99 Red Dog Names For Superb Ginger & Orange Puppies

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A comprehensive list of these Best Red Dog Names for your lovely ginger pup. Ideal to get a gorgeous Irish Setter or a elegant Rhodesian Ridgeback, or even in actuality, some red-coat breed.

You’ve got 99+ choices available, which range from overseas words to valuable minerals, tasty foods and famous personalities ( fictional and real ).

Therefore, you can be confident that you’ll find exactly what it is that you’re looking right here since it is the most comprehensive compilation you’ll see online.

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Guaranteed. That is why we invite you to test it since you will discover that perfect name for the small red puppy!


In contrast to black and white, reddish dogs are far more difficult to locate, and thus, you want a name which suits it perfectly in each and every sense.

An attractive illustration is Mars, the reddish planet. Floating the outside area; majestic and mystical, and definitely beautiful and attractive in its own feel, like your pup.

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If you’re an enthusiast of astronomy, or else you enjoy our ethereal outline of this, then don’t hesitate to utilize it, since it is among the very best redhead puppy titles.

You can also opt to get Rowan, that is Gaelic for Red. As you can see, particular foreign words seem very intriguing and Fascinating in English, also in addition to that, they take a fantastic meaning, and Hence, they’re fantastic for naming your puppy.


Here are several options of red dog names for you to choose from:

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  • Aka >> Japanese for Red.
  • Amber >> Girl’s name and reference to red.
  • Ariel >> From Little Mermaid.
  • Auburn >> A deep reddish brown color for hair.
  • Autumn >> Shades of red in the autumn season.
  • Beets >> Also known as the red beet.
  • Blaze >> Good for both male and female.
  • Blush >> The reddening of the one’s face.
  • Bordeaux >> Wine.
  • Brandy >> Also an Alcoholic beverage.
  • Brick >> Red bricks made with clay.
  • Burgundy >> Wine.
  • Cardinal >> The bird.
  • Cayenne >> Spicy Hot and Red.
  • Cheddar >> Golden red.
  • Cherry >> Small fruit with bright or dark red color.
  • Chestnut >> Brownish-red nut.
  • Cheyenne >> Native American word meaning red.
  • Chili >> Reddish Colored Spice.
  • Cinnamon >> Reddish brown colored Spice.
  • Claret >> A deep red color with purplish tone.
  • Clifford >> A big red dog in the children’s book ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’
  • Cosmopolitan >> Vodka drink) Cosmo for short.
  • Cranberry >> Deep red colored Fruit.
  • Currant >> Dried Red Fruit.
  • Curry >> Spicy.
  • Ellie >> Animated Disney character from movie ‘Up’
  • Elmo >> A muppet character in Sesame Street.
  • Ember >> Fire hot.
  • Eric >> A young prince in Little Mermaid.
  • Fiona >> Fictional female character in the movie ‘Shrek’
  • Flame >> Can be a name for both girl and boy.
  • Flamingo >> A type of large pink bird.
  • Flann >> Irish name meaning red, ruddy.
  • Foxy >> Some Foxes are red.
  • Frizzle >> Fictional elementary school teacher in tv series ‘ Magic School Bus’
  • Fuchsia>> Two-tone colored usually red and purple.
  • Garnet >> A precious mineral.
  • Gilroy >> Son of the Red-head.
  • Ginger >> A reddish spice, also a girl’s name.
  • Goldie >> Suitable name for a reddish-orange dog.
  • Harkin >> Irish boy name meaning dark red.
  • Harry >> The son of Charles and Diana, Prince Harry has red hair.
  • Hazel >> A girl’s name meaning reddish-brown.
  • Hong >> Chinese for Red.
  • Hydrant >> Fire hydrants are often red.
  • Jelly Bean >> Well, some are red.
  • Jessica >> A fictional rabbit character.
  • Ketchup >> Not recommended for a family that loves using ketchup.

