Barbet Puppies : Everything to Know Before Adopting

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Do you and your family members considering adopting a dog but you aren’t sure what breed is right for your family? Barbet puppies are cute and affectionate breed that has a cozy and fluffy coat of fur. They are with the most snuggles you can ever imagine. But still have doubt or do you have a question about the Barbet breed? Then let us find out the major points.

But, as with other breeds that is available, the Barbet has its advantages and disadvantages, as breed. Particularly, puppies of the Barbet breed, with their distinct personalities.

Barbet’s are wonderful pets, but it’s vital to spend time to get to know their needs before the process of adopting. This way, you can be sure that they’re the right pet for you and you’re ready to handle the needs of them.

History Of The Barbet Dog Breed

Barbet standing in the

Originating from France The soft French dog breeds (dogs who were designed with the ability to swim) were used in hunting for waterfowl. They have been praised in the past as a fantastic gun dog with a more charming personality.

However, after both World Wars, the breed was virtually extinct. If you already own an animal and want to teach your pet to swim take a look at our article.

Thankfully, thanks to efforts by a handful of breeders who were dedicated to the revival of the breed, they could bring back Barbets. Even so, the breed remains uncommon and rare all over the world.

Barbet Puppies Breed

The woolly breed of dog is fun and clever. The Barbet was originally bred to retrieve waterfowl to hunt and has Webbed-footed feet that prove it, However, they’re also adept agility athlete in their home country of France.

Even though they are purebred breeds they are often in shelters and rescue organizations. Be sure to adopt! Don’t buy anything if you’re looking to adopt one of these pets to your home.

Barbets thrive with knowledgeable pet parents. They’re energetic and love participating in dog-related sports, such as agility contests. If you’re able to meet the requirements of the breed then you’ll get a loved family member who can also do well with children and other dogs.

Personality Of The Barbet Puppies


As with every other breed of puppy, Barbet puppies are filled with energy and affection for their human. Barbet puppies are like little cuddly bundles of affection that are among the most playful animals around.

But, potential Barbet puppy owners need to be aware of this These little balls of fuzz are famous for showcasing their cuteness.

Barbet pups are well conscious of how adorable they are. They will give you sad puppy eyes whenever they wish to make their demands known. Some have even gone as the extent of saying that they are mini dictators and take over the show.

They are intelligent dogs and must be taught as they grow up. They should be aware that they’re not in charge and the world isn’t centered around them.

Barbet Puppies Info

Early training and an early socialization phase are crucial in the care and work with the temperament of a dog named Barbet.

Barbet Puppies 1

Barbets can also become quite attached to their human and may suffer from separation anxiety when you leave the pet for too long.

This is something you should be aware of when considering adopting an Barbet puppy. If you suspect that your dog’s stressed then read this article for suggestions on how to reduce anxiety in dogs.

If you are frequently out for long times the Barbet dog may not be the best pet for you.

Caring For Your Barbet Puppy

Like any other puppy the focus of their care is being active enough and eating the correct diet, and grooming for their breed.

The Barbet puppy isn’t any more affluent than other breed, but there are certain maintenance requirements that have to be taken into consideration.

Barbet Puppies Exercise

Since the Barbet is a smart and athletic breed in all, Barbet puppies require a lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

A Barbet used to be a magnificent and noble dog for hunting and swimming however, generally speaking, Barbets are kept as common house pets in the present.

Barbet Puppies 2

But, they have athletic builds and plenty of energy. The idea of taking your puppy out for walks or runs every day, and other types of physical activity is extremely beneficial for these dogs.

Barbet Puppies Grooming

One of the biggest concerns you have right currently, is likely to be something similar to “does that Barbet’s shed have a roof?”

The answer isn’t always the same. In comparison to other breeds that have hair that is thick similar to theirs. But, there are certain grooming to be carried out regularly on Barbets. Barbet puppy.

One of the most basic aspects of pet hygiene is brushing your pet. Depending on how frequently you have the time to take time for taking care of their coat, brushing it thoroughly a couple of times per week is a great way to start. A bathing session every week is an ideal habit to start.

Some people suggest to clean them before bathing, however, it is based on personal preferences as well as your Barbet puppy’s preferences.

Beginning grooming habits when they are still puppies will benefit them in the long run when they get familiar with the grooming routine.

Diet of Barbet Puppies

The dog will be content eating any kind of food you give them. They aren’t known to be very picky eaters.

Barbet Puppies 3

A thing to keep in mind while making healthy homemade dog food is that you should include healthy oils during the cooler times in the course of the season. Naturally, it will depend on the location you live in and what kind of weather that you encounter.

In addition, supplementing them with oils like omega-3 can assist in keeping their skin from drying and keeping their fur shining and healthy.

If you’re not sure of the best place to purchase these oils, and which are ideal for your Barbet dog, always talk to their veterinarian to ensure that you’re providing them with the exact amount they require.

More About This Breed

A close relative of Briard and the Poodle and Briard A relative of the Briard and Poodle, this French water dog sporting webbed paws get down and dirty while hunting for waterfowl and has earned the name’mud dog.’ His real name is barbe, which is the French term barbe that means beard because of his beard.

The Barbet is not a newcomer -the first written reference to the breed dates back to 1387 The breed could be a ancestor in the 8th century.

For many centuries, the Barbet was water retriever for royals and the average person His thick waterproof coat earned his reputation for enduring the coldest water.

The King Henry IV was one royal admirer and legend says that his mistress was once accused of having the Barbet to the church.

Alongside his ability to retrieve objects in addition, the Barbet is loved for his versatility and positive, intelligent, and joyful personality. In his native country Barbet is among the top agility breeds . He enjoys chasing discs and balls.

The Barbet breed is scarce and only 30-40 living throughout the United States and about 600 around the world, but those who love the Barbet wish that more people will come to show their appreciation for this unique dog.


Males stand 22.5 to 25 inches at the shoulder; females are 20.5 to 24 inches. They weigh from 37 to 62 pounds.

  • Coat Color And Grooming

    The Barbet’s long woolly coat is water-proof. It can be wavy or curly. Colors include solid black brown, gray and pale fawn red fawn and white.

    A daily brushing and combing session is necessary to avoid mats from growing. The coat easily takes in burrs, twigs, as well as leaves, which is why you might need to schedule regular grooming sessions in between walks. Some owners cut the coat short in order to make it simpler to keep it clean.

    The good news is that the breed sheds very little and is a good option for people suffering from allergies.


Barbet dogs and puppies are wonderful family pets. With their energetic and affectionate personality, they are an excellent addition to every household.

Keep in mind that they struggle to be kept in the company of other dogs for prolonged period of time. This is why you’ll be able to assess whether your lifestyle is suitable for a dog named Barbet.

In other words, there’s not anything else to be considered before making the decision to adopt the Barbet puppy.

If you are able to provide them with all the affection and fun that they require to be happy, they’ll live happily ever after with you.

How much does a barbet puppy cost?

The most common price for an Barbet puppy is around $2,000. This is assuming that you are seeking to adopt an Purebred Barbet puppy from breeder. These rates are common when you adopt varieties of pure-bred dogs.

What is a Barbet dog?

The Barbet is one of the breeds that is a breed of French dogs that swim. They are medium-sized dogs named after the French word for beard “barbe”. After you’ve met one of these fuzzies, you’ll be able to understand the thought process that prompted the person who named this breed.

What is the national dog of France?

The Poodle is the dog that is considered the national pet of France. Another water dog of renown is native to this nation. The Poodle has become a recognizable dog that people connect to France when they see like them.

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