How To Identify A Purebred Doberman? [Complete Guide]

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Many people love owning a Doberman. However, purchasing an authentic Doberman is a must. How do you identify the original Doberman puppy? Don’t worry. Let’s learn everything from this article.

How can you tell if the puppy is a genuine Doberman puppy? To determine if the Doberman puppy that is original to the breed, or not, you will need look at their coat and tail, nose ears, muzzle the height, weight, behaviour and the specific color of tan typically unique to purebred Doberman.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to purchase a breed of purebred Doberman puppy or an adult one. Let’s go over everything in this guide.

Let’s identify the original Doberman puppy.

The life expectancy of this breed is 10-14 years. They have a thin coat. Particularly, it shines. We can observe about five different colors in the dog breed.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Fawn

Doberman pinschers are a great pet for families. It is especially an excellent guard dog. The best aspect of this breed is that they will let us know when something small occurs in the vicinity.

Use Nose color to identify the original Doberman puppy

To discover the pureness of this breed We should look at the color of his coat as well as his the color of his nose. I’ll include the information below.

Breed color Nose color.
White DobermanPink
Black DobermanBlack
Red DobermanDark tan
Fawn DobermanDark brown
Blue DobermanDark gray
Dog color and Nose color

Nose color and tail color

So, it is recommended to ensure these colors prior to taking on the latest Doberman. The most important aspect is their color,

  •  nose, and the color of the nails is equal.
nail color
nose color


Use tan color to identify the original Doberman puppy.

We can see the tan color in several parts of his body. Let’s consider black Doberman. Tan color we can see in these places,

identify original Doberman puppy
see tan color
  • Forearms of front legs
  • two patches near shoulders
  • The front part of back legs
  • Two patches above eyes
  • On the sides of the nose

Read this to understand whether Dobermas are good for first-time owners.

Temperament of tail of the original Doberman puppy

Next, we should consider their tails,

  • The tail should be flat and straight.
  • It should not be curved.

The temperament of the muzzle of a purebred Doberman

Next, we should consider their muzzle.

  • Front part flat
  • On the sides of the muzzle are flat
identify original Doberman puppy

Temperament of ears

After, this we can consider their ears,

  • Ears should be V shape
  • Flat
  • Both ears are hanging

But you may have seen some grown dog’s ears are flat and straight. Which means their ears have cropped. People used to crop their ears because of,

  • Beautiful
  • he can hear for long distances.

How to identify original grown Doberman

To determine if you have a mature Doberman it is necessary to look at all the above aspects. However, most Dobermans have cut their tails and ears.

In this breed it is possible to see medium-sized to large-sized dogs. They are mostly powerful and beautiful. They have dark eyes.

Female height 63cm – 68cm
Male height 68cm – 72cm
Female weight 32kg – 35kg
Male weight 40kg – 45kg

Further more about Doberman Pinscher.

The Doberman is among the smartest dogs on the planet. They are calm and friendly and highly dependent on their families.

They aren’t suitable for those who spend the majority of the time out of your home and you are not able to give them the attention they require.

While they’re a very friendly dog However, the Doberman is not averse to strangers. Therefore, it is recommended to socialize them thoroughly as puppies.

Keep in mind that this particular grouping of people doesn’t automatically create dangerous dogs. There is no time in our daily lives when we are able to be pleasantly surprised by the nature that is the Doberman.

They are able to live happily with their families. They are loving, affectionate and sensitive canines.

While they require lots of exercise These dogs are able to be able to adjust into living with an owner provided that they take long walks every day and exercise regularly which helps their bodies burn calories.

However, they’re still better than gardens, in which they can run around and enjoy themselves. The dog also has an inability to stand up to frigid temperatures.

They require a sufficient amount of sleep , and an area to relax in. However physical stimulation isn’t enough.

You must be mentally stimulating to reduce tension and stress that can build up. The differentiating factor in games of intelligence will assist us in this area.

I’m sure that by you’ve got enough information to Identify The Original Doberman puppy .


Original Doberman puppy pros and cones.


(i) They are affectionate and loving canines, as is any other breed of dog that is a typical family pet.

(ii) This dog is extremely loyal to its owner and family, and they make fantastic guards. They may not appear cuddly similar to French bulldogs. However, they are extremely close to their family members.

(iii) High capacity for training and intelligence. These are the other advantages. It is possible to begin training right after you have received your puppy. Even at the age of eight weeks they’re capable of learning they respond when you call their names or to sit.

At one year, these dogs could try to be disciplined and obeying. However, they require an effective leader. The leader should be you.

(iv) They are strong, fast as well as loyal and trainable. All of these are essential traits to guard your dog and guardians. In addition it is impossible for burglars if there’s an Doberman in your yard.

(v) High endurance. They are well-known athletes. These dogs are able to go running or biking alongside you all day long and will be up to go for more.

Dobermans are tough dogs and they enjoy exercising. If you’re an physically active, this may be the perfect pet for you.

These are the benefits that we can recognize by having an Original Doberman puppy .


(I) Even this dog, which is a great pet for the family, has an issue. If your child is playing in the presence of this animal, it may be injuries for your child.

Since this dog is somewhat rough. Because they don’t know the strength and importance they really are.

Therefore, they could cause harm to children without realizing that they have done it. If you have Doberman Doberman and a child in the same space You must be extremely cautious.

(ii)I have previously mentioned their athleticism as a benefit. However, it could be a drawback as well. Since if you’re an active person working out with Doberman every day it is likely that you be able to have a dog that is suitable for your house.

But there’s something wrong. If you don’t offer them sufficient exercise, your dog will be suffering. They’ll feel bored, and may even be destructive. If the Doberman isn’t able to run, they won’t be content.

(iii) They are quite expensive to purchase and maintain. Dobermans are large dogs. They require more food snacks, space, toys, and space than a small dog like the Pomeranian. Its cost is comparable to other breeds of big dogs.

(iv) We talked about them earlier as extremely intelligent dogs. However, having a dog with is not as smart as Doberman could be a problem too.

Since if you don’t succeed in learning or if you do an awful lesson or harm them, they is likely to remember it for the rest of his life.

(v) This dog is able to spook easily. It could sound somewhat funny, as these dogs are huge and strong, yet they are spook-friendly. Even though they’re good guard dogs, but there are times when you see the shy or stressed Doberman.

We will discuss the negatives that we can observe by having an the original Doberman puppy .

Love your dog, he will never break your heart.


If you’re planning to purchase an Doberman dog, you could always be a challenge. “How to determine the origin of a Doberman pup?”.

In this article, I’ve talked about how we can recognize a purebred Doberman and also about his characteristics as well as the advantages and disadvantages of owning this breed.

Tell me in the comments section which do you like , male or female Doberman?

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