Boxer Mixes Loyal And Playful Partners : 20 Boxer Mixed Breeds

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It’s difficult to not love boxers, a breed that is very hard not to love. These dogs are known for being silly and will keep you entertained every day. We have some compilation of wonderful boxer mixes which will melt down your heart.

Boxers are loyal companions and love being by their side. Boxers are intelligent, playful, and high-energy pals. They feel safe and secure around other dogs. They are loyal, and will do anything to protect their loved ones.

The Boxer is a playful, affectionate and friendly breed that has been loved by many families. They are one of the top ten most popular dogs in America.

Boxer Mixes Dog Breeds

The Boxer is a popular breed to mix with other dogs in pursuit of the perfect breed due to its handsome appearance, friendly personality, and undisputed popularity.

Boxer Poodle Mix 7

This is called a Designer Dog. It can be described as the offspring from two purebred parents. Today’s article will focus on 20 designer breeds created by mixing a Boxer and another breed.

Although hybrid breeds that are “by design” have become more popular among breeders over the past 20 years, many worthy mixes remain in shelters all across the country. You can find many Boxer-mixed pups in the shelters if you are interested.

These dogs need to be exercised a lot and are always moving. Boxers are also very intelligent, so it’s important to entertain them mentally with puzzle toys or training challenges.

Boxer Mixes

There are many boxer mix options. Many cross-bred boxer pups are often derived from them. These dogs are called “designer dogs” and they can also be bred with purebred parents to produce an unknown breed.

Many boxer mixes will need the same nutrition as their boxer counterparts, but others will have different nutritional requirements due to their differences in size.

Boxer Mixes Dog Breeds 6

Here are 20 popular boxer breeds, along with some information about them. Each mix is unique but many of these dogs are highly sought-after designer dogs. You can find them at many different shelters all over the globe. We recommend that you adopt before buying.

1. Boxachi

Breeds: Boxer and Chihuahua


A Chihuahua and Boxer mix is the popular name for this small-to-medium-sized dog. It has short legs and a stocky build. The Boxachi is a new breed, and there are not many generations of experience to predict how they will behave and look.

Boxachis are smart, friendly with children and pets, and devoted to their families. Boxchis are known for their high prey drive, which can make them nervous around strangers.

Proper training and socialization is important for this breed. Their Chihuahua parents tend to have a more attractive face, while their Boxer genes make them stronger and larger.

2. Boxollie

Breeds: Border Collie & Boxer


This energetic mix of a Border Collie/Boxer is known as a Boxollie. They can be classified as medium-to-large dogs. Depending on the parent breed, they will be placed at one end or another of this spectrum. Their coats are short to medium in length and come in a variety of colors.

The Boxollie is well-known for its happy disposition and love for their family. Both traits are shared by their parents. This mix will be high-energy, intelligent and vigorously exercise-restricted due to the Boxer and Border Collie commonalities.

Anyone looking to adopt a Boxer/Border Collie mix should consider that both parents come from work backgrounds. Their puppies will likely have the same demand.

3. Boxweiler

Breeds: Boxer & Rottweiler


A Boxer-Rottweiler combination will produce a loving and protective dog. Boxer Rotty is also known as the Boxweiler. This dog is affectionate and friendly by nature. The Boxer can be a bit aloof and suspicious of strangers.

Rottweilers can also show aggression if not socialized properly. The Boxweiler is not recommended as a first dog owner. It must be socialized with a responsible owner and properly trained. You will have a sweet, docile pup if you raise it properly.

Boxweilers are energetic, playful, and sweet. They can be well-adjusted. They thrive when they are surrounded by their loved ones and will not be left alone for too long.

Boxweilers are large dogs, typically weighing in at 70-100 pounds. If you have the space and time to take care of them, this hybrid can make an excellent family dog!

4. Bullboxer Pit

Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier and Boxer

Bullboxer Pit

Bullboxer Pit, American Bullboxer Pit, Pixoter… Whatever you call this breed, it is loyal, intelligent, and vibrant. Bullboxers are faithful and strong, which makes them a great family pet. Although these breeds are often compared, they can also be a great combination.

Although the appearance of this beautiful hybrid can vary, it tends to be more Pitbull-like. They can weigh anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds, and have many coats. Bullboxers can be quite vocal so expect some heavy kisses.

They require regular exercise and are very active. While socialization is important for all breeds, it is especially crucial to raise a gentle Bullboxer Pit. We do not recommend this breed for inexperienced dog owners due to their natural strength and activity level.

5. Boxador

Breeds: Labrador Labrador Retriever & Boxer


The Boxador is a perfect example of how designer dog breeders can create the perfect dog. The Boxador is a loving and loyal mix of Labrador and Boxer. It is one the most loved designer hybrids. They make a great family dog. They are gentle and playful with children of all ages, and they are very affectionate with their owners.

This breed is considered large and active. It requires little grooming. Their playful disposition will delight and amaze. Because of their energy and size, Boxadors are best suited to a rural or suburban house with a yard.

