35 Dachshund Mix Breeds: Which One is Right for You?

By Alberto Roy

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The Dachshund is an extremely preferred breed due to its short legs and long body. It’s a healthy and balanced canine with a lengthy life expectancy that enjoys to play with kids and kick back with family members.

It’s additionally a preferred breed to utilize as a moms and dad for new mixed breeds. If you have actually ever before questioned what kind of mixes are feasible, keep reviewing while we provide you with a listing of half-Dachshund crossbreed dog breeds.

Each, we’ll supply you with a brief recap telling you about the breed, as well as we’ll likewise show you an image so you can see just how it looks.

Dachshund Mix Breeds

Doxies are spirited, wacky, as well as ballsy. When you read our comprehensive Dachshund type overview, we make certain you’ll obtain exactly how charming they are. If all those hilarious Dachshund memes are anything to pass, these furballs are a dog owner’s desire.

You recognize that doggos as well as proprietors need to be completely matched to ensure that both sides live gladly with each other. For example, you do not want to take on a puppy that needs a lot of your attention if you work 12-hour shifts.

If you would certainly enjoy to have a Dachs, but several of their characteristics do not help you, you might have the ability to discover specifically what you require in among the Dachshund mix puppers!

Thanks to their extended bodies, tiny little legs as well as endearing expression, dachshunds are distinct. Actually, their uncommon as well as amusing appearance has actually also gained them the label “weiner canine.”

Yet while the view of a dachshund can place a smile on anybody’s face, there are in fact several dachshund mixes that might be even cuter. We’ll let you be the court– check out 16 of one of the most charming dachshund mixes listed below.

Right here is a brief overview of all Dachshund crossbreeds and their most popular attributes. If some of them capture your eye, feel free to learn more about them in our in-depth overviews to all Doxie hybrids! Let’s dig in!

Dachshund Poodle Mix: The Doodle

1 768x768 1 1

Credit: chispa_thedoxiepoo

  • Dachshund Poodles are extremely smart however also incredibly mentally smart– they’ll always be in tune with your feelings as well as be with you with the highs as well as the lows.
  • They are excellent people-dogs as well as cherish the business of human beings.
  • Doxipoos can flaunt regarding being hypoallergenic, thanks to their Poodle parent, so they are a terrific suitable for owners with pet dog allergic reactions.
  • Their luscious layer will certainly require daily cleaning, so they are not amongst the most convenient fluffers to keep.

Chihuahua Dachshund Mix: The Chiweenie

2 2

Credit: tobychiweenie

  • Chiweenies are not the best canines to keep around tiny youngsters– they merely do not have the persistence for putting up with toddlers who assume a pet dog is a stuffed toy!
  • They are unstable and also might withstand training, so you’ll likely need professional help with that.
  • One of their best qualities is that they are super versatile as well as can reside in also the tiniest apartment or condos.
  • They are charming and also very easy to like– who could resist their petite frame as well as their gentle as well as cuddly individuality?

German Shepherd Dachshund Mix: The Doxie Shep

3 768x768 1

Credit: Kabirthekabob

  • Since German Shepherd Dachshunds will likely be bigger than your routine Doxie, they’ll need enough room to stir.
  • They are specifically active, just like their German Shepherd moms and dad, as well as will certainly be happiest in a yard as well as with a proprietor that likes to hang out outdoors with their pooch.
  • Their remarkable working-dog origins makes them terrific attack dog.

Dachshund Terrier Mix

4 768x960 1

Credit: doggobee

  • Doxie Terriers are unbelievable yappers! Unskilled owners will have a great deal to discover prior to they tame this breed.
  • They are happiest around individuals and don’t succeed when left residence alone.
  • These little tricksters are extremely enjoyable to be around.
  • They require minimal pet grooming, so they are perfectly suitabled for proprietors with active timetables.

Dachshund Cocker Spaniel Mix: The Docker

5 768x768 1

Credit: queenvictoriapooch

  • Cocker Spaniel Dachshunds are stunning, charismatic charmers– they are exceptionally lively but might get snappy about little kids.
  • The Cocker’s long hair is prone to matting, so brushing their combined pupperinos will certainly require a great deal of commitment on your component.
  • They are additionally susceptible to splitting up anxiety, so make certain you have the time to spend with this breed.
  • They are convenient companions for a lot of proprietors since they are excellent for compact space and also do not need a lawn to be delighted.

Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix: The Shiweenie

6 768x576 1

Credit: wookiee_the_mix

  • Dachshund Shih Tzus call for the diva therapy in regards to grooming, which will certainly put in a lot of dedication and also dough on your part.
  • Shih Tzus are hypoallergenic, so if you get a mixed pooch that takes after their Chinese moms and dad, you will not have to fret about your allergies flaring.
  • They have love to spare– they will adore adults, kids, other canines, and all your other family pets!
  • They are prone to breathing problems because of their short noes– that may mean anything from mild snoring to a full-on Brachycephalic Airway Blockage Disorder (BAOS).

Dachshund Min Pin Mix: The Doxie Pin

7 768x768 1

Credit: brucewaynepup

  • Min Pin Dachshund mix dogs are super brilliant, which implies they’ll value psychological and also physical excitement on a daily basis, particularly if they live with owners who delight in teaching them new tricks.
  • They are prone to skeletal problems normal of the moms and dad breeds, so routine check-ups are a needs to with this cross.
  • Min Pin Dachs can squeeze into tiny home, so you do not need to stress over not having a lawn or a larger area.
  • They are likewise ideal for new proprietors as grooming them is easy-peasy.

Basset Hound Dachshund Mix

8 768x542 1

Credit: princess_magnolia_von_moo

  • Basset Hound Doxies are extremely laid-back– they don’t require a particularly active owner and are happy living in a house, a residence, outside …
  • If you don’t reaffirm yourself as the pack leader and also an alpha pet, they will restrain you to their will certainly– get ready for requiring training sessions with these pooches!
  • They are known to have an undesirable smell, which is why they require frequent baths; they likewise shed extensively, so brushing will need your complete focus daily.
  • They come from canine parents, and also they bark a great deal, so ensure that fits in with your surroundings which your next-door neighbors can cope with that, as well.

Great Dane Dachshund Mix: The Great Wiener

9 2

Credit: biggiethegreatwienerdog

  • The Great Dane Dachshund mix is a rarity amongst designer types, so you might require to strive to obtain one of these pooches.
  • They can obtain rather huge like their Great Dane mama, yet they’ll still more than happy to reside in an apartment or condo– they are fairly the lazy-bones!
  • They’ll happily babysit for you since they love youngsters climbing up as well as jumping on top of them.
  • Typically, they are short-haired, so they need very little grooming, which is terrific news for a lot of owners.

Cairn Terrier Dachshund Mix: The Doxie Cairn

10 768x960 1

Credit: odie_hachi_rescuedogs

  • A Cairn Terrier Dachshund is one wacky furball– you’ll never ever be burnt out around one of these fluffers!
  • When they pick up something they don’t like, they mean business! They will certainly secure you as well as alert you of any kind of suspicious tasks by babbling your ears off.
  • They have an eager prey drive that will certainly make them hunt any other little animals you have, so the well-being of your other pets can not be ensured.
  • This could be the most adaptable type around– they can live in a home, a yard, the country, the city, and also they will gladly follow you anywhere you go if you require to relocate or travel.

Pug Dachshund Mix: The Daug


Credit: puglifewilbur

  • Dachshund Pug is a perfect lap dog– caring and cuddly– and they are specifically affixed to their owners.
  • Their specific construct makes them prone to weight problems as well as skeletal problems, so you’ll require to pay unique focus to their diet and also exercise regimen.
  • In regards to pet grooming, you’ll have a blast keeping them cool– they are low upkeep and normally not as stinky as other pets.

Lab Dachshund Mix: The Dachsador

12 768x768 1

Credit: kaidoxie

  • Dachshund Lab woofers need determination when potty training as well as housebreaking as they normally acquire the obstinance typical of their Doxie moms and dad.
  • They are exquisite watchdog that will certainly provide their lives to safeguard their human family members.
  • Their most special characteristic is that they love being around youngsters and also are always in the mood to have fun with the little ones.
  • With this breed, you’ll get all the fantastic qualities of a Laboratory however in a much more portable, apartment-friendly plan.

Dachshund Beagle Mix: The Doxle

13 768x768 1


Credit: claytonnation1

  • Dachshund Beagle doggos are incredibly charming and adorable, yet they allow chewers– ensure they do not get tired or state your expensive furniture farewell.
  • These pooches are low-maintenance dogs, which is fantastic information for owners on a timetable.
  • Beagles are flexible, but Doxies are stubborn– start training this mix early to hinder any type of potential concerns with house-training.

Dachshund Golden Retriever Mix: The Golden Dox

14 768x866 1

Credit: the.golden.lexie

  • Golden Dox puppers are smart as well as dependable, which makes them obedient and also easy to train.
  • Golden Retrievers are remarkable solution pet dogs, and also their crossbreeds may acquire those traits.
  • They bark noisally but not too often; when they do, it’s a definite big-dog bark that alerts you of any kind of activities they regard dubious as well as deserving of your attention.

