Ultimate List of Guinea Pig Breeds : 12 Guinea Pigs

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It has been done! The ultimate guinea-pig list! We are proud to present the following! Our Ultimate list highlights the best qualities of different guinea pig breeds and highlights their uniqueness. We are fortunate to have many breeds of guinea-pigs in Australia.

There are many varieties, from short-haired to long-haired. Some breeds may also have unique personality traits.

Breeds of Short Haired Guinea Pig



Crested Guinea Pig

Alternative breed names: Cavidse porcellus
Origin: The American Guinea Pig was born in South America, in particular the Peruvian Andes.
Size: 8-9 inches
Life expectancy: Between 4 and 7 Years
Profile of the breed:

American guinea pigs are known for their large ears and round nose. They also have a smooth coat, which is often only one colour. However, they can be found in many different colours.

They don’t require any regular grooming. They are friendly and active. American cresteds have a single rosette at the top of their heads. This is usually a white crest, but it can vary.


Himalayan Guinea Pig

Alternative breed names: N/A
Origin: South-East Asia
Size: 8-12 inches
Life expectancy: 5 to 7 Years
Profile of the breed:

The Siamese cat is the Himalayan guinea-pig. The Himalayan has a white coat with black highlights on the ears, nose, feet and feet. The pads on their toenails, feet and toes are dark. These guinea-pigs are born with white highlights. The darker highlights appear after a few weeks.

The highlights can appear to fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight or heat. The same happens when the pigs become scared, sick, or shocked.

This breed is recommended for people who have previously had Guinea Pigs. They can be very high maintenance and should be kept indoors.


Ridgeback Guinea Pig

Ridges are an alternative name for a breed:
America is the origin
Size: 5-12 inches
Life expectancy: Between 4-7 Years
Profile of the breed:

Ridgeback guinea pigs have a short, smooth coat of hair. This is accented by a visible unbroken ridge or standing hair running down its back from neck to the rump.

Their hind feet look like they have hair growing up their legs instead of down. This can be covered with tuffs.

Baby Ridgeback guineapigs don’t always have a ridge of fur at their backs. It may take several weeks for the fur at the ridge to show. Rosettes can sometimes appear in the hair of Ridgeback guinea Pigs.

Rough Coat Guinea Pig Breeds


Teddy Guinea Pig

  • NA – Alternative breed names
  • Origin: Unknown (breeding was discovered via genetic mutation).
  • Size: 8-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: Between 4 and 5 years
  • Profile of the breed:

The coat of a Teddy guinea pig is thick, dense, rough, and even. They have hair that reaches all the way around their bodies, giving them a puffy appearance. Sometimes they grow to a medium length.

This is why they appear more like a baby than a guinea-pig. Straight whiskers and hair can grow longer above the ears. They are sweet and gentle, with a good nature. Teddy Guinea Pigs are playful, curious, and fun-loving pets that can be kept as pets.


Rex Guinea Pig

  • Alternative breed names: N/A
  • Origin: South America
  • Size: 8-17 inches
  • Lifespan 5-6 years
  • Profile of the breed:

Rex guinea pigs are one of the most rough-coated breeds. Their coat is smooth and silky because they don’t have guard hairs. Although their hair is only about 1 cm long at the longest, they have dense coats.

Rex are also known for their large ears and wide head. Their underbelly hair is dense and curly. Their whiskers are curly and crimped. Rex guinea pigs are affectionately held and loved by their owners.


abyssinian guinea pig

  • Alternative breed names: N/A
  • Origin: South America
  • Size: 8-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: 5-8 years
  • Profile of the breed:

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs are known for their distinctive, rough coat that features eight rosettes arranged in pairs across their bodies. Their rough coat can grow up to 4 cm.

You can find them in a variety of colours, including brindle and roans as well as tortoiseshell and solid colours.

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs have a distinctive coat pattern. It grows in spirals known as rosettes. There are many stages of recognition. Abyssinian Guinea Pigs can be very attractive.

With mild training they can be affectionate. Some pigs might even grow to become lap pigs. They are very easy to care for and make a great first guinea-pig.