6. Bulloxer

Boxer & American Bulldog Breeds


Both the American Bulldog and the Boxer are sturdy, strong specimens. The Bulloxer, their hybrid pup, is just as athletic and muscular. It looks more like a Bulldog with the defined muscles of the Bulldog. They are a medium-sized to large working dog, with a sweet disposition, despite their fighting heritage.

Despite their intimidating appearance, the Bulloxer is a great family pet and gets along well with other dogs and children. The Bulloxer is a gentle, calm, and affectionate dog that can adapt to all living situations.

7. Boxer Chow

Boxer and Chow Chow Mix Breeds

Boxer Chow

The Boxer Chow is a mixture of a Chow Chow and a Boxer. They are usually 60 pounds in weight and have a short, wavy coat that can be dyed in a variety of colors, such as white or gold. Boxer Chows are very powerful and active. This mix needs daily exercise with a handler who doesn’t fear them.

They are a playful and trainable breed that is great for families with kids. They can be cautious about strangers and distrustful, which is a trait shared by both their parents. To counter this tendency, they should be socialized properly. If you live in hot areas, this breed is not able to withstand heat.

8. Boston Boxer

Breeds: Boston Terrier & Boxer

Boston Boxer

A hybrid of a Boston Terrier and a Boxer, the Boston Boxer is often referred to as a Miniature Boxer. Their strong resemblance to their purebred Boxer parents, but with smaller statures, is what makes them so popular.

This is a great alternative for families who don’t have the space to house a larger-sized Boxer.

However, “Miniatureā€ doesn’t always mean small. A Boston Boxer is a canine that can take after its Boxer parent in size. They are generally considered to be a medium-sized dog, weighing between 25 and 55 pounds.

They are very active and require a lot of exercise. This mix is best suited for families that don’t travel or work long hours. They are friendly and patient, and they will do well with children, just like all the breeds on this page.

9. Boxer from Germany

Breeds of Boxer and German Shepherd

Boxer from Germany

The large-sized German Shepherd is a cross between the playful and energetic Boxer and the loyal German Shepherd. Both their parents can be suspicious and guarded, with the GSD being more cautious than the Boxer.

It is important to socialize your German Boxer puppy so that they can overcome these tendencies and become a friendly, outgoing pup.

This mix is well socialized and well adjusted. They are intelligent, trainable, loyal, and extremely loving. These dogs will be a great addition to any family that has experienced owners who are able to spend quality time with them and give them love.

10. Golden Boxer

Boxer & Golden Retriever Breeds

Golden Boxer

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Labrador Retrievers have many similarities, as do their Boxer mix. The Golden Boxer, like the Boxador is a beloved family dog. He excels at agility training and is extremely eager to please. They are intelligent, obedient, and playful.

The Golden Boxer is a large dog. They can weigh between 60 and 75 pounds. They can have a similar coat to either their parent, a Boxer or double Golden coat.

Golden Retrievers are known for being affectionate and will likely pass this trait on to their Golden Boxer puppies. This breed will bond with their families and love spending time with those they love.

11. Australian Boxherd

Boxer and Australian Shepherd

Australian Boxherd

The Australian Boxherd, a medium-sized and intelligent dog of medium size, is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Boxer. Both their parents are hardworking dogs.

Boxers are hunters and guard dogs while Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. You will get a puppy that is eager to learn and eager to please.

This breed is very active and requires a lot of exercise. Like many Australian Shepherd mix, prospective owners should be aware of the physical requirements before adopting an Australian Boxherd.

This intelligent breed can get into trouble without proper stimulation. These dogs are most at home in a house that is spacious and has plenty of room for exploration.

12. Bullboxer Staff

Breeds : American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer

Bullboxer Staff

Bullboxer Staff is a courageous mix of a Boxer and an American Staffordshire Terrier. They can be devoted and protective to their families if they are willing to give them the attention and time they need.

This breed is affectionate and protective of their family, but can also be aggressive towards strangers. Slow introductions and lots of socialization are essential for them.

Bullboxer Staff is a large, muscular breed that weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. It resembles an American Staffordshire Terrier, but with a prominent Boxer-face. Bullboxer Staff can be dominant and aggressive towards other dogs.

They do better when they have an experienced owner and are the only pet in the home. This mix can be very affectionate and loving if they are trained properly. However, it needs a firm handler to manage their stubborn and aggressive tendencies.

13. Boxmation

Boxer & Dalmatian Breeds


Meet the Boxmatian, a clever dog! This adorable mix of a Boxer and Dalmatian is full-of-life and playful. They are an active and athletic breed that will need plenty of exercise to combat destructive tendencies such as separation anxiety and boredom.

They require very little grooming and are a great addition to any active household.

Boxmatian puppies are usually between 50-90 pounds in weight and are considered medium-to-large-sized. Their beautiful, white coat is complemented by distinctive Dalmatian spots.

Boxmatian traits that could be passed on to a Dalmation are their tendency to bark and aggressive behavior. We do not recommend this breed to parents with young children. This is why we emphasize socialization and training for this breed.

