8 Most Popular Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

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It’s becoming increasingly common to keep long-haired rabbits for pets. However, rabbits with long hair can be difficult to maintain, since their hair requires more grooming.

There are many aspects into consideration when thinking about adopting rabbits. What kind of rabbit are you seeking? Do you rather lop ears or straight ears?

Selecting a rabbit with either long or short fur is among the most crucial questions to ask.

Here is an overview of the eight most sought-after long-haired breeds you should consider if want to add one of them to your collection.

What Are Long Haired Rabbit Breeds?

Long Haired Rabbit Breeds 1

Long haired rabbits breeds are adorable, cuddly and hairy creatures. It is therefore essential to brush, comb and untangle their long fur frequently. To prevent matting, it is essential to maintain their dryness as well.

The rabbits that have long hair are thought to be moderate up to very high maintenance. They can also be quite a task in the grooming department. their hair if you have busy schedules.

Additionally, bunnies with longer coats are available in a range varieties of species. We’ve made a list of the various long haired rabbit breeds that you can select the one you want to keep as an animal.

This consist of eight different breeds which include the following:

  • Cashmere Lop
  • Lionhead Rabbits
  • Giant Rabbit
  • American Fuzzy Lop
  • Jersey Wooly
  • French Angora
  • English Angora
  • Satin Angora

Top 8 Most Popular Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

Lionhead Rabbit is one of the rabbit breeds with the most hairy heads that make them appear like Lions. Other rabbits comprise Angora rabbits Cashmere Llop and numerous others. They are adorable and they have a great temperament too.

Find the perfect long-haired rabbit for your family and you by taking a look at different breeds of long-haired rabbits. These are the most well-known rabbit breeds:

Long Haired Rabbit BreedsLong Haired Length (shortest to longer)AppearanceCost
Cashmere Lop1.5 to 2 inchesSmall, fluffy fur, & floppy ears$40
Lionhead Rabbits2 inchesMane around the head makes them look like a lion$50 – $100
Giant Rabbit0.5 to 1 inchesA large, well-shaped head with erect ears$20 – $50
American Fuzzy Lop2 to 3 inchesBroad chest, thick body & short shoulders$25 – $200
Jersey WoolyUpto 1 inchcompact semi-arched short body$20 – $50
French Angora2 to 3 inchesStrong, oval-shaped body, wooly coat$20 – $250
English Angora3 to 5 inchesthick, silky, & wooly coat$80 – $255
Satin Angora3 to 5 inchesSoft & silky coat$150 – $300
Size, appearance, and price comparison chart of long haired rabbit breeds

Best Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

Cashmere Lop

Cashmere Lop Rabbit

Cashmere lop rabbits were first discovered in England They are medium-sized, and are covered in fur that is dense as described on Wikipedia.

They are also social, friendly fun, and stunning rabbits. Cashmere Lop rabbits weigh less than other species of rabbits, with a weight of between 4 and 5 pounds.

Rabbits can be found in the indoors as well as outdoors. Due to their dimensions, can be at ease in apartment homes.

The British Rabbit Council in the 1980s acknowledged that the Cashmere Llop was distinct from dwarf.

Lionhead Rabbits

Lionhead Rabbits

The lionhead rabbit is notable for its fluffy hair that appears like a lion’s horn.

Lionhead rabbits have a distinctive appearance and are easily trained. They make a great show rabbit.

As they grow, the rabbits weigh between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, which is considered to be tiny or small in terms of size. It’s not hard to keep rabbits and they are able to live for 7-10 years.

According to the Wikipedia website, Lionheads tend to be friendly, well-behaved pets. However, they are sometimes a little reticent when they feel threatened.

Giant Rabbit

Giant Rabbit

Giant rabbits are usually thought to be the biggest breed of domestic rabbits.

Ruby’s eyes shine through their white fur. the rabbits. The animal is round in body, with long wool around the ears, tail and feet.

The best way to maintain their fur healthy is to feed them a protein-rich diet, and brush and groom their fur regularly.

A variety of large rabbit breeds have hair with long lengths, including The French Lop, Flemish Giant, English Lop, New Zealand White, Continental Giant as well as the Belgian Hare.

Their affectionate nature makes them perfect pets for home.

American Fuzzy Lop

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

American Fuzzy Lop rabbits attain adulthood, weighing between 3.5 and 4 lbs.

The lifespan of these rabbits is 5 to 8 years which isn’t a lot for these rabbits.