Sheba Guinea Pig

  • Alternate Breed Names: Sheba Miniyak
  • Origin: Australia
  • Size: 7-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: Between 4-7 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

The Sheba Miniyak is a sturdy, heavy-set Guinea Pig with a rosette, tousled coat. Some refer to them affectionately as the “bad hair day” guinea pig. They look like a mix of the Peruvian and Abyssinian breeds. Their coats should be thick and dense with a natural texture.

Their heads are square and have mutton-chop whiskers. Sheba’s are curious and have a beautiful nature. Their coat needs to be cared for well.

Long-haired Guinea Pig Breeds


silkie guinea pig

  • Alternative breed names: Sheltie
  • Origin: UK (result from crossbreeding).
  • Size: 7-10 inches
  • Life expectancy: 5 to 7 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

Silkie is well-known for its soft, shiny, and long hair. It shouldn’t have rosette or grow hair that points upwards towards its face. The Silkies should have a full, silky coat. The Silkie has a teardrop-shaped face.

The Silkie is the gentlest guinea-pig breed. Silkies are a laid-back breed and can appear shy at first. They may take longer to get to know you than other guinea-pigs. Because silkies have long hair, they can be very difficult to maintain.


Texel Guinea Pig

  • Curlies are another alternative breed name
  • England is the origin
  • Size: 7-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: Between 4 and 7 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

Texel Guinea Pigs are well-known for their thick, soft hair with ringlets and curls. Their bodies are compact and have a well-rounded head. In appearance, they can be compared with a Silkie but with curly hair.

The entire body of the Texel Guinea Pig Breed is covered with hair. Sometimes, there’s a natural part at the back. This breed’s face has shorter hairs. There are no longer curls below the lower jaws or the ears.

The Texel Guinea Pig’s curly and lush hair requires a lot of work to maintain. This breed is not recommended for children or adults who cannot spare the time to groom it.


cornet guinea pig

  • Alternative breed names: English guinea pig
  • England is the origin
  • Size: 7-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: 6-8 years
  • Profile of the breed:

Coronets are similar to Silkies because of their smooth, wavy coat that extends backwards across the entire body. The Coronet Guinea Pig, however, has a coronet or rosette in the middle of the head. This is the main difference between the two guinea-pig breeds.

Coronet Guinea Pig breeds have no part in their hair and their long, straight hairs will grow upwards over their bodies. Coronet Guinea Pig breeds do not look like White Crested forerunners.

Their crests can take any colour and may be white on any part of their bodies. Coronet Guinea Pigs can be playful and affectionate. Coronets require frequent grooming, just like other long-haired Guinea Pigs.


Peruvian Guinea Pig

  • Alternative breed names: N/A
  • Origin: Paris
  • Size: 8-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: Between 4-7 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

The Peruvian Guinea Pig breed has long, straight hair. This Peruvian guinea pig breed’s topcoat can grow to maximum 24 inches in length. The Peruvian Guinea Pig’s hair is straight down the spine.

It naturally extends to the forehead and forms a fringe. The hair extends forward and the other towards the rear. Because their coat is long and requires a lot of grooming, the Peruvian Guinea Pig can be more difficult to maintain than other short-haired guinea pig breeds.


Alpaca Guinea Pig

  • Other breed names: Boucle, English Peruvian and Curly Coated Coronet
  • Origin: From English Peruvian Guinea Pigs
  • Size: 6-11 inches
  • Life expectancy: 5-8 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

Many pet owners consider alpaca guinea pigs to be among the most beautiful breeds. Their long, coarse, and wavy hair is different from the main body’s colour.

Their close resemblance with the alpaca is what gave them their name. Alpaca guinea pigs wear a rosette on the foreheads.

They can be indoor or outdoor animals. Alpaca guinea pigs are more maintenance-intensive than other breeds. Because of the long hair, they need to be brushed and de-tangled on a daily basis.


merino guinea pig

  • Alternative breed names: Merino Peruvian, English Merino
  • Origin: The English Peruvian Guinea Pig was used as the source.
  • Size: 4-11 inches
  • Life expectancy: 5+ years
  • Profile of the breed:

Merino guinea pigs resemble Texels, but they have curly hairs that are shorter than Texels. They also have a crest-type rosette on their tops of their heads that is evenly placed between their eyes.

