22 Ways to Take Care of a Dog or Puppy While You’re Busy Working

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You have a great job and a supportive family. You have always loved dogs and you would love to own one. But still there is something missing from your life. That is a big question like Ways to Take Care of a Dog or Puppy While You’re Busy Working.

It seems cruel to allow a dog to live with you, but then leave them alone at home while you are at work.

It may not be possible to have a dog and a full-time job, but it is possible to apply different Ways to Take Care of a Dog.

If you have a heart for rescue or buying a puppy or dog, but are worried about your work schedule, here are 22 ways you can care for a puppy or dog while you work. Read the beneficial Ways to Take Care of a Dog.

Making arrangements for your dog’s care while you’re at work

01. Select Your Dog Breed Carefully

This tip is not applicable to dogs that are already owned. If you are thinking about rescuing your dog and you’re asking yourself, “Should a dog be my work dog?” Do your research on various dog breeds to find the one that will best suit you.

Ways to Take Care of a Dog or Puppy

Some dog breeds require more interaction with humans than others. This makes them more susceptible to separation anxiety. Some dog breeds can handle long periods of solitude more easily than others.

You should do your research before you begin looking for rescue dogs. This will allow you to be objective during your search.

02. Bring Your Dog to Work

While this tip may not be applicable to all dogs, there are certain situations where your dog might be able to go to work with you.

Bring Your Dog to Work

You can bring your puppy or dog along to work if you are outdoors or work in a family-friendly setting.

03. Work from Home with your Dog

Work from Home with your Dog

More companies are open to telecommuting for employees on one or more days per work week. Talk to your boss about the potential benefits of telecommuting. This could include increased efficiency, productivity, a freed up office space, reduced costs, and reduced company resource consumption.

04. Before You Go Plan for your Dog

You don’t want your dog to be restless all day, so give them a vigorous exercise session before heading off to work.

plan for dog while going out

Even if it means you have to get up an hour earlier than usual, make a commitment to spend some time with your dog.

05. Go Home for Lunch and Take care of your Dog

You can try to arrange for your dog to be home during lunch if you are worried about having a dog while you work 9-5.

Lunch and Take care of your Dog

Even if you only have a few minutes to spend with your dog on the way, it’s enough to visit them, take a break and let them play before going back to work.

This break may be too short to eat, so it is a good idea to eat while you commute or at work later in the day.

06. Sync your Family’s Schedule

You can create a schedule for your dog’s working owners if you live with friends, family, or roommates. You can shift your work hours or lunch breaks around to ensure your dog doesn’t stay alone for too long. In the scheduling of diversified timings you will certainly achieve Ways to Take Care of a Dog.

Family's Schedule with dog

Working close to your dog could lead to a longer or earlier lunch. This could result in your dog getting several visits from their human family members.

07. Make the Most of Your Time

Do you remember how much you had fun welcoming your puppy into your family when they were first introduced? You’ll enjoy a great reunion with your dog every time you see them again, even if your job schedule is hectic. The both, dog parent and doggy enjoy the company and these smart Ways to Take Care of a Dog is an achievement.

make best for your dogs

When you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your dog again, you’ll be able to look forward and enjoy some quiet time at home. Avoid spending long hours apart during the week and leave your dog alone at night or on weekends.

Plan to include your dog. For example, bring them along when you socialize or have your groceries delivered to your home instead of spending half your Saturday in a shopping mall. You can even bring your dog to a dog-friendly farmer market so they can shop together.

Help Your Dog Stay Happy At Home

08. An automated food and water dispenser

You may be wondering how to care for your dog at work.

automatic food and water dispenser for dogs

An automated food and water dispenser can be a great option if your dog likes small meals or is prone to digging into their water bowl.

09. Access to the House and Backyard

You may find it more sensible to keep your dog in the yard while you are at work, so that you don’t have any accidents when you return home.

House and Backyard for dogs

The downside to keeping your dog outside while at work is that they could get caught in the rain, hail or snow outside, or even become unbearably hot during summer.

You might consider installing an electronic or magnetic doggy-door for your dog to have the choice of spending their day indoors or outside.

10. An Indoor Potty for Dogs

You don’t have to worry about your dog getting hurt if they are outside with you while you’re working. If you plan to keep your dog at work in an apartment, make sure you have arrangements for them to go to the bathroom during the day.

Indoor Potty for dogs

Some dogs can go for up to seven hours without having to stop for a bathroom break. However, it may not be possible for every dog. You can purchase a variety of indoor potty options, or make your own with absorbent puppy pads.

11. Dog Treat, Dog Toys and Puzzles for Puppy

It can be difficult to raise a puppy and work simultaneously. Puzzles and treats toys can be a great way to keep your dog entertained and occupied while you are away.

Dog Treat and Dog Toys

You have many options for treat toys depending on the temperament of your dog. Look for toys that release treats through active chewing if your dog is a natural chewer.

Dogs who love to forage will find the perfect snuffle mats. They’ll have to use their noses to locate treats under soft fake turf. High-intelligence breeds are able to use their brains to solve puzzles and find hidden treats.

12. Automated Toys for Dog

You might be wondering what you can do to entertain your dog at work. A ball throwing machine is a great option for dogs who love to play with balls.