14. Boxer Basset

Boxer & Basset Hound Breeds

Boxer Basset

A Boxer Basset is the ideal companion for anyone who wants a cuddly and sweet Netflix buddy. This wonderful mix of Basset Hound and Boxer is happy to snuggle up beside you during your movie marathons. The Basset Hound is a medium-sized, short dog.

Their stubborn and lazy nature can make it difficult for them to be trained. They need a firm and structured owner. They are very hungry and will need positive reinforcement, such as yummy treats, to make a Boxer Basset.

Although they might not win any obedience competitions, their general disposition is loving, affectionate, and family-oriented. They are a great addition to all families, no matter how large or old.

15. Box Heeler

Breeds: Blue Heeler & Boxer

Box Heeler

The Box Heeler is a Boxer-Blue Heeler hybrid, also known as the Box Heeler. It’s a cross between two breeds that has some distinct personalities. This makes it difficult to predict the temperament of a Box Heeler.

The Boxer is loyal, patient, and playful, while the Blue Heeler can be independent, energetic, and intelligent. Any combination of these qualities can make a Box Heeler.

Box Heelers will likely be as stubborn as their parents. Their training ability can be affected so they need a patient and disciplined owner.

They can be athletic and energetic and will need a family that is committed to their well-being. A Box Heeler who is well-adjusted will make a loyal companion.

16. Boxita

Boxer & Akita Breeds


A Boxer and Akita mixed together is called a Boxita. Their bodies are likely to be large and muscular with high intelligence and vigor. Their parents are athletic, particularly with the Akita’s long history as a working dog.

Their coats are usually a mix of white and brown, and they can be both weather- and water-resistant. This breed is more suited to Akitas.

This breed is relatively easy to train with consistency. However, they can be stubborn so we don’t recommend them for novice dog owners. However, they are great with children and pets.

They have a calm and gentle disposition. They are loyal and loving companions who make an excellent choice for active owners looking for a faithful friend.

17. Bogle Dog Running

Boxer & Beagle Breeds

Bogle Dog Running

This quirky breed’s name is a subject of some dispute. It could be the Boxel. Or is it the Bogle? Or the Bogle? They are a strong, athletic dog with a great body.

The Beagle Boxer cross is a bit wary of strangers, but they are usually able to respond well despite their hesitations. They are gentle and easy to handle, making them a great choice for children.

However, they can also be quite rambunctious and should be closely supervised by toddlers and babies in order to prevent any injuries. They are medium-sized dogs with expressive faces and loving eyes that will steal your heart.

18. Boxsky

Breeds of Siberian Husky & Boxer

boxsky dog

The Boxsky is an active, large-eyed mix of a Siberian Husky and a Boxer. Boxskys can have a strong prey drive, and they can be stubborn. Boxsy owners should never allow them to roam off-leash.

Boxsys need a leader who is confident and can provide consistent training to subdue their stubborn nature.

The Boxsky is best suited for large yards as they require a lot of exercise and are very active.

They are an extremely friendly and caring companion if they have a loving family who is willing to exercise, socialize, and train them properly. We love the Boxsky Husky mix.

19. Boxerdoodle

Boxer & Poodle Breeds


The Boxerdoodle is the result of two popular breeds, such as the Boxer and Poodle. It will inherit many of the same desirable traits that made the parent breeds so beloved.

A Boxerdoodle can be described as loyal, outgoing and patient. You can have a Boxerdoodle with a short coat or a Poodle with a curly coat. It’s up to you which one you choose.

The perfect mix of a large-sized Poodle and a spirited Boxer, this medium-to-large-sized pup is a great combination. They are a gentle, spirtly breed. They need to be exercised daily but they love snuggling up with their families.

They are often protective and can act aggressively or defensively with strangers they consider a threat. This behavior can be reduced by introducing a Boxerdoodle into many situations, animals, and people.

20. Boxmas Mix

Breeds: Mastiff & Boxer

Boxmas Mix

What breed can not be loved by a cute name like Boxmas? These dogs sound just like a Christmas present! The Mastiff is a gentle breed that brings warmth and affection to the mix. This mix is a gentle giant despite their muscular size.

They are energetic and alert, so they need to be exercised regularly and have plenty of space. Boxmas are generally more like Mastiffs than Boxers and can weigh between 70-100 pounds.

Boxmas can form strong attachments to one person so make sure you have plenty of interaction with everyone if you want a Boxmas to be a family member.

Last Thoughts

Boxers are a beloved breed for good reasons. Boxers are a playful breed that adds so much heart and wonderful qualities to any mix. These are just a few examples of our favorite Boxer breeds.

We could have included many more, but we did not get into them all. Any purebred can benefit greatly from the Boxer’s playful nature.

A Boxer mix is a better choice than a Boxer alone. This will make your dog more happy and healthier.

You may be able to adopt a mixed-breed shelter dog and find your forever home. It might be worthwhile to look into these Boxer mixes.

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