Short Haired Dogs : 20 Dog Breeds With Less Grooming Needs

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On the Lookout for a pet Which May require somewhat less dressing? Short haired dogs might be a terrific alternative, just remember that low-maintenance coats do not necessarily equate into a low-maintenance furry friend, also there are a range of factors to take into consideration (such as energy levels and character ) prior to picking out a companion.

Our listing of Short-coated dogs under contains some potential character traits, in addition to grooming demands, however before you test it out, think about these:

Do short haired dogs shed?

Short-Haired Dogs 2

Most dogs drop to some level and short-haired dogs really are not any exception. The amount a puppy exits, though, can count on the strain. Many dogs with long, handsome fur could possibly be low-shedding in contrast for their counterparts that are jazzy.

And a few short-coated Dogs can lose greatly. However, overall, short-haired dogs are rather easy to groom, so their fur will not mat or tangle, and normal brushing will keep the shedding (and fur in your own furniture) in bay.

How do I groom a short haired dog?

For many smooth-haired Puppies, a tough plastic brush or dressing mitt is going to do. If your puppy has a thicker coating, use a bristle brush. Proceed at the direction of their fur because possible brush, and also be cautious of their ear and eye region. Cleaning 1-2 times weekly ought to be enough to get rid of loose or dead hair.

Short-haired dogs Should likewise be vaccinated about once per month, also, just as with other puppies, they will need their claws trimmed, teeth brushed and ears cleaned using a moist cloth.

List of Dogs Who Would Not Place the “Fur” at Furniture


Short-Haired Dogs 1

whilst searching for puppies that do not drop may with you barking up the wrong tree (because most of dogs with fur drop at least a bit ), you may try your fortune using a short haired dog which needs minimal grooming. These puppies are low maintenance once it comes to cleaning.

20 Short Haired Dog Breeds With Low Grooming Needs

With long hair includes a lengthier list of duties. Dogs With flowing mane seem amazing, but similar to human hair, extended doggie fur require continuous care.

If you’re somebody who can’t spare time or attempt to brush your pet’s coat frequently then it is borderline cruelty to acquire a long-haired strain.

Welcome to our thorough manual to short haired puppy breeds which require little to no maintenance on a regular basis.

Giving a pet a home is an excellent experience. But if you’ve ever needed to sit with brush and one out fur chunks the size of golf balls you’re currently knowledgeable about the grooming effort that is required.

That is the reason why the most frequent concerns when obtaining a new dog would be “how frequently do they should get dressed” Well, it’s dependent upon the period of your pet’s fur.

As an instance, a brief hair little dog might require not as grooming time when compared with a massive dog with long and thick hair.

Short hair little dogs need less food and will comfortably reside in tiny apartments. For pet parents concerned about cleaning sessions, below are a few strains of short hair puppies which may go for lengthy periods of time without even using a brush.

1. ITALIAN GREYHOUND Short Haired Dogs


This miniature, wispy breed Is famous for being composed, shy, and quite easy to get together with. Their short coat requires minimal upkeep, which makes this strain a fantastic selection for anybody searching for a fantastic companion but not a great deal of work.

Italian Greyhounds create Fabulous companions not just due to their low grooming requirements but also due to their character, which the Kennel Club calls “lively, attentive, and sensitive” Just weighing around 14 lbs, these very small puppies are extremely easy to watch over and get together with.

One thing to notice about this strain: be cautious when handling them, as their delicate bodies make them susceptible to damage.

Demeanor:Timid And Caring
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:1 to 15 pounds

2. BOSTON TERRIER Short Haired Dogs

BOSTON TERRIER Short Haired Dogs

A quintessentially American strain, the Boston Terrier makes for an ideal companion in virtually any setting. Great with children, these dogs like to play with for hours, rather than find tough. Sturdily constructed to get a very small puppy, these very low upkeep pups are best for a growing family.

It is no wonder that Boston Terriers are popular pets for more than a century awarded their sanity as well as how simple they will be to groom. PetCareStores urges these hardy puppies for households with young kids , in pretty much any environment, on account of the breed’s true character and adaptability.

