22 Cute Shih Poo Haircut Ideas : Mesmerizing Shih Poo Hair Styles

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The Shih Poo is a mixed breed pet that’s a cross in between a Shih Tzu as well as a Toy or Miniature Poodle. These little canines can have a number of various Shih Poo Hairstyle Ideas, coat types, depending on which moms and dad canine the specific puppy most takes after.

Some Shih Poos have curly layers like their Poodle parent, whereas others have a straighter coat like their Shih Tzu parent or a mix of both layer types, winding up with curly fur.

The Shih Poo’s thick hair lends itself completely to being clipped as well as styled, as well as several owners decide to take that path.

Maintain reviewing to find 22 Cute Shih Poo Hairstyles Ideas and hair cut tips!

22 Cute Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Because the Poodle is a singled-coated, light-shedding breed, a lot of Poodle crossbreeds are thought about to be hypoallergenic and are, consequently, preferred with allergy victims.

That stated, you still require to brush your pet dog everyday to stop matting. Therefore, numerous Shih Poo owners choose to have their canines clipped consistently.

Yet what’s the very best hairdo for your pet dog?

We’ve pursued 22 different Shih Poo haircut ideas to provide you ideas!

Shih Poo Haircut Length

Obviously, there are several various sizes of hairstyle you might select from, depending on your canine’s way of life and also your own individual preference.

Short Hair Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Short Hair Shih Poo

There are great deals of brief hairstyles that look terrific on a Shih Poo. These cute little canines lend themselves to a shorter hairdo, which can be a great choice for pet dogs that live in warm climates, where there’s a danger of getting too hot.

Medium Hair Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Medium Hair Shih Poo

Medium hair choices are good for pet dogs that live in areas where the winters are specifically cold, as well as there are unrestricted hairstyle designs for this hair size.

Long Hair Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Long Hair Shih Poo

Lengthy hair can look just as magnificent as shorter hair! Obviously, if you decide to go with a longer hairdo for your pet dog, you will certainly require to be prepared to hang around brushing your Shih Poo each day to maintain those annoying tangles and knots away.

Shih Poo Haircut Types

Currently, here’s an option of one of the most preferred haircut types that we can find for Shih Poos.

Many of these hair options are quite basic and can be tried in your home, given you have a decent collection of hair clippers. We’ve additionally consisted of a couple of beauty designs that are best tackled by a skilled dog groomer.

Puppy Cut Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Puppy Cut Shih Poo

The Puppy cut is practically one of the most preferred clip for Shih Tzus as well as Doodle crossbreeds. Although this clip is described as the Puppy cut, it’s ideal for adult pet dogs, also.

The hairdo is ideal for pets with longer, bumpy hair that’s prone to tangling. The body hair is cut to a size of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch ubiquitous.

The dog’s face, consisting of the ears, is trimmed, and the tail is trimmed with scissors to produce a feathered, plumed impact.

Although the lovable Young puppy cut does remove a rather large piece of hair, you still need to take time out to comb your Shih Poo on a daily basis.

Longer Length Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Longer Length Shih Poo

This Puppy cut demonstrates how the clip would certainly look if you opt for a somewhat longer size. We assume that gorgeous plume tail looks absolutely incredible!

Short Cut Shih Poo Haircut Ideas

Short Cut Shih Poo

If your Shih Poo has curly hair, this photograph demonstrates how the shorter variation of the Puppy cut would view your dog. Adorable!

Adorable Shih Poo Haircut Samples

Too Cute!

Little Duke Shih Poo

Although little Battle each other is not a pup anymore, he’s certainly shaking the Puppy cut look with his delightful clip.

Basket Case!

Cute Shih Poo Puppy in the basket


This little guy has actually had the excess hair trimmed from his quite little face and also scissor mixed into the body hair.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Shih Poo

If you want a shorter hairdo for your Shih Poo, the Teddy Bear hairstyle may be a great selection of clip for you.

The Teddy Bear cut has the hairpin to around 1/2 inch or 3/4 inches in size all over. The tail is cut, the ear as well as face home furnishings are trimmed, and also the feet are very carefully clipped into a rounded or beveled shape. The dog’s facial hair is fluffed out to develop that rounded snuggly plaything look.

This hairdo gets rid of the thickness of hair that can restrict your pet dog’s movement and also is likewise a very practical style for active dogs that such as to skip with their canine friends at the canine park or appreciate a journey to the coastline.

Like a lot of short hairstyles, the Teddy Bear cut is a good option for you if your puppy is prone to matting, and also it can also save you great deals of cleaning time.

