tables, catnip soft toys, toys wands, lasers and toy wands are some of the best toys indoor cats can play with.

How can I keep my indoor cat happy?

Playing with your cat indoors is the best way to keep them entertained. You can stimulate your cat with different toys.

A solid collection should include a laser, some balls and a catnip kicker. It also includes a tunnel and a few feather wands. They have a great selection and you won’t be bored with them.

How can I keep my cat happy while I work?

It’s not a good idea to let your cat play unsupervised with toys. However, a laser toy that has automatic timing is one of the best choices for you and your cat.

These can be set up so that they are on or off during the day. This will give your cat stimulation and rest periods. It provides exercise and stimulation for your cat’s mental health, as well as hunting.

This toy is also safer for cats to play with. Just make sure the laser is moving in an area that’s clear and open so it doesn’t knock down anything.

Which is the best app to play with cats on a phone?

You can find many great apps for your cat, but Mouse for Cats is the best. It is optimized for cat play and has nine levels.

Place your tablet or phone on a safe, soft surface and let your cat chase the cats. You’ll keep them entertained for hours!

What cats toys should I avoid using?

There are many great cat toys available on the market. However, some pose a greater safety risk and should not be used.

Toys with small parts and toys that have tiny parts can be swallowed by cats, leading to suffocation or choking.

Avoid using household objects such as string, paper clips and rubber bands as toys. These items can cause stabbing, suffocation and choking as well as strangulation. You should also be cautious with feathers as they can cause injuries to your fur baby’s lips.

The most important thing is to supervise your cat’s playtime, even if they seem safe. This way, you are always nearby in case anything goes wrong.

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