Demeanor:Loyal And Fun-Loving
Life Span:13 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:Moderate
Weight:10 to 25 pounds



A Little dog in prestige, This strain isn’t anything if not lively and brave. They can be exceptionally active, requiring a great deal of attention and exercise for optimum improvement.

Luckily, due to their petite dimensions, exercise can be offered in the boundaries of your living space. Using their short coating and minimum demand for dressing, this strain is very good for someone searching for a major dog character with no large dog distance.

While gray Pinschers are low-maintenance out of a dressing table standpoint, Vet Street indicates that seasoned owners are far better satisfied to take care of the fiery power of the strain. Called the “King of Toys,” their entertaining characters will be tremendously rewarding for people that are up to this job.

Demeanor:Curious And Lively
Life Span:13 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:Really large
Weight:8 to 10 pounds

4. HARRIER Short Haired Dogs

HARRIER Short Haired Dogs

This extended time searching Dog has a brief, very low maintenance coat which makes them a very clear option for all those reluctant to grooming, however desire a lively puppy which will fall in keeping with this family/pack paradigm.

Demeanor:Favorable And Unusual
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:35 to 45 pounds

5. DALMATIAN Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired DALMATIAN Dogs

The firehouse favored, Dalmatians have a brief, durable coat which will not leave remnants throughout your sofa. While perhaps not a fantastic fist-time-pet-parent puppy, the Dalmatian is a certain match in a house with a few committed adults.

Demeanor:Lively And Jolly
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:40 to 60 pounds

6. WHIPPET Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired WHIPPET Dogs

Fundamentally a shrunken Down Greyhound this strain has a complete coat which just needs cleaning on the odd event, which makes them some of their very low maintenance dogs round. You only have to be cautious when playing as their slim framework is readily hurt.

Demeanor:Kind And Fragrant
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:Moderate
Weight:20 to 40 pounds

7. GERMAN PINSCHER Short Haired Dogs


The father of a few of Our favourite breeds, the German Pinscher is a clever, lively, and incredibly loyal strain. Perfect for a growing family, that puppy requires considerable exercise and room to operate, but so much as dressing is worried, they could not care less.

Demeanor:Courageous And Lively
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:25 to 35 pounds

8. BASENJI Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired BASENJI Dogs

A lively, Well-tempered, loving puppy, the Basenji is ideal to your house without small kids or tiny pets, however they’re rather an alcoholic strain. As a result of a short, rugged jacket, the Basenji just has to be brushed rare events, which makes them a coat hater’s fantasy come true.

The Basenji puppy breed stems in Africa and contains An extremely distinctive personality that, based on, carries a mixture of intelligence, playfulness, and stubbornness in time to time. To compensate for it, they’ve quite short coats that just have to get brushed on infrequent events.

Demeanor:Smart And Observant
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:20 to 24 pounds

9. AUSTRALIAN KELPIE Short Haired Dogs


This live-wire of a Breed is famous for their boundless energy and favorable demeanor, particularly toward children. While they do not always gel along with different pets, even the Kelpie makes for a wonderful family pet, particularly for the ones who don’t have enough time to get regular brushings.

Australian Kelpies need a Bit More maintenance compared to A number of the additional pups on this listing as they’ve a double coat which requires weekly cleaning based on the AKC. Otherwise, they’re a somewhat low maintenance breed that’s loyal, smart, and filled with energy, which makes them excellent for families with young children.

Demeanor:Hard-Working And Intelligent
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Amount of Strength:Really large
Weight:31 to 46 pounds

10. WEIMARANER Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired WEIMARANER Dogs

A type and lively Companion, this strain is very good in a household setting, seeing as they may change between being lively with the children, or merely sitting by your toes as you crack open a fantastic book. With a readily manageable little coat, this puppy requires very little effort to maintain them looking fine as ever.

Weimaraners are slick Dogs with exceptional grey coats which just need occasional brushing. Even though Pet Finder clarifies their power may be too far for smaller kids or other puppies, they make excellent companions for busy families.