Their heads are small and wide. The profile should be gentle curved, but not flat. Merinos are a breed well-known for their lovely temperament.


lunkarya guinea pig

  • Lunk is an alternative name for this breed
  • Sweden is the origin
  • Size: 4-12 inches
  • Life expectancy: 5-8 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

Lunkarya is a new breed that was developed in Sweden and is mostly found in the Nordic countries. There are three types of the Lunkarya Peruvian, which has a prominent forelock; the Lunkarya Sheltie, with the hair flowing back over its body; and the Lunkarya Coronet, which has a crest at the forehead. The coat is long and curly, with lots of curls. It cannot be combed and is not flat.

list of guinea pig breeds 2

Breeds of hairless Guinea Pigs


Pig Skinny Guinea Pig

  • Alternative breed names: Hairless Guinea Pig
  • Canada is the origin
  • Size: 8-11 inches
  • Lifespan: 4+ years
  • Profile of the breed:

The result of crossing a hairless lab strain with guinea-pigs, the modern Skinny Guinea Pig breed was born. The Skinny Guinea Pigs are covered in tuff’s on their feet, legs and muzzles. However, they don’t have any hair on the rest of their bodies.

A few Skinny Guinea Pig breeds have a thin layer of fluffy hair on the backs. Healthy Skinny Guinea Pigs have soft skin with some wrinkling around the neck and legs.

Their body is full and smooth without any ribs or spine. High maintenance is required for the Skinny Guinea Pig.

If not properly cared for, Skinny Pigs can easily become infected with fungal diseases and wounds. This Skinny Guinea Pig is usually kept indoors and protected from heat with nesting materials like a blanket or cloth bag.


baldwin guinea pig

  • Alternative breed names: Hairless Guinea Pig
  • California is the origin
  • Size: 8-11 inches
  • Life expectancy: 4-6 Years
  • Profile of the breed:

Their skin is completely bald, and they are completely unattractive. Baldwins are born with all of their hair. After just a few days, their hair begins to fall out. Over a time period of several months, it slowly disappears and leaves them completely bald.

Although they can be outside for short periods in warm weather, they do not have the protection that they need. They are unable to withstand direct sunlight so they must be shaded when outside.

Popular Guinea Pig Colour Variations

Guinea Pigs come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. A list of key terms has been compiled. These terms can be used to describe the colour of a Guinea Pig’s skin.

Agouti: Each hair has a bottom and a tip of the same color, while the middle is a contrast colour. There are three types of Agoutis: silver, gold, and cinnamon.

  • Albino: A completely white color with pink eyes
  • Brindle: Light and dark tan.
  • Dalmation: White with darker spots
  • Dutch: A white body with brown or yellow markings.
  • Himalayan: A white body with black ears, nose, and feet.
  • Mixed: Any combination of colors, even collared.
  • Roan: Intensely mixed dark hairs with white.
  • Self: Solid-colored coats
  • Tortoise Shell – Patched in dark and light brown colors, with distinct lines between the patches.
  • Tortoise Shell and white: These shells are similar to the Tortoise Shell but have white.

12 Guinea Pig Breeds

Most likely, you didn’t know there were so many.

Although your children might think they are ready to have a dog, you know that the majority of the walking, feeding and cleaning required by dogs would be done by you.

list of guinea pig breeds

Smaller pets are recommended by veterinarians for families that are new to owning pets. This is because guineas pigs are more stable than smaller animals such as rabbits or hamsters. There are many guinea-pig breeds available, just like dogs.

The breed of a guinea pig can have an impact on its temperament, hair type, maintenance, and overall health. After you have decided on the best guinea-pig breed for you, you can visit your local animal shelter or search an online rescue.

Guinea pigs can be kept in a variety breeds, and are not fragile. They are also relatively easy to take care of. As long as they are properly cared for, they don’t often have any serious medical issues.

The diet includes hay, fresh vegetables and pelleted food. Hess also recommends a vitamin C supplement. They should have water available at all times and keep their cage clean. These are tasks that children can do easily. This is why guinea-pigs make an easier pet than dogs.

list of guinea pig breeds 3

Are you ready to adopt a Guinea Pig? These are the most well-known guinea pig breeds. However, new breeds are constantly being developed.

1. American Guinea Pig

American Guinea Pig

According to Guinea Pig Hub, the American guinea pig is the most popular breed. They are a great companion for children because they have a sweet and lively temperament. They are easier to care for and groom than long-haired Guinea Pigs.

