Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

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The average cat has 8 nipples. However, the number of nipples can vary between cats. Male and female cats both have nipples. However, male cats lack mammary glands. It can be difficult to locate the nipples on males due to this. So let us find out the answer for Do Male Cats Have Nipples?

Babies look almost identical when they are born from their mothers. While both males and women have nipples when they are born, only the female will use them to breastfeed young.

The female develops special hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, at a later stage in her life. This allows her to grow glands and produce milk.

Nipples of Male Cats

Do Male Cats Have Nipples 2

Henry was playing with Henry and she noticed his nipples when she rubbed his stomach. She wants to know what they are for. You can, too, I think.

Darwinian evolution says that males simply couldn’t stop having nipples for survival.

Both males and women have nipples when they are born, but the female will use them to raise her offspring.

This is a common question that cat owners ask. Yes, male cats have nipples. We will be covering male cat nipples in this article and answering all your other questions about cat nipples. We are here!

Why are male cats born with nipples?

Do Male Cats Have Nipples

Male cats, like all mammals, have nipples, but they are not used for the same purpose as a female cat’s. Nipples are very important for females as they help with the care of kittens.

The mammary gland, also known as the breast, produces milk. The nipple plays an important role in this process. The nipples are extremely sensitive and the milk is released via tubular canals when the kitten starts to suck on them.

The nipples have no purpose for males. So why are they having them? It all has to do with fetal development.

All mammals have a genetic code that requires that nipples are developed before the sex of a fetus can be determined. It all depends on the order of events.

The nipples develop in males but it’s not complete as in females.

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From a genetic perspective, nipples are vestigial structures. Different types of sex hormones for males and females can be produced after the sex of a fetus has been determined.

The development of the mammary gland is stopped by testosterone in male cats

Can male cats produce milk?

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Male cats don’t produce milk. They do not produce milk, even though they have mammary glands and nipples. The same applies to all male mammal mammals.

Although the nipples have a strong nervous and vascular support, their primary purpose is still sensory.

How do the nipples of a male cat look?

The male cat nipples appear like small protrusions. They are pinkish-light in color and bear the cat’s skin color.

They are the same size as the non-pregnant female cats’ nipples. The nipples of a pregnant female cat will only grow larger.

Where can I find cats’ nipples?

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They are located below their chests, on the cat’s belly, and they can be found where you would expect them to be. Because they are often covered in fur, it can be hard to locate them.

These may be visible in short-haired cats. In longer-haired cats they are often completely covered.

To find the nipples, touch the cat’s belly. Next, touch the back of the cat’s hind legs. They will be found on both sides in rows.

How can you tell if your cat is male or female by looking at its nipples.

What number of nipples does a male cat have?

Both male and female cats have 4-10 nipples. They can be found in two rows on the chests of cats. You may notice that your cat has more or less nipples than the average.

However, most cats have more than one nipple.

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They may not be noticeable on a long-haired cat because they are well concealed under the fluff. They can be more easily seen in short-haired cats.

Why are male cats born with nipples?

It’s a great question, and there is a scientific answer.

The embryo of a cat’s mother is still developing, so male and female embryos are almost identical.

Both of them develop with nipples. All male mammals have nipples even though they are not used in the future.

This is called a “vestigial arrangement”. The nipples are created before the embryo’s sex is determined.

The nipple of female kittens will be connected to their mammary gland. However, male kittens will have small mammary cells and no milk production.

Evolutionary biologists believe this is because mammals are genetically programmed to have nipples.

Natural selection has not yet removed nipples from male mammals (cats included) since there is no real advantage to having nipples.

Are mammary tumours possible in male cats?

Yes. They can develop a tumor even though their mammary glands don’t serve any purpose. Although rare, it is not uncommon.

We recommend that you book your cat in to see your vet if you feel a lump or bump on any of your male cats’ nipples.

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You can’t tell a cat’s gender by its nipples. They look the same in males as females. Both have the same number and size of nipples.

Only exception to this rule is the pregnant cat. This cat has larger nipples and a stronger vascular backing. In this instance, however, the cat’s sexuality is evident.