Automated Toys for Dog

Dogs who love to chase can find electronic wobble balls a lot of fun. You could also look into dog-friendly, battery-operated robot toys.

13. Mid-Day Dog Walker

You may wonder how long your dog can stay indoors if you don’t have an indoor toilet system or a yard. After a long day at the office, the last thing you want is for your dog to be in pain or have an accident on the floor.

dog walker

We all know how important it is to exercise your dog. Many dogs, especially puppies, are not suited for being indoors all day.

A dog walker might be the best solution. They will come to your house in the middle of the afternoon and take your dog on a long, enjoyable walk.

This will not only break up your dog’s life but also give them something to look forward too. It will allow them to exercise outside, get some fresh air, and prepare them for a relaxing afternoon at home before you return in the evening.

14. An Animal Friend for Puppy or Dog

Although it may seem counter intuitive at first, adopting another dog is a great way to leave your dog home while you are at work.

Friend for Puppy or Dog

This is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly. However, the rewards of friendship and companionship can be immense for your dog.

Safety and Surveillance Issues to Consider When Your Dog Is Alone

15. A Safe and Cozy Environment for Dogs

You must ensure that your dog is comfortable at home and safe while you are at work. Your manifold Ways to Take Care of a Dog should be well-establish to maintain happy family.

Consider your dog’s perspective when looking at your home and identify potential dangers. It’s up to you to decide whether to allow your dog to roam the entire house or to keep them contained in a small area.

safe environment for Dogs

People find that leaving your dog at home while you work is better for him.

There are similar steps involved in moving your dog from your home to another. It is vital to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable in both of these situations.

You can find our complete guide to moving with your dog and how to adapt your dog to a new environment.

16. Quick Neighbourly Check In for Puppy

Ask your neighbor if you have a good relationship. They might be willing to drop by your house to check on your dog, or let your dog out in the yard for a quick bathroom break.

This arrangement is especially important during extreme weather conditions. You may also want to prepare your neighbor to check for signs of heat-related illness.

Even if you don’t ask your neighbor to visit your home, they can still let you know if your dog has been barking at you while you’re gone.

If your dog continues to be destructive, you might consider hiring a dog walker.

17. Give a Dog Treat from Work

The downside to caring for a puppy full-time is the inability to provide constant love and comfort, especially while they are still puppies.

Dog Treat from Work

Technology has made it possible to communicate with your dog, and even give treats to reward good behavior. You can communicate with your dog through a pet camera, and then give treats to him by clicking a button.

You can set up some treat-dispensing devices to release treats at specific times. Others need to be activated manually by you. Imagine you are at work and talking to your dog via a camera. Then, when they sit down, click a button to release the treat.

18. Nanny Cams

The problem with leaving your dog alone at work is your imagination running wild when you imagine all your dog might be doing while you are gone.

A series of nanny cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your dog’s activities while you are at work.

Nanny cams can help you identify if your dog is causing nuisance barking or other destructive behavior. This will allow you to stop neighbors complaining.

While you’re at work, your dog can be taken care of in the home.

19. Dog sitting by a family member or friend

You may be able to find a friend or family member who is retired, working from home or has a study or other commitments that can help you with your puppy while you are at work. Ask a friend or family member if they’d be willing to let your dog live in their yard or have them stay with you while you work.

For example, an older relative may be more than happy to provide companionship while they are at work, especially if it saves you the trouble of leaving your dog alone.

Most family members will not accept payment. So, look for other ways to express your gratitude. This arrangement could be made even more special by offering to do odd jobs around your home or babysit for a friend’s child.

20. A Reciprocal Date

If you have a neighbor who is struggling to own a dog while working full-time, it might be worth trying to arrange a playdate. This will ensure that your dogs get along well. You can agree on a schedule that allows your neighbor’s dog to stay at your home while your dog goes to the neighbor’s.

Dogs will be happier if they have someone to play with in the afternoon. You and your neighbor will also benefit from the comfort of knowing you are not the only one in your predicament.

21. Doggie Daycare

A daycare arrangement could be the best option for you if your dog is social and you are concerned about your home’s safety. Professional doggy day cares will only accept dogs who are well-vaccinated and can be socialized with other dogs.

Daycare is a more costly option than others on this list but it gives you complete peace of mind that your dog will be taken care of by professionals. They can also socialize with other dogs, which is a great way to keep them company when you aren’t there.

22. Boarding Kennel

Sometimes, your job is more than a 9-to-5 job. Consider boarding for your puppy or dog if you are unable to leave the house for extended periods of time or overnight.

You can be 100% sure that your pet will be safe and well cared for by entrusting them to a reliable boarding kennel. These are some important points to remember when you send your dog to overnight care.


Pet parents can feel just like human children – they are fuelled by an inexorable supply of guilt. Research has shown that pet parents often feel overwhelming guilt when they leave their puppy or dog at home while they are out.

Give yourself some room to relax and remember that dogs will be content to spend time alone in a calm environment. Although your dog might cry or whine if you go, they will soon be able to relax and play once they realize that you are gone.

You can set your dog up to succeed and allow yourself to have the freedom to enjoy both a rewarding and fulfilling job, and a loving furbaby to return to in the evenings.

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