Honey Puppy Cut

Honey Puppy Cut Shih Poo

This honey-colored Shih Poo has a combo of the Puppy and Teddy Bear cuts. We think that works just fine.

Too Cute!

Too Cute Shih Poo

This little guy looks so cute in his scarf! The clip illustrates perfectly that adorable Teddy Bear look that people go crazy for.

Fluffy Bear

Fluffy Bear Shih Poo

This Teddy Bear cut has a slightly fluffier, longer look, but that still works very well with this style.

Short Cut

Shih Poo Short Cut

Here’s another example of a short all-over cut. This kind of style works well with all puppy coat colors.



Shih Poos as well as various other plaything breeds look especially adorable with longer face hair that can be pulled back right into a topknot hairdo.

To obtain the look, merely brush the lengthy hair on the canine’s head back into a ponytail or paintbrush as well as fasten it in place with a hairpin or a rather bow.


Bunches Shih Poo

Numbers are a variation on the leading knot hairdo. This is a super-cute look that you can easily achieve at home. All you have to do is extensively brush the pet dog’s head hair and also gather it right into 2 quite numbers. Attach the hair with attractive bows or hair clips.

Modern Cut

Modern Cut Shih Poo

The Modern cut is a prominent hairstyle with lots of Poodle owners, but it has been adapted for usage on lots of Doodle breeds, too.

This clip is a classy hairdo that has the body hair reduced very brief to flaunt the dog’s form. The hair on the ears, tail, as well as head is left longer, developing a cosy look.

Show Cut

Show Cut Shih Poo

The Show cut is a lengthy hairstyle that must only be handled by Shih Poo proprietors who have plenty of time on their hands!

This is a high-maintenance hairdo that you require to clean and brush everyday. Basically, the dog’s fur is enabled to grow right bent on floor size. The furnishings are entrusted to look natural, as well as the head hair is drawn back into a smart topknot.

Lion Cut

Lion Cut Shih Poo

The Lion cut can be made use of on many different types, consisting of Doodles and Poodles.

This cut is normally best done by a specialist groomer utilizing a top quality electric hair clippers as it can be tragic if done by an amateur.

The pet’s body is cut very short, leaving a mane of hair around the Shih Poo’s head, face, chest, and a little area on the shoulders. The tail is cut, leaving just a tuft of hair on the suggestion.

Summer Cut

Vertical Shot of a Sitting Shih Poo in the House

The Summer season cut is an extremely simple clip that entails cutting the fur to under 1 inch in size all over. The face, head, legs, as well as tail are additionally typically cut.

A Summer season cut is an ideal option for your pet if you reside in a blistering climate or if you have an active pet dog that likes to roll in the mud and obtain unclean.

This brief hairstyle makes it very easy to keep your pet dog clean and also doesn’t take lengthy to clean. Likewise, if your Shih Poo struggles with skin conditions, using topical treatments is much easier with this route.

Curly Cut

Cute Beige Shih Poo Maltipoo Dog Walking on a Wooden Deck

This simple design takes advantage of your Shih Poo’s curly hair.

The hair is cut to a tool size, leaving several of that stunning curly hair undamaged. This is just one of our favored Shih Poo “dos!”.

Face Styles

There are many different face designs to select from to select your preferred body clip. Pick a face trim that matches your puppy and maximizes her excellent appearances.

Clean Cut

Clean Cut Shih Poo

As the name suggests, the Clean cut entails cutting the pet dog’s head and face to eliminate all the hair. That leaves a tidy, minimalist appearance that would certainly suit a pet dog with a very rather face.

The Clean cut is additionally a great selection for messy eaters that tend to end up putting on most of their dinner!

Mustache And Beard

Closeup Shot of a Cute Adorable Sad Looking Domestic Shih Poo

This face design leaves the pup’s facial hair or furnishings in position. You can likewise expand the mustache much longer than the remainder of the clipped hair to develop a charming, great look that actually fits the Shih Poo.

Final Thoughts

I wish you enjoyed our guide to the various hairstyles and also designs that you can select for your Shih Poo. If you liked this listicle, please bear in mind to share it.

A lot of proprietors choose to take their animals to a specialist groomer, especially if they pick a complex design that requires normal trimming to maintain it looking tidy.

Nonetheless, a journey to the beauty salon can cost you anywhere in between $40 to $80, depending upon what you want the groomer to do.

However, you might take the do it yourself route and clip your pet yourself in your home. We suggest that you take a look at a couple of YouTube video clip tutorials prior to you start.

What hairstyle did you select for your Shih Poo? Inform us concerning your grooming experience in the remarks box listed below.

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