2. Crested Guinea Pig

Crested Guinea Pig

According to Guinea Pig Hub, Crested, also called White Crested, guinea-pigs can often look very similar American guineas pigs. However, they have a swirl or crown of hair on their heads. They are similar in temperament to Americans, and their coats can be maintained easily.

3. Coronet Guinea Pig

Coronet Guinea Pig

Spruce Pets describes Coronet guinea pigs as long-haired guinea pigs. They have a swirl at their tops that allows their hair to grow and part. Somerzby Pet Products says they are playful and curious, but require a lot more grooming due to their long hair.

4. Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig

The hair of Peruvian Guinea Pigs is the longest among all breeds. It often covers their eyes. At 21 inches, the Peruvian holds record for the longest hair length on a Guinea Pig. Don’t buy or adopt this breed unless your are prepared to maintain a consistent grooming routine. Guinea Pig Hub suggests that Peruvian owners trim long hairs to make them easier to manage.

Peruvians can be as sweet as any other breed, but they tend to be more curious and alert than others.

5. Himalayan Guinea Pig

Himalayan Guinea Pig

The coloring of Himalayan guinea pigs is similar to Siamese cats. However, their dark spots don’t develop until several months after they are born. Their unique color combination comes from their eyes being red.

Although they are gentle and friendly, Guinea Pig Hub recommends Himalayan Guinea Pigs to people who have had guineas pigs in the past. They are also very high-maintenance and require a lot of indoor time, according to Somerz by Pet Products.

6. Silkie and Sheltie Guinea Pig

Sheltie Guinea Pig

According to breed standards, the Silkie or Sheltie guinea pig’s hair grows outward from its face and down down its back. However, it shouldn’t split down the middle.

Somerzby Pet Products says Silkies come as a variety of colors and are considered the gentlest breed. They are not suitable for children, however, as their longer hair needs more care.

7. Teddy Guinea Pig

Teddy Guinea Pig

According to Spruce Pets, Teddies are well-known for their thick, stiff coats. Their texture is similar to teddy bears and hence their name. Their coats are easy to maintain thanks to their texture, although they may need to be brushed occasionally.

According to Guinea Pig Hub Teddies are the only breed that has an upturned nose. They also have one of the most temperamental pets, making them great for families.

8. Texel Guinea Pig

Texel Guinea Pig

Texels are a bit like Silkies but have curly hair that requires a lot more grooming. Somerzby Pet Products says that if their hair is long enough, the curls can become ringlets.

Because of their gorgeous curls and waves, texels are great show guinea-pigs. However, they require a lot of care.

9. Rex Guinea Pig

Rex Guinea Pig

According to Guinea Pig Hub Rexes have a dense, short coat that looks like wool. They are also known for their droopy ears which make them look like hedgehogs.

According to Somerzby, Rex guineapigs could be called “lap guineapigs” if they were actually known. They love being petted and held, so it is possible that they might be considered lap guineapigs.

10. Pig Skinny Guinea Pig

Pig Skinny Guinea Pig

The Skinny Guinea Pig, also known as the Skinny Pig, is almost completely hairless, with the exception of the hair on its legs and feet. Their skin can become sensitive, and they may develop fungal infections. Adults who are able to keep an eye on them will be a better choice for pets.

Skinny Pigs can be kept indoors as pets. Their cages should have a nesting material, such as a small blanket. According to Somerzby Pet Products.

11. Sheba Guinea Pig

Sheba Guinea Pig

Sheba Mini Yaks or Shebas are sometimes called “bad hair day” Guinea pigs because of the way their hair sticks out in different directions. Their coat is not only cute, but it can also be quite funny. They are sweet and curious, so they won’t resist you brushing.

12. Alpaca Guinea Pig

Alpaca Guinea Pig

Alpacas are a rarer breed of guinea-pigs than the more common guineas. You won’t likely find them in pet shops. Their thick, curly hair is very long and grows up to their heads. They require a bath approximately once per month.

Alpaca guineas love their affectionate nature. They will spend time with you and want to be there.

No matter what breed you choose to get along with your pet, make sure you spend enough time together. Guinea pigs make great pets. They are affectionate and have a funny, kind personality.

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