Demeanor:Courageous And Devoted
Life Span:10 to 13 Years
Amount of Strength:Really large
Weight:55 to 90 pounds

11. VIZSLA Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired VIZSLA Dogs

An early hunting Breed, that puppy can be a natural fit for a companion puppy. Highly trainable, clever, and compassionate, should you have some opportunity to train this puppy, you’re certain to find a return for your investment. With minimal grooming demanded, this strain is guaranteed to make you along with your furniture very pleased.

Vizslas are amazingly Active dogs which want strenuous exercise daily, which makes them ideal for owners that are on-the-go and revel in the outdoors. Besides their requirement to operate in open spaces, they need very little, and that means you’re able to spend more time enjoying fetch and less time cleaning fur up.

Demeanor:Hunts Instinctively and Loving
Life Span:10 to 14 years
Amount of Strength:Moderate
Weight:45 to 65 pounds

12. ENGLISH FOXHOUND Short Haired Dogs


Known for his or her Boundless power and favorable demeanor, this strain is a obviously independent strain, which makes them somewhat hard to prepare, but completely worth the attempt. Their brief, glistening coat requires just the occasional over with the brush, and which makes them easy to maintain appearing elaborate.

Demeanor:Free-Spirited And Caring
Life Span:10 to 13 years
Amount of Strength:High
Weight:55 to 75 pounds

13. BOXER Short Haired Dogs

Short Haired BOXER Dogs

Famous for Their apartment Faces along with their adoring mood, Boxers are a excellent family dog, since they’re really patient with the youngest of kids, and combined with different pets. As a result of their readily manageable coating, these puppies are fantastic for people who don’t have enough time to get each grooming sessions.

Boxers need little dressing and also make Great guard dogs since they’re equally intelligent and loyal, based on Hill’s Pet. They prefer to not be lonely and do require a decent quantity of exercise, which makes them appropriate to big, active households that may keep them firm.

Demeanor:Caring And Playful
Life Span:11 to 13 years
Amount of Strength:Really large
Weight:50 to 80 pounds

14. BLACK & TAN COONHOUND Short Haired Dog


Bred for their Heightened capacity to flake out and search down raccoons that this dog is really a pure hunting companion. A clever, faithful, and friendly puppy, they’re best in a home with strong willed adults, even since they may be slightly rough round the edges. And using their tattered coats, this strain is unquestionably made to get the job done.

Demeanor:Docile And Easy-Going
Life Span:11 to 12 years
Amount of Strength:Reduced
Weight:55 to 75 pounds

15. ROTTWEILER Short Haired Dog

ROTTWEILER Short Haired Dog

This colossal breed is Famous for being a great guard dog, but could also double as the largest softies, being even tempered and serene with kids and other critters. Trained correctly, this strain is faithful, friendly, and easy to groom.

Demeanor:Brave And Strong-Willed
Life Span:8 to 12 years
Amount of Strength:Reduced
Weight:80 into 135lbs



Originally a hunting Dog, this strain is composed, kind, and obedient. Not necessarily the best with little children or pets, these puppies possess some expressive searching characteristics which make them more prone to play.

But with a few training, these puppies are best for a couple with children, particularly if they don’t have enough time to get regular brushing.

Demeanor:Serial-Sniffer And Loving
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Amount of Strength:Moderate
Weight:70 to 85 pounds



A descendant of this Mastiffs of Rome, this can be a humongous breed that’s famous to be bright, serene, and protective. A hulking dog they make for good defenses, but are good playing kids too. And using their shorts, the sole dressing this dog will require is your occasional de-crudding of the meaty jowls.

Demeanor:Easy-Going And Strong-Willed
Life Span:8 to ten years
Amount of Strength:Reduced
Weight:110 to 150 pounds

18. MASTIFF Short Haired Dog

Short Haired MASTIFF Dog

Tipping the scales Around 200 lbs, this gentle giant is well famous for using a serene demeanor, but for undesirable pests, in the event they could pursue them off using all the top of’em. Great with children, these dogs create amazing household pets, and due to their absolute coat, they simply have to be brushed outside sometimes.