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  • Lady Bug >> Call her Lady for short.
  • Lily >> Red lily flower.
  • Lobster >> For that little crustacean your life.
  • Lucy >> The redheaded actress Lucille Ball.
  • Mango >> Orange colored fruit.
  • Mars >> The Red Planet.
  • Merida >> Princess in the Disney Movie, Brave.
  • Merlot >> Red Wine.
  • Panda >> As in the Red Panda.
  • Pansy>> Bright red colored flower.
  • Paprika >> Spice.
  • Penny >> Copper colored.
  • Pepper >> As in red pepper.
  • Peppermint >> Fictional redhead character in the Peanut comic.
  • Pepperoni >> Pepper for short.
  • Peter Pan >> Disney Character had red hair.
  • Phineas >> The red-haired boy character in Phineas and Ferb.
  • Phoenix >> From Greek meaning Crimson; unisex.
  • Poppy >> The poppy flower is red.
  • Pula >> A filipino word for red.
  • Radish >> Bright red vegetable.
  • Raspberry >> Fruit.
  • Rhubarb >> Purple-red fruit.
  • Rogan >> Irish male name means red headed.
  • Rojo >> Spanish for red.
  • Rose >> Beautiful name for a girl dog.
  • Rosie >> An option for a name Rose.
  • Rosso >> Italian for red.
  • Rosy >> Red beautiful flower.
  • Rot >> German for red.
  • Rouge >> A french term for red.
  • Rowan >> Gaelic term meaning red.
  • Ruby >> A precious mineral, also name of female human.
  • Ruddy >> Used to describe a person’s skin color.
  • Rudolph >> A red-nosed reindeer.
  • Russell >> Human name which means little red one.

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  • Saffron >> Spice.
  • Skelton >> An American comedy entertainer during 20th century.
  • Solo >> Red Solo Cup.
  • Spark >> First sign of a fire.
  • Strawberry >> Red fruit.
  • Sumac >> Mediterranean spice.
  • Sunset >> Red Sky at night, Sailors delight.
  • Suri >> Persian name meaning red rose.
  • Sweet Pea >> Red flower of sweet pea.
  • Thor >> Norse god with red hair.
  • Tiger >> An animal often with reddish orange color.
  • Tomato >> One very red fruit.
  • Tulip >> Red tulip is a spring flower.
  • Twizzlers >> Red licorice candy.
  • Wilma >> From the Flintstones.
  • Zinnia >> Red flower.

Red Dogs in Foreign Languages

There are lots of other foreign words which seem cool and also make References to the gorgeous colour of your puppy, also Rojo is also the ideal example.

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It signifies red in Spanish. You can bet on it not many puppies On your area will probably have such a title, and so, your puppy will stick out from the remainder of the As distinctive as your small four-legged cutie.

The same goes for Suri, That’s the Serbian Term for crimson rose. It is a gorgeous name for a feminine red puppy, also additionally, it is not ordinary, and thus, you are going to wind up being the exceptional individual from town using a fire-haired puppy using that title.

Quite excellent! However, keep in mind that it’s also a title for male dogs.

If you enjoy the concept of visiting your puppy after a blossom, then You can also think about Zinnia, which is perfect for a female puppy. It is a gorgeous red blossom, and so it fits the gist of your dog absolutely.

Last, you can also name your puppy Pansy, Which can be a glowing red flower of unique beauty. A feminine Rhodesian Ridgeback goes along quite well with this type of title.


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If You’d like to take inspiration from stories, movies, And books, then this segment is right for you. You likely have watched or read the world-famous narrative of Peter Pan, and guess what? It creates an wonderful title for the red-haired puppy!

To get a Modest female pup, you can select for Wilma, Which can be a part of this Flintstones. It seems really sweet and beautiful.

Another Fantastic female puppy name could be Ariel, the Famous red-haired mermaid of all Disney. It creates a whole lot of feel, and consequently, it is among the most effective red dog titles which you are able to pick.

Ellie is a cute title and can also be a personality By the famous film “upward”. It is a modest lovely name which can suit most female dogs.

We could not complete this part without among the very Iconic ginger puppy titles: Clifford. The renowned red giant puppy. Enough said!

You’ll Find a Number of Other similar choices on our listing, therefore, Be sure to test it completely, since you’ll discover just what you are craving for.


As you can see, There Are Lots of trendy orange puppy titles, and Here you’ve got several other thoughts. Flame is a stunning title, and the motives are publicly evident.

You may even name it Garnet, that can be a Valuable and red-colored nutrient. The same holds for Ruby, yet another valuable mineral which looks like the elegance and beauty of this reddish color.

We also have names inspired by foreign phrases such as Hong, That is the Chinese term for the red. Just enjoy it, you’ll discover a number of different hints on our listing.

All You Want to Discover the most valuable and Precise title for your pet.


Obviously, We’ve done the hard work for you, since we Have researched a great deal to develop over 99 reddish dog titles .

All You have to do would be to see it, pick your top 10 favorites, compare them and eventually select the authoritative winner! Ensure You navigate our Complete Dog Title List to get more thoughts!

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