Shiba Inu Dachshund Mix: The Shiba Dox

15 768x768 1

Credit: losangelesamigas

  • A Dachshund Shiba Inu Mix is a resistant breed, which is generally instead healthy and balanced.
  • They will make you perspire day in, day out– this pooch just enjoys enticing you outside to workout and also play.
  • They are the happiest in huge large houses, so if you have a tiny house, they are not the most effective fit for you.

Dachshund Corgi Mix: The Dorgi

16 768x768 1

Credit: left_ear_leo

  • Dachshund Corgis love to run about and stroll around parks or the neighborhood woods, and also they need a just as active proprietor.
  • They are particularly vulnerable to separation anxiousness, so see to it you have enough time to dedicate to them.
  • Tiny fluffers as they are, they bark like giant woofers!
  • Unlike most Doxie mixed breeds, these furballs respond well to training, which is convenient for new canine proprietors.

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix: The Jackshund

17 768x564 1

Credit: Jackshund (Jack Russell \ Dachshund)

  • Jack Russell Dachshund mix dogs have a big personality that you’ll identify as soon as you meet them– they are lively as well as playful however also stubborn as well as persistent.
  • They love being around you and also do not do well when left alone.
  • They are outstanding family members additions– pairs, singles, elders, you call it, they’ll have it!

Dachshund Yorkie Mix: The Dorkie


Credit: Kirby the Dorkie

  • Dachshund Yorkie doggos are versatile to all living rooms and are the best fuzzy travel companions.
  • They are prone to numerous systemic ailments that are common among the moms and dad types, so you need to locate a great veterinarian to maintain their health in check.
  • Their inquisitiveness knows no bounds, so obtain used to sending day-to-day reports to your dog-inspector regarding where you were and what in the world you scent like today!

The Dachshund Pomeranian Mix: The Doxie Pom

19 768x768 1

Credit: justicekitty

  • Doxie Poms are fantastic household pooches– they are kind and also mild, and they enjoy being bordered by individuals.
  • They’ll match the tiniest of living areas, so you don’t have to stress over matching this pet dog to the dimension of your residence– they’ll like it whatever it resembles.
  • Dachshund Pomeranians require a little bit more grooming than most Dachshund mixes because of their luscious coat and also its tendency for dropping.
  • They can be somewhat clingy, and they are happiest with owners who have actually got time to spare, work from home, or have a large family members that they can be around 24/7.

Dachshund Husky Mix: The Dusky

20 768x959 1

Credit: heratheminiwolf

  • A Dachshund Husky mix will prosper in houses with various other pet dogs, yet they might get in hunter-mode if you have various other pets, such as hamsters or parrots.
  • They often tend to get hostile if you don’t have a firm hand as well as educate the tail out of them, so they might not be the best suitable for unskilled proprietors.
  • Although they generally have a long layer, they require moderate but consistent pet grooming.

The Dachshund Maltese Mix: The Mauxie

21 768x960 1

Credit: 109okd

  • Mauxies are adorably troublesome– they’ll smell your bag as well as layer whenever you go through the door as well as will ask tons of yappy concerns regarding where you’ve been, who you’ve seen … Get ready for a little blurry interrogator if you embrace this breed.
  • They’ll employer you around if you let them. The formula is this: training with perseverance as well as persistence = a best, well-behaved pooch.
  • They are people-loving munchkins that are only satisfied when they are around their human household.

Dachshund Dalmatian Mix: The Dalmachshund

22 768x960 1

Credit: daddy_the_dope_dog

  • When it pertains to the Dachshund Dalmatian mix, the possibilities are this pooch will be a very active one. Doxies are most definitely lively, yet Dalmatians take the win on that particular front, so their spawn won’t be a lot various.
  • They have a genetic predisposition to deafness as well as intervertebral disk condition as well as will need routine visits to the veterinarian to make certain whatever remains in order with their health.
  • Dalmatians shed like crazy, although you would never ever have guessed it by their smooth, short hair. If your pooch is genetically more like their Dachs moms and dad, brushing will be much easier for both you and also your doggorino.

Dachshund Australian Shepherd Mix: The Auxie Doxie

23 768x768 1

Credit: ollietheaussiedoxie

  • Aussie Doxies have limitless power and need a proprietor that can stay on par with their task needs.
    These pooches are large as well as energetic, so they need to have their room as well as won’t enjoy in tiny houses.
    They are caring and also faithful, that makes them great additions to any kind of household.
    You’ll require to invest in lots of devices to maintain their lavish layer spiffy.

