(Poxer) Boxer Pug Mix Is A Mix Of Pug And Boxer

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If you’re looking for an Pug and Boxer mixture (Boxer Pug Mix) that is referred to as a Poxer If you do, then you’ll certainly have lots of questions about this mixed breed.

What your dog’s going to appear and the temperament, behavior, aggression, friendliness and activities, as well as the health the need for care, are a few of the things that can frighten you until you’ve seen the whole picture.

Boxer Pug Mix

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What can you expect from the Poxer?

As a mixed breed, Poxers inherit characteristics of both breeds. There are certain traits of the Pug that are passed on as well as some of the signature characteristics of the Boxer that are also present from the Poxer.

The next step is to determine how dominant or recessive the genes of both parents are, and this determines the dominance of a particular feature over the other.

It is commonly believed that when you get the use of a Poxer it is getting 50% of a boxer and 50 percent of a pug.

However, you will be able to determine the quality of the experience after interacting with one for a bit. The best way to be prepared for the expected traits of the Pug Boxer mix is by understanding what the traits of the parent are.

The most important traits of Boxers. 

You can be able to recognize you have a Boxer with a muzzle that is short and a face that is small with skin folds to both sides of the snout.

It is a Boxer is a great dog to watch, and can be trained to become a great pet for the family in the event that you choose to train it from an early age. It needs lots of activities, exercises and training.

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It’s not going to bark or attempt to bite. It’s more courteous and friendly to strangers. If they meet someone new Boxers make a lovely greeting sound, shake their tails and look at the person. However, the dog will not become hostile towards strangers except if the breed is of the German lineage.

They are excellent watchdogs and they can care for children, your property and even you. They make great companions. They shed quite a bit and are very drool-y and are also prone to heat strokes during hot weather.

You must get your Boxer outside for a walk, playing, romping, etc each day. They are also humorous and a bit stubborn dog who will go on with an occupation with a certain mindset that is only taken over when the owner is more difficult and stubborn, you might take over.

As young children, they are very energetic, constantly jumping about and being very active. They are prone to illnesses, but aren’t able to live for long.

The most distinctive traits of Pugs are the most distinctive characteristics.

A Pug is a sweet family dog. It is famous for its cute and hilarious square flat face. It has a flat nose, a lot of wrinkles or folds on the skin and large, innocent black eyes and small tail that curls up towards the back.

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The Pug is very snuggly cute, sweet and will be with wherever you travel. It’s a very person-centered pet, and is happy being with its companions or children, as well as family. It’s fun, has funny movements and has a fantastic ability to laugh. The Pug is the perfect pet for apartments as it doesn’t require to go out on its own, and is great to be within the home.

It will always be with you. So, make sure to place it on your lap and enjoy the your attention and affection from you, and if permitted could also sleep in your bed.

It doesn’t actually snore but sheds lots. It is a food lover, and will often eat a lot when you aren’t careful with the amount of food you feed it. So, a pug can become obese very quickly.

They can be playful and try to cheat out of classes, but an ardent master can teach the Pug effectively. Pugs do not suffer from any serious health problems. Because of their flat faces, their eyes are at risk of injuries.

The skin underneath the wrinkles requires regular cleaning to avoid irritations and infections caused by microbial sources.

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Boxer Pug mixes characteristics that are seen

When we look at the traits of Poxer You will discover some intriguing blends the genes it was inherited from both parents to create the new line. The most evident ones are:

A Poxer is a dog with the appearance of the Pug but the muzzle is not as long as the Pug however it is longer in comparison to the Boxer. The eyes are that of the Pug but ears are that are of the Boxer. There are a few wrinkles on the face.

The tail is similar to the tail of the Pug with a curly tail that is short towards the body.

  • The Poxer’s weight can range from 26 to 26 pounds.
  • A mix of silver and fawn coats is common
  • The Poxer is a wonderful pet. It will be there for you every day and makes a lovely pet for the family.
  • It sheds averagely, but not so much as the Pug.
  • The Poxer has the potential to be a great dog watchdog, inherited from Boxer but it doesn’t bark as much.
  • The dog is generally healthy and does not have as such any allergies.
  • The added benefits of having an Xero
  • When the good qualities of a Boxer and Pug blends, you’ll enjoy a few aspects about the Poxer that are:
  • Its adorable face and small body size
  • An affectionate, friendly personality and a warm disposition in the presence of family
  • Health fair
  • Medium activity
  • Lesser shedding
  • Fantastic monitoring as an animal watchdog

Where can you purchase an Poxer (Boxer Pug mix)?

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There are a lot of sellers offering Pug mixes. Also, a Pug Boxer mix is not uncommon, despite its excellent habits. It is however advisable to buy a puppy from a reliable breeder with a reputation of selecting their parents carefully through genetic filtering.

This can save you from many arousal later on due to poor habits, bad temper and the health of your pet. It’s simple to identify an excellent breeder and seller online in your local area.

The cost estimate for an Poxer (Boxer Pug mixes)

The price of the cost of a Poxer is contingent on the population and pedigree of the parents who used for breeding it. The estimated cost is around $300.