This rabbit breed is an excellent companion for elderly individuals and singles. It is best housed as an indoor animal.

It’s a very friendly rabbit that is extremely enthusiastic, active, and incredibly inquisitive.

The fur of the rabbit should be groomed and brushed regularly since its fur is comparable to wool. It is essential to follow the correct steps to care for the knots and matting in order to prevent them from becoming messy.

Jersey Wooly

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

The Jersey Wooly fur is soft and long, and their diet is also requiring special attention.

The Jersey Wooly is one of the smaller breeds of long-haired rabbits with a weight of 3 to 3 and 1/2 pounds.

They are more likely to thrive in the indoor environment due to their dimensions. They will be a cute fluffy ball around for a long time since they are a great pet. Jersey Wooly rabbit is expected to live from 7-10 years.

Their bodies are round and compact. The face and the up-right earlobes are covered with the fur of a short, dense coat; your body’s torso is covered with long thick fur.

French Angora

French Angora Rabbit

They are gentle They are calm, gentle and sociable, making them excellent pets for those who have children as well as new owners of rabbits.

Both French Angora rabbit and the English Angora rabbit look very like one another and are very close relatives.

At the time they are adults the rabbits weigh between 7.5 to 10.5 pounds. They are the French Angora rabbit is expected to live between 7-12 years old.

The French Angora must be groomed regularly to keep its gorgeous coat. Because of their size, they require special diets and plenty of room to play.

English Angora

English Angora Rabbit

Originating originally from Ankara, Turkey, this rabbit breed is one of the oldest domestic rabbit breeds.

English Angora rabbits are gentle friendly and affectionate pets, however they need an owner who is experienced in caring for rabbits because they can be difficult to handle.

Since these rabbits have a gentle nature, they are able to be a good fit with families with children.

A mature English Angora rabbit will weigh approximately 5-6 pounds and is considered to be small or mini-sized.

The rabbit’s age range is between 7 and 12 years old and is able to live in both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Satin Angora

Satin Angora Rabbit

A fine, thick layer of wool is affixed to the body of the satin-angora rabbit apart from the head and up-right ears.

The genetic lineage for the Satin Angora rabbit goes to 1930, but it wasn’t until 1980s within Ontario, Canada, that the breed was re-created and slowly made available to other countries.

Everyone, from kids to couples and singles loves having this breed of rabbit. They make great companions since they enjoy human interaction.

They weigh between 3.5 to 9.5 pounds and is regarded as to be a medium-sized rabbit. The duration of life of these rabbits is between 7 and 12 years.

2 Special Things To Consider When Raising Long-Haired Rabbits

The rabbit is suitable to keep as an indoor pet provided you give it the care it requires. The rabbit’s diet and meals should be planned out and their enclosures regularly cleaned and they must be monitored daily and be treated by vets with experience in rabbits.

Let’s discuss the diet of their pets and grooming requirements in greater detail:

Grooming Time

Brushing long-haired rabbits at least 3 times per each week is recommended. The brushing process assists in removing loose hair and prepares them for the numerous daily brushing sessions they’ll require when sheds start to become heavy.

Special Diet

Rabbits with long hair should consume all day long and a few pieces of fresh vegetables and pellets. Hay is the rabbit’s main food source every day. Timothy orchard, hay and brome are all of the highest quality and ought to be the mainstay of a rabbit’s food.

Fun Facts About Rabbits

Long Haired Rabbit Breeds 1

  • A kit is a newborn rabbit, a doe is a female rabbit, and a buck is a male rabbit.
  • The rabbit’s teeth grow indefinitely! By chewing on grasses, wildflowers, and vegetables, the rabbit gradually wears them down so they don’t get too long.
  • A rabbit’s ‘binky,’ or athletic leap, is what they do when they’re happy – twisting and kicking in midair!
  • Rabbits are excellent baby-makers! The mother rabbit gives birth to up to 14 baby rabbits – called kittens – during her pregnancy.
  • It is a bit less adorable that rabbits will sometimes eat their own poop after digesting a meal and process it again.
  • Rabbits are incredibly hygienic. In the same way as cats, they too lick their fur and paws throughout the day to stay clean.

In Conclusion 

It is very easy to train these rabbits as they are very clever and generally sweet creatures. They may be more demanding than some rabbits However, they are worthy of more effort because of their love for humans.

There is no reason to be uninformed choosing one of these breeds if need a furry rabbit for a pet or a companion.

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