Demeanor:Soft And Calm
Life Span:9 to 11 years
Amount of Strength:Very Low
Weight:175 to 190 pounds

19. GREAT DANE Short Haired Dogs

GREAT DANE Short Haired Dogs

Easily the biggest Domestic strain, this puppy is famous to be exceptionally easy planning, but should nevertheless be trained , because the absolute size of these is cause sufficient for a few precaution.

They’re great with children and other creatures, and as a consequence of their short fur, so they simply have to be brushed in a blue moon — that is great as there’s a lot of these !

Fantastic Danes have brief Coats and small grooming demands, but owners need to adapt their large size because they can achieve around 120 lbs . For households who want a massive furry friend, Great Danes are deemed tender, friendly giants.

Demeanor:Well-Behaved And trustworthy
Life Span:7 to 9 years
Amount of Strength:Reduced
Weight:110 to 180 pounds

20. BLOODHOUND Short Haired Dogs

BLOODHOUND Short Haired Dogs

The strangest Scenthound, this strain is called the greatest hunting companion because of their eager nose. They’re also good with children, to the stage where kids may want to be viewed to create certain that they aren’t being overly rough.

While they’re put back, they’re also catchy to train, even as finding them to do whatever is a chore but you won’t need to be concerned about routine cleaning, because their brief fur is like low maintenance as it comes.

Demeanor:Peace-Loving And Independent
Life Span:10 to 12 years
Amount of Strength:Moderate
Weight:80 to 110 pounds

Short-Haired Dogs which are going to be Low Care

Dogs are incredibly loveable, but let us face it, they are a Good Deal of work. By grooming, to preparing foods , vet appointments, and all things in between, there’s going to be quite a substantial quantity of maintenance needed in exchange to get a furry friend in your house.

Short-Haired Dog Breeds

If you are concerned about over committing and are searching for a puppy which is going to be relatively low care, then you might choose to think about a short-haired puppy.

Even though long-haired puppies could be trendy and Adorably Tasty they make more work because of their shedding and demand to get a regular cleaning and bathing program.

Short-haired dogs need much less dressing and, even if they are smaller in dimension, less food and less distance, making them well suited for apartment dwelling or households which have similar constraints.

Should you decide a short-haired breed is the ideal choice, you will still have a huge array of alternatives. All these dogs have minimum hair but a great deal of love to provide.

American Staffordshire Terrier Short-Haired Dog

American Staffordshire Terriers, or AmStaffs for brief , are proven to be more confident, faithful, dependable and extremely trainable, which makes them a really desirable strain by AKC criteria. An occasional bathroom and brush must do just fine for their dressing, but you must be ready to stay informed about their requirement for actions along with their owners.

Beagle Short-Haired Dog

Beagles Will Have to be Brushed once each week and can be hard to educate, occasionally taking till annually to become completely trained. For all those willing to devote a small effort in the start however, they will obtain a cute and playful dog who’s friendly to everybody they meet, dog and human alike.

Chihuahua Short-Haired Dog

Chihuahuas come in two coat types based Into the AKC, using the smooth coating being simpler to keep since these dogs just want bathrooms and intermittent cleaning. Tiny enough to fit in your handbag but filled with sass, this particular dog breed brings a lot of character without much grooming needed.

Daschund Short-Haired Dog

Daschunds come in 3 Coating varieties, and also the smoothest coating of the three needs minimal upkeep. In accordance with PetFinder, those puppies are daring, daring and great with kids , even though they could be shy to heat up to strangers.

French Bulldog Short-Haired Dog

French Bulldogs have Gained a lot of popularity recently, especially for those residing in cities because they acclimate well to urban living and do not require much exercise. For all these puppies, Vet Street recommends only a weekly bath and yearly tub.

Pug Short-Haired Dog

Well-known due to their Sense of humor and desire to flaunt, Pugs will guarantee life is not dull. They are the best pals for elderly companions because they are relatively inactive indoors and also their shorts do not require much tending to based on

Which would be the best short-haired puppies?

This is dependent upon what you require. Short-haired puppies and short-hair Puppies arrive in sizes which vary from large and moderate into little, may have high or very low power, and include characters which range from silly to serious and snuggly into uncooperative.

The ideal puppy for you depends upon what you’re searching for in a company, in addition to your dog’s requirements.