Understanding the different pug breeds will help you choose which ones to pick. It’s all about appearance however, the characteristics and temperaments also matter! Fortunately, we have all the information you need.


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The Box-a-Pug is an hybrid dog that is composed of the breeds of a Boxer along with a Pug. Based on the breed of parent is dominant in the breed, the Box-a-Pug can be medium or small in size. They’re also referred to by the name of Poxers and are short-haired dogs that can appear dark brown, black, or brindle.

The majority of them have curly tails, but also have straight tails and their muzzles are typically longer than those of a Pug and shorter than those of a Boxer.

They are lively, intelligent dogs that make excellent companions and can be great with children. They are a great snuggler but they also make excellent watchdogs, regardless of their size.

Box-a-Pug Breed Histories

Pugs are a breed that dates back to the past and were used to be lap dogs and were adored in the eyes of Chinese Emperors.

Buddhist monks were also said to keep Pugs to be their pets within their monasteries. modern Pugs descend from dogs brought to Europe from China during the sixteenth century.

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It is believed that a Pug called Pompey saved the life of Prince of Orange by warning him about assassins in 1572. This led to being named the official House of Orange dog. The breed was later popular across Europe and, in Italy, Pugs would be outfitted in pantaloons that matched their jackets.

In addition to being companion dogs they also served for military trackers and as guard dogs. Queen Victoria was a fan of the breed and had many Pugs.

Marie-Antoinette, as well as Josephine Bonaparte, the wife of Napoleon were owners and loved on Pugs. They were acknowledged as such by the American Kennel Club in 1885 and they were recognized by the Pug Dog Club of America was formed in 1931.

Boxers were born by the Germans in Germany and their predecessors included the German Bullenbeisser who were descended from Mastiffs as well as the Bulldog.

The Boxer is considered to be one of Molosser group, which originate from the huge Shepherd dog, known as the Molossus and are believed to be the most popular soldiers from those of the Ancient Romans as well as Greeks.

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In World War 1 Boxers carried messages as well as served as attack dogs and guard dogs. Boxers were among the first breeds to be used to assist police.

They were the first breed of police dog. American Kennel Club registered the first Boxer in 1904 however it wasn’t until 1940 that they began getting popular.

Boxers of today have the courage and strength of their predecessors but their love for people and their loyal nature have been a popular pet for families and they’re also utilized for therapy and service purposes.

Box-a-Pug Breed Appearance

The Box-a-Pug (Boxer Pug Mix) is an average to small breed, based on which one of the breeds that are parent is more dominant. They may be light brown, fawn black, silver or brindle. Their coats are shorter. They typically have a short muzzle that is slightly longer than the Pug’s but smaller than the one of a Boxer.

Pugs’ eyes are quite large that protrude from their face While the eyes of Boxers don’t protrude . They are generally dark brown, with an alert look.

The Pug’s teeth are typically joined with an underbite whereas the normal bite of the boxer’s teeth is undershot. A Box-a-Pug will likely have a tail, patterned after the Pug side. Boxers generally have their tails with their tails docked.

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Box-a-Pug Breed Management

Box-a-Pugs need to be brushed at least two times a every week to keep their fur healthy and beautiful. They do not shed much, however brushing can assist in getting rid of loose hair or pieces of dirt. Pugs are wrinkled on their foreheads and their heads and if your Box-a-Pug has wrinkles, they must to be kept dry and clean.

These folds could be fertile ground for bacteria or yeast in the other. In addition, some Boxers have sensitive skin , and your Box-a-Pug may inherit this predisposition.

Examine your dog’s eyes and ears for dirt and clean it with a wet piece of cotton wool. Nails must always be examined and clipped if required. It’s an excellent idea to brush your dog’s tooth with a veterinarian-approved toothpaste for dogs.

Box-a-Pug Temperament

Box-a-Pugs (Boxer Pug Mixes) are great family pets that love to snuggle and crave the attention of their owners. They are able to be able to replicate some of the characteristics of the breeds that are their parents. They are great companion animals with an abundance of energy.

Boxers are intelligent and alert dogs that are full of spunk and a love for play. They are great pet for families.

They’re excellent watchdogs, and are able to be extremely protective. They are a bit wild when they are puppies, but they don’t ever lose their urge to play. They are great with other pets and children even cats.

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The breed is described as canines that have plenty of personality. They are always interested and lively.

They respond well to exercise, but it’s recommended to begin in the early stages. Pugs are also energetic and are a lot of fun in comparison to their size. They are also great with children and are happy to be the center of attention.

They are a bit difficult to train, but they are able to be. Box-a-Pug Requirements for Activity The Box-a Pug (Boxer Pug Mix) are playful dogs, and as all dogs , they require regular exercise to stay in the best health.

However, it’s dependent on the breed of parent that your dog is a follower of since Pugs are often lazy and do not require lots of physical exercise, whereas Boxers are quite the opposite. They are energetic dogs that require lots of exercise and plenty of playtime or they’ll become destructive.

Both breeds of dogs can adjust well to life in an apartment, so a Box-a-Pug can, too, as provided they follow an exercise regimen to keep them fit and mentally active, as well as happy. Both breeds are not sensitive to extreme weather, therefore make sure that your pet isn’t warm or cold.

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