Best 11 Types of Freshwater Puffer Fish (With Pictures)

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The raising of freshwater puffer fish is an exciting test for anyone who has experience as an aquarium keeper. Our freshwater Puffer Fish will require an enormous tank as well as the ability to clean the water efficiently and effectively.

We’re going to assume that you’ve got all the information and that you are looking to compare various kinds to determine which you prefer.

We’ve managed to round eleven different species of freshwater puffer fish that you can examine with you to see whether any you are interested in.

We’ll explain the way they look as well as provide you with some information that could be relevant to every breed.

Join us for a discussion about the size and filtration colour, length of aquarium and much more to assist you in making an informed choice when purchasing.

These are the 11 varieties of freshwater puffer fish that we’re going to discuss with you.

The 11 Types of Freshwater Puffer Fish

1. Congo Puffer

Like the name implies, Congo puffer fish are native to those rivers in Africa. They are about 6 inches and spend the majority of their time submerged in the sand at bottom of your tank, in order to avoid predators.

A variety of colors are available such as black, sand and red. The Congo will also adjust its color to the surroundings apart from blue.

They require a huge tank and require a large tank and are highly sensitive Nitrates and therefore the water must be thoroughly filtered, which is the norm for all pufferfish.

2. Dwarf Puffer

It is the Dwarf pufferfish may also referred to by the Pea pufferfish or it’s also known as the Pygmy pufferfish. It’s the smallest pufferfish species in the world, and seldom gets bigger than one-inch and one-half inches.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature currently classifies that the Dwarf Puffer as vulnerable due to habitat loss due to over-harvesting. This breed is very sought-after in aquariums because of its vibrant colors and its small size.

It’s much simpler to get the correct size aquarium and the filtration required for the Dwarf than other breeds.

3. Fahaka Puffer

Fahaka Puffer Fahaka Puffer is one of the biggest species of freshwater puffer fish and can grow to an average length of 16 inches once fully mature.

They are Fish are extremely aggressive and only experienced fish keepers are recommended to try owning one of these fish.

It is recommended to have an aquarium that is at least 60 inches long, with powerful filtering capabilities Additionally, you’ll have to establish dense vegetation.

They also are well-known for grabbing your fingers as they feed and may cause an unforgiving bite.

4. Golden Puffer

Golden Puffer Golden Puffer comes in a light and dark. In the lighter model, the freshwater puffer fish features white skin covered by yellow dots.

In the dark variant the body’s black color has yellow dots. They are very round bodies, with tiny fins set from the body. There are tiny projections of teeth on their skin that look like an sandpaper-like material.

If they are puffy, the projections appear more dramatic. They are also very big fish. I have seen them reach 20 inches when fully mature.

5. Imitator Puffer

It is known as the Imitator puffer may also referred to by the name of Dwarf Malabar puffer It is a different kind of pufferfish that is tiny. The fish is bright yellow hue.

Males are brighter than females, whereas females have dark spots on their bodies. Even though it’s a smaller fish however, they require an aquarium that contains at minimum 30 gallons of water.

6. MBU Puffer

MBU Pufferfish are a huge species of pufferfish which can grow to the long length of nearly 26 inches. These fish are challenging to keep in aquariums due to the difficulty of providing sufficient space and enough filtration to ensure your pet’s health.

We recommend the breed to only experienced keepers of puffer fish. MBU pufferfish are unique in design on their bodies which may change with age.

7. Ocellated Puffer

It is the Ocellated puffer fish is among the rarer species that are available. It is a captive breeder that is now found in streams and rivers of South Asia.

The fish of this breed have distinct personalities The males defend eggs with fierceness. They are more tranquil than other species and prefer keeping in groups.

You can also keep them in smaller aquariums than most others and just require around 20 Gallons. But, you’ll require a powerful filtering system.

8. Red-Eyed Puffer

Red Eyed Puffer : Red Eyed Puffer is a collection of four different breeds of puffer fish which all share the red-eye feature in common. This particular breed of puffer fish well-known to be more aggressive than other species and is slightly more difficult to keep.

Because they tend towards being more aggressive it is recommended for them to be kept in a tank by only them and without other puffer fish.

Although they seldom exceed two inches in length, they do require an extensive tank as they create a lot waste. We recommend that you have an aquarium that is at least 32 inches in length. A large number of tall, live plants will also be needed.

9. Red-Tailed Dwarf Puffer

The Red-Tailed Dwarf pufferfish are a small species that grows only approximately two inches at its highest. They are fond of slightly acidic waters and aquariums that have plenty of live plants.

Males of this breed tend to be bigger than females and have dark brown bodies, with lighter cream-colored stripes on their lower thighs.

Females of smaller size have a flecked brown appearance, with odd shapes and marks. Females and males both have red eyes and tail fins that are red.

10. South American Puffer

The South American puffer is the few puffer fish species that can be found in large groups within the natural world. But, in Aquariums, this is considered to be one of the tougher fish to manage.

We suggest only experienced enthusiasts buy this breed. And in any case, recommend it in the event of a big tank that is suitable for multiple.

If properly maintained, they will have brilliant black and golden stripes that look stunning against the background vegetation.

The South American Puffer will require an area of at least 47 inches in size. The water needs to be filtered extensively and the dense vegetation will require planting. 
It is also necessary to provide them with a hard-food diet as their teeth are prone to grow too large, and you might have to trim them manually.

11. Target Puffer

Target Pufferfish reach 6 inches and require tanks that are at least 35 inches for them to thrive. A constant, strong filtration system is required and the more water moves around the aquarium the more efficient.

The predators of the Target pufferfish are night-time and can be very active during the night. A moonlight can help you watch your Target puffer hunt.


Puffer fish can be extremely rewarding provided you maintain the right conditions for them to develop. A lot of puffers grow to be very large, and smaller ones can are different from different kinds of fish.

It’s a challenge to build an adequate size tank to clean it properly and it’s a decision that you must make prior to the time since a lot of fish live for longer then five years.

We suggest one of the smaller breeds such as that of the Dwarf Puffer, if you’re unfamiliar with puffer fish, and a properly maintained MBU Puffer is sure to be the center of attention in the aquarium community.

We hope that you enjoyed this article on puffer fish in freshwater and have come across some fish you’d like to raise.

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