Can male cats get swollen nipples?

Although it is rare, male cats may experience swollen nipples. A local injury could cause a swollen nipple if there is only one.

Examine the area for any injuries, such as scratches or bruises. The vet should be notified if there is swelling in the entire male cat’s nipples. Most likely, the cause is hormonal. The vet will need to perform a physical exam and do blood work.


Nearly all mammals have nipples. The nipples of a male cat’s genital organ are not functional, but they are part of his anatomy.

Here’s how: A cat’s nipples are developed during its early formative stage. It is inside the mother’s uterus. The nipples develop before the gender is known. This is why male cats have vestigial, or indifferent, nipples.

Male cat nipples may be difficult to discern in female cats with more prominent nipples than male counterparts.

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Don’t be alarmed if your female cat has very tiny nipples. This is common in female cats who have never been pregnant, or had kittens. They will stay this way until your cat becomes pregnant or is about to give birth.

It’s possible to wonder if male cat nipples can ever produce milk. This question can be answered by no. Male cats do not have the ability to make milk, despite having mammary glands.

The mother cat must feed her kittens when they are young. Male cats may be part of feral colonies and help to feed the babies. However, milk is not an option.


Each cat, male or female, has two rows of nipples running parallel on its underside.

Depending on how many nipples a cat has, they could be very close to the pelvis or run all the way to the front.


It may not be immediately, but you can use nipple swelling as a sign that your cat might be pregnant. This is usually around week 3. Pregnant cats often have a darker or pinker nipple than normal.

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Don’t worry! Don’t worry if you notice a leaking cat nipple or milk leaking from a pregnant queen. This is because the body is increasing production to prepare for the arrival of adorable kittens.


Cats’ pregnancy typically lasts 9 weeks. Typically, birth occurs between days 60-70. Although a cat’s leaking nipples doesn’t necessarily mean that they are pregnant, it can indicate that your cat is about to give birth.

However, your cat’s visible nipples will grow larger in the days leading up to the birth. Two days before kittens are born, milk should start flowing.

If your cat starts to leak, you might see her licking the area. It’s normal for your cat to do this if they start to leak.

How Many Nipples  Do Cats Have ?

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This frequently asked question has a simple answer: between 4-10. A lesser-known fact about cats is that they have a range of nipples.

Most cats have 6 nipples. However, some cats have 8, 10, or even 4 nipples. This is normal. However, most cats have the same number of nipples as their human counterparts.

Can cats have an odd amount of nipples.

Yes. Most cats place their nipples in straight rows. However, some cats have an extra one that does not have a counterpart.

This is normal. There is nothing to be concerned about if your cat has a strange number of nipples.

Are Male Cats more likely to have Nipples than their Female Counterparts?

does male cats have nipples

They do not. The nipples are the same for male and female cats. The nipples develop before the sex of a fetus is determined. This means that they are not affected by sex.

Are all cats from the exact same litter able to have the same number nipples?

The genetic background of cats from the same litter is similar, but they do not have to be identical. This means that different numbers of nipples can exist between them. It’s perfectly normal for a cat to have 6 and its bother to have 8.

Can male cats get breast cancer?

Unfortunately, yes. Although breast cancer is rare in male cats, it is possible. It is important that you take your cat to the veterinarian if there is any swelling or abnormality around the nipple.

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This is why even though your cat is male, your doctor will inspect the nipples of your cat.

Yes, male cats have nipples. You can feel them by touching your cat’s belly. Try it! Are you able to find them? What number of nipples do your cats have? Please share your results with us in the comments below.


Cats are amazing companions and fascinating creatures, from the tips of the ears to the ends their tails.

We’ve now answered the question of how many cats have nipples, and also explained what normal is for your cat’s nipples. Take some time to look over your cat, and have them take a quick look at their nipples.

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Sometimes, a cat’s nipples may change due to pregnancy. This could be cause for concern. These changes may be normal if your cat is pregnant.

Any changes in color or size should be checked as this could indicate an underlying condition.

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