11 Best Pets for Busy College Students

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College life is stressful and challenging, but nothing like a pet can help you through a hard time. We have a list of Best Pets for Busy College Students just for you. If you’re living in a dorm, on-campus, or off-campus apartment. There may be strict rules about the kinds of pets allowed. Fortunately, low-maintenance, dorm-friendly pets are available for you to cuddle with as you focus on your studies.

During this stressful time, many students prefer to go for taking care of pets. Because animals are an amazing source of companionship and enjoyment. When choosing a pet, you should be careful.

Top 11 Best Pets for Busy College Students

Following are 11 top options for the best pets for college students.

1. Hamster (Pets for Busy College Students)

The hamster is one of the best pet choices for busy college students. Hamster is one of the furry and stress-relaxing companions. They are ideal choices because they do not need a lot of attention. Hamsters are tiny in size, and they don’t need any complicated cages. They also don’t require any special diet or food.

Usually, they choose one corner of their cage to do their activities. These cute and tiny pets spend time exercising on wheels and chewing on their toys.

Their life span is short, like two to three years. Some pet owners may find a problem, but for busy college students, it is vital as you want a pet during your degree, not for decades.

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2. Birds (Pets for Busy College Students)

Birds are among the best choices due to low maintenance in a busy college schedule. Birds are a great choice for those who want a social pet.

They are brilliant and can be trained to solve a problem. The best bird species for college students are canaries, budgies, cockatiels, and finches.

Taking care of these species is easy and cost-effective. Another popular pet is a parrot, but many college dorms don’t allow them. They need a lot of care, time, and attention which college students may not have.

Canaries and cockatiels only require space and food. Then they will fly around and sing for entertainment. Instead, cockatiels need training such as sitting on your finger, copying or mimicking words and playing games.

If not properly trained, they can be loud. Having a bird as a pet during a busy college life is budget-friendly because they need some toys, food, water, and a cage to fly around.

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3. Fish (Pets for Busy College Students)

When keeping a fish as a pet, try to start with a small one. You have limited space in your dorms. It is not convenient to keep a large aquarium.

However, entering the dorm or your room and seeing a bright-colored fish will make your mind relax. Tetras, guppies, goldfish, and betta fish are the best fish.

These species are best because they need low maintenance, daily feed, and a clean tank. Closed system aquariums are recommended in a small area but are ineffective as it is difficult to clean and as a result, injury and death of your fish occur.


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4. Cats (Pets for Busy College Students)

If a college allows keeping cats in dorms, then a cat is an ideal pet. Some of them think that cat is not perfect pet as they need a lot of space to walk around, and maintenance is costly.

But actually, this small pet doesn’t need more space. Cats only need a portion of food, a litter box, and a small space.

They can live in a small space, like 18 square feet. Cats are independent compared to dogs, and they don’t need much attention or care.

Cats will be available for you when you need them. While focusing on your exams and other tasks, they can entertain themselves. Cats are also quiet as they will not disturb or bother other students.

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Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/cat-kitten-pet-feline-animal-2603300/

5. Dogs (Pets for Busy College Students)

A dog is a perfect pet and a become best friend with owners. After a busy schedule or hard day at college, dogs are a relaxing and great companion. Dogs have the power to make your mood light and emotional well-being.

It would help to choose a more friendly dog breed because every dog has different characteristics and behavioral habits.

Small dogs often have a good time and are happy to be around people. But to keep a dog as a pet during college life is quite challenging because they need a lot of care and attention. It would be best if you made a plan to feed your dog at a set time every day.

The popular small dog breeds are poodles, pugs, Boston terrier, Lhasa apso, papillon, bichon fries, American bulldogs, and Pomeranian. Among these dog breeds, the most aggressive one is the American bulldog.

The cause of sudden food aggression in dogs is due to medical conditions such as dental or gum problemsFood aggression due to pain typically occurs suddenly.But proper training can make them great family dogs.

So, think carefully if this pet is your right choice because you need the appropriate space, time, energy, and commitment for a dog.

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6. Guinea Pigs (Pets for Busy College Students)

Guinea pigs have great exceptional qualities, and because of this, they are great pets for college students. Guinea pigs belong to family Caviidea family and the genus Cavia. They are sensitive, tiny, and distinctive.

There’s a chance that students won’t have much time for pet care. Due to their hardiness, guinea pigs are excellent companions for college students.

Guinea pigs are exceptionally healthy animals when given the proper nutrition. They can live in a range of environments. Guinea pigs do good indoors and do well in dorms because they are native to cool regions.

They are perfect for students living in small dorms because they can survive in cramped areas. Guinea pig is a herd animal, so it is better to keep two because you do not have enough time to give them.

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7. Turtles (Pets for Busy College Students)

Turtles are the most affectionate pet, which is a good option for college students. They don’t need much space, and you must put a small to medium size aquarium.

Turtles are quiet and do not worry about disturbance while studying. The start-up cost is a little expensive, but later the price is low.

Since they don’t have a reputation for being picky eaters and are known to be opportunistic at mealtime, feeding schedules can be flexible if you’re busy with college.

They are omnivores, meaning they can eat anything and don’t need much food. But some turtle species or breeds need a specialized diet, so think carefully before buying.

Fortunately, low-maintenance, dorm-friendly pets are available for you to cuddle with as you focus on your studies. Animals like turtles may not require a lot of maintenance, however to know more about them you can visit https://turtlecaring.com/do-red-eared-slider-turtles-shed/



8. Hermit Crabs (Pets for Busy College Students)

Hermit crabs are a great choice to try something different for a pet. They can only keep in aquariums, so they are perfect for college students who don’t have a lot of room.

Watching them is also fascinating. They are quiet and need low-maintenance. You can just start with a tank and a food. It means you don’t need much for a hermit crab.

They frequently climb and explore their surroundings, which is a terrific way to rest your brain after a long workday.

Multiple crabs should reside together since hermit crabs enjoy the company. You can add some extra shells, so that hermit grows both you and the crab will have a memorable college experience together.

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9. Tarantulas (Pets for Busy College Students)

Tarantulas are ideal pets for students because of a budget diet. They can live and survive without food for many weeks. But it would be best if you fed them once a week.

These enormous hairy spiders can be fascinating to care for despite how frightening and to threaten they may appear.

You are amazed as you watch tarantulas creep into their terrariums once you start feeding them and become familiar with their behaviour.

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10. Lizards (Pets for Busy College Students)

A lizard can be the ideal pet for college students who love reptiles because they require less maintenance. You only need to set up a tank with some gravel, sand, and shells to get started.

They are hands-on for college students on a small budget because they don’t require specific diets. Their tummies can be filled with a few pet store bugs or grocery store green leaves.

Regardless of what people may believe, having a pet lizard can be terrific. It would help if you located a nook, ready to go. It’s simple to give plants to lizards, which is a significant advantage.

If you’re careful, you won’t have to worry about them. If you are out of the dorm all day, don’t need to worry about them.

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Source: https://www.beverlyhillsvets.com/blog/pet-lizards/

11. Mice (Pets for Busy College Students)

Mice are adorable companions for busy college students. But they get a bad reputation for those who never interacted with them.

They are an excellent choice, preferably when you have no big animal to take care of. They are active and entertain you with playing styles and funny little faces.

Having a mouse as a pet is inexpensive and convenient because they don’t eat much food. The mouse doesn’t need enough space.

But they are social creatures means they need your attention and care. You can spend some time with them even in your hectic college life.

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For college students taking care of a pet may be relaxing, and having a pet can be a powerful stress-relieving aid. Hopefully, the above-mentioned best pets will help you to choose the perfect one for you in your busy college life.

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