Finally, your Decision should not be made on strain independently, however these short-haired pet breeds listing may be a fantastic place to begin your hunt for a new companion.

Little Short-haired Dog Breeds

  • Boston Terrier
  • Dachshund
  • French Bulldog
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Pug

Medium Sized Short-haired Dog Breeds

  • Beagle
  • Bulldog
  • Dalmatian
  • Boxer
  • Vizsla

Enormous Short-haired Dog Breeds

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Mastiff
  • Great Dane
  • Rottweiler
  • Weimaraner

Small Size Short-Haired Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are Loving, vibrant and playful. They are filled with character, and, though others could have a stubborn streak, they are ordinarily trainable and eager to find out.

Great to Know: This strain is Moderately busy, also sensitive to heating. Some could wheeze or snort.


Dachshunds display a Variety of jacket lengths and respective temperaments. It’s possible to locate both short-coated types, in addition to long-haired Dachshunds, each with different characters.

Great to Know: All these small dogs Are daring and designed for experience, so that they want exercise and normal play to prevent from becoming bored.

French Bulldog

These humorous little Pups really like to perform and also make good pets. They are on the smallish side, but they are famous for large characters.

Great to Know: Be Sure to wash That the French Bulldog’s facial wrinkles often with a moist cloth.

Jack Russell Terrier

These pups are smart And lively, with a lot of electricity and a glowing demeanor.

Great to know their dressing table Needs might be reduced, but their workout demands have a tendency to be quite high. Jack Russell Terriers might have a lot of energy, however, this might be a fantastic match for busy families.


Silly and sweet, together with That identifying squashy confront, the Pug is a short-haired strain which enjoys a whole lot of fame –likely because of their all-around good-natured characters.

Great to Know: Pugs are sensitive To heat. Some could wheeze and snore, and they ought to have their face cavities cleaned frequently with a moist cloth.

Medium Sized Short-Haired Dog Breeds


These joyful fellows do Great with children and families. They like being a part of a bunch and flourish with business.

Great to Know: Why Beagles often Require a great deal of exercise, and a few could delight in grabbing a scent and watching where it leads.


Along with low Care conditions, squirrels are usually easy-going, tender and superbly low-key.

Great to Know: Due to the Couch-potato trends, Bulldogs may be more prone to weight reduction. Ensure that you see their diet so.


There is no mistaking a Dalmatian. They’ve a distinctive jacket and dignified characters, together with outgoing demeanors plus a trainable character.

Great to Know: Dalmatians are extremely active. They require exercise and are happiest having a job to perform or a lengthy walk.


Lively and Affectionate, Boxers create good family dogs. They’ve a good deal of power and like to play and operate.

Great to Know: Boxers may have a Stubborn series, but are usually well-mannered and trainable.


Vizslas are mild and Sensitive, with the extravagant, on-the-go character.

Great to Know: Vizslas are Extremely busy and want exercise.

Large short-haired Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

These quintessential Household pets are both loveable and faithful, with sweet dispositions.

Great to Know: Not just do Labs Have a brief coat, in addition they naturally discard water, and lots of like to float.


These gentle giants Are good-natured and type, having a cozy and stoic demeanor.

Great to Know: All these large dogs Do not call for a great deal of grooming, however, Mastiffs do often drool.

Great Dane

See your countertops Around these huge puppies, which may stand as tall as a person in their hind legs! Their characters have been easy-going and individual, plus they possess a loving character.

Great to Know: Using enormous bones, Fantastic Danes may gain from large-breed pet foods, with particular nutrition for joint health.


Strong and stoic, Rottweilers perform best with jobs and action, and enjoy being around their own people.

Great to Know: Since he tends to The massive side, it might help to begin the Rottweiler on the right training regimen for an young age.


Having a distinctive Silver-gray jacket, there is no mistaking that a Weimaraner. These puppies are stylish, lively and endearing.

Great to Know: Due to the High energy, Weimaraners need strong training and a great deal of exercise.

Locate adoptable short-haired dogs

Obviously, purebred Pups are not the sole short-haired puppies around. Lots of all adoptable dogs come from The short-coated selection, also.

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