Dachshund Border Collie Mix: The Dollie

24 768x768 1

Credit: thepipshow

  • Border Collie Dachshunds are not bred to lie about as well as should not be enabled to get burnt out under any scenarios. If they do, they may turn destructive as well as take their aggravation on your chic furnishings.
  • Unlike their vibrant Dachshund parent, these pooches are instead shy, especially before complete strangers. Make certain to socialize them from the first weeks of their life to eliminate their timid touch.
  • They have lots of power and also love being outdoors, playing catch, bring, hide-and-seek, as well as befriending other canines from the hood.

Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: The Dachsweiler

25 768x768 1

Credit: Boo_the_Dachsweiler

  • Dachshund Rottweiler Mix doggos have broad breasts, which need to provide you a hint at how active and energised they are.
  • The bright side is that they are incredibly low-maintenance woofers and just call for occasional grooming.
  • They may look angry and also unsafe, however these “tough-guys” like goofing around and also having fun with your youngsters.

Dachshund Doberman Mix: The Doxie Dobie

26 768x768 1

Credit: daziethedachshund

  • Doxie Dobies need an invested owner. Exercise them daily and schedule regular visits to the pet clinic to check their overall health. Both Doxies and Dobies are prone to certain conditions that get passed on to their mixed offspring.
  • Their temperament is certainly something to write home about. They are loyal and affectionate, protective and alert, playful and cuddly — all in one cute little package!
  • Although they are typically shorthaired stunners, they shed significantly. You will need to brush them weekly in low-shedding seasons and daily in high-shedding periods.

They Dachshund Papillon Mix: The Papshund

27 768x960 1

Credit: emmabeanbaby

  • Papillon Dachshunds are typically nothing like their Dachshund moms and dad– they are a desire to educate and also have a luxurious-looking coat evocative their Papillon mom or daddy.
  • They are prone to splitting up anxiety if you forget them frequently as well as obesity if you do not exercise them adequately. The good news is, they have moderate task requires that the majority of proprietors would adapt conveniently to.
  • Their layer might need day-to-day cleaning to maintain undesirable tangles away, however fortunately is that they don’t shed a whole lot.

Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix: The Rat Doxie

28 768x960 1

Credit: alexatheratdoxie

  • Rat Terrier Dachshund doggos are very easy to maintain– they need marginal pet grooming as well as do not require a lot of area. They will require your concentrated interest, though, yet what’s not to love concerning that?
  • Offered you do not have young children wobbling around and bothering this snappy dog, you likely won’t be able to tell that they have an aggressive bone in their body.
  • They have the short temper attribute of small dog types, however they are loyal to the bone.

Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix: Le Doxie Italiano

29 768x768 1

Credit: paolo_doxini

  • The Italian Greyhound Doxie mix is an amazing buddy canine– they’ll follow you everywhere and relish taking part in whatever you do.
  • They are prone to separation anxiety if you overlook them.
  • Owing to their strong innate target drive, they can obtain aggressive towards little animals, which won’t bode well if you have other non-canine family pets in your house.
  • They are low-maintenance puppers, so you’ll have the ability to escape minimal pet grooming.

Bulldog Dachshund Mix: The Bulldach


Credit: bubbabulldox

  • Bulldog Dachshunds’ temperament will definitely amaze you. Bulldogs were bred to be the tough guys in the canine globe– hostile as well as solid adequate to make the enormous, mighty bulls do their bidding process– but with time, they turned into the cuddliest and most affectionate friend doggos. The exact same relates to their mixed pooches.
  • If you’re a novice canine owner, these beasties are ideal for you– they require very little pet grooming, do not like to work out much, as well as love to lounge beside their humans.
  • But be cautious– if you leave them alone for too long as well as too often, they will possibly suffer from splitting up anxiety.

Blue Heeler Dachshund Mix: The Blue Doxie

31 768x960 1

Credit: thelowriderpups

  • Blue Heeler Dachshunds are no hassle in regards to pet grooming, so you’ll require to place in very little initiative to keep them wonderful and also tidy.
  • These pooches are so active and full of power that they’ll drag you bent on exercise, too!
  • Unlike a lot of small and medium-sized pups, these do not have a trouble with being alone– they love their very own business.

Boxer Dachshund Mix: The Doxie Boxie


Credit: daisy_the_doxie_boxie

  • Dachshund Boxers artists will certainly do their utmost to intimidate any type of small pets that you have in your home, which indicates they are not the very best option for households with numerous pets.
  • They are splendid guard dogs by nature yet will certainly require very early socialization to prevent this quality from turning into hostility towards every visitor you have.
  • Grooming is a wind with these pooches, yet you’ll need to obtain made use of to the fact that they salivate fairly a lot.

French Bulldog Dachshund Mix: The French Bull Wiener


Credit: _bonniedaily

  • Dachshund French Bulldog mix woofers are very easy to maintain as well as require very little task, so they are a wonderful fit for busy proprietors.
  • These lovable short-snouts are extremely pleasant to various other pet dogs and also will have loads of enjoyable with your various other dogs, in addition to pet cats.
  • They will certainly additionally thrive in a home with numerous passengers due to the fact that they love being around people, too.

Pekingese Dachshund Mix: The Pekehund

34 768x768 1

Credit: sproxtagram

  • Dachshund Pekingese crossbreeds are an excellent type for small apartment occupants.
  • They are super simple to take care of– a basic regimen is all they require to be neat and also clean.
  • They like and are loyal to their human beings to the bone, yet they don’t have much perseverance for children, which is an essential point to bear in mind before getting this fluffer.

Dachshund Boston Terrier Mix: The Bo-Dach

35 768x768 1

Credit: harperthebodach

  • Boston Terrier Dachshund mixes are great household pets, as well as they love young children and tiny kids.
  • If minimal pet grooming and also a great deal of love are what you’re seeking in a furry companion, a Bo-Dach could be the best puppy for you.
  • This is one of the finest city canine types — adaptable and little apartment-friendly.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dachshund Mix: The Dashalier


Credit: spencer.the.mini.dashalier

  • Dashaliers agree children as well as love being bordered by people as well as showered with their affection, which is why they develop separation anxiety easily if ignored.
  • Cavalier Spaniels are amongst one of the most charming puppers on the planet, as well as their mixed children tends to inherit their light character.
  • These pooches persist and also difficult to train, so you’ll require a firm hand as well as a ruthless perseverance that will match their own.

Weimaraner Dachshund Mix: The Daimeraner


Credit: miezink

  • Weimaraner Doxies like kids as well as visitors, as well as there’s nothing that makes them better than when they are the facility of every person’s focus.
  • If you remain in search of a running companion or a woofer to stay on par with your outside activities, a Daimeraner is an excellent fit for you.
  • These pooches are normally super easy to bridegroom and are normally healthy.

Dachshund Bichon Mix: The Doxie-Chon

38 768x960 1

Credit: rich_p89

  • Bichon Doxies will do well in most households (sans the small kiddos), and they are a remarkable fit for elders, too.
  • They do not such as working out and also will be completely happy simply lounging around in front of the telly.
  • Grooming them will certainly need weekly brushing as well as several brows through to the pet shop a year.

Dachshund Pitbull: The Dox-Bull

39 768x780 1

Credit: williamwordantiques

  • Although they look difficult and ready to strike at any given minute, Dachshund Pitbull woofers are incredibly affectionate towards their human family.
  • They are loyal pooches however can often get overly protective of their proprietors, which might cause them to be aggressive. This possibly will not occur if you socialize them effectively.
  • If you choose to get a Pit-Dachs, you’ll need enough perseverance and resolution to train them, as they are understood to be rather immune to it.

Dachshund Mix Health Concerns

Now that you have actually found the excellent Doxie mix for you, we need to reach function as well as inform you all about maintaining them satisfied and healthy and balanced.

If you’ve browsed through our vital Dachshund truths, you understand that all Doxie crossbreeds live quite a very long time, so you need to be ready to devote long-lasting. Several amazing points can take place throughout a Dachshund’s life-span, so you need to make sure you can maintain.

First of all, you need to train your Wiener and to see to it they are appropriately housebroken and potty trained.

To keep your pooch’s hair tamed, you’ll need to find out just how to groom them correctly, so do describe our Dachshund treatment ideas.

Mixed doggos have a tendency to be much healthier than purebred puppies, yet there is still a possibility that your crossbreed charmer will certainly acquire a wellness concern or 2 from their moms and pops.

Prepare yourself in advance as well as obtain familiar with the Dachshund wellness problems, their common back troubles, seizures, and skin problem.

If you occur to have any type of questions, describe our detailed overviews on Doxie blends above– and always seek advice from a veterinarian!


As you can see, a number of mixed breeds utilize the Dachshund as a moms and dad, as well as brand-new blends appeared everyday.

Dachshunds get along pet dogs with an one-of-a-kind appearance, and the majority of blends maintain the friendly and also spirited personality that has made the Dachshund so preferred.

If you are trying to find a mixed breed for your house, we recommend the Doxle because it’s exceptionally friendly and delights in being around individuals. However, any of the types on this listing will make a great pet dog for the whole family members.

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